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2009-01-07 Vol. 35, no. 14

Hills is shooting deer in the dark. Staff editorial. p. 4  [Comment on proposed plan to reduce the number of dear in the Rochester Hills area]
Editor ditches the old standards for validation, by Amanda Meade. [Op-ed piece on women’s rights.]
An encore of The Trojan Women, by Janice Williams. p. 6  [Theatre production by OU students, Karen Sheridan director]
Take a SMART route to Rochester, by Kathleen Quandt.  p. 7[ Possible bus route to Rochester and surrounding communities]
Approved deer cull will not affect campus, by Rory Mccarty. p. 8  [Deer population to be culled in Rochester Hills]
A royal connection, by Masudur Rahman.  p. 8 [Royal Park Hotel in Rochester to be official conference center for OU]
Disposed dining to be donated by Chartwells, by Rory Mccarty.  p. 9 [Chartwells to donate unused food to food rescue program, Forgotten Harvest. 
New president rocks 89X show, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 10-11  [Student Body President Dan Evola and his band The Madison Opera perform at various venues]
Gaza protest draws 500, by Tim Rath. p. 14.  [Coverage of local protest in West Bloomfield concerning Hamas and Israel conflict occurring in the Gaza Strip.]
Golden Grizzlies continue to play with classrooms empty, by Jared Purcell. p. 16. [Athletics: Updates on Men’s basketball, Women’s basketball, Swimming and Diving, Indoor Track & Field]
Injury sidelines Nelson for season, by Tom Murphy Jr.  p. 17.  [Athletics: Basketball forward Derick Nelson out for the season]
OU wears out NDSU enroute to big victory, by Jared Purcell.  p. 18.  [Athletics: Women’s basketball]
Attack of the bridezillas, by Amanda Meade. p. 20. [Review of movie Bride Wars]
Hoping for change in 2009, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 22 [Column on celebrities and suggested resolutions for them]

2009-01-14 Vol. 35, no. 15

Auto pilot down to the auto show. Staff Editorial.  p. 4. [Column urges students to attend the 2009 North American International Auto Show as a show of support for the auto industry]
A rebuttal: no such thing as “just” a housewife, by Katie Wolf. p. 5  [Response to last weeks op-ed piece “Editor ditches the old standards for validation,” by Amanda Meade. Women’s rights]
Apply now to 2009-2010 aid, by Cathy Berrahou, Financial Aid. p. 5.  [More than 60% of OU students are receiving financial assistance totaling $87 million; students should explore funding opportunities]
Forging ahead with stem cell research: OU/Beaumont Hospital’s collaboration to benefit from Prop 2 passage, by Masudur Rahman.  p. 6  [OU professors Rasul Chaudhry, Sumi Dinda, Anne Mitchell (Biology) conduct research using adult stem cells from umbilical cord blood; new law allowing embryonic stem cell use may be beneficial.  Students Dennis Churchill and Jackie Craite assist with research. ]
Student sues Oakland University: no decision made by court on Micah Fialka-Feldman’s case yet, by Sean Garner. p. 7.  [Fialka-Feldman’s desire to live on campus is in the hands of Judge Patrick J. Duggan of the Eastern District Federal Court.  Fialka-Feldman is taking classes through the OPTIONS program and is not allowed to live on campus because he had not been admitted to the university. ]
New director plans to get more research funding, by Sean Garner. p. 7.  [Bradley Roth is appointed to the Center for Biomedical Research, replacing Denis Callewaert. He plans to facilitate research projects for faculty and students]
Students to see inauguration, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 8. [Over 100 OU students will be in Washington, DC for the presidential inauguration courtesy of the Center for Student Activities and the “Explore a City a Month” program, according to Jean Ann Miller. Kristin Dayag, multicultural affairs director of the OUSC and Jordan Twardy, Student Body Vice President, will attend the ceremony.]
Culture and nature inspire ‘meditative’ art, by Janice Williams.  p. 9.  [Review of Jae Won Lee’s art exhibition “Internal Distance(s)” at the OU Art Gallery. ]
‘Rainbow’ shines on Garland in Meadow Brook show, by Brandy Frey. p. 9. [Review of “Beyond the Rainbow’ now playing at the Meadow Brook Theatre, Travis Walter, Director, Kimberly Vanbiesbrouck and Andrea Mellos as Judy Garland.]
Flying solo as a Straight Edger: a faculty member sticks with his countercultural lifestyle, by Joe Guzman.  p. 10-11.  [Mike Palmer, mathematics professor, is profiled.  Includes information on the Straight Edge movement as well as a commentary by Graham Cassano, Sociology. ]
Shift into eco-friendly gear: automakers to showcase a new direction at the 2009 NAIAS, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 12. [Article on some of the cars on display at the North American International Auto Show]
A warm winning welcome: Oakland returns to ice with a victory after a one-month hiatus, by Jared Purcell. p. 16 [Athletics: OU hockey team beats Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 5-1]
Larry Wright waiting to break out: St. John’s basketball transfer waits to play with his new teammates, by Tom Murphy Jr.  p. 17.  [Athletics: Wright, a transfer student who returned home to care for his mother, is ineligible to play this season due to NCAA rules.]
Rivalry match ends in victory for Grizz, by Katey Meisner. p. 18. [Athletics: Men and women’s swimming and diving teams win over Eastern Michigan University.]
Becoming Jack Bauer: the role of a government agent is too much to handle for a reporter, by Rory McCarty. p. 20.  [Columnist’s humorous take-off on TV program “24”.]

2009-01-04  Vol. 35, no. 16

Don’t break our hearts, Barack. Staff editorial. p. 4. 
Banks should help homeless, by Colleen Miller. p. 5  [Op-ed on homelessness, foreclosures, banks and social responsibility]
Students keeping King’s dream alive: MLK day kicks off OU’s African – American celebration month, by Sean Garner. p. 6.  [Report on the Keeper of the Dream Scholarship Award ceremony on Jan. 19. Danny Glover, as keynote speaker; Norris Chase, Lisa Daily, Jasmine Rudolph and Relando Thompkins were scholarship winners.]
Kresge Library getting a face-lift, by Brad Slazinski and Kathleen Quandt. p. 7. [KL will be constructing an Information Commons, the federal documents collection and current journals have moved and E-Learning will be moving into a suite of offices on the 4th floor]
Student groups try to make campus greener together, by Janice Williams and Masudur Rahman. p. 7.   [Environmental Coalition, Eco-Interest Team and Sustainability Outreach Peer Educators work together on environmental concerns.]
Teaming up for research on sports injury, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9.  [Researchers Joseph Guettler, Yang Xia and John Reddan work on projects funded by the OU-Beaumont Multidisciplinary Research Awards program]
Profs don clown makeup, by Rory McCarty. p. 9.  [Review of “Clowns”, featuring Karen Sheridan and Rick Carver.]
Washington, D.C. or bust, by Kristin Dayag, Jordan Twardy, Janelle Arbuckle. p. 12-13.  [Student reports of trip to the inauguration of President Barack Obama]
The best skate forward: four students ready to compete in U.S. Skating Championships, by Alexandra Dunne-Bryant. p. 14-15.  [Ameena Sheikh,  Jonathan Cassar, Laura Lepzinski, Melissa Telecky to participate in championship competition.]
Pikunas, power play contribute for a win, by Joe Guzman. p. 16. [Hockey team wins over University of Central Oklahoma]
If you don’t like being opponents, join ‘em: Maynard and Cushingberry reflect on being high school foes and college teammates, by Tom Murphy, Jr. p. 17.  [Basketball teammates]
New sports bar ‘scores’, by Joe Guzman. p. 20.  [Review of ‘Scores Sports Bar’ in Sterling Heights, owned by Randy Shafou.]
Copious actress shows variety, by Amanda Meade. p. 21.  [Review of  film, “The Uninvited”]
Doomsday destruction: asteroids, super volcanoes, plague. Oh, my! How are we going to die? by Colleen J. Miller. p. 22  [Commentary on doomsday predictions]

