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2005-1-12  [v. 31, no. 15]

New year, same issues, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Oakland University Student Congress faces the same problems in the new year.]
Former congressman will share experiences, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. A1, [Former football player turned politic addresses students about leadership on MLK day.]
Security problems slow disaster relief, by Tim Johnson and Rob Hutcheson, p. A1, [Violence and political instability slow relief efforts in post-tsunami Indonesia.]
Advocate brings 'the dream' to OU, by Anthony Martinez Berven, p. A1, [Loretta Scott King speaks at the Keeper of the Dream Awards Ceremony.]
The war against cancer focuses on a key gene, by Robert Boyd, p. A3
Cold war: how to fight back during the sick season, by Rhoda Fukushima, A3, [Ways to stay healthy during the cold and flu season.]
Portion control prevents obesity, by Michael Precker, p. A3
Hospital patents DNA probes, new hope for genetic disorders, by Alan Bavley, p. A3, [DNA probes help to detect abnormalities in genes.]
Waves of destruction, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [The tsunami that took place in the Indian Ocean and all of the damage it caused.]
It could happen here, by Paul H.B. Shin, p. A5, [The potential of a tsunami occurring in the USA.]
A healthy fear, by Drew Avery, p. A6, [The risks of living without health insurance.]
OUSC serving body well, by Michael McGuinness, p. A7, [Accomplishments of the Oakland University Student Congress members throughout during the fall semester.]
Ocean's 12 pulls heist on audience, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. B1, [Review of the movie Ocean's 12.]
Actors who sing: Why?, by Jim Farber, p. B1, [The trend of many actors who are branching out into singing.]
White Noise: tune in to static, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. B1, [Review of the movie White Noise.]
Unity is the goal of Welcome Week II, by Laura Angus, p. B3, [Events planned for Welcome Week are meant to bring the campus together.]
International student athletes adapt to OU, by Mike Gurlides, Rob Rankau, Steve Reed, Alicia Sossi, and Paul Ventura, p. B4.
Women's winning streak, by Brendan Stevens, p. B4, [Athletics: Women's basketball team is on a winning streak.]
Valpo win streak now at 14, by Dave Pemberton, p. B6, [Athletics: Men's basketball team fails to defeat Valpo after a 13 game defeat.]
Transition still work in progress, by Libby Baker, Dave Pemberton, Dustin Frucci, and Mark Schroeder, p. B6, [Athletics: OU athletics makes a switch from Division I to Division II to gain more recognition.]

2005-1-19  [v. 31, no. 16]

Work in progress, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. A1, [Former Congressman J.C. Watts addressed issues that have arose since Dr. King's time and how these issues can be solved.]
Discussing the 'Dream', by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [A multicultural discussion panel discusses racial issues as they pertain to the campus of Oakland University.]
African-American Celebration begins, by Allison Brunner, p. A1.
New group impacts OU, by Aaron Walker, p. A1, [ Social group Sisters of Success aims to promote social improvement for women.]
OU alumni succeed overseas, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A3, [OU alumni established an office for Global Outreach to implement the use of resources in Nicaragua.]
OU holds open forum for students, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. A3, [Student Congress held a forum to allow students to voice their issues and concerns around campus.]
Professor discusses tricks of the grade, by KaKela Baker, p. A4, [An OU professor holds a seminar on how to earn A's in classes.]
Winter Balst heats up Motown and sets stage for Super Bowl, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5.
Non-traditional student finds courage, by Denise Sedman, p. A6, [ A non-traditional student adjusts to the college envioronment and routine and makes a better life for herself.]
Is the war on Terror justified?, by Brian Koss and Joe Culik, p. A7.
Photos reveal womanhood, by Laurel Droz, p. B1, [An art exhibit at the Meadow Brook Art gallery features artwork that portrays the roles of women inside and outside the home.]
Swingin' new club offers variety, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [The debut of the Swing and Salsa Club which offers dance lessons.]
Food 'scientist' gives flair to cooking shows, by Heather McPherson, p. B1, [ Alton Brown's new show combines food science with demonstrative cooking.]
Hawke is on the rise, by Steven Rea, p. B3, [Review of the movie "Assault on Precinct 13".]
Scott's double-double leads Grizzlies to win, by Aaron Walker, p. B4, [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeats Chicago state University thanks to Cortney Scott's strong offense.]
Rivalry exposure could help OU, by Aaron Walker, p. B4, [Athletics: Possible rivalry exposure against University of Detroit Mercy could be beneficial to OU's publicity.]
Swimmers split with Eagles, by Dana Utz, p. B4, [Athletics: Women's swim team wins first meet against Eastern Michigan University.]
Hafeli's 25 helps lead Grizzlies over UMKC, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Women's basketball team is victorious in game against UMKC thanks in part to Anne Hafeli.]
Leinhart's decision is refreshing, by Dustin Frucci, p. B6, [Athletics: USC football player returns for his senior season.]
NHL set on self-destruction, by Sherry Ross, p. B6, [Athletics: NHL players' performance proves to not live up to potential.]

