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This collection consists of folders in the Archives Vertical files on a variety of topics. The Vertical Files are located in KL 129.

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Academic Computing services report
Academic Affairs Reorganization 1980 Eberwein report
Academic freedom of students
Academic Skills Center
Academic Software Review Committee
Activities calendar (OU)
Adult Career Counseling Center -- SEE Career Services
African American Celebrations
African Studies
African Studies Committee. -- SEE College. Committees
Afro-American Studies -- SEE College. Units.
“After Hours” – OU Office of Evening Programs
Air Force ROTC
Air quality
Akers, Charles -- See College. Units. History. Faculty: Akers
Alcohol policy
Alexander, Roy
All University Fund Drive (SEE also United Way)
Allport College -- SEE Inner Colleges
American Council on Education Network (SEE also ACE-NIP)
Andreas, Carol
Anti-Ballistic Missile Site
Annual Recognition Banquet – Students (1964, 1966, 1967)
AP award
Appleton, James R.
Appleton, Sheldon
Applied Social Science Ad hoc Committee -- SEE College. Committees. Ad hoc Committee on the Applied Social Sciences
Applied technology in business (ATib)
Appointments, 1959-62
Appointments, 1963-66
Archives, timeline & Grant proposal
Area Studies -- SEE College. Units. Area Studies
Art Gallery
Art Symposium, 1962-63
Arts, misc.
Assessment Plan
Assoc. of Black Students 1977-79
Atkinson, Thomas
Attendence Policy
Authors at Oakland
Automotive Archives Committee. SEE College. Other. Automotive Archives Proposal.

Beard Story - controversy over Herbert Stoutenberg banning beards, 1965
Biomedical Research Inst.
Bennett, June
Biology dept. (Bio Updates SEE Newsletter file)
Birthday party – Mrs. Wilson (SEE Wilson, Matilda)
Black Alumni Assoc. – 1975/76
Black and Gold Club (in O.C.)
Black awareness
Black concerns, Council (1974-82)
Black culture & history
Black faculty & staff
Black Oral History
Bombs – Jan. 1990 incident
Bomb damage in K.L. – Jan. 1990
Book Center (O.U.)
Bridge College Proposal (Div. of Continuing Education)
Brown, Charley
Brubeck, Dave “The Gates of Justice”
Budget – 1959
Budget – 1960
Budget – 1961
Budget – 1962
Budget – 1963
Budget – 1964
Budget – 1965
Budget – 1966
Budget – 1967
Budget – 1968
Budget – 1969
Budget – 1969-70
Budget – 1970-71
Budget – 1972-74
Budget – 1981
Bullock, James
Burdock, Harvey
Burke, Richard
Bus service
Butler, W. Royce

Cadaver Lab: see Gross Human …..
Campus disorders
Campus facilities & operations (CF&O)
Campus ministry (see also United Ministries in Higher Education)
Campus ministry (O.U.)
Campus recreation
Capital campaign
Capital outlay plan – 2005
Career services
Carter, Regina – Class of 1985
Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Center for General & Career Studies
Center for General & Career Studies – Reports
Center for Health Sciences
Center for Health Sciences – History
Center for International programs
Center for International Studies
Center for Multicultural Initiatives - CMI
Center for Student Activities
Center for the Arts – O.U.
Centers and Institutes (2012 brochure)
CETL - Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Chancellor’s Club
Charter College -- SEE Inner Colleges
Charter Schools reports
Cherno, Melvin
Chief Operating Officer
China visit
Chorus (1960-65)
Chorus (1966-68)
Christmas Decoration dispute
Classics major
Classroom use & scheduling task force
Clatworthy, James (faculty)
Clinton River Review, 2007
Clean air auto race
Coffman, Kenneth
College Republicans
Collegium Musicum
Collins, Walter
Columbia – OU program SEE International Studies box
Commack, Floyd
Commencement (1963-64)
Commencement (April,Aug. 1965)
Commencement (April 1966, Winter & Spr. 1967, Spr. 1968)
Commencement (1969,1970,1971)
Commencement – 1970’s
Commission on Student Life SEE Student Life Commission
Commission on University Excellence (CUE) 1984
Communications and Marketing (Publications Office)
Community Book
Community & Human Developments
Community Arts Council – Lecture series, 1962-64
Community planning & expansion
Computers (news clippings)
Computer Services (Administrative Computing)
Computer Science – O.U.
Concert Lecture Series 1960-62
Concert Lecture Series 1962-66
Concert Lecture Series 1967-69
Concerts – Misc.
Connellan, Bill
Continuing Education
Continuum Center
Convocation Address 1969 (Gertrude M. White)
Convocation Address 1970 (Charles E. Morton)
Cooley Law School
Co-operative Education Program, OU
Council on Prejudice & Discrimination (OPAR)
Cowell, Henry
Crain's "Eureka Index"
Creating the Future
Credit Union One
Crime on campus
Critchfield, fund library
Critchfield, pre-1983
Crowder, Troy
Cyclethon (see Picture file for more)