2009-01-28  Vol. 35, no. 17

A projected medical complex may be the cure for what ails us.  Staff editorial. p. 4. [OU’s plans for a medical park, Human Health Building, medical school building and research facility should bring direct and indirect benefits to the university and surrounding community.]
Education is too precious to waste on Facebook, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.  [Op-ed piece recommending that students focus more on their education and less on distractions like Facebook]
Expanding footprints: three new buildings to be erected on campus by 2014, by Sean Garner. p. 6.  [Building plans for the new medical school and related facilities are in the works]
Medical school update. p. 6. 
Financial aid to increase in 2009, by Rory McCarty. p. 7 [OU has created a Special Assistance Fund to help students with school costs]
Surviving a shooting, by Joe Guzman. p. 7.  [Tips on surviving a shooting incident on campus were provided by Mark Gordon at a OUPD presentation]
Energy proposals could save university money, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8.  [OU’s energy manager Jim Leidel presented the proposals (wind, sun, wood) at “Energy at OU”, an even hosted by the OU Environmental Coalition.]
Getting in grad school, by Katie Wolf. p. 9.  [Suggestions for improving your graduate school applications.]
Prof: Nazis utilized religion, by Michael Sandula. p. 9.  [Derek Hastings, History Dept.,  lectured on ‘Nazism as a political religion’ as part of the “History Comes Alive” lecture series.]
Student orgs celebrate Asian heritage, by Kathleen Quandt and Brad Slazinski. p. 10.  [International Students and Scholars Office, Tingfeng Luo, Chinese New Year Celebration, China Club, Chinese F riendship Association, Jenny Htang, Asian American Culture Show, Asian American Association, Justin Yee]
Sharpshooting to resume in Hills, by Adam Cherry. p. 11.  [Deer culling restraining order is denied by Oakland County Circuit Judge Nanci “Grant.]
Getting to know you: the Post catches up with the Keepers of the Dream, by Mackenzie Roger. p.16.  [Profiles of scholarship winners Norris Chace, Relando Thompkins, Lisa Daily and Jasmine Rudolph]
Program helps Asperger’s students adjust to campus life, by Rory McCarty. p. 17. [The OU Peer Transition Assistant Program, coordinated by Kelley Watson, helps special students like Jacob Furchak]
Oakland University’s Distance Runners: tri sport athletes, by Jared Purcell. p. 18-19. [Athletics: Report on cross country, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field athletes.]
Kangas sets 3’s record in win, by Tom Murphy Jr. p.20. [Athletics: Eric Kangas becomes Grizzlies all-time leader in three point goals in win over Western Illinois.]
Gary Parsons retires with long legacy, by Jared Purcell. p.21.  [Athletics: Men’s soccer coach retires after 28 seasons.]
Hankering for a national ranking, by Jared Purcell. p.22.[ Athletics: Women’s basketball has best 20 game record in school history.]
Feed your mind, body and spirit, by Kay Nguyen. p.23. [Review of Mind Body & Spirits, a new downtown Rochester restaurant.]
Free stuff online: ways to spend (or waste) your time for money and prizes, by Rory McCarty. p.24. [Discusses websites Club.live.com, SurveySpot.com, Inboxdollars.com]

2009-02-04  Vol. 35, no. 18

Put your trust in your own future. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Recommends students develop financial skills to prepare for future.]
Five reasons to stop the deer cull, by Agnes Domaska. p. 5 [OU alumna argues against the deer culling in Rochester Hills.]
Tisk, tisk my fellow students, by Stephanie Gross. p. 5. [Comments on student rudeness and talkativeness during a recent presentation.]
Tuition freeze: too soon to tell, by Masudur Rahman and Sean Garner. p. 6. [Comments on Gov. Granholm's State of the State address and the proposal for a tuition freeze.]
Business students to get more opportunities, by Sean Garner. p. 6. [SBA creates the Center for Integrated Business REsearch and Education in an effort to connect local businesses and non-profit organizations with students and faculty.]
Provost Moudgil speaks about Oakland, by Tim Rath and Colleen Miller. p. 7. [The Provost comments on the economy, new faculty and fulfilling community needs. ]
Chartwells brings $5 footlongs and adds Zoup, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [New food options in the Pioneer Food Court are highlighted.]
An 'enchanted' night, by Daniel Stecher and Lindsey Wojcik. p. 8. [The Annual Meadow Brook Ball.]
Vandal ordered fine, by Sean Garner. p. 9. [Former OU student Tory Dantuma, convicted of and expelled for graffiti vandalism, reaches out of court settlement with OU Police Dept.]
A future without affirmative action. p. 10. [Few people showed up for the panel discussion--web exclusive online at http://www.oaklandpostonline.com/read_article.php?id=942]
Deadline extended, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [Application's deadline for Student Congress seats extended.]
Walking for warmth at the Palace, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 12. [Sigma Alpha Epsilon members to participate in the Walk for Warmth event to raise funds for people who cannot pay their heating bills.]
Granholm outlines energy plans, by Kathy Barks Hoffman. p. 13. [Report of the State of the State address by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.]
Weathering the winter woes, by Joe Guzman. p. 16. [Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, causes and treatment.]
The right of King Kangas: quiet leader has developed into one of OU's most prolific shooters, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 18-19. [Athletics: Profile of basketball player Erik Kangas.]
On your makrs, set, Carnago ... sophomore center is on a roll and shows no signs of slowing down, by Jared Purcell. p. 20-21. [Athletics: Profile of basketball player, Brittany Carnago]
Seniors go out on top in season's final dual, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 21. [Athletics: OU's swimming and diving teams win over Michigan State.]
A hello to homecoming, by Jared Purcell. p. 22. [OU's first homecoming set for Feb. 6-7, 2009]
The real schoolhouse rock 'n' roll, by Amanda Meade. p. 23-24 [Reviews of local bands: Atavan, Citizen Smile & the Tom Butwin Band.]
A presidential record release party, by Ashleigh Quinn. p. 23. [Information on the bank, the Madison Opera with Dan Evola, Stefan Schram and Ryan Trombley.]
My Bloody Valentine [motion picture] Review by Amanda Meade. p. 24
Fiction Family. [band] Review by Jared Purcell. p. 24
Technology takeover: online overload could ultimately dead to earth's demise, by Jared Purcell. p. 25. [Technology's impact on everyday life.]
Hairbrush agony at Palace concert, by Amanda Meade. p. 26. [Report of an evening out at the Palace of Auburn Hills for a Coheed and Cambria concert.]

