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2010-01-06 Vol. 36, no. 18

Case closed, student moves in. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Micah Fialka-Feldman]
Planning on letting go of planning in the new year, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Courtroom to dorm room, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6-7. [Micah Fialka-Feldman]
OUPD strives to create a safe campus community, by Jennifer Wood. p. 8. [Safety resources on campus]
Annual events kicked up another notch, by Gabi Jaye. p. 10. [Welcome Week]
Delving into river research, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Odd jobs of OU]
New law snuffs out smoking, by Mike Sandula. p. 17.
Defense dominant in win, by Zach Hallman. p. 19. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Grizzlies win a late-game thriller, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Things we learned about the Lions in '09, by Dan Fenner. p. 21.
Sporting Blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 22.
Hey you, make grizzlies giggle, by Dan Simons. p. 24.

2010-01-13 Vol. 36, no. 19

Storm leads to gridlock, blame. Staff editorial. p. 4.
It's not a parking problem; it's a walking problem, by Emily Carpenter. p. 5.
Did they really just say that?, by Brad Slazinski and Christy O'Shaughnessy. p. 6. [Facebook groups at Oakland]
Russi Watch, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [President Russi interview on WXOU]
Carrying out a legacy, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Keeper of the Dream student recipients]
Speed dating hits a bump, by Gabi Jaye. p. 8.
Special effects send message, by Katie Jacob. p. 12. [Avatar film review]
Monologues come to OU, by Annie Stodola. p. 13. [Vagina Monologues]
Students conduct award-winning research, by Mike Sandula. p. 13. [Grad students in doctor of physical therapy program recognized for breast cancer research]
City councils ban marijuana shops, by Jennifer Wood. p. 14.
A comeback with a purpose, by Zach Hallman. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Newest club sport taking shape, by Mike Sandula. p. 17. [Athletics: Campus martial arts club]
Stating a case for a local legend, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 18. [Alan Trammell denied entry into baseball Hall of Fame]
Mouthing Off, by Annie Stodola and Dan Simons. p.20. [Satire about end of the world History channel programs]

2010-01-20 Vol. 36, no. 20

What's in a benefit's name? Staff editorial. p. 3.
I will call the cops on you, by Colleen Miller. p. 4. [Reasons to call the police]
Union fueled up for vote, by Mike Sandula. p. 5. [Issues faculty are upset over; vote of no confidence postponed until end of March]
Russi question & answer, by Colleen Miller. p. 5. [Topics: Additional parking, weighing in on Micah, Bike in Beer Lake]
Campus Briefs: Full-year registration in the works, New student organization recruiting students, Students to see changes to FAFSA form. p. 6.
Wanted: singers, by Gabi Jaye. p. 6. [Auditions for OU's A Cappella group, Gold Vibrations]
Senate meeting approves new policies, new business, by Mas Rahman. p. 7. [New major program, grade submission change, exams before finals, Lucido on gun bill, wage freeze issue]
Keeper of the Dream kicks off African American celebration, by Rory McCarty. p. 8.
Student's faith inspires, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [Daniella Saveski]
Student publishes novel, by Annie Stodola. p. 10. ["Warriors' Legacy: The Uncovering" by Evan Heuker]
Performing a good deed, by Mike Sandul. p. 12-13. [Haiti support events on campus]
Governor's race begins, by Annie Stodola. p. 16. [Michigan gubernatorial race]
Bouchard announces Construction Jobs Now plan, by Jamie Gasper. p. 16.
Freshman stars in victory, by Dan Fenner. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Grizzlies roll to a 46-point win, by Dan Fenner. p. 18. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
New O'Rena scoreboard enhances fan experience, by Zach Hallman. p. 18. [Athletics]
Win streak reaches seven as long road trip begins, by Dan Fenner. p. 19. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Raising questions about the Tigers' offseason plan, by Dan Fenner. p. 20.
Going rapid for the Grizzlies, by Dan Simons. p.22. [Athletics: Attending home basketball games]
Cuckoo for Coco: a fan's take on late night fight, by Erik Anderson. p.23.

2010-01-27 Vol. 36, no. 21

State of our union? Staff editorial. p. 4.
Corporate America has reached the promised land, by Daud Yar. p. 5.
Sheriff Bouchard pays a visit, Gubernatorial candidate begins his bid with OU community, by Rory McCarty. p. 6.
Celebration highlights heritage, by Gabi Jaye. p. 7. [African American Celebration 2010]
Campus community comes together for blood drive, by Rory McCarty. p. 7.
Interest spurs new program, new graphic design minor announced, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8.
Students help Haiti, by Mas Rahman. p. 8.
Media gets recognized, by Annie Stodola. p. 10. [WXOU wins awards from Michigan Association of Broadcasters Foundation]
Oakland Post received General Excellence award, by Mike Sandula. p. 10.
New social networking site comes to life, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Buhz Hyve]
Driving forward, a test for the American automotive industry, by Bryan Culver. p. 12-13.
Rochester readies for festival, by Courtney Umbras. p. 14. [Fire & Ice Festival in Rochester]
Recruit pays early dividends, by Zach Hallman. p. 18. [Athletics: Women's Basketball player Bethany Watterworth]
Swim teams' season taking stride, by Dan Fenner and Reanna Douglas. p. 19. [Athletics]
Grizzlies closing in on two major records, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's Basketball]
Scores from the road, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's and Women's Basketball]
Remarks on the "SarcMark", by Dan Simons. p. 22. [Mouthing Off]
Alumna/former Postie gives OU thanks/no thanks, by Donna Lange-Tucker. p. 23.

2010-02-03 Vol. 36, no. 22

State of our university? Staff editorial. p. 4.
Super Bowl advertising standards are super confusing, by Katie Wolf. p. 5
Med school clears major hurdle, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [Preliminary accreditation from the LCME]
Russi: 'We are on the cusp of true greatness', by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [President Russi's state of the campus address]
Special presentation given to OUSC, John Beaghan outlines plans for future construction, parking, by Mike Sandula. p. 8.
Campus competes to save lives, by Mike Sandula. p. 9. [Gift of Life Campus Challenge;organ donation]
The Strangers rock for warmth, OU grads perform at Walk for Warmth in Auburn Hills, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 10.
More students decide to dual enroll to save money, by Jennifer Wood. p. 11. [Students enrolling in both OU and community colleges]
Homecoming. Are you going? by Gabi Jaye and Ryan Hegedus. p. 12-13.
Ferndale's muddy waters, local blues festival returns for ninth year, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 16.
Post-apocalyptic entertainment, "The Book of Eli" and "The Road", by Mas Rahman. p. 17. [Movie reviews]
Racking up school records, by Dan Fenner. p. 18. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
The log out freak out, by Mike Sandula. p. 23. [Reporters' Facebook experience]

2010-02-10 Vol. 36, no. 23

Student apathy: A false charge. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Media messages offer false satisfaction, pressure, by Christy O'Shaughnessy. p. 5.
Students ask: Who's got crabs? Program teaches STI signs, symptoms and prevention tactics, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6.
Bear Bus shuttle could roar to life, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [Trial plan for shuttle service on campus]
OUSC meeting calls out former student body president, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [Performance of steering chairperson Dan Evola called into question]
Dance company teaches, performs, by Courtney Umbras. p. 8. [Dayton Contemporary Dance Company on campus to perform and teach classes]
Congress elections kick off via Facebook, by Gabi Jaye. p. 8.
Writers honored for excellence, by Mike Sandula. p. 9. [Department of writing and rhetoric annual Writing Excellence Awards honorees]
Campus Briefs, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [OU Eco-Interest Team and Environmental Coordinators hosting Cards for Kids]
Prof named teacher of the year, by Jennifer Wood. p. 10. [Mary Stein was named College Science Association Teacher of the Year]
Model United Nations competed in Toronto, by Annie Stodola. p. 10. [OU Model United Nations club attending conference]
Engaging local music: Troy band Aria Aesthetic grows after first album, by Jamie Gasper. p. 14.
Jes donelivers Homecoming win, by Dan Fenner. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Hockey trophy has strange origin, by Kyle Bauer. p. 17. [Athletics]
Basketball season approaching its end, by Dan Fenner. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's basketball Summit League Standings]
Revisiting a league issue, policy, by Zach Hallman. p. 18. [Editorial about NBA policy instituted that barred high school players from entering league play for at least one year out of high school]
Sporting Blitz: Track records broken, Preseason softball poll, Men's and women's golf, by Dan Fenner. p. 18. [Athletics]
Officials address state's future, by Annie Stodola. p. 19.
Recession pushes teens, young adults to edge, by Corey Williams. p. 19. [Homeless teens and young adults]
Love or something close, Nothing says love like ... hookers?, by Cailin Jason. Move Valentine; Athaniasia's here, by Dan Simons. p. 22.
National 'Awareness Month' Awareness Month, by Rory McCarty. p. 22.
A week is nothing; she has gone months without Facebook, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 23.