2005-1-26  [v. 31, no. 17]

Applying race, by Anthony Martinez Beven, p. A1, [ A panel discusses how important race is in the professional world.]
France: Not just fries, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [An art professor hosts a slide-show presentation on famous artwork in France.]
Series hits Islam 101,by Christa Elaine Badon, p. A1, [A series explores the Islamic religion.]
OU students help with relief, by Loreen Bahri, p. A1, [ OU students came together to aid tsunami victims.]
Congress decides to support new GSC, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Student Congress supports the building of a Gender and Sexuality Center.]
Growing our own?, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A3, [Violence and torture inflicted upon prisoners in other countries and its effects on the prisoners.]
Detroiters have a Blast, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [The many events that took place at the Winter Blast.]
Cuts close Belle Isle Aquarium, by Kristin Sommer, p. A5.
Student Congress addresses campus race relations, by Michael McGuiness, p. A6.
Waiting to plan could cost more in long run, p. A6, [Waiting to plan for retirement could have long-term reprecussions because Social security is running out.]
ERI attempts to find a cure for the eye's ailments, by Libby Baker, p. B1, [Eye Research Institute attempts to find cures for eye diseases.]
Palace features Harlem Globetrotters, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1.
Variety drives unique sound, by Dave Phillips, p. B3, [Review of music by The Arcade Fire.]
Academy Awards nominees released, by Roger Moore, p. B3.
Rowland retains reign, by Sheila Kosztonwny, p. B4, [Athletics: Victory for a member of Oakland University's College Bowl at a tournament.]
Hafeli pours in 31 to lead Grizzlies' attack, by Aaron Walker, p. B6, [Athletics: Women's basketball player Anne Hafeli's victories greatly contribute to the team's wins.]
Grizzlies fight snow, foes for wins, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Men's hockey team defeats Davenport.]
Marshall's energy lifts OU over Southern Utah, by Brendan Stevens, p. B8, [Athletics: Men's basketball team player greatly aids the team in its victories.]
Super reasons for who will win, by Dave Pemberton and Brendan Stevens, p. B8, [Reasons for why either NFL teams, New England Patriots or Philadelphia Eagles will win at the Superbowl.]

2005-2-2  [v. 31, no. 18]

OUSC sings for support, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Oakland University Student Congress attempts to help students learn the school fight song.]
Market calls for variety, by Blythe Simmons, p. A1, [A panel discusses cultural diversity in the workplace and in the hiring process.]
Trip to Beijing offers retreat, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Students get a chance to immerse themselves in Chinese culture through a Chinese Language and Culture Immersion Program held in Beijing.]
Fair draws diverse group, by Kakela Baker, p. A1, [Over 70 companies attended the Diversity Career Fair whose goal to encourage students from all backgrounds to apply for potential full-time jobs and internships.]
Speaker shares dual perspective, by Anthony Martinez Beven, p. A1, [Speaker Leon Golson shares his perspective of HIV/AIDS in the black community from an educator's stance and as a black man living with AIDS.]
Low crime rate remains steady, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A3.
OUPD teaches women the art of self-defense, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A4, [ Oakland University Police Department offers women a class, Rape Aggression Defense system, that helps them defend themselves against potential attackers.]
Celebrate the end of late fees...well sort of, by Kristin Sommer, p. A5, [Blockbuster offers customers the chance to keep movies one week past the due date without having to pay a late fee.]
Local Authors Uncovered, by Erin Mallard, p. A5, [Southfield Public Library offers local authors the chance to display their work at the library.]
Iraq's elections: A step toward dictatorship,by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A6, [The Presidential elections may not have been fair.]
Besides brew, what's on draft? Maybe you..., by Anthony Martinez Beven, p. A6, [ The possibility of a military draft.]
Winter Wonderland, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [ Winter festivities available off-campus.]
Young indie rocker continues success, by Dave Phillips p. B2, [ Review of music by Conor Oberest.]
Golden Grizzlies pep band leads cheers, by Natalie Fisher, p. B4, [ The functionality and importance of the pep band at basketball games.]
Charlie unlike the others, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B4, [ Review of the movie "Hide and Seek."]
Grizzlies outlast Valpo on the road, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeats Valpo at a close game.]
Hockey splits against Miami, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: OU to host ACHA Division II National Tournament.]
OU women swimmers top MSU; men defeated, by Dana Utz, p. B8, [Athletics]
Spartans top Grizzlies at Breslin, by Dave Pemberton, p. B8, [Athletics]