2009-02-11  Vol. 35, no. 19

Posted: student leaders needed. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Editorial urging students to participate in governance activities, including Student Congress.]
Harness the 'power' of 'networking', by Dan Evola. p. 5. [OU Alumni Association, Student Congress, Career Services and the Future Alumni Network to sponsor a Power Networking Dinner.]
Approved by the Board, by Masudur Rahman and Sean Garner. p. 6. [Report on the Board of Trustee's Feb. meeting; topics included the Human Health Building, OU's financial state, the OU Police Sergeants' Union and new Medical School hires.]
Surgeon stresses reading, religion, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson discussed his life and the importance of education at a lecture held Feb. 5th.]
Worthy: Detroit still needs to go a long way, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy talks about her experiences.]
Student elections to be more visible, by Sean Garner. p. 8 [Student election process is revised.]
Fialka-Feldman denied. p. 9. [Special options student Micah Fialka Feldman denied opportunity to reside on campus.]
'Bloody' on stage, by Daniel Hiebert. p. 9. [Review of OU's production of "Bloody Bess" at the Varner Studio Theatre.]
Bing leads polls in mayoral race, by Sean Garner. p. 10. [Report on Detroit mayoral election.]
Mayhard making movies: theater lecturer at OU makes his mark in locally filmed flicks, by Kay Nguyen. p. 14. [Profile of Thomas D. Mahard.]
Wrestling down the barriers, by Jared Purcell. p. 15-16. [Profile of Jacob Orban, OU wrestler.]
Men: Benson, Kangas lift OU in a comback battle, by Joe Guzman. p. 17. [Athletics: Men's basketball team wins over Centenary College.]
Women: Winning the 'war', by Jared Purcell. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's basketball team wins over Centenary College.]
Pogue announced as head coach, by Joe Guzman. p. 18. [Profile of Eric Pogue, recently named head coach of the men's soccer team.]
Jason returns, by Amanda Meade. p. 19. [Report of phone interview with Jared Padalecki, an actor in the latest "Friday the 13th" movie.]
NY rockers 'light' it up, by Amanda Meade. p. 20. [Review of rock band Lights Resolve.]
Choose your own Valentine's Day date, by Rory McCarty. p. 22.

2009-02-18  Vol. 35, no. 20

Journalism 2.0 + @ your service. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Hey TV, there's no one way to be gay, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Med school progress ongoing, by Sean Garner. p. 6 [OU William Beaumont School of Medicine developments, including hiring of new deans.]
OU may lose 3% of state funding next year, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7.
Play shows other side of 'King Kong', by Mackenzie Roger. p. 8. [Review of Meadow Brook Theatre production of "Kong's Night Out."]
Student radio station and SVP win awards, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8. [Michigan Associationof Broadcasters award honors to WXOU radio station and Student Video Productions (OUTV)]
Student presidential candidates announced, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Student elections]
Helping high schoolers, by Rory McCarty. p. 10. [OU students mentor Pontiac Central students.]
Candidates gear up for primary, by Sean Garner. p. 12. [Article on Detroit mayoral election.]
Meeting to cull outcry, by Rory McCarty. p. 13. [Deer management, deer/car crashes, and deer cull to be discussed.]
In 5 New York minutes, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 16-17. [One-page play written by OU student, Franco Vitella, to play in Manhattan.]
Musical duo comfy in 'Corduroy', by Mackenzie Roger. p. 18. [Profile of music duo, Christina Droscha and Lauren Donnay.]
The 'unold' story of swimming, by Mackenzie Roger and Jared Purcell. p. 19, 21.[Profile of Polish swimmer Marcin Unold.]
Benson, Kangas keep men perfect at home, by Joe Guzman. p. 20. [Oakland wins over Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne]
The lucky seven, by Jared Purcell. p. 21. [Inductees to the Hollie L. Lepley Athletic Hall of Honor are announced: Becki Bach Simmons, Ericka Burns, John Eley, Ashley McGhee, David Paxton, Anita Rapp, Giovanni Gentile.]
O'Brien moves to Leno's spot, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 24.
Alternative spring break, by Tim Rath. p. 25.
Keep your blankets in bed, not on your back, by Mike Sandula. p. 26.

2009-03-04  Vol. 35, no. 21

Students bomb, the system shines. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Bomb threat closes two buildings.]
Campus parking lots 101, by Amanda Meade. p. 5.
Quitting etiquette, by Colleen Miller. p. 5. [What to do when quitting a job.]
Threat closes buildings, by the Oakland Press Staff. p. 6. [O'Dowd and the Oakland Center closed briefly due to a bomb threat.]
Nanotech research center created, by Sean Garner. p. 7. [Nanotechnology Research & Development Institute, chaired by vice provost, T.C. Yih, established.]
Creating an organic farm in an urban setting, by Kay Nguyen. p. 7. [Students at OU (Students in Free Enterprise and the Environmental Coalition) and two Pontiac high schools (Bridge to Life) have started an organic farm.]
Student Congress election officially starts off, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8. [Student elections]
Zaslow gives lecture about 'The Last Lecture', by Kay Nguyen. p. 9.
Assaulted at home, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 10. [Assaults in student residences]
Unions work without deals, by Sean Garner. p. 11. [Three OU labor groups, OU Professional Support Assn., OU Campus Maintenance, Police Officers Assn., are at the bargaining table.]
Women's History Month celebrated with 'Love and Sex" poetry reading, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 11.
Breaking out of norms, by rory McCarty. p. 18-19. [Students spend spring break with Habitat for Humanity]
'Gang'ing up for Oakland, by Tim Rath. p. 20-21. [Grizz Gang, student athletics support group, bring enthusiasm and cheers to games.]
The climb to the summit, by Jared Purcell. p. 22. [Athletics: OU men's & women's basketball]
Benson breaks through his flaws, by Joe Guzman. p. 23, 25. [Athletics: Profile of basketball player Keith Benson.]
Friendship motivates senior duo, by Jared Purcell. p. 24. [Athletics: Profiles of basketball players, Jessica Pike and April Kidd.]
Australian native heads to Michigan, by Amanda Meade. p. 26. [Interview with singer/songwriter Lenka.]
Trekkies rejoice, by Rory McCarty. p. 28. [Review of Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Detroit Science Center.]
College hoops crazed fantasy, by Tim Rath.

2009-03-11  Vol. 35, no. 22

A message about your bottled water. Staff editorial. p. 4. [OU Environmental Coalition proposes environmental responsibility and recycling.]
Letter to the students, by Mike Paye and Amantha Snell. p. 5. [Advice to students]
Customer dissatisfaction, by Colleen Miller. p. 5.
Campaigning for involvement, by Sean Garner. p. 6-7. [Student Congress presidential candidates profiled: Mark Medough, Kristin Dayag, Janelle Arbuckle, Anthony Ivone.]
Banned from campus for 'suspicious' behavior. p. 7. [Harry Nguyen]
Petitioning for policy expansion, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 8. [Supporters of a gender identity and expression clause in OU's non discrimination and equal opportunity employment policies.]
Play raises money to combat sexual assault, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [OU Women's Issues Forum produced the play "The Vagina Monologues."]
Symbolic banquet tries to help global hunger, by Brad Slazinski. p. 10. [Oxfam Community Aid Abroad, with St. John Fisher Newman Group, rais money to benefit Oxfam.]
Tackle a taxing endeavor, by Kay Nguyen. p. 16. [Advice for filing taxes.]
Eliminated the hard way, by Joe Guzman. p. 18. [Athletics: Mens basketball team loses to North Dakota State University, 66-64.]
Season of highs ends on a low, by Joe Guzman. p. 19. [Athletics: Women's basketball team loses to North Dakota State University]
The search for stability, by Joe Guzman. p. 20-21. [Athletics: OU baseball, coached by John Musachio, opens the season March 23d.]
Don't flunk the Rorschach test, by Amanda Meade. p. 23. [Review of film, Watchmen.]
The Factory managers: 'in this for the music," by Kay Nguyen. p. 24. [Review of new Rochester concert venue.]
Not so back to the future, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 25.
Potty training: use at your own risk, fellas, by Jared Purcell. p. 26.

