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ALL New Books - June 2018

The history of animals : a philosophy
By: Timofeeva, Oksana.
B 105 .A55 T56 2018

Radical fool of capitalism : on Jeremy Bentham, the Panopticon, and the Auto-Icon
By: Welzbacher, Christian,
B 1574.B34 W4513 2018

Mindbrain and dreams : an exploration of dreaming, thinking, and artistic creation
By: Blechner, Mark J.,
BF 1078 .B564 2018

Psychoanalysis listening to love : passion and bonds
By: Diena, Simonetta,
BF 175.5.L68 D5413 2018

Nature of human creativity
BF 408 .N3548 2018

Chaos and control : a psychoanalytic perspective on unfolding creative minds
By: Safán-Gerard, Desy,
BF 408 .S24 2018

Continuing bonds in bereavement : new directions for research and practice
BF 575 .G7 C669 2018

Intimacy and separateness in psychoanalysis
By: Poland, Warren S.,
BF 575 .I5 P65 2018

Value of social, behavioral, and economic sciences to national priorities : a report for the National Science Foundation
BF 698 .A2 V35 2017

On color
By: Kastan, David Scott,
BF 789.C7 K37 2018

Radical sacrifice
By: Eagleton, Terry, 1943-
BL 570 .E23 2018

Whispering in the daylight : the children of Tony Alamo Christian Ministries and their journey to freedom
By: Schriver, Debby,
BP 605 .T66 S37 2018

Medieval Latin lives of Muhammad
BP 75.3 .M43 2018

Yogacara Buddhist theory of metaphor
By: Tzohar, Roy, 1973-
BQ 4040 .T96 2018

History of German Jewish Bible translation
By: Gillman, Abigail, 1964-
BS 941 .G55 2018

XVIII, new perspectives on the eighteenth century.
CB 411 .X9

Monumental challenge of preservation : the past in a volatile world
By: Cloonan, Michèle Valerie, 1955-
CC 135 .C526 2018

Uplake : restless essays of coming and going
By: Spagna, Ana Maria,
CT 275 .S5995 A3 2018

Children's Crusade : medieval history, modern mythistory
By: Dickson, Gary (M. Gary)
D 169 .D53 2008

Feudal nobility and the Kingdom of Jerusalem, 1174-1277
By: Riley-Smith, Jonathan, 1938-2016.
D 183 .R55 1973b

F. Pérez Lopez's El Mexicano
By: Soto, Gary,
DP 264 .P39 S68 2018

Optimism at all costs : Black attitudes, activism, and advancement in Obama's America
By: Branch, Lessie B.,
E 185.615 .B66 2018

Danger 79er : the life and times of Lieutenant General James F. Hollingsworth
By: Willbanks, James H., 1947-
E 840.5 .H66 W55 2018

With distance in his eyes : the environmental life and legacy of Stewart Udall
By: Einberger, Scott,
E 840.8 .U34 E46 2018

Pathways to indigenous nation sovereignty : a chronicle of federal policy developments
By: Parker, Alan, 1942-
E 93 .P218 2018

In the lands of fire and sun : resistance and accommodation in the Huichol Sierra, 1723-1930
By: McArdele Stephens, Michele,
F 1221 .H9 M223 2018

Indigenous visions : rediscovering the world of Franz Boas
GN 21 .B56 I53 2018

Is the cemetery dead?
By: Sloane, David Charles,
GT 3203 .S56 2018

Relational ethics of narrative inquiry
By: Clandinin, D. Jean,
H 61.295 .C535 2018

Modern evolutionary economics : an overview
By: Nelson, Richard R.,
HB 97.3 .N45 2018

Emergence and growth of an urban region: the developing urban Detroit area, by Constantinos A. Doxiadis.
By: Developing Urban Detroit Area Research Project.
HC 108.D6 D4

Global history of co-operative business
By: Patmore, Greg,
HD 3271 .P38 2018

Guide to business statistics
By: McEvoy, David M. (David Michael),
HF 1017 .M37 2018