2005-2-9  [v. 31, no. 19]

Financial aid woes continue, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [ Administrators address delayed financial aid.]
Hire Opinion, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A1, [ Michigan plans to reward students with the Merit scholarship that will guarantee $4,000 in tuition reimbursement to higher education students who complete 2 years of college.]
Foreign difficulties loom, by Sheila Kosztomny, p. A1, [A panel of professors discuss the foreign policy challenges the Bush administration would face in its second term.]
NCA to review general education, by Libby Baker, p. A1, [ North Central Association visits OU to review upcoming changes to the university's general education program.]
Only a click away, by Anthony Martinez Beven, p. A3, [ Websites that offer cheaper textbook prices.]
Students screened for anxiety, by Julie Swidswinski, p. A3.
Panel discusses possibility of a minority U.S. president, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. A4.
Affirmative action in hands of voters, by Laurel Droz, p. A5, [Voters have the chance to vote on whether or not affirmative action will still exist in Michigan.]
Forget flowers, give a penguin, by Laurel Droz, p. A5, [ The Detroit Zoo invites the public to adopt a penguin or a polar bear for Valentine's Day.]
Bush promotes economic plans, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [President Bush outlined his economic agenda which calls for many cuts to public programs.]
Troubling tattoo trend
, by Megan Twohey, p. A5, [ A growing number of young people have teardrop tattoos, which symbolize a committed murder by the person with the tattoo.]
OUSC busy serving students, by Sarah Cook, p. A6, [Oakland University Student Congress works on many projects that will benefit the OU community, one of which being the passing of a bill to build the Gender and Sexuality Center.]
A plan for Valentine's Day, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [ Ways for guys to impress their lovers for Valentine's Day.]
There's no need to break the bank this time around, by Nicole Beattie, p. B1, [ Ways to save money when buying Valentine's Day gifts and planning the perfect day.]
Limblifter finds its musical nitch, by Dave Phillips, p. B2, [ Review of music by the group Limblifter.]
'Date' provides some laughs, by Juliet Kraft, p. B2, [Review of the movie "The Wedding Date."]
CSA welcomes new employee, by Alicia Sossi, p. A4, [ Center for Student Activities gets a new coordinator of student organizations and Greek life.]
Exhibit heats up the DIA, by Dave Phillips, p. B4, [An exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts displays glass work.]
Diversity-driven sorority
, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B4, [Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural sorority comes to OU with a mission to recruit young women from all backgrounds.]
OU snaps 11 game road losing streak, by Dave Pemberton, p. B6, [Athletics]
Irish too much for Grizzlies, by Dana Utz, p. B6, [Athletics: The women's and men's swim teams are defeated by the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish.]
Hockey rallies for victory, by Brendan Stevens, p. B8, [Athletics: Men's hockey team defeats the University of Michigan.]
Short-handed Ladies no match for Grizzlies, by Aaron Walker, p. B8, [Athletics: Women's basketball team defeats Centenary.]

2005-2-16  [v. 31, no. 20]