2010-02-17 Vol. 36, no. 24

Run for the money, student congress members have power of the purse. Staff Editorial. p. 4.
Organ donation affects more than just the ill, by Annie Stodola. p. 5.
Graduation checklist: Incomplete, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
A look at the first ladies of OUSC, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [President Kristin Dayag and Vice President Saman Waquad]
Mr. Phisignificant crowned, by Brad Slazinski. p. 8. [Male charm pageant conducted by soriority Phi Sigma Sigma]
Campus Briefs
Profs bring up concerns, by Mas Rahman. p. 9. [OU Senate meeting with John Beaghan]
$537,000 at play in meetings, club sports asks for direct funding from tuition, by Mas Rahman. p. 10. [Proposal to change how club sports receive funding]
Russi to attend next OUSC meeting, by Mike Sandula. p. 10.
OU gives back to Galveston, by Kay Nguyen. p. 11. [OU's Alternative Break members plan trip to provide hurricane Ike support]
Dirty nights in Detroit, International erotic arts exhibition comes again, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 12.
John Mayer pardoned at the Palace Friday, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 13. [Concert review]
Oakland of opportunity, Transfer Reggie Hamilton hopes to reach his full potential at OU, by Dan Fenner. p. 17. [Athletics: Men's Basketball]
Grizzlies victorious on Senior night, by Adam R. Strozynski. p. 18. [Athletics: Club hockey team]
Scores from the road, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's and Women's basketball]
Gov. delivers budget proposal, by Annie Stodola. p. 21.
Sex, sex, and even more sex, by Dan Simons. p. 23. [Editor's experience attending The Dirty Show]

2010-03-03 Vol. 36, no. 25

Save us students a spot. Staff Editorial. p. 4.
There's more to our student liaison than the suit, by Tawnee Milko. p. 5. [Role and responsibilities of student liaison to the university board of trustees]
Pole dancing heading to ... the Olympics?, by Daud Yar. p. 6.
Letter to the Editor, by John Roshek, President, Michigan Open Carry, Inc. p. 6. [Michigan House Bill 5474 that would allow students to lawfully carry guns on campus]
OUSC meeting featured Russi Q&A, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [Agenda included questions from students addressed to President Russi, LGBTQA, Legislature changes, OUSC budgets, Possible tuition forum]
Board meeting serves as public forum for many issues, by Kay Nguyen. p. 7.
Students will be able to vote on club sports funding, by Mas Rahman. p. 8.
Spotlight on Student Orgs, Alpha Lambda Delta, by Gabi Jaye. p. 8.
SAE pres. to shave head, by Rory McCarty and Jabcob Thielen. p. 9. [Sigma Alpha Epsilon events to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society]
MBT Productions sure to entertain, by Mike Sandula and Thomas Goulding. p. 11.
Addict hits 'rock bottom', by Mas Rahman. p. 12. [Substance abuse]
Cruising ahead, by Ryan Hegedus, Rory McCarty and Shawn Minnix. p. 16-17. [Registration, finding scholarship money and buying textbooks]
Gypsies, the new jet setters, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 18. [Book review of "Gypset Style"]
Google joins the social world, Gmail users stay connected with the new social networking site "Buzz", by Mas Rahman. p. 19.
A farewell to OU greats, by Dan Fenner. p. 21. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Grizzlies win regular season finale, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 22. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Summit League, Tournament preview, by Dan Fenner. p. 23. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Summit League, Tournament preview, by Dan Fenner. p. 24. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Community looks ahead, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 25. [Community Outlook Luncheon hosted by Rochester Hills]
2010 Censu distributed, by Annie Stodola. p. 26.
Ode to the Olympics, one Canadian reflects on th 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, by Dan Simons. p. 28.
Toilet tales: Ladies lament on lavatory, by Colleen Miller. p. 29.

2010-03-10 Vol. 36, no. 26

Let's recycle these rags. Staff editorial. p. 4.
The feminist education is starting to sink in, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
2010 OUSC Elections candidate meet & greet, by Kay Nguyen. p. 7.
Russi watch, keeping track of promises and holding him accountable, by Mike Sandula. p. 8.
Women's history month kicks off with film festival, by Cherie Rolfe. p. 8.
Text message alert system expanded, by Mike Espejo. p. 9.
Coffee shop in Kresge Library may be a reality, by Mike Sandula. p. 9.
Varner to host myriad of spring events, by Gabi Jaye. p. 11.
Campus Briefs: Student Program Board to host lock-in event, by Jake Thielen; Model United Nations team finds success in Toronto, by Kay Nguyen; Faculty awarded NSF Grants for science and technology, by Jake Thielen; Mary Beth Snyder honored with national award, by rad Slazinksi
Grizz Art brings life to OC, by Mike Sandula. p. 13. [Grizz art showcase program]
Micah reflects on campus life, by Kay Nguyen. p. 14. [Interview with Micah Fialka-Feldman about campus experience]
Hell yeah! / Grizzlies advance to NCAA tournament, by Dan Fenner. p. 16-17. [Athletics]
Man pursues gamer dreams, by Jennifer Bucciarelli. p. 21. [Constantin Carstea opens video game lounge called Game Over]
Insider's view from the ice, by Evan Chornoby. p. 24. [Athletics: Men's hockey team]
Sporting blitz: softball, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 25. [Athletics]
Poor shooting dooms OU, by Dan Fenner. p. 27. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Mouthing Off, by Dan Simons. p. 29. [Condemning Cosmo magazine]
Holy crap, robots - a mechanic's take, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 30. [Humor]

2010-03-17 Vol. 36, no. 27

No confidence in vote. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Letters to the editor. p. 5. [Opposition to proposed no-confidence vote]
V-Day: Speaking of vaginas, by Katie Jacob. p. 6. [Vagina Monologues event scheduled during Women's History Month]
Students write and win money, OU gear, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [OUSC scholarship committee book scholarship essay winners]
Leaders gather for LTC, by Courtney Umbras. p. 8. [Leadership and Technology Conference]
AAUP organizes vote, by Mike Sandula. p. 8.
Campus Briefs
Renaissance Festival comes to life during tryouts, by Mike Espejo. p. 10. [Auditions on campus for Michigan Renaissance Festival 2010]
Campus offices move to give a central one-stop shop, by Jamie Gasper. p. 10. [Career Services moves to NFH]
Blog offers vintage attire, by Christy O'Shaughnessy. p. 11. [Lilly Greig student with her own vintage clothing shop, Love Charles Vintage]
Students are 'Thinking of Mukesh', by Annie Stodola. p. 12. [Blog created to send well wishes to Prof. Mukesh Bhargava]
Percussion pops play the hits, by Jacob Theilen. p. 13. [OU group Percussion Pops to perform]
Chatroulette: A tragic tech review, by Mas Rahman. p. 15. [Reporter review of website Chatroulette]
Grizzlies prepare for Panthers, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Women's LAX keeps the lead, by Shawn Minnix. p. 21. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Get fit for spring, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 21. [Campus rec center activities]
O'Kland getting its green on, by Dan Simons, Mike Sandula, and Cailin Jason. p. 23. [St. Patrick's Day humor]
Golden Bears? OU's getting no respect, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 24. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Thousands mourn Canadian cop, by Kay Nguyen. p. 25. [Death of Vu Pham, an Ontario Provincial Police constable]