2009-03-18  Vol. 35, no. 23

No rest for the college student. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Use your voice, make a choice, by Jordan Twardy. p. 5. [Student government elections]
Restrooms out of reach for some, by Rory mcCarty. p. 6. [Students Toward Understanding Disabilities comment on handicap-accessible rooms]
Students advised to keep an eye on their belongings, by Sean Garner. p. 6. [Recent thefts]
Student Congress election voting guide. p. 7 [Information on candidates]
Celebrating India, by Jayeson Philip. p. 8 [Indian Night, 2009]
Tech tips for leaders, by Steve St. Germain. p. 9. [Leadership and Technology conference]
International interfaith conference preaches peace, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [First International Conference on Religion, Conflict and Peace, sponsored by the OU Islamic Studies program, Common Bond Institute and the International Humanistic Psychology Assn.]
Healthy job outlook for nurses, by Joe Guzman. p. 16-17.
Season for redemption, by Joe Guzman. p. 19-20 [Athletics: Softball team gears up.]
Golden victory, by Tim Rath. p. 21. [Athletics: OU win over Kent State]
The perfect man-date, by Amanda Meade. p. 23. [Review of film "I love you, man."]
Leno offers laughter to Detroit, by Amanda Meade. p. 24.
The Loch Ness monster does exist, by Amanda Meade. p. 25.

2009-03-25  Vol. 35, no. 24

Do we only vote if we're bought. Staff Editorial. p. 4
Pope wrongly condemns condoms, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Counting the little things, by Wibke Richter. p. 5.
Bill Ayers stresses equality, by Kay Ngyuen. p. 6.
Legislators speak up, by Rory McCarty. p. 7 [Student Congress candidates]
Looking for liaisons, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 7. [Student liaison needed for Board of Trustees]
Last chance to vote, by Brad Slazinski. p. 7. [Student Congress elections]
OU-Macomb offers several new programs, by Sean Garner. p. 8.
Dancing the night away, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 9. [Middle Eastern Festival; hosts: the Lebanese Club, Arab American Student Org. and the Chaldean American Student Organization]
Evaluating safety, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 10. [Police Dept. conduct simulation]
GSC puts rape on trial, by Kay Ngyuen. p. 10. [Mock trial jury for rape to commemorate Woman's History Month.]
Michigan grows its own, by Thomas Rowland. p. 11. [Hiller's Market holds local food fair.]
Best of 2009. p. 13-20.
Minding changes in business, by Sean Garner. p. 21. [SBA adds programs, ACHIEVE, SCHOLARS, CIBRE]
Jensen's journey to OU, by Joe Guzman. p. 22-23. [Athletics: Profile of freshman swimmer Anders Jensen.]
OU's basketball seasons ends in a controversy, by Tim Rath. p. 23. [Athletics: Basketball team loses to Oral Roberts.]
Losses tarnish season, by Joe Guzman. p. 24. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Progress tracked: OU looks to establish a track facility on campus, by Hillary Sawchuk. p. 24. [Athletics: Track and field]
Proyas predicts the future, by Lauren Yaldoo. p. 26. [Post participates in conference call with Alex Proyas, director of film "Knowing."]
Cover the spring stink, by Rory mcCarty. p. 30. [Deodorant]
How browsing can screw up your life, by Jared Purcell. p. 31. [fmylife.com web site]

2009-04-01  Vol. 35, no. 26

Pop the bubble, join democracy. Staff Editorial. p. 4.
Kwame laughs last, by Daud Yar. p. 5.
New leaders reach out to students, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 6, 8. [Results of student elections; Kristin Dayag, Student Body President and Saman Waquad, Vice President]
Panel and films focus on global issues, by Sean Garner. p. 7. [Global Issues Awareness Campaign, with speakers Paul Kubicek and Alan Epstein.]
Students get to talk with Michigan politicians, by Sean Garner. p. 7 [Students meet Michigan legislators as part of OU at the Capital campaign.]
More language options coming,
by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Arabic minor is a possibility]
Columnist asks women to mentor young girls, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 9. [Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press columnist, speaks on campus]
Musical 'Follies' entertains, by Daud Yar. p. 9. [Review of 'Follies", a Varner Studio Theatre production.]
Fellows fight it out for PhiSignificance, by Katey Meisner. p. 10. [Phi Sigma Sigma sorority crowns Josh Snell as Mr. PhiSignificant.]
WSOU celebrates its 43th, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 11. [OU radio station on air for 43 years]
Sports apparel stores struggle in down economy, by Bradley Jeffers. p. 14.
A peek behind Varner's curtain, by Joe Guzman. p. 16. [Varner Hall houses Music, Theatre and Dance]
the leader of the pack, by Joe Guzman. p. 17-18. [Athletics: Profile of Julie Owen, captain of the women's softball team.]
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 18. [Athletics: Summary of swimming, wrestling and baseball]
Pair of wins in debut, by Joe Guzman. p. 19 [Athletics: Women's softball team wins over Univ. of Missouri-Kansas.]
Freshman poses triple threat,
by Jared Purcell. p. 20. [Profile of singer, actor and model Jessica Gordon, OU freshman majoring in musical theatre.]
Crofoot to host movie networking event, by Kay Nguyen. p. 21. [Michigan Movie Networking Event to be held at the Crofoot Ballroom.]
Virtual fantasy insanity, by Sean Garner. p. 22. [Fantasy baseball]

2009-04-08  Vol. 35, no. 27

An MIP amnesty could save lives. Staff Editorial. p. 4 [Teenage drinking; Minor in Possession law]
If that's the worst thing. . . , by Masudur Rahman. p. 5 [Commentary on website fmylife.com]
Hummers are more eco-friendly than hybrids, by Emmanuel Katakis. p. 5
Lack of faculty input prompts lawsuit, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6. [Splitting of Rhetoric, Communication & Journalism Dept. causes rift between faculty and OU administration.]
Trustees approve housing rate increase, by Sean Garner. p. 7. [Trustees deal with housing, food services, budget and identity theft at recent meeting.]
Michigan students unite to lobby for MIP amnesty, by Sean Garner. p. 7. [Students work for repeal of part of the Michigan Liquor Act.]
City-based art exhibit goes multimedia, by Annie Stodola. p. 8. [Review of 'Contemporary Flanerie' at OU Art Gallery.]
Daniel Dennett shares theory of how religion evolved, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 9. [Daniel Dennett, philosopher and social theorist, speaks at the annual Richard J. Burke lecture series.]
The Oakland Post wins two regional journalism awards. p. 9. [Post staff wins third place in Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper in Region 4; Masudur Rahman wins third place for In-Depth Reporting.]
SPB to receive more funds, by Rory McCarty. p. 11.
Students learn to teach, by Sean Garner. p. 14. [School of Education and Human Services prepares teachers.]
Charity to support former OU student, by Rory McCarty. p. 16. [Live to Give Foundation to help Aricka Shuck and her family via fundraisers.]
Building a lasting legacy, by Dan Fenner. p. 17-18. [Athletics: Profile of baseball player Justin Wilson.]
Women's lacrosse making strides, by Joe Guzman. p. 19. [Athletics]
Mall cop to the rescue, by Amanda Meade. p. 20. [Review of movie "Observe and Report."]
Communications major slaps 'da bass, by Daud Yar. p. 21 [Interview with bassist and OU senior Hank Wolfe.]
Obama goes to White Castle, by Tim Rath. p. 22.

2009-04-15  Vol. 35, no. 28

Same sex marriage, Mich. should be next. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Bailouts for newspapers? No thanks, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 5.
A little self pity won't hurt anybody, by Sarah Lang. p. 5. [Response to April 1 column on web site fmylife.com]
Russi on the record, by Colleen J. Miller and Lindsey Wojcik. p. 6. [President Russi comments on the Capital Campaign, affordability, graduation ceremony, medical school, budget.]
Kresge Library adds resources, versatility, by Kay Nguyen. p. 7. [Library computer lab redesigned as an Information Commons; E-Learning and Instructional Support to move to 4th Floor in Kresge in May, 2009.]
See Rejects at Meadowbrook, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 7. [All American Reject to perform in concert April 16th.]
Senior artists go on full display. p. 8. [OU student artists exhibit at OU Art Gallery.]
Chartwells revamps menu, by Rory McCarty. p. 9. [Food services]
2008-2009: an Oakland Post retrospective. p. 13. [Selected front pages]
Dog on duty, by Wibke Richter. p. 16-17. [Profile of Dave Barber and his seeing eye dog.]
Engineered for success, by Joe Guzman. p. 18. [Engineering students prepare for changing economy.]
Looking ahead to the fall, by the Oakland Post Sports Staff. p. 19-20. [ Outlook for basketball, hockey, volleyball and soccer.]
History aside, quarterback a must, by Dan Fenner. p. 21. [Detroit Lions]
Inspiring columns transform to film, by Amanda Mead. p. 23. [Review of film "The Soloist."]
Road trippin': I gotchahome, by Tim Rath and Joe Guzman. p. 25. [Backseat drivers]
Set your Blackberry to end your dates, by Katelyn Stanis. p. 26.

