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Internships are learning experiences that allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real life situations, while also contributing to the libraries’ mission. Internships focus on work that would not be otherwise accomplished by library faculty and staff.

Unpaid Internship Opportunities

Unpaid internship opportunities at the OU Libraries are based on the availability of appropriate projects. Such projects might be available only occasionally and on an ad hoc basis. Students taking a graduate course with an internship requirement either at Oakland University or elsewhere can inquire about the availability of projects by emailing the Associate Dean (hristova@oakland.edu) and including information about their course requirements as well as details about the types of library-related projects that will best fit the student’s interests. OU Libraries only accept inquiries related to credit-based graduate internships.

Unpaid internships at OU Libraries meet the following criteria:

  • The work is related to a credit-based graduate course with an internship requirement.
  • A relevant library project is available for the internship.
  • A library faculty member is able to oversee the internship.

Additionally, OU Archives and Special Collections work with several academic programs at Oakland University which have undergraduate and credit-based graduate courses with internship requirements. Internship tasks and projects support the operations of OU Archives and Special Collections. For more information, please see Internships at the University Archives and Special Collections.

Paid Internship Opportunities

Library Technology Services (LTS) offer several paid internships to Oakland University students eligible for student employment. These paid internships represent ongoing employment that is focused on routine tasks and projects, which support LTS operations and relate to the intern’s professional interests -- examples include internships in technology, marketing, assessment, and operations. Intern work schedules are coordinated with their course schedule and load. Available paid internships are listed on OU’s job-search platform for students, and employment is dependent on the successful completion of the application and hiring process. For more information on current availability of paid internships, please check the listings on Handshake.

Paid internships at Library Technology Services meet the following criteria:

  • The work supports Library Technology Services operations.
  • The work relates to the student’s professional interests.
  • The applicant is an Oakland University student.
  • The applicant is eligible for student employment.


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