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Your research data is important. Managing, storing, organizing and sharing your research data can be complicated and confusing. Research Data Support (RDS) at OU Libraries is here to help you!

Data is anything you perform analysis on. Data can include research notes or lab notebooks, survey responses, software, code, measurements, images, audio, video, and physical samples. Data can be both digital and physical (i.e computer files and paper survey responses).

Research data management is the compilation of small practices that make your data easier to find, easier to understand, less likely to be lost, and more likely to be usable during a project or ten years later.

Source: Data Management for Researchers by Kristin Briney


Why is research data management important?

You know that your research data is a valuable component of your scholarship. Research data management helps to ensure that you can find, use, and share your data next week or in ten years.

Research data management will help you: 

  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Preserve your data
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Meet grant requirements
  • Promote new discoveries
  • Support open access and open data

Most importantly, you don't want to lose your data!

Source: Data Management, MIT Libraries


Research Data Support services include:

Research Data Support available to assist all members of the OU community (students, faculty and staff). To schedule a consultation or workshop, contact your liaison librarian.


Library Contact

Jim Van Loon
Research Data Librarian

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