2010-03-24 Vol. 36, no. 28

Elect your student reps. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Campaigns need to find their own forums, by Mas Rahman. p. 5. [Comments and advice from author regarding Student Congress campaign policy]
Column Contest Results, by Shawn Minnix. p. 5. [Should newspapers endorse candidates in a political campaign? Student congress election]
A burning cross results in smoke and fury, by Mike Espejo. p. 6. [Cross burning in Clarkston, local teen arrested]
AAUP postpones vote, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [Vote of no confidence postponed for second time]
Be aware when driving on campus, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [OUPD and Project SAFE]
Students to converge at state capitol, by Mike Espejo. p. 7. [Students from Michigan public universities attending rally called Lansing Blitz]
Spotlight on Student Orgs, by Philip Parkinson. p. 8. [Student Video Productions club]
Campus Briefs
Veteran shares Iraqi stories, by Cherie Rolfe. p. 11-13.
2010 OU Student Congress Voting Guide, by Mike Sandula. p. 14-15.
Celebrating Europe, by Rory McCarty. p. 16. [European Night celebration at OU]
Leading the 21st century, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 17. [Leadership and Technology Conference]
The tides of a touring band, by Amanda Meade. p. 18. [Heavy metal band Darkest Hour interview]
Royal Oak city guide. p. 19 [Restaurants, stores and things to do in Royal Oak]
DMC faces potential sale, by Annie Stodola. p. 20. [Details regarding the possible sale of the Detroit Medical Center by Vanguard Health Systems Inc.]
Community calendar: VegFest, job fairs. p. 20.
Local briefs: MDOT funding, drunk driver, by Gabi Jaye. p. 21.
Season closes with NCAA fall, by Dan Fenner. p. 22. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Lacrosse record rises to 7-0, by Shawn Minnix. p. 23 [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Grizzlies secure place in District 12, Xavier baseball team outruns OU, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 23 [Athletics: Sport briefs]
Future of the Grizzlies, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 24. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Obama passes Health Care bill, by Mike Espejo. p. 25.
A who care on health care, by Dan Simons. p. 26. [Health care bill satire]
Rory's bracket racket, by Rory McCarty. p. 27. [NCAA tournament satire]

2010-03-31 Vol. 36, no. 29

We want a re-vote! Club sports referendum mishap is cause for do over. Staff editorial. p. 4.
The lesser of two evils depends on your party, by Daud Yar. p. 5. [Authors opinion regarding news stations MSNBC and FOX NEWS]
OU, OCC launch partnership O2O program allows for cheaper undergraduate education, by Mike Sandula. p. 6. [New program offers concurrent enrollment between two schools]
Campus briefs. p. 7.
OUSC elections run into minor snags, by Mike Sandula. p. 7. [Various problems were discovered and addressed during election]
GSA presents drag show, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8.
Senior class to donate life-size statue, by Jamie Gasper. p. 9. [Class of 2010 making down payment on a life-size bronze statue of Matilda Wilson]
Senior citizens stay in shape, by Jenny Gole. p. 12. [Fit for Life participants credit program for helping them keep fit]
OU student hops into bunny suit, by Courtney Umbras. p. 13. [Student Logan Heivilin works at Great Lakes Crossing Mall as Easter bunny]
Survey spills-sixty percent of students support MIP amnesty, by Gabi Jaye & Colleen J. Miller. p. 14-15. [Underage drinking]
The way Muslims pray: a photo series on various religions' prayer practices, by Mas Rahman. p. 17.
Ben & Baumbach, awkward and adult, by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 19. [Greenberg movie review]
Rochester vies for Google, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 20. [Rochester community hoping to be selected for Google project called Fiber for Communities]
Lacrosse nets more than a win, by Shawn Minnix. p. 22. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Softball and baseball return home, by Ross Maghielse. p. 23. [Athletics: Campus teams have upcoming home games]
Women's tennis suffers dual loss on home turf, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 23. [Athletics]
Teams travel far 'fore' matches, by Ross Maghielse. p. 24. [Athletics: Men's and women's golf teams]
Sporting blitz, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 25.
Race an issue in 2010 Census, by Mike Sandula. p. 26.
Talking 'bout my generation, by Dan Simons. p. 27. [Satire]

2010-04-07 Vol. 36, no. 30

Disarming the fear of campus carry. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Stress: worse than you think, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Meet the new OUSC administration, by Kay Nguyen and Jake Thielen. p. 6-7. [Introduction to President Brandon Gustafson and Vice President Amy Ring]
Journalism conference to feature prominent new media speakers, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8. [Seminar Social Media 2.OU]
Empty holsters gain attention, by Mike Sandula. p. 9. [OU Students for Concealed Carry on Campus]
Film festival to preview at MB Hall, by Katie Jacob. p. 9. [Jewish Film Festival]
Presiding over the OC, by Mike Sandula. p. 10. [Human interest story about campus custodian Pat Martz]
Making Friends Fridays, by Annie Stodola. p. 11. [New group on campus whose goal is to encourage students to make stick around and campus and make new friends]
Caffeine Chronicles, by Dan Simons. p.12-13. [Info and reviews of energy drinks]
The monster mistress, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p.13 [Satire about caffeine and energy drinks]
Stopping the spread, by Mas Rahman. p. 15. [Park officials use controlled burns to get rid of invasive alien plants]
Suiting up for spring and summer, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 16. [Spring fashion]
OU Drag show, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 18.
Baseball brings victories home, by Ross Maghielse. p. 19. [Athletics: Men's baseball]
Duke grabs victory in close game, by Zina Kumok. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
OU Lacrosse dominates GVSU 19-9, by Shawn Minnix. p. 20. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]

2010-04-14 Vol. 36, no. 31

Return the favor, rise up. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Underdogs succeed at Oakland, by Shawn Minnix. p. 5. [Micah Fialka-Feldman and authors' personal experience with school and disabilities]
Breaking new ground, by Mike Sandula. p. 6,9 [Human Health Building]
Campus fraternities continue to grow, by Rory McCarty. p. 6.
New pres., VP and legislators take their seats, by Mike Sandula. p. 6. [OUSC]
VISTA builds service program, by Annie Stodola. p. 11. [OU employee Tiffany Sims and her experience as a VISTA for AmeriCorps]
Students blog about service work, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12. [English class Blogging as Self Literary Narrative; taught by special instructor Rachel Smydra]
Oakland Post's Best of Metro Detroit, written by Colleen Miller, Kay Nguyen, Katie Wolf, Ryan Hegedus, Dan Simons, Kaitlyn Chornoby, Mike Espejo, Jamie Gasper, Gabi Jaye, Annie Stodola & Katie Jacob. p. 13-19. [Survey results of favorite places to eat, drink and spend their time]
Oakland heads outside, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 21. [Spring outdoor activities]
Previewing universal themes, by Katie Jacob. p. 23. [OU Jewish Film Festival preview]
Local Briefs: Earth Day, garden club events, by Annie Stodola. p. 25.
Athlete sets high goal despite injury, by Ross Maghielse [Athletics: Student John Butler OU track and field program]
Opening Day for Tigers brings Detroit together, by Ross Maghielse. p. 27.
Grizzly Oaks hosts charity disc golf tourny, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 28. [Athletics]
Lacrosse takes historic win, by Shawn Minnix. p. 28. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Breakup-it's not me, it's OU, by Dan Simons. p. 30. [Humor about graduating from Oakland]

