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Literature to Film Book Club

"The film was nothing like the book!"

Literature to Film Book Club

Much of today's cinema is inspired by classic, modern and contemporary literature, but how often do filmmakers stay faithful to the book that's the inspiration for their film?

Join the Oakland University Alumni Association and the Kresge Library for a stimulating and unique approach to the classic book club, as the Literature to Film Book Club explores the transition and interpretation of literature on the silver screen. Members read the monthly book prior to watching the movie as a group, followed by a lively discussion on themes, details, and fidelity to the book.

The Literature to Film Book Club is open to any member of the OU Alumni Association.

Where: room 225B in Kresge Library
When: first Tuesday of the month at 6pm (usually ending around 9pm)


For more information or to register, please contact:


2008-2009 Book/Film Schedule

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