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Non-Instructional Visits from Outside Groups

Kresge Library is designed to serve the needs of the students, faculty and staff at Oakland University. At times groups from high schools or community colleges may wish to bring a set of students to use the library's resources, but our instructional support focuses on International Baccalaureate high schools only. These field trips should be arranged by the Coordinator of the Instruction and are subject to the guidelines below:

  • Group size should be limited to a maximum of 30. There should be a minimum of one supervising adult for every 15 students. Teachers and supervising adults should remain with the students and should be prepared to assist the students with their research needs.

  • Out of consideration for other library users, visiting groups are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.

  • Visits will not be scheduled during periods of heavy use by Oakland students and library instruction, usually the first six to eight weeks of the fall and winter terms (September-October and January-February). In addition, visits will not be scheduled during final examination periods. Any other times may be scheduled for visits at the discretion of the Coordinator of Library Instruction.

  • Instructional space and/or computer labs will not be available in the library for these visits, nor will OU librarians be able to offer instruction.

  • Any requests for general meeting rooms in the library should be made to the Library Service Desk at (248) 370-4425.

  • Students should have a well-defined and workable topic. They should also have such basic library skills as how to use a catalog, how to read a citation. High school librarians and students are encouraged to access our on-line catalog in advance of the trip so that students may come with printouts in hand. Visiting patrons can check out materials through the MelCat Visiting Patron service; please check the MelCat Visiting Patron website before arriving to see of your public library participates in this program.

  • Visits from elementary and middle school classes are discouraged since, for the most part, the materials at OU are inappropriate for these students.

  • Visiting groups are responsible for understanding and complying with the Library's policies, including Children in the OU Libraries and Computing Access for the Public.


For more information, please contact Amanda Hess, Coordinator of Instruction.



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