WXOU rallies for radio, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [WXOU wanted to expand their variety of music played and have better frequency.]
Governor flip flops, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A1, [Gov. Jennifer Granholm slashes $30 million from the higher education budget despite the emphasis she put on it in her State of the State Address.]
Idlewild relived, by Andrew Gaines, p. A1, [A professor from Grand Valley State University gives a presentation on the vacation resort, Idlewild, a vacation spot for African Americans during the times of segregation.]
Disparities revealed, by Loreen Bahri, p. A1, [The School of Nursing hosted a health exhibit in honor of Black History month, highlighting diseases and illnesses that greatly affect the African American community.]
Civil rights topic of heated debate, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [A panel discussed whether or not gay rights are civil rights.]
OU alumnus takes on Cisco, by Allison Brunner, p. A3, [A professor who is an OU alumni, challenges the e-learning program Cisco by making his own manual to accompany the online program in order to cut costs for students.]
What you need to know about skin, by Allison Brunner, p. A3, [ Harmful sunrays to avoid and ways to prevent sunburn.]
New health program to help stroke victims, by Nick Cotta, p. A4, [The School of Health Sciences will provide stroke victims who are without health insurance, private funds to help cover health care costs.]
Tales from the Crypt, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [The cementary named, "Elmwood" located in Detroit, MI and its tombstones and plaques that carry the names of many influential African Americans.]
Michigan: Canada's landfill?, by Karl Buchman, p. A6, [The problems posed as a result of Canada paying Michigan to allow its trash to be dumped in landfills here.]
Drink "Happy" with beer buddy, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A6, [Avoiding drinking alone with a toy named I.M. Happy.]
Who's got game?, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [Three popular gaming devices and descriptions of popular games to play on them.]
"Hitch" charms viewers, by Blythe Simmons, p. B2, [Review of the movie "Hitch."]
Festivities show African tradition, by Andrew Gaines, p. B4, [Sigma Gamma Rho. Sorority hosts its sixth annual Mock Yoruban Wedding in honor of Black History Month.]
Grizzlies take sole control of second, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeats University of Missouri-Kansas.]
Player pleads guilty to domestic violence, by John Elgion, p. B5, [ A University of Michigan player pleads guilty to domestic violence charges for assaulting his girlfriend.]
Exchange student values the experience, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. B4.
Dietary guidelines get an overhaul, by Julie Swidinski, p. B4, [The food pyramid changes its structure as a result of high obesity rates in the US.]
No one wants to be a zero, by Brendan A. Stevens, p. B5, [A commentary on the performance of Savannah State University's men basketball team.]
Club splits against Div. I foe, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Men's hockey club splits its weekend series with Oklahoma University.]
OU earns big road win, by Dave Pemberton, p. B6, [Athletics: Two key players who helped OU to defeat University of Missouri-Kansas.]

2005-2-23  [v. 31, no. 21]

Women 'break the ceiling', by Nick Cotta, p. A1, [Women taking strides towards breaking the glass ceiling.]
Coretta Scott King, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. A1, [ Coretta Scott King speaks at the Keeper of the Dream banquet.]
Interns are today's new fad, by Nick Cotta, p. A1, [ Career Services hosted an internship panel that stressed the importance of obtaining internships while in college.]
OU teams up with Fortune 500 companies, by Aaron Walker, p. A1, [OU teams up with Fortune 500 companies to make the companies programs accessible to OU students.]
A student with ambition, by Leslie Shephard-Owsley, p. A3, [ Profiling a former Keeper of the Dream winner and his plans for the future.]
Battling the seasonal affective disorder blues, p. A3, [Signs of SAD and ways to treat it.]
China and Russia clash over Mongolia, by Loreen Bahri, p. A3.
Series hits Judaism 101, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. A4, [ A forum held to inform students on Judaism.]
'Stump the Christian', by Allison Brunner, p. A4, [Intervarsity Christian Fellowship hosts a question and answer session on Christianity.]
Local soldier killed in Iraq, by Elizabth Gorecki, p. A5.
Hooked on Hold' Em, by Krystle Czajkoski and Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [ The popularity of Texas Hold' Em and how addicting it can be.]
Internship requirements not always practical for student, by Dante Ciullo, p. A7, [Actual firsthand and long-term work experience versus internships.]
Diverse Student Congress working for all student interests, by Michael McGuinness, p.A7.
Let the games begin in Detroit casinos, by Heidi Roman, p. B1, [Las Vegas style casinos found in and around Detroit.]
"Private Lives" tells all in a bashful comedy of love, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. B1, [Review of the play "Private Lives" put on by the Meadow Brook Theater.]
Angels and Demons collide in film
, by Laurel Droz, p. B2, [Review of the movie "Constantine".]
Band rocks with catchy guitar riffs, by Dave Phillips, p. B2, [Review of music by the band "And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Death"]
'The Contenders, by Chris Hewett, p. B4, [ Nominees for the Oscar races.]
Senior leads team, by Dave Pemberton, p. B5, [Athletics: Senior Courtney Scott leads the men's basketball team to victories with his demeanor and work ethic.]
Mid-Con's best defeat men, by Dave Pemberton, p. B5, [Athletics: Men's basketball team is defeated by the Mid Conference's best two teams, Oral Roberts University and Chicago University.]
Phoenix rise over Grizzlies, by Allison Brunner, p. B5, [Athletics: Women's tennis team is defeated by the Wisconsin-Breen Bay Phoenix.]
Can't just blame the coach, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: Men's basketball team's poor performance is due in part to the players themselves.]
Women looking for NIC four-peat, by Dana Utz, p. B6, [Athletics: OU hosts the National Independent Championships, which the women's swim team hopes to be undefeated in.]
Club seizes title again, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Men's hockey club wins the Great Midwest Hockey League tournament championship.]
Grizzlies bounce back after difficult loss, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Women's basketball team wins late season game after many previous losses.]