World trade statistical review
HF 1371 .I584

Market ethics and practices, c. 1300-1850
HF 352 .M27 2018

Stories for management success : the power of talk in organizations
By: Collins, David, 1966-
HF 5386 .C734 2018

Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios
HF 5681 .R25 T68

Vulnerability and resilience to natural hazards
HM 1101 .V85 2018

Modeling cross-cultural interaction in ancient borderlands
HM 1211 .G73 2018

Qualified self : social media and the accounting of everyday life
By: Humphreys, Lee,
HM 851 .H856 2018

Socio-informatics : a practice-based perspective on the design and use of IT artifacts
HM 851 .S667 2018

Gerontology : the basics
By: Sasser, Jennifer R.,
HQ 1061 .S277 2018

Women at war in the borderlands of the early American Northeast
By: Martino, Gina M.,
HQ 1075.5 .N7 M37 2018

Mothers : an essay on love and cruelty
By: Rose, Jacqueline,
HQ 759 .R6367 2018

Global gay : how gay culture is changing the world
By: Martel, Frédéric, 1967-
HQ 76.25 .M36513 2018

Psychoanalytic reflections on parenting teens and young adults : changing patterns in modern love, loss, and longing
HQ 799.15 .P79 2018

Growth, decline, and regeneration in large cities : a case study approach
By: Koven, Steven G.,
HT 151 .K68 2018

Designing the modern city : urbanism since 1850
By: Mumford, Eric Paul, 1958-
HT 151 .M76 2018

Adaptations of the metropolitan landscape in delta regions
By: Bosselmann, Peter,
HT 241 .B67 2018

Art for animals : visual culture and animal advocacy, 1870-1914
By: Cronin, J. Keri (Jennifer Keri), 1973-
HV 4705 .C76 2018

Locking up our own : crime and punishment in black America
By: Forman, James, 1967-
HV 9950 .F655 2017

Rooted cosmopolitans : Jews and human rights in the twentieth century
By: Loeffler, James Benjamin,
JC 571 .L582 2018

Right of publicity : privacy reimagined for a public world
By: Rothman, Jennifer E., 1969-
KF 1262 .R68 2018

Thinking in education research : applying philosophy and theory
By: Peim, Nick, 1952-
LB 1028 .P45 2018

Authentic teaching and learning for preK-fifth grade : advice from practitioners and coaches
LB 1555 .A79 2018

Cases of teachers' data use
LB 2846 .C344 2018

Teaching in the fourth industrial revolution : standing at the precipice
By: Doucet, Armand,
LB 41 .D68 2018

Collected works
By: Vinders, Jheronimus, active 1510-1550,
M 2 .R2384 v.166

Music & camp
ML 3877 .M877 2018

Norton guide to teaching music theory
MT 1 .N74 2018

Sonny Assu : a selective history
By: Assu, Sonny,
N 6549 .A866 A4 2018

Misère : the visual representation of misery in the 19th century
By: Nochlin, Linda,
N 8236 .P69 N63 2018

Living with Leonardo : fifty years of sanity and insanity in the art world and beyond
By: Kemp, Martin,
ND 623.L5 K43 2018

René Magritte : the fifth season
By: Magritte, René, 1898-1967,
ND 673 .M35 A4 2018

Low countries : arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands, a yearbook.
NX 553 .A1 L68

Deutscher Humanismus 1480-1520, Verfasserlexikon
PA 8001 .A1 D4

Teaching toward freedom : supporting voices and silence in the English classroom
By: DeLuca, Geraldine,
PE 1405 .U6 D45 2018

Kodansha's romanized Japanese-English dictionary
By: Vance, Timothy J.
PL 679 .V36 1993

Seek after : on seven modern lyric poets
PN 1261 .S44 2018

Early film culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Republican China : kaleidoscopic histories
PN 1993.5 .C4 E27 2018