2010-05-12 Vol. 37, no. 01

Take advantage of campus. Staff editorial. p. 3.
Student Body President, Vice President lay out year's goals, plans in inaugural address, by Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring. p.4.
Gulf spill a big problem for BP, by Daud Yar. p. 4.
Drug bust declares intolerance, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5 [OUPD arrests on-campus students for possession of drugs]
Summer construction closes Squirrel Road, by Mike Espejo. p. 5. [Road construction and campus renovations planned for summer]
Charges deemed false, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 6. [Police report filed by OU student Jessica Joe found to be false]
Campus hosts Run for Autism, by Jake Thielen. p. 6. [Fundraiser for OUCARES and Homes for Autism]
Spotlight on student orgs, by Daud Yar. p. 6. [College Republicans]
Campus Briefs. p. 7.
SC20 offers options for St. Clair students, by Annie Stodola. p. 7. [Program offers concurrent enrollment at St. Clair County Community College and OU]
INCubator hatches summer projects, by Mike Sandula. p. 8. [OU's SmartZone business incubator forging new partnerships]
Coheed completes the story, by Amanda Meade. p. 9. [Music review of band Coheed and Cambria]
Music spotlight: B.o.B. by Ryan Hegedus and Two Door Cinema Club, by Kevin Romanchik, p. 10.
Every Avenue rocks AP Tour, by Jamie Gasper. p. 11. [Interview with Michigan band Every Avenue]
Outside at OU: seven ways to spend your summer on campus, by Jen Bucciarelli, and Jason Willis. p. 12-13.
Meet student congress's 2010-11 executive board, by Jake Thielen. p. 14.
Getting orientated to lead students, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 15. [Amanda Kmetz and her experiences as a Orientation Group Leader for summer 2010]
Diamond in the rough, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 17. [Athletics: Men's baseball]
Softball concludes transition season, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 18. [Athletics: Women's softball]
Lacrosse season ends with a valient effort, by Shawn Minnix. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Homeless Cruisers will play games at OU, by Ross Maghielse. p. 19. [Baseball team Oakland County Cruisers]
Ernie Harwell leaves behind legacy of respect, by Kyle Bauer. p. 19. [Tribute to Detroit Tiger broadcaster Ernie Harwell]
Texting ban takes effect, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 20. [Michigan bills to ban sending and reading text messages while driving]
Hookah bars feel the impact of state mandated smoking ban, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 20.
Senate debates financial reform, by Katie Jacob. p. 22 [Wall Street Reform]
Killing America, one sandwich at a time, by Rory McCarty. p.23. [Satire]

2010-06-16 Vol. 37, no. 02

Senate aims to put leash on watchdogs. Staff editorial. p.3.
Why should you watch the World Cup, by Brad Slazinski. p. 4. [Soccer]
McCain "snooks" Obama in less than 140 characters, by Daud Yar. p. 4. [Political satire]
Leader dogs training at Oakland, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 5.
OUSC starts new campus events, programs, by Jake Thielen. p. 5. [OUSC meeting held to discuss: Book swap website; Spirit packs in local businesses; Bike Share Program update; New member approvals; Readership program]
Campus construction obstruction, by Nicole Seguin. p. 6.
Spotlight on Student Orgs, by Amanda Meade. p. 6. [Creative HeArts]
OU offers CNL program, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 7.
Meadow Brook revisits history, by Brad Slazinski. p. 7. [Wickets, Wine, and Wheels event]
Meet the new Grizz Gang e-board: Steve Cox, Co-president, Danny Malendowski, Secretary, Sai Myint, Historian, Dan Elliott, Co-president, Jessica Hinman, Communication Coordinator. p. 8.
Campus Briefs: Run for Autism; OU's International Dance Club hosts free classes; IGVC encourages students to lead careers in robotics, Michigan Pinball Expo begins July 8, Meadow Brook Theatre director and actor named Artistic Director, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8.
African Drum Ensemble, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 9.
Elections shake things up, by Daud Yar and Kay Nguyen. p. 10. [Michigan State Senate candidates offer views of education and the economy]
Fireworks launch through local skies, by Donna Tucker. p. 11.
What on earth is going on? by Kay Nguyen. p. 12-13. [Summer construction projects on campus]
Running down a dream, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 14. [Athletics: Runner Jason Bigelow]
Soccer player adjusting to life at OU, by Zach Hallman. p. 15 [Athletics: Soccer player Vuk Popovic]
Grizzlies turn the corner with strong finish, by Ross Maghielse. p. 15 [Athletics: Men's baseball]
Big 3 woes too fast for NASCAR, by Kyle Bauer. p. 16. [Michigan International Speedway impacted by recession]
Detroit hosts techno concert, by Amanda Meade. p. 17. [Detroit Electronic Music Festival]
H2O Tour hits DTE Music Theatre, by Chris Hagan. p. 18. [Concert review]
Reel review: Get him to the Greek, by Matt Lockwood. p. 19. [Movie review]
Music spotlight: Eminem. Recovery, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Album review]
Farming for a fruitful future, by Jennifer Beitzel. p. 20. [Urban Farming at Oakland University new student organization]
Alumna teaches for America, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 21. [Focus on graduate Julia Hunko and her involvement with AmeriCorps program Teach for America]
Stabenow calls for more regulation, by Katie Jacob. p. 22. [Senator addresses oil regulation]
Mouthing off, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-07-14 Vol. 37, no. 03

Internships should be free - literally. Staff editorial. p. 4.
It's easy to point fingers at the news media, by Daud Yar. p. 5. [Writer's opinion of news media and coverage of current events]
Concours returns to MBH, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 6.
Fialka-Feldman team to be reimbursed, by Shawn Minnix. p. 6. [Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service awarded legal fees from OU for their representation of Micah Fialka-Feldman]
Student voices join BOT, by Nicole Seguin. p. 7. [Marta Bauer and Emily Tissot are the new student liaisons to the BOT for the 2010-12 term]
OUSC begins outdoor plans, by Jake Thielen. p. 7. [Outdoor initiative project north of Kresge Library to include a new sidewalk and plaza, picnic tables, benches, information kiosk and hammocks near Bear Lake]
Folk dance arrives at OU, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 8. [Info about International Dance Class previously known as OU Folk Dance Club]
New textbook law works to help students save money, by Jake Theilen. p. 8. [New law requires university bookstores to provide detailed information on textbooks to students]
Campus Briefs: Role play therapy, Chief Lucido recognized, OUCARES seeks volunteers, Circle drive pin oaks afflicted, by Annie Stodola. p. 8.
Lights, camera, Michigan, by Nicole Seguin and Jamie Gasper. p. 9. [Movie industry opportunitie]
Tearing down the house, Varner House 'razes' its roof despite efforts to save it, by Mike Sandula. p. 10-11.
Student volunteers in Haiti, by Kay Nguyen. p. 12 [Student Saman Waquad travel experience in Haiti]
Wrestling program to expand, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's wrestling team new to OU]
Incoming recruits making early impressions, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Silverdome prepares to shine again, by Kyle Bauer. p. 14. [Pontiac Silverdome to host European soccer teams exhibition match]
Pressure on Tigers to avoid another collapse, by Ross Maghilse. p. 14.
Bands to hit Royal Oak, by Amanda Meade. p. 15. [Band Underoath and the Cool Tour]
Tecumseh is home of the free fall, by Chris Hagan. p. 16. [Skydiving in Michigan]
Music spotlight, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 16. [Album review of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Mojo]
Pinball Expo Rolls Into, by Rory McCarty. p. 17. [Oakland Center hosts Detroit Pinball League event]
The sun: life-bringer or homicidal jerk?, by Rory McCarty. p. 19. [Satire]
Rory McCarty: the next guber of Michigan, vote Rory in 2010, by Rory McCarty and Dan Simons. p. 19. [Satire]