2009-05-13  Vol. 36, no. 1

We challenge you to celebrate discomfort. Staff editorial. p. 4.
A stop at the top limits the view, by Dan Simons. p. 5 [Roof of the Science and Engineering Building]
Are virgins the new aliens, by Caterin Passarelli. p. 5
Student engineering wars, by Rory McCarty. p. 6. [Engineering students participate in competitions: OU Society of Automotive Engineers, Oakland Robotics Association, Aerial Systems Club]
Faculty contract negotiations to begin soon, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7 [AAUP and Oakland to negotiate]
OU actors to tour musical "The Little Prince," by Daud Yar. p. 8
Campus summer construction ongoing, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8. [Areas around the OC, repaving of main entrance, sidewalks, O'Dowd refurbishing]
Access denied to SEB roof, by Melanie Zynel. p. 9. [Roof access now closed due to safety concerns.]
Campus housing options diversity, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 9. [Design firm hired to evaluate and make recommendations concerning OU student housing.]
Designed to help others: student to launch an affordable clothing line to benefit charities, by Kay Nguyen. p. 10. [Harper Kidder]
Professor receives high honor, by Katie Jacob. p. 11[Judy Brown receives Distinguished Professor Award]
Motor City pride hits Ferndale, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 13. [Motor City Pride Festival]
Rochester Heritage Festival offers free entertainment, by Annie Stodola. p. 13.
Season ending thoughts, by Mike Sandula. p. 15 [Athletics: Baseball: after missing playoffs, players and coaches reflect on the year]
Softball team misses postseason, by David Pitts. p. 16 [Athletics]
Race to the finish line, by Brad Slazinski. p. 16. [Athletics: OU track and field team]
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 17 [Athletics: Baseball recruits announced, Men's golf season ends, OU hosts golf championship]
Derrick May on Movement 2009, by Alexis Chinonis-Tomrell. p. 18.
Walkers, stalkers take heed, by Chris Hagan. p. 19. [Parking lot trials and tribulations-finding a spot]

2009-06-10  Vol. 36, no. 2

Get some action. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Advantages of internships, volunteering, entry-level work]
Assistant professor thanks peers, by Tim Larrabee, chair, OU LGBTQA. p. 5.
Act like an atheist, get the boot, by Katie Wolf. p. 5. [Commentary on Act like a lady, think like a man, by Steve Harvey.]
Considering commencement changes, by Mike Sandula. p. 6.
Eye Institute hopes to expand research and building, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6.
Admin: faculty liaison not needed, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [Board of Trustees does not want faculty liaison representatives on the Board]
Gender and Sexuality Center loses coordinator, by Sean Garner. p. 7. [Joann Bautti-Roche leaves OU]
Engineering group competes on campus, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Oakland Robotics Assn. competes in the Ground Vehicle Competition]
Workshop to relieve stress, by Daud Yar. p. 8. [Introduction to Mindfullness, a workshop by Linda Bowers]
Campus Corps helps students, by Annie Stodola. p. 9. [Summer Student Campus Corps job program]
New cinema studies major approved, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9.
Campus briefs: Micah's [Micah Fialka-Feldman] case continues, Obituary: Danny Jordan, Free tuition discussion, HC director's farewell [Jude Nixon]
Students to share bikes, by Mike Sandula. p. 10. [OU Bike Share Program is launched]
Try it before you graduate, by Annie Stodola. p. 11. [Internship programs]
Summer sound waves, by Alexis Chinonis-Tomrell. p. 12. [Five up and coming bands]
Isle goes hip-hop, by Annie Stodola. p. 12 {Belle Isle Hip Hop Mile]
Recession rental 101, by Annie Stodola. p. 13. [Movie review of Army of Darkness]
An offseason to prepare, by Mike Sandula. p. 16 [Athletics: Interview with new men's soccer head coach Eric Pogue]
Campus golf course open to public, by Karrie Trzcinka. p. 17. [Athletics]
Disc golf course coming to campus, by Brad Slazinski. p. 17.
Jury is still out on Tigers' season, by Dan Fenner. p. 18.
Students plump up their portfolios, by Masudur Rahman. p. 21.
We put the "OU" in "IOU", by Dan Simons. p. 22. [Commentary on OU's new ad campaign, "you can afford this."]
Littlest know secret: campus housing, by Dan Gliot. p. 23. [Campus living advantages]

2009-07-15 Vol. 36, no. 3

Necessary repairs? Staff editorial. p. 4 [Campus renovations and repairs]
Four on four: four panelists share their take on four topics. p. 5 [Ryan Zdonkiewoz, Amecia Neal, Antoine Byse, Chris Darin respond]
Announced salary freeze sparks debate about negotiation tactics, by Sean Garner and Masudur Rahman. p. 6-7. [Administration freezes 2009 salaries after 2008 increases; unions (AAUP, OUCMT, OUPSA) claim that it's a bargaining tactic]
Insider discloses discussion topics, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7. [Topics on the table at the AAUP/OU Administration bargaining meetings:same sex partnership benefits, graduate assistants, summer classes, tenure changes, technology]
Board approves design, by Daud Yar. p. 8. [Human Health Building]
Legal issue ongoing in the RCJ department split, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8-9. [Grievance over lack of faculty input into splitting of Rhetoric Communications Journalism; question over clairm that President Russi has no authority to sign agreements]
Juggling club practices on campus, by Rory McCarty. p. 9 [Motor City Juggling Club practices at OU]
OU Patio Concert series features alumni, by Mike Sandula. p. 10. [Juki Mack (OU '94) performs with Xiao Dong]
CIBRE hosts conversations, by Melanie Zynel. p. 10. [Center for Integrated Business Research and Education examine professional needs and opportunities]
Campus briefs. p. 11 New Global Arts major for fall 2011 to be proposed; Administration to take over Wilson Hall; Athletics budget approved after much debate; Meadowbrook Concours d'Elegance honors big three.
Mitten Movie Projects local talent, by Annie Stodola. p. 13. [Local group showcases indie films]
Gaming news, by Chris Darin. p. 14. [Comments on video games]
Bicycling around Detroit, by Jennifer Wood. p. 15. [Wheelhouse Detroit offers public bike rentals, guided tours]
Recruiting for the future, by Mike Sandula. p. 17. [Athletics: Rob Beam, women's volleyball coach, discusses team]
McCatty chosen in amateur draft, by Dan Gliot. p. 18. [Athletics: Pitcher Shane McCatty drafted in MLB amateur draft by Washington Nationals]
Golden Grizzlies players turned pro. p. 18 [Athletics: List of draftees]
New look Pistons fail to inspire, by Zach Hallman. p. 19.
Soccer season rapidly approaching, by Saif Findakly. p. 20. [Athletics]
Summer intern pool, by Annie Stodola. p. 21. [Students get real world experience via internships]
TV preview should cancel itself, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 22
Etiquette for smoking, even if it kills you, by Curtiss Gulash. p. 23.