Dean, John
Dean of Students
Dean’s council
Death notices
Decarlo, John
Demonstrations, protests, etc.
Demont, Billie
Detroit College of Law
Development Office
Dichiera, David 1963-64
Dichiera, David 1964-65
Dichiera, David 1965-66
Dichiera, David 1966-67
Dichiera, David 1968-70
Dickerson, James P.
Distance Learning Commission
Distinguished Professor (Award)
Diversity -- SEE Minorities
Diversity & Compliance, Office of – Faculty Hiring (OU)
Dodge Family – news clippings
Dodge Horse Show – history
Donor Recognition Societies
Dow, James
Drug problems
Dutton, Thomas

Earth Day Celebrations
Eberwein, Robert & Jane
Education Day – MSUO 5/24/62
Education & Technology
Education, Dept. of
Employee Recognition
Employee Relations Dept., OU
Educational Reform
EEOU – Oakland County
Ehrling, Sixten
E-Learning (E-LIS)
Eklund, Lowell
Electric Car
Ellens, J. Harold
Emergency Procedures
Emeritus Rank
Employee Recognition
Energy Management Certificate Program
Engineering, School of
Enrollment 1959-1960
Enrollment 1961-62
Enrollment 1963
Enrollment 1964
Enrollment 1965
Enrollment 1966
Enrollment 1967
Enrollment 1968
Enrollment 1969-1974
Enrollment 1980
Enrollment 1981
Enrollment Reports and Analysis
Environmental Health and Safety, Office of
Equal Opportunity Policy - Sex. orientation
Ethnic Heritage Studies
Evening Student Survey 1978-79
Experiential Credit (CLEP)
Eye Research Inst.

Fact OU
Faculty Celebration for Promotion and Tenure
Faculty Recognition
Faculty Recognition Luncheon (12th)
Faculty Provost Survey – Apr. 2003
Faculty – Staff Awards & Activities
Faculty / Staff talent show – 2005
Faculty “TGIF” parties
Farnum, Billie
Fernald, John
Fiftieth Reunions
Financial Aid – O.U.
Fine Arts Collection
Fine Arts Festival
Fitzgerald, Harold
Fitzsimmons, Thomas
Football at OU
Foundation – OU
Founder’s Day
Founder’s Day – 2007
Four yr. report
Francis, Beckie
Freshman- Dinner Dance
Freshman Newsletter Correspondence
Friends of Oakland Univ. (PAC)
Fulbright Award
Fund Raiser – 1986 (OU)

Galloway, John
Garden Project – 2006
Gaylor Collection Library
Gehringer-Kaline Meadowbrook Golf Classic
Gender and Sexuality Center
Gibson, John E.
Gifts & Grants – undated
Gifts & Grants, 1959-62
Gifts & Grants, 1963-64
Gifts & Grants, 1965-66
Gifts & Grants, 1967-68
Gifts & Grants, 1969-72
GLBT Literature and Resource Center
Global Business Brigades
Golden Grizzly – OU Mascot
Golden Grizzly Giveaway 2004--
Googasian Award, Phyllis Law
Gorlin Memorial Lecture, Alice Conner
Gossett, Mrs. Wm. T.
Grading system
Grading courses & degrees
Graduate placement
Graduate school, OU
Graduate Study
Graduate Study Committee
Graham Health Center
Grants Contracts & Sponsored Research, Office of
Grants and Contracts Committee
Gray, Earl
Gregory, Dick
Gregory, Karl
Griggs, Art
"Grizz Facts" by OIRA
Gross Human Cadaver Lab
Guidance & Counseling Program, School of Education 1970?