Main Street movies : the history of local film in the United States
By: Johnson, Martin L. (Martin Louis),
PN 1993.5 .U6 J64 2018

Searching for new frontiers : Hollywood films in the 1960s
By: Worland, Rick,
PN 1993.5 .U65 W67 2018

Politics goes to the movies : Hollywood, Europe, and beyond
By: Kolker, Robert Phillip,
PN 1995.9.P6 K65 2018

By: Towlson, Jon, 1967-
PN 1997.2 .C363 T69 2018

Before journalism schools : how Gilded Age reporters learned the rules
By: Sumpter, Randall S., 1950-
PN 4864 .S87 2018

Watchdog still barks : how accountability reporting evolved for the digital age
By: Knobel, Beth,
PN 4888 .I56 K56 2018

Beyond psychoanalytic literary criticism : between literature and mind
By: Ogden, Benjamin H.,
PN 56 .P92 O57 2018

Paper gardens : a stroll through French literature
By: Bloch-Dano, Evelyne,
PQ 145.1 .G345 B5613 2018

Migrant brothers : a poet's declaration of human dignity
By: Chamoiseau, Patrick,
PQ 3949.2.C45 F7413 2018

How Borges wrote
By: Balderston, Daniel, 1952-
PQ 7797 .B635 Z62285 2018

History of early modern women's writing
PR 113 .H57 2018

Future of feminist eighteenth-century scholarship : beyond recovery
PR 448 .W65 F88 2018

Diary of Virginia Woolf
By: Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941
PR 6045 .O72 Z494 1977

Feeling time : duration, the novel, and eighteenth-century sensibility
By: Yahav, Amit S.,
PR 830 .T5 Y34 2018

Queer friendship : male intimacy in the English literary tradition
By: Haggerty, George E.,
PR 830.G34 H34 2018

Women writers of the Beat era : autobiography and intertextuality
By: Carden, Mary Paniccia,
PS 228 .B6 C365 2018

Secular lyric : the modernization of the poem in Poe, Whitman, and Dickinson
By: Michael, John, 1953-
PS 309.L8 M53 2018

Robert Duncan and the pragmatist sublime
By: Maynard, James, 1974-
PS 3507.U629 Z76 2018

Me and my house : James Baldwin's last decade in France
By: Zaborowska, Magdalena J.,
PS 3552 .A45 Z985 2018

Less : a novel
By: Greer, Andrew Sean,
PS 3557.R3987 L47 2017

Summoning the dead : essays on Ron Rash
PS 3568.A698 Z734 2018

Understanding John Updike
By: Svoboda, Frederic Joseph, 1949-
PS 3571 .P4 Z878 2018

LeAnne Howe at the intersections of Southern and Native American literature
By: Squint, Kirstin L., 1973-
PS 3608 .O95 Z88 2018

Discontinuous Galerkin methods for solving elliptic and parabolic equations : theory and implementation
By: Rivière, Béatrice.
QA 377 .R58 2008

Low dose radiation : the history of the U.S. Department of Energy research program
By: Brooks, Antone L., 1938-
QD 117.R3 B76 2018

Field guide to the Norton book of nature writing, college edition
By: Guignard, Lilace Mellin.
QH 13.45 .G85 2002

Darwin's fossils : the collection that shaped the theory of evolution
By: Lister, Adrian,
QH 366.2 .L57 2018

Feats of strength : how evolution shapes animal athletic abilities
By: Lailvaux, Simon,
QH 408 .L35 2018

Genomics : a very short introduction
By: Archibald, John M.
QH 447 .A73 2018

Big data, health law, and bioethics
RA 425 .B54 2018

Global health and security : critical feminist perspectives
RA 441 .G5668 2018

Skin and arthropod vectors
RA 641.A7 S55 2018

Robert Lowell, setting the river on fire : a study of genius, mania, and character
By: Jamison, Kay R.,
RC 537 .J356 2017

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