2009-09-2 Vol. 36, no. 4

OU can't affort its "affordability." Staff editorial. p. 4. [Commentary on OU's marketing campaign--'you can afford this']
Prestige isn't all that it's cracked up to be, by Brad Slazinski. p. 5.
Kids and teens need a clear message about sex, by Katie Wolf. p. 6
]Breaking down the budget, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 7 [OU's budget, state funding, financial aid, salaries']
AAUP to hold event, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8 [Meeting to discuss contract negotiations between AAUP faculty and OU administration]
Student organization sampler. p. 9 [Brief profiles of 13 organization]
Kresge events bring poetry to OU, by Mike Scussel. p. 10. [Weekly poetry readings in Kresge Library]
Freefoodatou.com, by Mallory Lapanowski. p. 11. [Online resource to events providing free food]
Not the average break, by Masudur Rahman. p. 12. [Faculty summer research activities: Susan Evans (Art), Anne Switzer (Library), Kerry Knox (Theatre)]
The life of the mind: how professors [Jo Reger, Terry Herald, Joshua Yumibe] spent their summer vacations. p. 14-15.
Elements of the OC. p. 16-17. [Color floor plan of the OC]
Comerica offers College Night, by Annie Stodola. p. 18 [Special college night Tiger games]
ECOs sees student volunteers, by Annie Stodola, p. 19.
Burning questions for Alexisonfire, by Amanda Meade. p. 21.
Game challenge encourages indie spirit, by Rory McCarty. p. 23. [Video games]
BIGWORDS mean cheap books, by Alexis Chinonis-Tomrell. p. 23. [Bigwords.com offers textbook price comparisons]
Soccer season kicks off, by Zach Hallman. p. 24. [Athletics]
Grizzlies victorious in home opener, by Brad Slazinski. p. 25. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Scrimmage gives new players needed experience, by Mike Sandula. p. 26. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
The new semester shakedown, by Dan Simons. p. 29.
Looking back at last season in a summer daze, by Rory McCarty. p. 30.

2009-09-09 Vol. 36, no. 5

Picketing 114 isn't enough. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Faculty job action, students and customer service]
You can prevent campus crime, by Sam Lucido. p. 5.
Pushing the issues, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6. [OU-AAUP negotiations]
Signs taken down from res hall windows, policy stated as cause, by Sean Garner and melissa Bukowski. p. 7. [Limits placed on RAs support of faculty job action]
OU launches new slogan, billboards to change, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 8. [New slogan to be "A smart investment."]
Bike share program rolls on, by Mike Sandula. p. 9
Real-world scientific research, by Mike Scussel. p. 10. [OU student researchers profiled]
OU art alum pursues Jazz Career, by Michelle Carpenter. p. 11 [Chris Ams]
Oakland University Code of Academic and Non-Academic Student Conduct. p. 12-13.
Market offers fresh, local fare, by Jennifer Wood. p. 16. [Royal Oak Farmers' Market]
Drew Barrymore to host local skating event, by Annie Stodola. p. 16
Women in review: Child, Chanel, Fox, by Katie Jacob. p. 18
Bizarre days for video games, by Chris Darin. p. 19
Golf teams set to tee off, by Adam R. Strozynski. p. 20 [Athletics]
Oakland hosts weekend volleyball tournament, by Mike Sandula. p. 20. [Athletics]
Club rugby team opens new season, by Daud Yar. p. 21. [Athletics]
College football needs no 'Messiah', by Sean Garner. p. 22
Soccer match ends in tie, by Zach Hallman. p. 22. [Athletics: OU ties Univ. of Dayton]
Slacking satirist starts strike! by Can Simons.

2009-09-16 Vol. 36, no. 6

Post traumatic strike syndrome. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Putting together the pieces after a suicide, by Dan Simons. p. 5
Texting while driving: can we really stop? by Chris Hagan. p. 6
New faculty contract changes revealed, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7
Students react to the strike, by Rory McCarty. p. 7
Unions bargain, by Sean Garner. p. 7, p. 10 [OUCMT & OUPSA]
Letters from Vienna, by Sarah Lazerescu. p. 8 [Study abroad student reports]
GSC names new director, by Sean Garner. p. 9 [New director of Gender and Sexuality Center, Melissa Pope]
Grizzly Oaks disc golf opens, by B rad Slazinski. p. 9
Meadow Brook Theatre appoints new interim artistic director, by Jennifer Wood. p. 9 [Travis Walter, OU '02]
Rescuing discarded texts, by Annie Stodola. p. 11 [Elementary education majors put old books to good use]
Transfer students get acquainted, by Jennifer Wood. p. 12. [Transfer student orientation]
OU Greeks experience growth, by Rory McCarty. p. 13-16. [Fraternities and sororities]
Barrymore skates Michigan, by Alexis Chinonis-Tomrell. p. 17 [Review of film Whip it]
The Fall of Troy visits Detroit, by Amanda Meade. p. 18
New store shows "zeitgeist", by Alexis Chinonis Tomrell. p. 19
Oakland falls in shutout, by Zach Hallman. p. 20 [Athletics: OU women's soccer team]
Lions defense is offensive to watch, by Dan Fenner. p. 21.
Tigers closing in on playoffs, by Dan Fenner. p. 21
Volleyball team opens Summit League play with two victories, by Mike Sandula. p. 22. [Athletics]
Cross country season already off and running, by Mike Sandula. p. 23 [Athletics]
Bowling in Landry's memory, by Annie Stodola. p. 24
Swine flue: oink, squeal, spew, by Dan Simons. p. 27

2009-09-23 Vol. 36, no. 7

Wishing you could find a spot. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Parking challenges]
Student body president addresses constituents, by Kristin A. Dayag. p. 5.
Watch out: OUPD's watching, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6.
Grizzly Oaks course challenges newbies and professionals alike, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 6 [Disc golfing]
Med school postponed until 2011, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7
OU faculty strike impacts other universities, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7.
Honors College names new interim director, by Jennifer Wood. p. 7 [Barbara Maybee (Modern Languages) appointed]
Month long celebration of Hispanic culture seeks to raise student awareness and entertain, by Brad Slazinski. p. 8
Varnerstock 09, by Mike Sandula. p. 9 [Concert to be held to honor the late Danny Jordan (MTD)]
Competing with the best, by Sean Garner. p. 10-11. [Athletics: Coaches discuss move to NCAA Division I status]
Hockey team hoping to rebound, by Kyle Bauer. p. 12 [Athletics]
Sharing some hoop love, by Melissa Bukowski. p. 13. [Hula hoops]
Howl at the Wolfman, by Alexis Chinonis-Tomrell. p. 15
Catwalk copycats from NYFW, by Alexis chinonis-Tomrell. p. 16
Octoberfest arrives in Rochester, by Annie Stodola. p. 17
Reporter's got beef with PETA, by Masudur Rahman.