Haifa Exchange
Hammerle, Wm.
Handbook for prospective students
Handicapped publications, OU
Handleman Scholarship endowment
Hanna, Darrin (professor)
Hannah, Pres. John
Hansen-Smith, Fay – Legal team defense squad
Harding, Clifford
Health Sciences, School of
Hetenyi, Laszlo
Heubel, Edward
Hicks, James D.
Hispanic Celebrations
History, Dept. of
History Dept – Scholarship Fund
“Hole”, The
Holiday Greeting Cards (OU)
Hollingsworth, Stanley
Home Schooled Students
Hong Kong Travelers Trip/Reunion
Honorary Degrees
Honor’s College
Hoopes, Robt.
Houtz, Patricia
Howes, Robt.
Huber, Sen. Robert
Hucker, Chas.
Hughes, Chief Charles Evans (Portrait in Special Collections Vault)
Hughes, Charles Evans – Lecture Series
Human & Educational Services, School of
Humphrey, Hubert H. – visit
Hunt, O.E. – tribute fund

Identification Cards
Inaugural Addresses – Presidents
Incubator (Shotwell-Gustafson Pavilion)
Information Systems Task Force
Information Technology, Center – 2003
Information Technology Institute
Information Technology, Office of
Inner Colleges
--Charter College
--New College
--New College “Little College #2”, History
Institute for Rehabilitation Leadership & Management
Institute of Archaeology, Proposal 1980
Institute of Biological Sciences
International Studies SEE International Studies / Programs box
Invitations, OU
ISIS Updates

Jack’s Place
Jackson, Priscilla
Japanese Cultural Festival
Jones, Isaac – Memorial

Kappa Alpha Psi
Katrina (Hurricane Relief – 2005)
Keeper of the Dream
Keeper of the Dream – 2007
Kent, W.W.
Kilburn, Terance
King, Martin Luther – Memorial service
Knole Cottage
Kresge, S.S. –Biographical Info.
Kunselman, Scott
Kyes, Mrs. Roger M.

La Pittura (student art club). SEE College. Units. Art and Art History.
Learning and Instructional Support
Lepley, Hollie
LGBT Studies Minor
Lindquist, Victor
Llewellyn, James
Long Range Development Committee – Misc.

Mackinac Center Report
Macomb Community College -- SEE OU at Macomb
Malcomson, Robert
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Matthews, Geo. T. Court (married housing)
Matthews, June
McGregor, Howard L.
Meadow Brook Ball
Meadow Brook Ball – Scholarship 1961-65
Meadow Brook Chamber Orchestra
Meadow Brook Estate – Publs. 1977-
Meadow Brook Estate
Meadow Brook Exec. Committee
Meadow Brook Festival
Meadow Brook Festival & Theater (combination)
Meadow Brook Hall
Meadow Brook Hall (news clippings)
Meadow Brook Hall Library, cataloging of (1966-67)
Meadow Brook Hall – Gehringer/Kaline Golf Classic (SEE also Gehringer/Kaline Golf Classic)
Meadow Brook Health Enhancement Institute
Meadow Brook Players
Meadow Brook School of Music
Meadow Brook Theatre
Meadow Brook Theatre Guide
Mechanical Engineering, Dept. of
Media Guide – OU
Medical School (Proposed) 1979-80
Medical School (Proposed) 1979-80 APPC Survey
Medical School 2007-
Medical – Osteopathic Schools
Medical School – OU & Beaumont Hospital
Meeting of the Minds Conference
Mehl, Jack
Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters (MASAL)
Michigan Week
Military recruitement 1960s
Minorities Diversity
-- Diversity Compliance
Mission Statement (OU)
Morris, Ken – Labor Studies Center
Mott Center
MSU Federal Credit Union
MSUO – Reports
Music, Theatre & Dance, Dept. of
Muskie, Sen. Edmund – visit