2005-3-2  [v. 31, no. 22]

Canadian photographers bring OU the art of Cool, by Dante Ciullo, p. A1, [Canadian photographer Julie Sando displays her statement making work at the Meadow Brook Art Gallery.]
Parks gives State of Student Body Address, Congress makes changes to constitution, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [ Student body president Johnathan Parks gives his final State of Student Body Address, which covered accomplishments made and issues being tackled by Student Congress.]
Dance ban hits campus, by Allison Brunner, p. A1.
OU celebrates Chinese New Year, by Blythe A. Simmons, p. A4, [OU celebrates the Chinese New Year with food, dancing, singing and crafts.]
Students urged to continue MLK legacy, by Christa Elaine Badon, p. A4, [ Event highlights OU's expanded African American history recognition and encourages students to continue in the MLK legacy.]
Award revamp in the works, by Roxanna Rives, p. A5, [ Governor Granholm proposes that a new award be given to graduating high school students that would provide them with $4,000 in their first two years of college.]
Scholarships may determine schools, by Frank Greve, p. A5, [Many scholarships are being given to students based on academic merit as opposed to financial need.]
Workers in progress, by Teresa Mask, p. A5, [ High school students who thrive in fields that do not require a four year college degree.]
Black history month events are not racist, by Michael Williams, p. A7, [Black history month events celebrate the achievements of African-Americans just as any other ethnicity's holiday would.]
Cellular phones ring in top hits, by Blythe Simmons, p. B1, [BlingTones offers songs by popular musicians for customers' ring tones.]
Designers ruff up fashion at the DIA, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [College students tour the fashion exhibit at the DIA and make their own contemporary fashions using inspirations from 17th century painter Gerard ter Borch.]
Wes Craven film stays in horror genre, by Andrea Welt, p. B2, [Review of the movie "Wes Craven".]
Two minutes with The Bulletin Boards, by Allison Brunner, p. B4, [Taking time to read the various different posters on bulletin boards throughout OU and being more informed as a result of it.]
Women win at home against league's best, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: Women's basketball team defeats Western Michigan University.]
Grizzlies end season with winning streak, by Dave Pemberton, p. B5, [Athletics: Men's basketball team ends its season with wins.]
Women four-peat at NICs, by Dana Utz, p. B6, [Athletics: Women's swim team comes out on top at the National Independent Conference Championship and holds onto its five year title.]
Tournament begins today, by Brendan J. Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: The men's hockey club competes for the American Collegiate Hockey Association title.]

2005-3-16 [v. 31, no. 23]