2010-09-01 Vol. 37, no. 04

Something you really can afford. Staff editorial. p. 4
Welcome back, Golden Grizzlies, by Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring. p. 5. [Current OUSC President and Vice President announce events and happenings on campus beginning of Fall semester]
Zero ground to be gained in NYC Islamic center debate, by Daud Yar. p. 5. [Authors opinion]
Please plan, be patient while construction ends, by John Beaghan, guest columnist. p. 6. [Updates on campus construction]
Welcome week kicks-off, by Jen Bucciarelli and Ryan Hegedus. p. 7. [Details of campus events campus organizations are hosting]
Projects finish, more begin, by Nichole Seguin. p. 8. [Campus construction projects]
Skills Center adds new programs, by Janine Semperger. p. 8. [Academic Skills Center offers free services to assist struggling students]
OU announces DSO partnership, by Annie Stodola. p. 9. [Students offered opportunities to study with professional musicians]
New options for expensive books, by Jamie Gasper. p. 9. [Money saving alternatives, such as rental options and e-textbooks]
Campus briefs [AltaGracia college apparel, Campus tours on mobile phones, BOT approves four grants to OU]
Leaving behind a legacy, by Ross Maghielse. p. 11. [Athletics: Alumni Johnathon Jones and Derick Nelson have basketball careers in Europe]
Men's soccer ready for real competition, by Kyle Bauer. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Volleyball looking to reach next level, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Jeltema inks pro deal with team in Germany, by Ross Maghielse. p. 13. [Athletics: Graduate Melissa Jeltema plays basketball professionally in Germany]
Capturing Kresge, by Kay Nguyen. p. 14-15. [Services available at the library]
Area residents remember Rochester back in the day, by Annie Stodola. p. 17. [Rochester Oral History Archive project headed by Cornelia Pokrzywa, Special lecturer at OU]
Fed funding frozen: Judge halts stem cell, by Katie Jacob. p. 20. [Embryonic stem cell research; includes interview with Dr. Rasul Chaudhry, Professor at OU]
Use caution on Craigslist, by Nichole Seguin. p. 21. [Interview with Richard Kuhn about a friends tragic experience using Craigslist; offers safety tips]
Online habits may require extra attention, by Nichole Seguin. p. 21. [Tips for shopping online safely]
Professor Profiles: Weekly spotlight on OU professors, by Amy Eckardt. p. 22. [Getting to know Professor Kyle Edwards]
OUSC advisor takes on new role, by Amy Eckardt. p. 22. [Jean Szura is leaving to accept new position as Director of Student Activities at the OUWB School of Medicine]
Dinner & movie: No more, by Chris Hagan. p. 24. [First date places to go: Henry Ford Museum, Detroit Zoo, Detroit Institute of Art, Comedy Clubs, Tigers/Piston game]
Construction run amok: Helping freshmen navigate OU's new labyrinthine campus, by Rory McCarty. p. 26. [Satire]
Campus restoration or devious plot?, by Dan Fenner. p. 26. [Satire]

2010-09-08 Vol. 37, no. 05

Here, there, and everywhere. Staff editorial. p. 4. [OU Bike Share bikes and recommendations of care for users]
What happened to "Love thy neighbor?", by Ryan Hegedus. p. 5. [Why "Burn a Quran Day" is wrong]
New semester events to conclude on Friday, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 6. [Welcome week events]
Volunteers needed for trips, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7. [International Student Volunteer informational sessions]
OUSC sponsors Rock4Rights event, by Amanda Meade. p. 7. [Campus event to help promote international human rights]
Campus Briefs, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 7. [Pakistan flood aid clothes drive; Gold Vibrations fall auditions; SPB trip to Toronto; Patriot Week hits OU]
New OUAG exhibit links past with present, by Annie Stodola. p. 8. [Information about latest exhibit called "10 Years of Contemporary Art"]
Concert to support Gulf, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8. [OU student Tara Taylor has organized a benefit concert to aid those affected by the oil spills in the Gulf Coast on Sept. 17 at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac]
Aiming for a familiar goal, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [Athletics: Women's soccer 2010 team]
Sporting Blitz. p. 10. [Athletics: Brief news of OU sports]
Grizzlies men's soccer upsets ranked opponent, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Lions will compete, but not necessarily contend, by Dan Fenner [Projections for Detroit Lions football 2010 season]
Swap site saves students money, by Kay Nguyen and Annie Stodola. p. 14. [University of Michigan-Dearborn student Jeremy White created a book swap web site for his school and several other Michigan colleges. White has contacted OUSC and offered to create a swap site for OU]
Fest hits Royal Oak, by Amy Eckardt. p. 14. [Arts, Beats & Eats Festival celebrated 13th year in Royal Oak]
A push for tattoo acceptance, by Jamie Gasper,Katie Jacob and Nichole Seguin. p. 17. [First of a multi-week series containing viewpoints about tattoos]
Healthcare costly for student, by Kay Nguyen and Daud Yar. p. 18. [OU student Aaron Segel had a bike accident which caused a severe brain injury. Segel does not have health insurance and this article reflects his personal experience.]
Killing time on campus, by Chris Hagan and Tony Carlini. p. 21. [Places to go and things to do on campus]
Lively sports talk radio show enters its third year on WXOU, by Dan Fenner. p.22. [Profile on "The Corner Pocket" radio show host Matt Pocket]
Mouthing off: Skip it: the movie, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-09-15 Vol. 37, no. 06

College ranks can be deceiving. Staff editorial. p. 4.
What qualifies as sport?, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5. [Synchronized figure skating and why it should qualify for a NCAA status]
Going green requires green, by Daud Yar. p.5. [Allocating finances to pay for green innovations will take time]
Welcome Week ends big, by Daud Yar and Ryan Hegedus. p. 6. [Events to close out the week included Sigma Pi Pig Roast and SPB comedy show starring Charlie Murphy]
Hispanic Celebration begins, by Annie Stodola. p. 7. [Variety of events scheduled including a 200th Anniversary of Independence Day Celebration]
Conference held for young professionals, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 7. [Student to Professional conference to provide students with tips and tools for a successful transition from student life to the career world]
Campus briefs, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 8. [Free STD testing; Thursday Word Clinics; Ron Wade speaks at OU]
NCAA shades of gray, by Ross Maghielse. p. 9. [Commentary citing specific violations of rules in the NCAA and the confusion that frequently entails
Women's soccer nets goal, ties U-D, by Tom Barry. p. 10. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Independent cheerleading squad all about pride, by Kyle Bauer. p. 10. ["Detroit Pride" cheer squad will provide entertainment at Detroit Lions home games]
Golf teams finding early success, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's golf]
Men's basketball releases full season schedule, by Dan Fenner. p. 11.
Eco Initiatives, by Nichole Seguin. p. 12-13. [Earth friendly projects OU has implemented]
Cafe Muse adopts farm fresh attitude, by Annie Studola. p. 14. [Royal Oak restaurant utilizing locally grown produce]
Oakland Post named ACP Pacemaker finalist. p. 16. [Post receives national recognition from the Associated Collegiate Press]
Students promote "green", by Jamie Gasper. p. 18. [OU alum Avery Neale and undergraduates Brianna Issac and Tom Dawda have developed and helped implement green projects on campus]
Next step: Waterford, by Ali Armstrong. p. 19. [Political science senior Justin Clarke is campaigning for a seat on the Waterford School Board]
Professor profiles, by Wanda Krotzer. p. 19. [Spotlight on Linda Schweitzer, Director of Environmental Science and faculty advisor for the Environmental Society]
DIA is "In Your Dreams",
by Chris Hagan. p. 21. [Commentary about latest exhibit at the DIA "In Your Dreams: 500 years of Imaginary Prints"]
Third sibling to graduate from the OU dance program, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 23. [Student Andrew Dettloff plans on majoring in dance just like his sisters Justine Dettloff and Nicole Dettloff]
Future news: Lions win Super Bowl, by Kyle Bauer. p. 24. [Satire]
Oakland Post Top Ten: Real reasons for the tuition hike, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-09-22 Vol. 37, no. 07

