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Digital Signage

The primary purpose of digital signage in Kresge Library is to present information about OU Libraries’ events, activities, and announcements. A secondary purpose is to provide information about OU-sponsored events that will be held within the Kresge Library building. The Library does not accept announcements of other kinds for its digital signage.


Posting Flyers and Banners

Because of space constraints, the Library must limit distribution and posting of printed materials (flyers, brochures, posters, etc.) in the Kresge Library building. The Library’s information bulletin board, located near the building entrance by the Circulation Desk, serves as a place to post OU-related announcements and other events of interest to the OU community. All materials posted on this board must be approved and stamped in advance by the OU Center for Student Activities in the Oakland Center.

Only one copy of each poster or flyer is permitted. All posted material will be removed after the advertised event or after a total of two weeks if the flyer does not announce a date-specific special event. Materials not stamped by the OU Center for Student Activities may be removed immediately. Banners will not be accepted for display in the Kresge Library building, except for those related to Library events, activities, and announcements.


Donation Collection Boxes/Bins

Due to space limitations, the Library must decline all requests to place donation collection boxes and bins in the Kresge Library building.

Instead, the Oakland Center is recommended as the venue for these types of efforts on campus. The Oakland Center takes online requests for Donation Collection boxes to be placed within the OC. Please use the Oakland Center Donation Collection Form to submit your request.


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