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ScanPro 3000

Getting Started

Use this section to get an understanding of how to start using the
ScanPro 3000.

NOTE: Any files saved to the computer will automatically be deleted when the computer shuts down or restarts. Make sure to save any scans to a flash drive or email them to yourself. Any lost files will have to be rescanned.

PowerScan iconTo use the ScanPro 3000, the first thing you need to do is start up the computer and ScanPro device. The power switch for the ScanPro is located on the back of the device on the right-hand side. Once the computer has finished booting to the desktop, you can start the PowerScan 3000 software by clicking on the PowerScan 3000 icon on the desktop.

As the program is initializing, take a moment to detect what type of microform you are going to be scanning with the ScanPro 3000. Currently, the Oakland University Kresge Library has three different types:


Each of the different types of film can be viewed and scanned with the ScanPro 3000. Click on one of the above formats for information about scanning that type of microform.


Having Trouble?

Visit our student technology mentors located at the Technology Help Desk on the 2nd floor of the Library!

Or give them a call at 248-370-4410.


Created by Josh LeVoir / Updated on May 1, 2019 by JEL

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