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Robert Gaylor Collection - Periodicals


The Robert Gaylor Collection contains a large range of LGBT periodicals from the 1970s to the present. Michigan is well represented as well as neighboring states and Canada's province of Ontario. The holdings have been roughly organized by type of publication, although some periodicals cover 2 or more types. There are also flyers, newsletters and other mailings from LGBT organizations.


Scholarly publications

Common Lives/ Lesbian Lives (1981-1991)

Common Lives/Lesbian Lives (CL/LL), an Iowa City-based lesbian literary journal, was initiated by eight lesbians who were living in the Los Angeles area in the fall of 1980; a co-founder of Sinister Wisdom encouraged the women by stating that more lesbian journals were needed because Sinister Wisdom received more submissions than it could print. The first issue was published in 1981 and the publication ended officially in 1997. (see the finding aid for  Common Lives records,  Iowa Women’s Archives).
Also available online through Reveal Digital: Independent Voices.

Fifth Estate vol. 8 no. 26 (April 13-26, 1974) and vol. 9 no. 10 (August 1-7 1974)

A Detroit based anarchist publication.
See the Labadie Collection finding aid for Fifth Estate.

Gay Literature no. 1-6 (1975-1976)

An early homophile magazine published in 1975 and 1976 by playwright and novelist Daniel Curzon. The magazine included poetry, fiction, literary reviews, essays, photography, and short plays.

HGMFQ - Harrington Gay Men’s Fiction Quarterly vol. 3 no. 1 (2001)

Journal of Homosexuality, 1974 (2 issues) and 1976 (2 issues)

Also at Kresge Library:  1990-2010 issues (4th floor). Online for 1997 and forward.

Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (1995, 1 issue)

Also at Kresge Library: 1993-1999 issues (4th floor).

Midwest Gay Academic Journal vol. 1, no. 2 (1977)

Published at the initiative of Daniel Tsang, a gay librarian and activist, by  the Gay Academic Union, a group of LGBT academics formed in 1973 who aimed at making the academia more amenable to the LGBT community. Only issues are for 1977-1978. It then became the Gay Insurgent (below)

Gay insurgent - 1st issue (Spring 1979) and no. 6 (Summer 1980)

3 times a year. Continued the Midwest Gay Academic Journal.  Journal of “gay liberation research, reviews and news”.

Sinister Wisdom (1979-1993)

Sinister Wisdom is a multicultural lesbian literary & art journal that publishes four issues each year  since 1976.
Also online through Reveal Digital: Independent Voices (1976-1996)


Political and organizational publications

Affirmations: The Quarterly (Spring and Summer 2005)

Published by Affirmations Lesbian/Gay Community Center, Southfield.

AIDS Partnership Michigan, Responding to AIDS (1996, 1999-2000)

Monthly newsletter of AIDS Partnership Michigan, created in 1996 with the merger of AIDS Care Connection and Wellness Networks. Based in Detroit.

Association of Great Lakes Gay and Lesbian Organizations, Citizen Action Guide  (Summer 1992)

The Body Politic (Feb. 1978)

Gay liberation journal, Toronto.

Bondings (Summer-Fall 1982, Winter 1982-83)

Publication of New Ways ministry, Mount Rainier, MD.

Contact no. 9-14 (1975: May 31, June 7, June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5, July 19)

Gay newspaper of the Gulf states

Gay Community News vol. 2 no. 49, 50, 52, 52; vol. 3 no. 1, 2 and 4 (1975)

Weekly newspaper published in Boston

Gay Forum vol. 1  no. 4 (Dec. 15-31 1975)

Washington, DC biweekly

Gay Liberator no 41, 42, 44, 45, 46, 48 (1974-1976)

Published by the Gay Liberation Front of Detroit - monthly and bimonthly, 1970-1976

GPU news (July 1976-June 1977)

Monthly publication of the Gay Peoples’ Union, Milwaukee.

In Touch 1 no. 1, 2, 3 (Oct., Nov., Dec. 1973)

Rare first issues of a California monthly, then bimonthly magazine.

Lambda Rising News (1986, 1989-1996)

Produced by Lambda Rising Bookstores ( LGBT bookstore that operated from 1974 to 2010 in Washington, DC). 21 issues.

Lambda Book Report by Lambda Rising (1990-1998)

Metropositive (Sept 1996)

Metro Detroit publication dedicated to the HIV / AIDS Community

PFLAGPole (Summer and Winter 1995, Dec/Jan. 1995/1996, Mar./Apr. 1997)

PFLAG National's newsletter

Positively aware  (1992-1995)

Monthly journal of the Test Positive Aware Network

PWA Newsline (1991-1995)

Newsletter published by the People with AIDS Coalition of New York.

The Way (July, October, November 1977 and 3 older undated issues)

Monthly publication of the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit, MI.


News and popular magazines


The Advocate (2008-2013)

Between the Lines (1993-2012)

Christopher Street (1976-1981)

Flame Magazine (2012-2013)

Gay (1970-1973)

Genre Magazine (1992-2008)

Heatland (June 1990, Sept 1990; Jan., June, and July 1991)

Midwest gay and lesbian newspaper,

Hero vol. 1 no. 6 (Dec 99-Jan 2000), vol. 2 no. 2 (Apr-May 2000), no. 13 (Dec/Jan 2001), no. 15 (April 2001), no. 16 (June/July 2001)

Instinct Magazine (1998-2012)

International Justice Monthly vol. 1 no. 5 (August 1981) and vol. 2 no. 3 (March 1982)

A “magazine for the betterment of gay life” serving the Great Lakes area in Canada and the US. Published in Harrow, Canada.

