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Makerspace Usage Policy

The OU Libraries MakerSpace provides access to a wide range of useful and innovative equipment to empower users to be imaginative. In a safe and secure environment, the MakerSpace offers tools and materials that foster design, fabrication, collaboration and learning activities. Users of the lab will respect the rights of others, the condition of the MakerSpace resources, and the philosophy of creativity that drives the MakerSpace.

Users (herein referred to as makers) of the OU Libraries MakerSpace lab will abide by the following terms of use.

Use of Space

  • The maker agrees to take precautions to avoid causing unnecessary mess or damage in the MakerSpace.

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn in the lab; this includes no loose clothing, no dangling necklaces or bracelets. Closed toed shoes are recommended.

  • Long hair must be pulled back so that it does not dangle in front of equipment or get caught in equipment. This also applies to long beards.

  • Covered drinks are welcome in the MakerSpace. Food is not permitted.

  • Maximum room capacity is 5 people.

Use of Equipment

  • Makers are financially responsible for any and all damage done to the OU Libraries MakerSpace equipment resulting from misuse of the facility or the equipment or from failure to follow all rules, policies, procedures, and restrictions.

  • Tools used in the space must be returned by the maker to their original location in a clean state. The workspace also needs to be cleaned before the maker leaves.

  • Tools and equipment are available to makers on a first come, first served basis.

  • Operation and scheduling of the 3D printers in the MakerSpace are under the supervision of the MakerSpace staff. Makers will submit their print jobs to the MakerSpace lab assistant for queuing and printing. Users will be notified by email when their print job is completed. Payment for the cost of the filament must be prior to the time of pickup.

  • Use of any equipment in the Makerspace by makers is at the discretion of Makerspace staff.

Use of Supplies

  • OU Libraries supplies materials for the 3D printers.

  • OU Libraries staff must approve all maker-supplied materials before they are used on equipment to reduce risk of damage to equipment or of harm to makers within the MakerSpace. OU Libraries staff reserve the right to disapprove certain materials, tools, etc., at their discretion.

  • Makers will pay for all consumable supplies (3D printer filament, Raspberry Pi materials, etc) at the Library’s Service Desk.


  • No one will be permitted to use the MakerSpace tools to create material that is:

    • Prohibited by law.

    • Unsafe, harmful, dangerous or an immediate threat to the well-being of others.

    • Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the university’s educational environment.

    • To be used for commercial purposes.

  • All Oakland University policies apply to the MakerSpace.

  • Only OU students, faculty and staff presenting a valid OU ID card (GRIZZCard) will be permitted to use the Makerspace

  • The maker (or, if a minor, their parent or guardian) is responsible to pay any OU Libraries charges or fees for use of equipment, material and supplies provided by OU Libraries, and for all loss or damage to OU Libraries property or for clean-up expense.

  • OU Libraries is not responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, the maker’s property.

  • Makers must have the necessary rights and authorizations to use applicable files, data, images or any other materials (collectively Content) in the Makerspace. Makers must be able to demonstrate that the use of such Content does not infringe upon any third-party’s copyright, patent, trademark trade secret or other proprietary or intellectual property rights.


  • If a computer or other piece of equipment is not working, makers will not attempt to repair the equipment themselves but will consult a Makerspace staff member for help.

  • Projects may be subject to approval by staff prior to use of machinery.

  • Hardware and software on the MakerSpace computers are managed by staff in Library Technology Services. Modification requests will be considered, but makers are not allowed to make those modifications themselves.

  • Makers will observe the general usage and safety guidelines that are posted at the entrance of the MakerSpace and the specific safety issues regarding each piece of equipment that are displayed at specific equipment stations.

Limitations of Liability

  • OU Libraries is not responsible for any manufacturing defects or the quality or workmanship of any of the tools, materials or equipment supplied by OU Libraries, or for the quality or condition of a maker’s project.

  • OU Libraries is not responsible for equipment or files makers may leave behind.  See OU Libraries’s policy on patron property left on OU Libraries premises: Lost and Found—Oakland University Libraries’ Lost & Found Policy which is available at the Service Desk in Access Services located in the lobby of the library.

  • OU Libraries is not responsible for damage to personal computers, nor for the loss of data or information, nor for liability that occurs from the use of the library’s internet connection, library software, or hardware.

  • All tools and products are provided by the MakerSpace on an “as is” basis, without warranties or representations of any sort, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.



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