New Academic Leadership - Welcome
New College – see Inner Colleges
New Deans - Welcome
New Faculty Handbook
New Faculty Orientation
New Student Convocation
New Student Programs
New Student Services Center (NFH)
Newman Club
Newspapers – OU Student & University
News Service & On-campus News releases
Non-Traditional Student Assn.
North Central Assoc. Report 1969 – MAT in Special Education
North Central Assoc. Accreditation 1971
North Central Assoc. Accreditation 1978
North Central Assoc. Accreditation 1987-88
Nude Poetry Reading Incident -1969
Nursing, School of

Oakland Review (Journal Origination)
Oakley, Barbara (faculty)
Oakland Univ. Organization Charts
Oakland Univ. AA – see Alumni Association
Oakland Univ. Academic Calendar
Oakland Univ. at Macomb
Oakland Univ. Mail Room
Oakland Univ. Motto & Emblem
Oakland Univ. – 2020
Oakland Univ. – 50th Anniversary
Oakland Univ. Foundation
Oakland Univ. InCubator
Oakland Univ. KIDS (Knowledge & Info. Disseminations System)
Oakland Univ. Police Dept.
Oakland Univ. Profile
Oakland Univ. Resource Sharing (OURS)
Oakland Univ. Roles & Goals
Oakland Univ. Student Publications
Oakland Univ. Television
Oakland Singers
Oakland Technology Park
Obear, Frederick W.
Observer – Student newspaper
Off-campus classes
OIR – Enrollment figures 2004-05
Ombudsman, Office of
Operation Graduation
OU Ordinances 1990
Organization Charts
OU – Administration System
Organization chart 1966-70
Organization chart – Public Affairs 1970
Orientation Info. Handbooks (OU)
Orientation, Dept. of
Outline Newsletter Correspondence
Outstanding A.P. Award
Overture to Opera
Ozinga, James

PACE (Professional and Continuing Education)
Parking on Campus
Pearson, Justice
Personnel Office
Phi Alpha Theta: National History Honor Society. -- SEE College. Units. History
Phi Beta Kappa
Phi Beta Kappa Applications
Physics, Dept. of
Pi Sigma Alpha
Pino, Lou
Pioneer Pete
Pitts, Jesse
Pitura, La
Placement & Career Services
Placement Office
Placement Office – Graduate Placement 1964
Poetry Reading – Nude 1968
Policies & Procedures Manuals (OU)
Political Science Dept. -- SEE College. Units. Political Science Dept.
Pontiac Schools
Pope, Lauren
Position Shift Layoffs – 1976
Positions – Vacancies, appointments & goodbyes
Prep School
Prep Workshop
President, Office of – Memos, info.
Presidents (OU)
--Durward “Woody” Varner
--Varner – misc. speeches (1958-60)
--O’Dowd –Student protest over appointment
--O’Dowd Farewell Address to President’s Club
--O’Dowd, Donald, 1960-63
--O’Dowd, Donald, 1964-68
--O’Dowd, Donald, 1970-72
--O’Dowd, Jan
--Matthews, George
--Champagne, Joseph
--Packard, Sandra
--Packard, Martin
--Russi, Gary
--Hynd, George W.
Presidential Candidates – Resumes 1991
Presidential Diversity Awards
Presidential Search (2014)
Presidential Search Committee
President’s Club
President’s Colloquium
President’s Home (OU)
President’ Trio (OU)
Print Shop (OU)
Process Redesign
Program Reviews
Progress & Advancement Fund
Project Upward Bound
Protests (OU)
Provost Office Reorganization 1980
Psychology Clinic
Psychology Dept. -- SEE College. Units. Psychology Dept.
Public Relations
Public Safety (see also – OU Police Dept.)
Public Safety News