Separating fact from fiction. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Misconceptions about O.U. are addressed]
Inequality in the locker room, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 5. [Sports reporter Inez Sainz and other female sport journalists are treated poorly on the job]
Parking tickets on the rise, by Nichole Seguin. p. 6. [Campus parking issues and ways to help avoid fines; Bear Bus and Bike Share]
Students express anti-Obama sentiments, by Jen Bucciarelli and Daud Yar. p.7. [LaRouche Political Action Committee passing out information on campus led to a student protest group forming to oppose there presence on campus]
New initiatives in debate, by Jake Thielen. p. 8. [The following campus issues were addressed at the OUSC September 20, 2010 meeting: Voter registration, Ride share program, upcoming events, campus changes, New SPB chair, New committee members]
OU Film Makers' Guild returns, by Annie Stodola. p. 9.
Greek recruitment begins on campus, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 9.
MBH hosts African dinner, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. ["A Walk on th Wild Side" event featured]
Campus briefs, by Wanda Krotzer. p. 9. [Macomb keys given to OU; Red Cross blood drive; Flag football]
Orgs work together to promote a green campus, by Jamie Gasper. p. 10. [Student organizations focused on environment: Environmental Coalition, Environmental Society, S.O.P.E]
Returning to the court, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's basketball player Brittany Carnago is featured]
Grizzlies' soccer comes up empty against Butler, by Tom Barry. p. 12. [Athletics]
Instant replay does more to hurt sports than help, by Ross Maghielse. p. 12. [Athletics: Editorial on Sports officiating]
The Sporting Blitz. p. 13. [Athletics: Volleyball sweeps WIU; Women's golf downs Detroit; Lynch receives Summit League weekly honor;
Coach Kornoeije honored; Women's soccer wins again; Upcoming events]
A Lap around the Rec Center, by Mike Espejo. p. 14-15. [Campus Recreation Center spotlighted]
Softball team announces new head coach, by Ross Maghielse. p. 16. [Athletics: LaDonia Hughes is new head coach]
Local Germans celebrate heritage with Oktoberfest, by Amy Eckardt. p. 18.
Tea Party: A presence in Michigan, by Daud Yar. p. 19.
Credit card debt surpassed by student loans, by Rhiannon Zielinski and Sarah Wojcik. p. 20. [Financial aid options]
Students gather food, clothes for Pakistan flood relief effort, by Jake Thielen. p. 20.
Guatemala travels: OU alum give aid to village farms, by Amy Eckardt. p. 22. [Alum Jarret Schlaff participated in an aid mission headed by a nonprofit organization]
Totally taboo tattoos, by Jamie Gasper. p. 23.
Professor Profiles, by Kay Nguyen. p. 23. [Spotlight on Christine Stover, Adjunct instructor of communication and WXOU advisor]
Comedy crew to hit OU, by Ryan D'Silva. p. 24. ["Daily Show" comedy cast members interview]
Trying to save the fall TV season, by Rory McCarty and Dan Fenner. p. 27. [Satire]
Guardian of Squirrel Rd., by Rory McCarty. p.28. [Satire]

2010-09-29 Vol. 37, no. 08

Outsiders invade U.S. elections. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Career politicians becoming a thing of the past with "outsider" candidates winning political races]
Rock music has its limits, by Daud Yar. p. 5. [Rock musicians trying to make changes social and political changes]
Competition to pay $25K, by Mike Sandula. p. 6. [Business Accelerator Network holding Student Idea Competition]
Cross country assists in Nike recycling program, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 6.
Conaway accepts early initiation as SPB chair, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 7. [Student Jermaine Conaway replaces Jonathan Jenkins as SPB chair]
Campus Briefs: Text messages system test, Alcohol and drug use survey, Reading program awarded $4M, East German author, dissident visits OU, by Peter Behnke. p. 8.
Director suggests study abroad, by Annie Stodola. p. 8. [Professor Brian Connery current director of the Study Abroad program is a big advocate of the program]
Senate discusses military policy, by Daud Yar. p. 8. [Oakland University Military Transfer Policy (OUMTP)]
DVD rental program discussed, by Jake Thielen. p. 9. [OUSC meeting discusses possible campus DVD rental plan options]
OUSC golf outing to benefit biomedical research, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [Student Congress plans first annual golf outing benefit to support OU's Center for Biomedical Research]
Contest asks students to contemplate future, by Jamie Gasper. p. 10. [iOMe Challenge is a nationwide contest held by Congress for college students]
Summit season set to begin, by Ross Maghielse. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's and women's soccer]
Behind the scenes, by Rhiannon Zielinski and Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 12-13. [Backstage look athe upcoming student production of "Company"]
Grizzlies fall short in comeback bid, by Tom Barry. p. 14. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Critical offseason decisions looming large for Tigers, by Dan Fenner. p. 14.
Club hockey strives to revive its winning ways, by Kyle Bauer. p. 15. [Athletics: Men's hockey]
Brooksie Way race raises awareness for active lives, by Jamie Gasper. p. 16.
Student stars on the big screen, by Ali Armstrong. p. 18. [Student Courtney Zimmer is featured]
Exploring human rights growth, by Nichole Seguin. p. 19. [Political science professor Laura Landolt's field work in Egypt is highlighted]
Professor profiles, by Jake Theilen. p. 19. [English professor Pamela Mitzelfeld is spotlighted]
Life lessons turn intro award-winning poetry, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 20. [Poet Alice Carleton's life is highlighted]
Behind 'The Social Network', by Steve Wiseman. p. 21. [Movie review]
Don't eat that, it will kill you, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]
Sandwatch, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-10-06 Vol. 37, no. 09

The Oakland Post earns eleven awards, seeks student opinions. Staff Editorial. p. 4.
Swapping books and getting votes, by Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring. p. 5. [OUSC update]
Enrollment exceeds 19K, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6-7. [Concerns raised due to rise in enrollent: class size, student services, housing, parking and maintenance of new buildings and parking lots]
Spirit sails as WOCOU nears, by Jake Thielen. p. 8. [Week of Champions highlights of activities planned]
New athletic program to promote reading, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 8. [Grizz Reading Club held at Auburn Hills Public Library]
What employers really look for, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 9. [Fall Career Fair, Tech X 2 Expo and the "So You Think You Can Dress" fashion show highlighted]
Campus Briefs: Go for the Gold; Issues, campaigns and election, Company performance, by Peter Behnke. p. 9.
3 years running, by Ross Maghielse. p. 10. [Brooksie Way marathon]
Runner pops top at every mile, by Emmy Lucas. p.11. [Brooksie Way participant Shane Logan chose to drink a can of beer at every mile of the race]
Water polo making a comeback, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12. [Athletics: New club sport on campus]
Women's soccer finds early success in Summit League, by Tom Barry. p. 12. [Athletics: Women's soccer team has won its first two games in Summit League play]
Local briefs: DSO on strike, Pure Michigan, by Annie Stodola and Kay Nguyen. p. 13. [Ford launches online reality show; Ilitch in talks to purchase Pistons, Pure Michigan campaign budget cut, DSO members go on strike]
Gay suicides prompt supporters to speak up, by Ali Armstrong. p. 15.
Tatoo acceptance in the workplace, by Jamie Gasper. p.16.
Internet advances affect driving, by Nichole Seguin. p. 17. [Fewer teens are getting their drivers licenses at age 16 possibly due to technology advances]
Professor profiles, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 17 [Spotlight on professor Kanako Taku]
Birmingham City Guide, by Jamie Gasper. p. 18. [Restaurant and entertainment guide]
Opera performance merges with vampire phenomenon, by Andrew Craig. p. 19. [Rock opera "Dracula" latest production at Meadow Brook Theatre]
Records & reels, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Movie Blurbs: Life as we know it; My soul to take; Secretariat. Music: "Life turns Electric" by Finger Eleven; "Tiger Suit" by KT Tunstall]
Mouthing Off, by Rory McCarty. p. 20. [Chronicle of author growing a mustache for National Breast Cancer awareness month]
Oakland Post top ten/ Halloween costumes expected to be popular in 2010, by Rory McCarty. [Satire]

2010-10-13 Vol. 37, no. 10

Plan more, stress less. Staff editorial. p. 4. [New full-year registration policy at OU]
$100 or your life?, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 5. [Michigan law making texting illegal while driving is a good thing]
Sexting: not OK for some, OK for others - fun for all, by Daud Yar. p. 5.
Choosing classes now for later, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Students and faculty share opinions about full-year online registration]
Student government tackles transfer GPA Dilemma, by Jake Thielen. p. 7. [OUSC meeting highlights]
Campus briefs, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8. [IAHE takes third in competition, MBH Mystery Dinner, OUPD offers self-defense program]
Guest speaker aims to engage, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8. [Justin Jones-Fosu guest speaker at Week of Champions event]
Gay awareness issues surface, by Andrew Craig. p. 9. [Events scheduled on campus for National Coming OU Week hosted by OU's Gender and Sexuality Center and Gay Student Alliance]
Local ballots call for more student support, by Daud Yar. p. 10. [Politically related events on campus tied to upcoming election]
Stem cell studies attract campus attention, by Annie Stodola. p. 11.
Arriving from all directions, by Dan Fenner & Ross Maghielse. p. 12-13. [International athletes recruited to OU]
Swim season takes stride, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 14. [Athletics: Men's and Women's swim teams]
Grizzlies get late goal to top Loyola, by Kyle Bauer. p. 15. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Summit League officials considering expansion, by Ross Maghielse. p. 15. [University of North Dakota may become member of Summit League]
Sunday liquor sales nixed for now, by Daud Yar and Army Eckardt. p. 16. [New bill vetoed by Gov. Jennifer Granholm that would have allowed establishments with liquor licenses to sell alcohol on Sunday starting at 7 a.m.]
Local briefs, by Daud Yar. p. 16. [Elections, Outlet mall, Coyotes]
Students re-experience the '90s, by Nichole Seguin. p. 18. [Popular fads, movies, toys and fashion of the 1990's]
Professor profiles, by Ali Armstrong. p. 19. [Spotlight on Patricia Wren Assistant Professor of Wellness]
Dinos on display at Cranbrook, by Kay Nguyen. p. 20. ['World of Dinosaurs' exhibit at Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills]
'Community' begins second season on air, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 22. [Interview with Yvette Nicole Brown, star of sitcom 'Community']
Media convergence: A love story, by Rory McCarty. p. 23. [Mouthing off couple; Steve Wiseman and Kay Nguyen interviewed]