2009-09-30 Vol. 36, no. 8

Game on for the new Grizz, by Annie Stodola. p. 3 [Mascot tryouts, mascot responsibilities]
Flavored cigs go up in smoke. Staff editorial. p. 4.
The dangers of shaving are more than skin deep, by Alexa Van Vliet. p. 5.
Single room, double occupancy, by Sean Garner. p. 6. [Residence Halls overcrowding]
OU makes revenue on '09 but some funds restricted, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6. [OU finances]
Stopping the flu at OU, by Daud Yar. p. 7, 9
Students eat up tickets for Alton Brown show, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8
Brooksie Way Half Marathon to benefit Oakland County program. p. 9
Disagreements discussed at OU Senate meeting. p. 9
Students celebrate Hispanic heritage month with mock Quincenanera. p. 10
Free-form questions for WXOU DJ, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 12 [Tom Schulte]
Transfer assists in victory, by Mike Sandula. p. 14 [Athletics: Women's Volleyball player Ashley Nevell]
Dwindling interest in 'Hockeytown', by Dan Fenner. p. 15
Grizzlies shut out rivals, by Zach Hallman. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Cafe provides locals an 'Oasis", by Jennifer Wood. p. 17. [Review of The Desert Oasis in Rochester]
Shuttle offers free transportation, by Mike Sandula. p. 17. [OU Shuttle service to and from downtown Rochester]
Budget dining: not 'Good Eats', by Dan Simons. p. 18

2009-10-07 Vol. 36, no. 9

Gun bill for campus carry waits quietly. Staff editorial. p. 4 [Michigan legislature bill to allow guns on campus]
Don't cut the cord; students crave the connection, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Concealed guns could be allowed on campus, by Jennifer Wood. p. 6
Student of the month: Lucia Tourianski. p. 7
Student named champion of the disabled. p. 7 [Micah Fialka-Feldman]
State budget changes likely will not stifle OU funding, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8
Greeks grow as new organizations form, by Rory McCarty. p. 9
Twitter scavenger hunt, by Mike Sandula. p. 10.
State budget talks are ongoing, by Masudur Rahman. p. 11
OUPD works to stop deer-related accidents, by Rory McCarty. p. 11
The best of fall flavors: your guide to Rochester area cider mills, by Jennifer Wood. p. 12-13.
Grizzlies offer to serve: nonprofit organizations see increase in student applications, by Sean Garner. p. 14
Space-age Johnny in Detroit, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 16. [Johnny Headband]
Dueling sides see "Capitalism", by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 17 [Movie review]
High hopes for recruits, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 19-20. [Athletics: Men's basketball: Drew Valentine, Travis Bader, Ledrick Eackles]
Something to strive for again, by Zach Hallman. p. 21. [Athletics: Men's lacrosse team]
Win streak ends as Grizzlies fall, by Zach Hallman. p. 22 [Athletics: Women's soccer team]
Putting a new spin on media convergence: dating, by Steve Wiseman, Kay Nguyen. p. 24

2009-10-14 Vol. 36, no. 10

Sharing bikes proves to be a challenge. Staff editorial. p. 3
GLBT equality: the dialogue is far from finished, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 4
Noble intentions -Nobel Peace prize worthy, by Sean Garner. p. 5
Police seek vaccine vandals, by Rory McCarty and Colleen J. Miller. p. 6 [Graffiti concerning the HINI vaccine]
Students try to revive Promise scholarships, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6-7
MBT presents "Sleepy Hollow", by Jennifer Wood. p. 7
Hourly unions reject final offer, by Sean Garner. p. 8 [Campus Maintenance & Trade and Professional Support Assn. extensions terminated]
New program offers support to student veterans, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8. [Veteran Support Services]
CAS explores religion and society, by Mike Sandula. p. 9
Activists seek students' help, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [Rhiannon Zielinski-OU chapter of Schools for Schools; Sai Myint - U.S. Campaign for Burma]
Zaslow and pilot co-author book, by Annie Stodola. p. 11.
Celebrations mix it up this week. p. 12-13. [Week of Champions, by Mike Sandula; National Coming Out Week, by Jennifer Wood; Greek Week, by Rory McCarty.
A jump to the next level, by Dan Gliot. p. 14. [Athletics: Freshmen athletes: Brittany Holbrook, Alyssa Fulton, Mike Carson]
Grizzlies split pair of matches, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 15. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Keeping OU atop the Summit, by Zach Hallman. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's soccer; goalie Mitch Hildebrandt]
Tigers exceed expectations, but leave fans disappointed, by Kyle Bayer. p. 17.
Nostalgia runs high at historic theater, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 18. [Detroit Redford Theater]
My adventures in "Zombieland" by Dan Simons. p. 19. [Movie review]
Will Gitmo move to Michigan, by Masudur Rahman. p. 20
Obama? Nobel, what the hell?, by Dan Simons. p. 22.

2009-10-21 Vol. 36, no. 11

SAIL snafu sends students spinning. Staff editorial. p. 4 [Registration problems]
It's too soon to tell if Obama deserves his prize, by Brad Slazinski. p. 5
Dean Sudol seeks help from faculty, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7. [Retention and graduation rates]
Faculty approves contract, but some have problems with it, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7
Low numbers don't hold smaller Greek orgs back, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Delta Sigma Theta, Sigma Gamma Rho]
Kresge expands tech support, by Zachary Hallman. p. 8. [Information Commons in library, E-Learning offices]
Accept, embrace, unite: OU events highlight diversity, by Rory McCarty. p. 9.
Film exec to show flick, host workshop, by Sean Garner. p. 10 [Michael Manasseri to show and discuss his movie "Babysitter Wanted."]
Clerical and maintenance unions accept contract, by Sean Garner. p. 10 [Campus Maintenance and trade and Professional Support Assn. ]
Metro Detroit fright nights. p. 12-13.
Swim season underway, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 14. [Athletics: Men's and women's swim and diving teams]
Basketball season approaching fast, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 15. [Athletics]
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 15 [Athletics: Soccer, hockey, volleyball, crosscountry]
The absurdity of rankings, by Zach Hallman. p. 16. [Athletics]
Injuries hurt the Lions' progress, by Dan Fenner. p. 17.
Bill proposes extended bar hours, by Jennifer Wood. p. 18.
Ideas for Mich. budget released, by Kathy Barks Hoffman. p. 20.
Patrolling the streets of OU: a day on the job with OUPD's youngest officer, by Mike Sandula. p. 21-22 . [Aaron Spencer]
Having ha-ha's about ta-tas, by Dan Simons. p. 24.

2009-10-28 Vol. 36, no. 12

Enrollment spikes questions: where is the extra tuition money going to go? Staff editorial. p. 4
Survivor's recovery begins with the right resources, by Jennifer Wood. p. 5.
America: the 'greatest' country needs to be challenged, by Brandon Kosal. p. 6
OU sees rise in enrollment, by Jenniver Wood. p. 7.
Campus crime reports released, larceny is top offense, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7.
Varner Theatre 09-10 season begins, by Mike Sandula. p. 8.
OU presents Chinese Literati art, by Sean Garner. p. 9.
Commuters seek to make a connection, by Mike Sandula. p. 9.
OUSC resolves to support MIP exemption bill, by Mike Sandula. p. 9.
Free HINI vaccines on campus, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10.
Students Make a Difference, get involved, by Rory McCarty. p. 11.
Professor abuzz with research, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12. [George Gamboa's research on wasps]
Housing benefits domestic and exchange students, by Sean Garner. p. 13. [OU's International Village]
Oak Land of the Dead, by Dan Simmons. p. 14-15. [Plan against zombies on campus]
The odd couple of modern rock: bands Papa Roach and Jet co-headline tour, by Amanda Meade. p. 16.
Rock 'n' roll game gets Brutal, by Rory McCarty. p. 17. [Game review]
Halloween rental: The Lost Boys, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 18.[Movie review]
Women's basketball season preview, by Zach Hallman. p. 20, 22. [Athletics]
Twins have opponents seeing double, by Jennifer Wood. p. 21. [Athletics: Women's soccer, sisters Missy and Meghan Hartwig]
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 22. [Athletics: Volleyball, soccer]
Four on four: four senior team captains share their take on four topics. p. 24. [Athletics: Lindsey Blair, Machel James, Adrienne Leone, Frank McAuliffe]
Mayoral contenders face off, by Zach Hallman. p. 25. [Pontiac election]
Anime convention comes to Dearborn, by Rory McCarty. p. 26.

