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First Floor

KL 100 The Trumbell Room: Gift of Florine Elliott Trumbull in memory of George Titus Trumbull
KL 129 The Katke Room in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. Katke in recognition of their generosity to Kresge Library and leadership in the campaign for OU
KL 129A The Friends of Kresge Library Room. This room recognizes the committed and energetic Friends of Kresge Library who have made the Glyndebourne Picnic an annual event dedicated to the enhancement of the Library.
KL 129C Digitization Lab: Gift of Janet Krompart in honor of Linda Hildebrand
KL 143 Gift of Ann Dulas Arner in memory of Alvin Lewis Arner
KL 144

Gift of Cathy & Bill Connellan in honor of Thomas & Florence Connellan


Second Floor

KL 222 The Bennett Room. Named for Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Bennett who have committed their library gift to the enhancement of the science collections.
KL 224 Gift of Barry M. Klein and Mr. & Mrs. George Klein
KL 225 The Mealey Room in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Mealey for their generous support to Kresge Library
KL 232 The Fred & Dorothy Nolish Special Services Room. Gift of Edward & Edith Broida, Jack & Judy Nolish
KL 233 Gift of Helen & Greg Ranney
KL 237 Gift of Daniel & Miriam Medow in memory of Mark Platt
KL 242 The Nyberg Room: Gift of Michael & Penny Nyberg
KL 247 Gift of Bernard & Nina Kent
KL 248 Gift of Ray Kizer
KL 249 Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Clair in thanks to Frederick & Irene Gibb and John & Marjorie Clair
Student Lounge / Cafe Originally in 1989, this was the Kyes Room, named in honor of Mrs. Roger M. Kyes who dedicated her generous library gift to the improvement of the collections. When room was renovated in 2011 it was renamed the Suzanne O. Frankie Cafe in honor of her donation towards its completion.


Third Floor

KL 300 Gift of a Charter Class member 9-59 to 4-63
KL 311 Gift of David & Norma Verellen in honor of Bud & Betty Verellen
KL 312 Gift of Charles E. Shannon in honor of the Shannon family
KL 313 Gift of Marty & Geraldine Sabo
KL 314 Gift of Mark & Renee (DeLauney) Smith in honor of Rockne C. DeLauney
KL 323 Gift of Robert & Marcia Cooper
KL 326 Gift of John & Kathy Mills
KL 328 Gift of Phillip & Barbara Williams
KL 339 Gift of Michael & Penny Nyberg
KL 340 Gift of Jim (Class of 1964) & Wanda Anderson
KL 341 Gift of David B. Lewis in honor of Walton A. & Dorothy F. Lewis
KL 342 Gift of Dr. James M. Garavaglia in honor of Beth Ann McWilliams
KL 351 Gift of Melisa J. Lawfield in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Ferry
KL center Furniture. Gift of Smita P. Desai in memory of Subhash Patel (1950-1985) for his desire to open the minds of today's youth.


Fourth Floor

KL 402 Gift of Laurie Sagal Mutrynowski
KL 404 Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Brian E. Lee
KL 405 Gift of Ken & Marilyn Goff
KL 407 Gift of Charles & Shirley Durrett
KL 410 Gift of Frances C. & T. Edward Amos
KL 411 Gift of Leslie & Jay Mihalak (1974 & 1979) in memory of Lillian Mihalak
KL 412 Gift of Donald Wozniak
KL 414 Gift of John & Barbara Rohrbeck
KL 415 Gift of Julane & Gerald Alt in memory of Lynne Berry
KL 416 Gift of William & Denise Horton
KL 417 In honor of Frederick & Helen Mull
KL 422 Dedicated by Brothers of Kappa Upsilon chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. January 5, 1990 in loving memory of Ricky James Taggert
KL 423 Gift of Charles & Susan Schamanski in honor of James Ozinga, professor of political science
KL 429 Woodcock East Asia Reading Room in honor of Leonard Woodcock, 1st U.S. ambassador to the People's Republic of China, former UAW president, educator and visionary public servant


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