2010-10-20 Vol. 37, no. 11

Oakland University sells out. Staff editorial. p.4. [Duel admission programs shortchange students who enroll at OU for full four years]
Is OU's web directory an invasion of privacy?, by Louie Alkasmikha. p. 5.
An Up 'Til Dawn "Thriller", by Jake Thielen. p. 6. [Student event to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital]
Cafe opens doors at Kresge, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [Library opens new eatery]
Police Chief Lucido addresses questions about apparent suicide, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [Death of a residential student]
SAE and Chrysler partner for 'Car Talk', by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7. [Event with demonstrations of basic car maintenance]
Female students make up majority of enrollment, by Andrew Craig. p. 7. [Fall 2010 enrollment: women 10,748 and men 6,682]
GHC more than vaccines, bandages, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 8. [Graham Health Center offers a variety of medical services to students and staff]
Meetings address updates, awards, by Mike Sandula and Jen Bucciarelli. p. 8. ["State of Academic Affairs Address" and CAS All-College assemby meeting highlights]
Focusing in on Metro Detroit, by Jen Bucciarelli, Kevin Romanchik, Amy Eckardt, Brett Socia, Jason Willis,Carla Butwin and Ryan Hegedus. p. 9-13. [Showcasing Detroit - film industry, building restoration, restaurants and entertainment]
Detroit lives, restoring the city one project at a time, by Nichole Seguin and Sarah Wojcik. p. 14.
Painting a portrait, census figures reveal shift in demographics, by Katie Jacob. p. 15. [Population rise in Detroit of young white people]
Let the madness begin, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 16. [Athletics: Basketball special event]
Sale of the Pistons may cause a shake-up in Detroit, by Ross Maghielse. p. 16.
Sporting Blitz: Men's golf hits record score, Cross country team ranked, Dunn honored again, Basketball tip-off breakfast, Swimming and diving loses, Women's soccer beats IPFW, by Ross Maghielse. p. 17. [Athletics]
Beer Week taps into Detroit, by Annie Stodola. p. 18.
Great Race benefits Special Olympics, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 18. [Event of athletic challenges held in downtown Rochester]
Local briefs: Cox alleges Blue Cross missteps, Local legend auctions off his gear, Mich. governor receives high honor, by Daud Yar. p. 18.
Muddy field, dry event, by Kay Nguyen. p. 20. [Fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon held Mud Bowl for the 25th year]
Professor profiles, by Megan Semeraz. p. 20. [Spotlight on Professor Annette Gilson]
"Junglebox" goes outside the box, by Megan Semeraz. p. 22. [WXOU DJ profile of Mike Dorenzo "Captain Shaffer"]
Mouthing Off: Champions need chemicals to excel, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]
Oakland Post top ten: Suggestions to improve Detroit, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-10-27 Vol. 37, no. 12

Big story, little ethics. Staff editorial. p. 4. [News coverage of student suicide may have been inappropriate]
Cyrus desecrates Hall, by Jamie Gasper. p. 5. [Pop star Miley Cyrus filming video "Who Owns My Heart" shows poor taste and disrepect]
Detroit, far from perfect, is too nearby to ignore, by Nichole Seguin. p. 5. [Visit to Detroit is a pleasant adventure]
Grizzlies after graduation, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 6. [Alumni Admissions Ambassador Program history and general information]
Jackson to be remembered for warm smile, by Kay Nguyen and Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 6. [Remembrances of Corey Jackson]
OUSC considers tossing Scantrons, by Jake Thielen. p. 7. [Student Congress meeting]
Classroom clutter becomes a hassle, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 7. [Classroom overcrowding experienced by some students]
Campus Briefs, by Peter Behnke. p. 7. [Leadership boot camp, English major internship, Rec center fall preview day, Poetry reading]
Panel to discuss Con-Con, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8. [Proposal 1 Michigan's Constitutional Convention discussed]
College Dems are recruiting, by Jake Thielen. p. 8.
Programs receive grants for research, by Annie Stodola. p. 9. [OU professors Michael Sevilla, Andrei Slavin and Dr. Yang Xia have received research grants]
Sitting down with President Russi, by Kay Nguyen, Dan Fenner and Mike Sandula. p. 9. [First installment in a series of an interview with President Russi]
2010 Midterm election guide, by Jake Thielen, Daud Yar and Jason Willis. p. 10-11. [Michigan gubernatorial candidates]
9th Congressional District Platforms, State Senate and House Elections, by Daud Yar. p. 12. [Michigan 2010 election]
Local Elections, by Ali Armstrong. p. 13. [Michigan 2010 election]
Grizzlies on the rebound, by Dan Fenner. p. 14. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Teams making final playoffs, by Ross Maghielse. p. 15. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Grizzlies come in third at dual meet, by Tom Barry. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's swimming]
Concussions becoming part of new football culture, by Kyle Bauer. p. 16.
New cuisine push adds flavor to Rochester, by Amy Eckardt. p. 17. [Newly opened Mexican restaurants in Rochester: Miguel's Cantina and Rojo Mexican Bistro]
Bloomfield Hills voters split on millage proposal, by Daud Yar. p. 17.
Meadow Brook Hall honors its past and embraces the future, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 19. [Historical facts about the hall and more recently the filming of movies and videos]
Professor profiles, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 19. [Weekly spotlight on OU professors: Abdulaziz Al-Zokeir, Special lecturer, International Studies]
Keeping tune with music and students, by Amy Allen. p. 20. [Spotlight on Sunkyeung Hong member of OU musci preparatory division faculty]
Faculty art on display, by Amy Allen. p. 22-23. [Twenty faculty members have their art displayed at the OU Art Gallery Biennial Faculty Art Exhibition]
Prove your hatred of Weezer: Pay them $10 million, by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Satire]

2010-11-03 Vol. 37, no. 13

Be involved or be ignored. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Supportive commentary about involvement in campus groups and organizations]
Facebook gives me the creeps, by Kay Nguyen. p. 4.
Do you see that girl? Dibs, by Daud Yar. p. 4.
Model UN team takes first, by Jake Thielen. p. 5. [Oakland's UN team wins at the Lake Erie International Model United Nations Conference (LEIMUN)]
The Disney Co. offers the paid internship of a lifetime, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 5. [Disney representatives visit OU to promote their paid internship program]
GSC opens arms to all students, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [Gender and Sexuality Center provides activities and information to campus community]
OUSC covers anti-hate week, backpack drive, by Jake Thielen. p. 6. [OUSC meeting agenda]
More groups, more opportunity, by Nichole Seguin and Jen Bucciarelli. p. 7. [Center for Student Activities and Leadership Development highlighting several groups]
Sitting down with President Russi series continues. p. 7. [Athletics]
Campus briefs, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Junot Diaz reading, Fall 2010 graduation fair, A rat model of alcohol binge drinking]
Getting the job Dunn, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8. [Athletics: Spotlight on student Brittany Dunn]
Expansion plans fall through for Summit League, by Ross Maghielse. p. 9. [Athletics]
Chance to dance, by Ross Maghielse. p. 10-11. [Athletics: Men's basketball schedule and commentary on hopeful plans to play in the NCAA tournament]
Rolling out baked goods, by Annie Stodola. p. 13. [Rochester Hills bakery owners Jim and Mary Ohngren open shop called Rockin' Cupcakes specializing in rock music themed cupcakes]
Peculiar classes at OU: A series of odd courses offered on campus, by Amy Eckardt. p. 15. [HST 390: Piracy in the Atlantic World, EXS 215: Stress Management, and WHP 315: Laughter as Therapeutic Modality]
Professor profiles, by Ali Armstrong. p. 15. [Spotlight on Fred Love, Assistant professor of MTD]
Conquering the hurdles: One alum's determination, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 16. [Journalism alum Jen Anesi's personal and career story]
Father, son jazz players continue to share stage, by Mike Sandula. p. 18. [Steve Brown and Miles Brown perform together with the Oakland Jazz Quartet]
Records & reels, by Kevin Romanchick. p. 18. [Summaries of movies and albums: Due date, 127 Hours, Megamind, N.E.R.D. // "Nothing", Elvis Costello // "National Ransom"]
Video games evolve, become more spastic, by Rory McCarty. p. 19. [Satire]