2009-11-04 Vol. 36, no. 13

A can-do attitude: toss your goods into the Oakland Post's box. Staff editoria. p. 4
Unconditional love: no room by cheating or insecurities, by Amanda Meade. p. 5
Rapists deserve death, disgust, by Jallel Omari. p. 5.
Housing proposal tabled: plans for 3 new buildings removed from BOT agenda due to timing, by Mike Sandula. p. 6.
On the agenda: Human Health Building and Coke or Pepsico? by Masudur Rahman. p. 6.
Mich. budget passes without Promise Scholarship, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7
Student orgs hold drive to raise food and scholarships, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7
OPTIONS may be running out, by Sean Garner. p. 8.
Fialka-Feldman's fight, along with OPTIONS, may end. p. 8.
Support services to celebrate student veterans on campus, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 8.
Dance department receives accreditation, by Jennifer Wood. p. 9.
Runners remember Tolan, by Annie Stodola. p. 10. [Josh Tolan]
OU alum works to help shape future, by Annie Stodola. p. 11. [Lindsay Oliver, Advising Resource Center]
All or nothing: Grizzlies view their upcoming season as a golden opportunity, by Sean Garner. p. 12-13. [Athletics]
Grizz Gang partners up with WXOU, by Mike Sandula. p. 14.
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 15. [Athletics: Women's basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross country]
Bone Thugs at crossroads, by Alesix Tomrell. p. 18
English band joins ranks of Coldplay, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19 [Album review]
Industry incentives questioned: locals rally at the Crofoot Ballroom to support Mich. filmmakers, by Sean Garner. p. 20
Wigging out about new hair, by Dan Simons. p. 24. [Editor donates hair to charity]

2009-11-14 Vol. 36, no. 14

Who's really to blame? Staff editorial. p. 4
Trying to please parents as a first-generation American, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5.
Exhausting all opportunities, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 6. [Faculty members plan to hold a vote of no confidence against Russi]
Board of Trustees meeting covers array of issues, by Masudur Rahman and Sean Garner. p. 7.
Focus on OU filmmakers, by Brad Slazinski. p. 7.
How orgs spend money from tuition, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8.
Jazz probram moves on with new faculty hires after director Jordan's death, by Mike Sandula. p. 8.
Catch a whiff of Vandenberg, by Rory McCarty. p. 9.
SPB hosts New York trip, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 10.
New York City through a photographer's lens, by Jason Willis. p. 11.
Reflections of timeless fashion, by Jennifer Wood. p. 14 [DIA exhibit on Richard Avedon]
WXOU DJ profile: real deal on sports, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 15. [Kyle Bauer, Neal Ruhl]
Nowhere to call home, by Jennifer Wood. p. 16 [Homelessness]
Center offers lecture on secular ethics, by Jennifer Wood. p. 16. [D.J. Grothe to speak in Birmingham]
Bold change of scenery, by Zach Hallman. p. 19-20. [Athletics: Men's soccer: Stefan St. Louis, Machel James, Makesi Lewis]
Bittersweet win for Grizzlies in exhibition, by Dan Fenner. p. 21. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Pistons frontcourt remains a work in progress, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 21.
Club wrestling team enjoying new success, by Zach Hallman. p. 22. [Athletics]

2009-11-21 Vol. 36, no. 15

'Big bright' waste of energy. Staff editorial. p. 4 [Christmas light display in Rochester]
White Ribbon Campaign affirms a student's moral code, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 5. [Ending male violence against women]
Working to "white out' violence, by Jennifer Wood. p. 6 [Ending male violence against women]
Russi to hold open forum with faculty, by Mike Sandula. p. 6.
Week of remembrance spreads acceptance, by Jennifer Wood. p. 8 [Transgender Day of Remembrance]
Muslim students talk faith, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8 [Muslim Students Association of OU]
SPB Laugh-A-Palooza to feature SNL alum, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [Finesse Mitchell]
Oakland Center to feature student art, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9.
OU students take to the ice, by Alexandra Dunne-Bryant. p. 10-11 [Student skaters, Jonathan Cassar, Ameena Sheikh, Aaron Van Cleave, Laura Lepzinski, Ethan Burgess]
Who's leading OUSC?, by Rory McCarty. p. 12-13. [Greeks make up 50% of Student Congress]
Young Heidelberg inspires art, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 15 [Detroit East side art project starts youth program]
Faculty showcases art, by Amanda Meade. p. 17. [OU Studio Art faculty show]
Homecoming for Hudson, by Sean Garner. p. 19 [Athletics: Men's basketball, Will Hudson]
Grizzlies defeated in tournament opener, by Zach Hallman. p. 20. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Loss dampens an otherwise impressive season, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Long home winning streak ends; Women's basketball tam splits opening games, by Dan Fenner. p. 21. [Athletics: Basketball]
Ranting about the lingo no-no's, by Dan Simons. p. 23.

2009-12-02 Vol. 36, no. 16

Stitching together reform that works. Staff editorial. p. 4 [Health care insurance]
The costs of cancer outweigh any benefits of screening later, by Katie Wolf. p. 5.
Nursing program may face competition, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6. [Mich. bill may allow community colleges to offer bachelor's degree]
Russi's forum promises postpone faculty [no confidence] vote, by Mike Sandula. p. 6.
Honors College offers new courses, by Marko Polovina. p. 8
Meadow Brook Hall hosts walk, by Brad Slazinski. p. 8 [MBH's annual holiday walk]
OU continues to attain prestige through research, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10.
Taking a break from teaching, by Masudur Rahman. p. 12 [Jan Graetz to visit India on a sabbatical]
the cost of coverage, by Jennifer Wood. p. 14. [Health care insurance]
3 [Three] professors on 3 pressing issues. p. 15. [Mark Navin, Doris Runey, Sharon Howell]
Personal stories with health insurance, by Rachel Hyde and Ashley Liening. p. 15.
Walking in a winter wonderland: decorating Rochester, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 17.
Bringing 'bones' to life, by Alexis Tomrell. p. 18. [Movie "The Lovely Bones"]
'Have a Little Faith' tours Michigan, by Monica Drake. p. 19. [Book review of Mitch Albom's 'Have a Little Faith'}
Music spotlight, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19 [ Review of John Mayer 'Battle studies']
Holiday events light up, by Jennifer Wood, p. 20.
Government cautions holiday travelers, by Mike Sandula. p. 20.
Grizzlies on the gridiron? by Sean Garner and Zach Hallman. p. 22. [Athletics: OU football program revisited]
Oakland survives second-half scare, by Dan Fenner. p. 23. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Lopsided win puts end to losing streak, by Dan Fenner. p. 24. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
The sporting blitz, by Dan Fenner. p. 25. [Athletics: Student road trip, 2010 Hall of Honor, Hockey team update]
CJ sent a request using FarmVille, by Colleen J. Miller. p. 27

2009-12-07 Vol. 36, no. 17

Defining the opinion section. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Proud to drive a Toyota, by Amanda Meade. p. 5.
Letter from the editor, looking back and looking forward, by Colleen Miller. p. 5.
Russi watch, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6.
Study survey was to see study facilities need, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6.
Police files year in review. p. 7.
Actuarial major delayed, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8.
Spotlight on student orgs, by Kay Nguyen. p. 9 [Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl]
The wall came down, by Jennifer Wood. p. 10 [Berlin Wall]
2009 Year in review. p. 12-17
Curiouser and curiouser! by Alexis Tomrell. p. 20. [Review of 'Wonderland']
Music spotlight, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 21. [Review of the year's top albums]
New zombies release in time for Christmas, by Amanda Meade. p. 21. [Game review]
MDOT makes salt restrictions, by Mike Sandula. p. 22.
Returning to former glory, by Kyle Bauer. p. 25 [Athletics: Hockey]
Pistons fans have reasons for hope, by Kyle Bauer. p. 26.
An '09 whine: STF, MMIX, by Dan Simons. p. 27.


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