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The Frank Lepkowski
Undergraduate Research in Writing Award funded by the OUCU

The University Libraries established the Frank Lepkowski Undergraduate Research in Writing Award  to celebrate excellence in library research. This scholarship is co-sponsored by the Oakland University Credit Union.

This annual prize recognizes up to two students who have most successfully integrated library resources, discovered through their own research, in a course paper or project. Library resources can include the following:

  • Journal, newspaper, or magazine articles

  • Ebooks or print books

  • Archival materials or special collections

The award consists of a $1500 scholarship prize for first place and $1000 prize for second place (prizes will be applied directly to tuition).

The award is given to up to two undergraduate students each academic year. Nominations are accepted for courses completed in the preceding Winter, Summer and Fall semesters. Winners are selected from faculty or student-nominated papers by a committee of university library faculty members.


  • Only individual work is eligible. Group papers or projects will not be considered.

  • Only one submission per student.

  • Students must be currently enrolled at Oakland University at the time the award is presented (Winter 2018).

  • The paper or project must have been completed for courses taken in the Winter 2017, Summer 2017, or Fall 2017 semesters.
  • Papers or projects must include a bibliography, list of works cited, footnotes or other bibliographic system according to recognized style guides.

  • Most Honors theses are not eligible because papers must have been completed during the previous calendar year and students must be currently enrolled at the time of the award.


Submissions are no longer accepted for the 2018 award. We will start accepting submissions for the 2019 award in January 2019.

Award winners will be announced at the annual OU Libraries' Authors at Oakland event on March 14, 2018.


Nomination Procedure

Student papers/projects can be nominated by faculty or by self-nominated students. If a student chooses to nominate a paper, the Award Committee will contact the supervising faculty member for confirmation.

Faculty-nominated papers/projects:

  • Faculty members nominating students must complete the faculty nomination form, which includes a description of the original assignment. Faculty may submit multiple nominations.

  • The Award Committee will contact students who have been nominated. Students are then responsible for completing and submitting the online student nomination form and providing a final version of their paper or project.

Student self-nominated papers/projects:

  • Students self-nominating must complete the student nomination form, which includes directions for uploading the final version of the paper or project.

  • The paper or project must be the same as the one submitted in the course.

  • The Award Committee will contact course instructors for confirmation.

Evaluation Criteria

Successful papers or projects will demonstrate effective application of information literacy principles:

  • identify and retrieve information from discipline-appropriate sources. Students effectively make use of research resources that are appropriate to the discipline of their papers or projects. Successful papers or projects will have sufficient references as appropriate to the scope of their topic.   

  • evaluate information critically. Students evaluate sources for their reliability, validity, accuracy, authority, timeliness and bias. They understand the importance of the context in which the sources were produced.

  • analyze and synthesize information so as to acquire new knowledge. Students combine ideas and concepts from their research to develop new perspectives on their topics.

  • integrate new and prior information into the paper. Students effectively paraphrase, summarize or quote sources. They provide accurate citations and credits according to the citation style used for the paper or project.

    View the award committee's evaluation rubric (PDF)

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Contact Us

If you have any questions about this award, please contact:

Joanna Thielen
Assistant Professor
Kresge Library
Email: jthielen@oakland.edu
Phone: 248.370.2477


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