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Mission & Values


Oakland University's Libraries expertly integrate teaching, information, and technology to create dynamic, welcoming learning environments.  We are committed to fostering academic excellence and promoting information literacy within the campus community and beyond.


The OU Libraries are a central pillar upon which the University can advance its educational, research, and public-service goals.  By providing outstanding programs and services, we enable library users to turn to us first to find the educational partners, personalized information expertise, and high-quality resources they need to make meaningful connections with each other and the world. 

Core Values

  • Service – We bring a high level of responsiveness, flexibility, and a depth of experience to all of our library services and functions. As information professionals, we embrace change, staying abreast of new developments in scholarly practice and technology in order to provide services, resources, and learning environments that are timely and relevant for our users.

  • Learning, Scholarship, and Research – We are inspired by the transformative power of education, and dedicate ourselves to our roles as teachers, learners, and scholars. As teachers, we promote the creation, dissemination, discovery, use, and evaluation of scholarly information. As lifelong students and scholars, we participate in efforts to strengthen the Libraries as a learning organization, and celebrate the fact that intellectual curiosity is part of our collective DNA.

  • Access – We are strong advocates for our users' equitable access to information, and strive to provide user-friendly interfaces, relevant and easily accessible content, and welcoming learning environments that will empower our users and lead to their academic success.

  • Stewardship – Charged with acquiring, organizing, sharing, and preserving a wide range of scholarly information, we bring a deep sense of responsibility and passion to our work. The resources we manage are essential, enabling research, teaching, and scholarship to occur throughout the entire enterprise. For this reason, we strive to apply our profession’s best practices and ethical standards in all areas of our work to ensure accountability and effectiveness.

  • Community – We thrive in an atmosphere of friendly respect, collegiality, and acceptance, and believe that the diversity of our students, faculty, and staff strengthens us all. Our love of teamwork and collaborative partnerships enriches our work and raises our potential for continued success.

  • Creativity – We appreciate a sense of humor in ourselves and others, and believe that experiencing joy in our work and a sense of satisfaction in our accomplishments improves the teaching and learning process, encourages innovation in our services and programs, and allows creativity to flourish.

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