Recruiters – Military
Reddy, Venkat
Redman, Opal “China Gift Collection”
Registrar’s Office
Registrar, Memos, etc.
Religious holidays (policy on symbols)
Rembrandt Painting
Reorganization of University
Repoltik – a student Org.
Republican Party Presidential debate
Residence Hall Programs (OU)
Reuther, Walter (Speech)
Rhetoric, Dept. of
Riesman Study
Robotics & Advanced Automation Center
Roose, Kenneth
Roy, Arun K.
Russi, Gary – Memos (1993-2004)

Salary – Disclosure
Scanning the Future – 2006
Schedule Matrix
Scheduling SEE Classroom Use & Scheduling
Scholar Shop
Scholarship Committee – Fashion show
Scholarships, Annual student Recognition Dinners – 1960-1968
Scholarships, Hunt Fair – 1961-1964
School of Liberal Arts – proposal
Science Olympiad
Search Committee
Sex Survey – Local coverage – 1964
Shape Up OU
Sociology Anthropology, Dept. of
Shapiro, Samuel – 1960-1963
Sharf, Stephan (Sharf Golf Course)
Sharf Endowment
Shelley, Howard
Shelley, Howard (film collection)
Shelley, Howard (correspondence w/Howard and Hubert Dist.)
Ski Club
Skill Soft
Smoking Policy
Social Concerns – Tutors, etc.
Social Work Program. -- SEE College. Units.
Sociology Anthropology Dept. -- SEE College. Units.
Song, Fight (OU)
South Africa Investments
Speakers Series – 1966-1970
Special Gift Clubs (OU)
Speech Communications
Sports at MSUO
Springer Collection
Staff Benefits
Staff Training & Development
Stamps, Richard
Stately Dinners
Stoutenberg, Herbert
Strategic Plan (OU)
Strike – (Fall Semester 1994)
Division of Student Affairs – Names & Blurbs
Student Conduct (OU)
Student Awards (Nominations Banquet)
Student Disruptions
Student Recognition Dinner Programs
Student Enterprise Theatre
Student Congress
Student Government
Student Grievances
Student Life Commission Report & Responses 1967
Student Organic Farming Program - (SOFP)
Student Organizations.
Student Organizations at OU, 1959-1980, by Holly Waddell
Student perception of teaching effectiveness
Student Program Board
Student Services Center (NFH Addition & Renovation)
Student Success Conference
Student Success Services
Student Surveys
Student Technology Center
Students of Special Interest
Study Abroad Programs
Swanson, Robert

Talent Show (OU)
Task Force – Reports, etc.
Teacher Education Program
Teaching & Learning Committee
Teaching Excellence Award
Technology Park – Corres.
TEDx Conference (Technology, Entertainment, and Design)
Thompson, Virgil
Torch, Reuben – Dean
Transfer Students
Transfer Students, Guide for
Tri-Semester Editorials
Tucker, Richard

UAW/CT --SEE Clerical/Technical staff box
United Ministries in Higher Education (see also Campus Ministries)
United Way – (see also All University Fund Drive)
University Calendar
University Congress (see also Student Congress boxes)
University Relations
University Research Student Scholar Awards
University Services
University Technology Services (UTS)
Upward Bound
Urban Affairs
Usui, Kiichi

VanFleet, Corey M.
Vann, Carl
VARC (Violence and Abuse Resource Consortium)
Vice Pres. Academic Affairs & Provost, Office of
Vietnam Moratorium Day – 10/15/69

Wang, Stuart - attack
Washington Advisory Group Report
Weather Emergency Closing Policy
Welcome Week & September Fest
Wesley Foundation
White, Gertrude
Wilder, David
Wilson Awards SEE Wilson / Dodge box
Wilson, Matilda SEE Wilson / Dodge box
WOCOU (Week of Champions)
Women of Michigan Educational Network
Women of OU (WOU)
Women’s Basketball
Women’s Center
Women’s Liberation
Women’s Rights, AdHoc
Women’s Studies -- SEE College. Units.
Woodcock Legacy Seminar (SEE also Richard Stamps box)
World Trade Center – 9/11 Observances
Wrestling Club
Writing Center
Writer’s Conference
Writing & Reading, Ad Hoc Committee on

Young Author’s Conference
Young Democrats




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