Lesbian Connection (2005-2007, 2008-2010)

Bimonthly popular magazine, started in 1974  in East Lansing  by Ambitious Amazons.

Midwest vol. 1, no. 5-6

Monthly, Chicago-based.

Metro Gay News (1976-1978)

Detroit  monthly, 1976-1978

volume 1 no. 1-5 (1976)
volume 2 no. 1-12 (1977)
volume 3 no. 1-4 (1978)

Metro Source Magazine (2001-2003)

New York Native (1983-1990)

Our World (1992-1994, 1998)

Out Magazine (1979, 1992-2013)

Out Traveler (2003-2008)

Out and About (2003-2004)

Ten Percent (1990-1991)

6 issues. Ann Arbor publication between 1990-1992. Became the Michigan Tribune, then OutPost.

Out Post (1996-2003)

Passport Magazine (2001-2012)

Respect (2001, 2002, 2004)

Published by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (New York).  Reports on and reviews gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered students' issues in high schools nationwide.

Sexual Behavior (1971-1972)

Authoritative monthly magazine on sexual issues.

Third Coast (May 1995, Nov. 1996, Sep., Oct., Nov. 1998, Feb., Mar 1999, Apr. and July 2000)

Monthly based in Grand Rapids, MI, 1995-2000. News of LGBT communities in the Great Lakes area.

Unique Living (no.2, 1997)

Southfield, MI.

What Helen Heard (2005-2010)

Published monthly by Ambitious Amazons, the same East Lansing publisher as Lesbian Connection.

Zach's Life (1-7)

A monthly supplement to Genre magazine, containing a graphic novel series.

Ten Percent Magazine (1992-1995)


Entertainment and Erotic publications*

After Dark (!971-1977)

Bound and Gagged no. 16 (May-June 1990)*

Cupid (2001-2002, monthly personals for LGBTI)*

Cruise (1979-2005)

Gay Chicago Magazine (1984, 1986, 1987)

Gay Detroit (May 5 1978 and June 2-18 1978)

Homoture no. 5 (Summer 1992)*

Hott Magazine (Macomb/Troy, MI  entertainment guide - biweekly, started in 2007)

The Hype no. 2, 5, 6, 8, 10 , 16 (Detroit monthly, 1997 and Jan., Apr. and Nov 1998)

I.C. Exchange vol. 2, no. 7-9 and vol. 3, no. 1-3, 5-6 (Detroit monthly, 1976-1977)

Independent Bar Owners (Sep. Oct. 1985)

Michigan's Escape (Feb.-Aug 1982, Entertainment  guide published by We Escape in Chicago

Midwest Round Up (Dec. 1991, Midwest western, leather and Levi guide)

Newsleather vol. 9 no. 7 and 8 (A leather fraternity in San Francisco)*

A Taste of Leather (1974)*

Out Post (the new), OP (2001-2013)

Scene Weekly (Aug. 4, 2003   and Aug. 25, 2003 - Ferndale, MI)

Skipper’s Mate no. 13 (n.d., personal ads)*


Directories and Programs

Big D Magazine (Dallas, Texas metroplex guide)

Front Line of Freedom, San Francisco International Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day (June 28, 1981)

Parade 87, San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade (June 28, 1987)

The Gay Book, 5th edition, 1987 (San Francisco directory)

Michigan Pride Access (1996-1997 ), continued as Michigan Pride Source (1998-2001) - Michigan gay and lesbian yellow pages

Michigan Pride Source (1998-2013, 2016-2017)

Pridefest 1992 (program of Detroit area celebration)

Pride Guide 86, New York  (official guide to lesbian and gay pride week)

New York Native (June 1996) - supplement to the newspaper

Flyers, newsletters and other mailings

The Gaylor Collection includes newsletters, flyers, letters, postcards, stickers and other ephemera from various LGBT organizations in Michigan and beyond.

ASP (association of Suburban People)

Human Rights Campaigns

With Pride, 1994

The Names Project, 1984

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, 1991-1993

The Hope Fund (Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan)

Dawn: The Shar Forum (May 1978) (Self Help Addiction Reorientation Foundation, Detroit)

In Unity ( Apr. 1970, Metropolitan Community Church (California)

Triangle Foundation

PFLAG / Detroit (Sept. and Oct. 1996, March and April 1997, Spring 1999, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (Royal Oak, MI)

MOHR (July 1981, June 1991, Michigan Organization for Human Rights)

The Lambda Update (Summer and Winter 1993, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund)

Touching Body and Spirit vol. 5 no. 2 (Spring-Summer 1994, TBS Network)

Workforce  (Oct. 1974, Vocations for Social Change, California. Dedicated to gay workers.)

Misc. newsletters, flyers and mailings - 3 folders


Special LGBT issues of mainstream periodicals


Margins no. 23 (Aug. 1975) - focus on lesbian feminist writing and publishing. A review of little magazines and small press books

Motive vol. 32 no. 1 (Lesbian/feminist issue) and vol. 32 no. 2 (Gay men’s liberation and last motive), 1972. Published by the Division of Higher Education of the Board of Education of the United Methodist Church.


Miscellaneous publications from the U.S. and Canada

The Gaylor collection also includes miscellaneous publications from various other cities and states in the United States in Canada. Generally, there are only one or a few issues. Areas covered: Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Ohio, San Francisco, Canada and other countries.


For more information

LGBT Press in Michigan

LGBT Periodicals at the Bentley Historical Library

LGBT publications available online via Reveal Digital: Independent Voices




* Erotica are housed separately.


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