2010-11-10 Vol. 37, no. 14

Free service pays off. Staff editorial. p. 3 [OUSC discontinuing free Scantrons would be bad public relations move]
You matter more than your school, by Nichole Seguin. p. 4. [When choosing a college consider the one that will provide the best experience for you]
Hold OUSC accountable, by Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring. p. 4.
Grizzlies grace silver screen, by Annie Stodola. p. 5. [GrizzDance Film Festival]
Making security a priority, by Andrew Craig. p. 6. [Personas Non-Grata list for the campus discussed]
Men's club hockey hosts fundraiser for CF, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 6. [Athletics]
Award-winning author visits, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 7. [Pulitzer-Prize winning author Junot Diaz]
Campus briefs, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Grizz Gan fan challenge, Basketball tailgates, OU vs. MSU at the Palace, Meadow Brook Hall Concert Series]
Becoming a home to military veterans, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8. [Veteran Support Services at OU]
Putting sleep deprivation to rest, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 9. ["I Heart Sleep" presentation by students of the Wellness and Health Promotion 460 course]
Approved funding for Anti-Hate week, by Jake Thielen. p. 9. [OUSC meeting topics]
Grizzlies still kicking, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Women's soccer season ends in tournament, by Ross Maghielse. p. 10. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Volleyball making tournament push, by Tom Barry. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
4 on 4, Four OU coaches share their thoughts on social media, by Ross Maghielse. p. 12. [Athletics: John Musachio, Beckie Francis, Rob Beam, Nick O'Shea] use
Changing of the guard, by Ross Maghielse. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Alternative dancing studio thrives in Madison Heights, by Daud Yar and Nichole Seguin. p. 14. [PoleFIT Revolution fitness studio showcased]
Struggling to move around campus, by Ali Armstrong. p. 18. [Campus accessibility for disabled students also included info regarding Students Toward Understanding Disabilities (STUD)]
Staying S.A.F.E. and avoiding tickets, by Nichole Seguin. p. 19. ["Project S.A.F.E. Streets" highlighted and information about what to do when stopped by police]
Professor profiles, by Amy Eckardt and Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Spotlight on Sue Evans and Cam Evans who provide tag team instruction for JRN 403]
Community showcases creative talent at Ferndale Film Festival, by Nichole Seguin. p. 21. [Independent film making in Michigan]
Bring on the global warming, by Rocco Tenaglia. p. 23. [satire]
Sandwatch, by Rory McCarty. p. 23. [satire]

2010-11-17 Vol. 37, no. 15

Full body scan, empty claims. Staff editorial. p. 3.
Facebook exploits death, by Rachel Ritzenthaler. p. 4. [Social media forums not appropriate places to express thoughts about deceased loved ones.
Give thanks for family, tradition, bizarre food, by Daud Yar. p. 4.
Crunches and candy canes, by Kaityln Chornoby. p. 5. ["Maintain Don't Gain" Rec center program]
OUSC plans Monopoly stock challenge, Redbox, by Jake Thielen. p. 5. [Meeting agenda included a stock market challenge game with Spirit Cash prizes and a plan to try to bring a Redbox movie rental kiosk to campus]
Campus briefs, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 6. [Study in Oxford this summer, Introducing Mr. PhiSignificant, Dry Tears raise funds for wells, Meadow Brook Hall Holiday Walk]
Losing money on dropouts, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 6. [College drop-out figures and steps OU is taking to raise its retention rate]
Packing the truck for the holidays, by Nichole Seguin. p. 8. [Charity event sponsored by Silverback Moving company and fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon to collect non-perishable food]
Week's events are an antidote for hate, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8. [OUSC hosts annual Anti-Hate Week campaign]
Grizzlies finish strong, by Tom Barry. p. 10. [Athletics: Cross country team at Great Lakes Regional]
Lockouts loom large for pro sports leagues, by Ross Maghielse. p. 11.
Taking care of Grizzness, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Sporting Blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 13. [Athletics: Week in sports at OU]
Culture showcased in Southfield, by Daud Yar. p. 14. [Native American Festival organized by Metro Parent magazine]
Friending professors, by Megan Semeraz. p. 15. [Campus Facebook experiences]
Stange and unusual classes offered on campus, by Amy Eckardt. p. 15. [Magic, Witchcraft and Religion and American Sign Language are courses open to anyone]
Professor Profiles, by Sarah Lazarescu. p. 16. [Spotlight on Alan Epstein, Special lecturer, political science]
The 'who' behind OU, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 16. [Matilda Dodge Wilson and Alfred Wilson biographical and historical campus facts]
Experience 'After the Fall', by Rhiannon Zelinski. p. 19. [Varner Studio Theatre production highlighted]
Music sales turn digital, but support remains real, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 21.
Surviving Black Friday, by Rory McCarty. p. 22. [satire]
Survival tips from a retail veteran, by Steve Wiseman. p. 23. [Satire]

2010-12-01 Vol. 37, no. 16

Be more inclusive. Staff editorial. p.4. [OU Equal Opportunity Policy may become a reality in the coming year]
Education's gone awry, by Annie Stodol. p. 5. [Differences in quality of education among school districts a catastrophe]
A fashion tip for 2011: Leggings are not pants, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 5.
Kresge in search of new dean, by Jake Thielen. p. 6 [Dean Julie Voelck resigns from her position]
Campus briefs: Fundraiser collects over $2K, MBH hosts breakfast with Santa, Opera workshop open for students, OUSC approves winter budget, Redbox plans fail, Party to encompass many cultures, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 6
Grad school applications on rise, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 7.
New Rec classes, events next semester, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7.
School of Medicine ready for fall semester, by Nichole Seguin. p. 8. [OUWB informational article]
Midseason evaluation, by Kyle Bauer. p. 9. [Athletics: Men's ice hockey]
Sporting blitz, by Tom Barry. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Watterworth leads Grizzlies past Cornell, by Jake Thielen. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's basketball with player Bethany Watterworth highlighted]
2010 Year in Review, special section. p. 13-18.
Officers make do amid cuts, by Annie Stodola. p. 20. [Police departments across Michigan facing budget cuts and decreased tax revenues]
Verizon to build 4G networks across state, nation, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 20. [4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network planned]
The pros and cons of using Moodle, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 22. [OU's Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment course management system]
Chili peppers and 5-point ratings determine professor choices, by Rachel Ritzenthaler. p. 22. [Students and professors viewpoints on "Rate My Professors"]
Professor profiles, by Ali Armstrong. p. 23. [Spotlight on Glen Armstrong, Special lecturer, writing and rhetoric]
Alumna helps save lives, by Shawn Minnix. p. 23. [Interview with alum Lori Valuet, Community Relations Assistant at the Macomb County Mental Health Department]
Dance program delivers, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 24. [Oakland Dance Theatre and OU Repertory Dance Company performing together for the first performance of the 2010-11 season]
Records & reels, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 25.
Remembering December 2010, a look into the past of our future, by Rory McCarty. p. 26. [Satire]


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