Dance Fever, by Dave Pemberton, p. A1, [Athletics: Men's baskteball team works their way up the ranks in the NCAA tournament through their win over Alabama A&M.]
Students experience first voyage to NCAA Tournament, by Libby Baker, p. A1, [Athletics: Students around campus show more school spirit after the basketball team advances in the NCAA tournament.]
OUPD issues warrants, by Allison Brunner, p. A3, [Warrants issued for the arrests of four individuals that were involved in three different incidents that occurred on the same night.]
Board meets after three month recess, by Julie Swidinski, p. A3, [ Board approves a contract with Credit Union One who will offer services on campus.]
Former congressmen meet with students, by Allison Brunner, p. A3, [Two Congressmen visit OU and discuss their experiences in politics and public service.]
Students screened for eating disorders, by Loreen Bahri, p. A3.
Congress discusses Chartwell contract, by Vera Marzoug, p. A4, [Student Congress discussed the pros and cons of renewing the contract with Chartwells.]
Cobo plans turn private, by Kadidjri Lahab, p. A5, [Cobo Hall's plans to expand are halted by trying to find funding for the expansion.]
$3 million mosque, center approved, by Marina Cracchiolo, p. A5, [The Ahmadiyya Movement of Islam purchases a new mosque.]
Prices on the rise, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5, [Gas prices rise.]
Grizzlies define March Madness, by Dave Pemberton, p. B1, [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeats Oral Roberts in the Mid-Con Tournament and advances to the NCAA tournament.]
NCAA berth has wide-reaching effects, by Dave Pemberton, p. B1, [Athletics: The basketball team's advancement to the NCAA tournament gives OU publicity.]
Slow pace ends women's tourney, by Brendan Stevens, p. B1, [Athletics: Women's basketball team ends season with a close loss against the University of Kansas City Missouri.]
Sweet victory was worth the wait, by Brendan Stevens, p. B1, [Athletics: The excitement of going to the NCAA tournament was worth all that the men's basketball team had to go through to get there.]
Hockey falls just short, by Anthony Stack and Brendan Stevens, p. B2, [Athletics:Men's hockey team loses against MSU in a close game.]
Two minutes with Scout, the Leader Dog, by Leslie Shephard-Owsley, p. B5, [Profiling the dog Scout whose presence is prevalent at the Oakland Post thanks to his owners journalism instructors Garry and Holly Gilbert.]
"I'm Bart Simpson... who the hell are you?, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B6, [Nancy Cartwright, the voice behind Bart Simpson, visits OU and shares her experiences as a voice actor and promotes her book "My Life as a Ten-Year Old Boy.]
Ford Co. brings new technology to students, by Andrea Kruger, p.B6, [The Henry Ford Rouge Factory offers educational resources for students through its historical information and technology.]
OU grad journeys with old, lost spirit, by Erin Mallard, p. B6, [OU alumni publishes a book about her experiences with ghost of Aaron Burke.]
Fashion world revives trends, by Laruel Droz, p. B7, [Fashions from the 60s, 70s and 80s make a comeback.]
Is St. Patrick's Day all about green beer?, by Carrie Kolasa, p. B7, [The true meaning behind St Patrick's day.]
Tourney grips OU community, p. B8, [Athletics: School spirit is all around campus in celebration of the men's basketball team advancing in the NCAA tournament.]
Fans join team in O'Rena for Selection Show Party, by Brendan Stevens, p. B8.

2005-3-23 [v. 31, no. 24]

Dancing woes continue on campus, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Dance ban still in affect on campus until the end of the winter semester.]
Students make long trek to Charlotte, by Libby Baker, p. A1, [Athletics: OU students travel to Charlotte NC to cheer the basketball team in the NCAA tournament.]
Ticket expense causes fuss, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A1, [Oakland University Student Congress is concerned about the $500 ticket, money that came from discretionary funds, used by the president of the OUSC to fly to the NCAA tournament.]
Candidates debate, by Nick Cotta, p. A2, [ Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates debate.]
$12m Palace plan approved, by Lizabeth Dueweke, p. A5, [The Auburn Hills Planning Commission approves an expansion of the Palace.]
Iraq: Two years after the invasion, by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A5 [American's opinions on the condition of Iraq two years after Bush declared war on Iraq.]
Students question Congress hopefuls, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A6.
Current events are the topic of discussion, by Karl Buchman, p. A6, [A panel that consisted of social studies professor discussed current events.]
Mandalas monks meditation, by Blythe Simmons, p. B1, [ Tibetan monks visit OU and bring their culture to the campus.]
ATiB offers work study, by Libby Baker, p. B1.
Lengthy album is worth time, by Dave Phillips, p. B1, [Review of the album "Frances the Mute".]
Holocaust survivors interact with stage, by Andrea Kruger, p. B2, [The play "And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank" and how it portrays the ostracism Jews faced furing the Nazi reign in Germany.]
Sequel doesn't live up to horror expectations, by Zenna Syeda, p. B2, [ Review of the movie "The Ring Two."]
Two minutes with Elizabeth Atkins, by Nicole Beattie, p. B3, [OU guest instructor discusses how she has overcome prejudice and biracial stereotypes.]
Grizzlies struggle as Mid-Con begins, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: Softball team prepares to play in the Mid-Con.]
Baseball wins first of season, by Dana Utz, p. B6, [Athletics]
Golfers' spring in full swing, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: The golf season begins with wins and losses.]
Grizzlies' NCAA dream ended, by Dave Pemberton, p. B8, [Athletics]

2005-3-30 [v. 31, no. 25]

OUSC battles over banquet costs, by Julie Swindinski, p. A1, [OUSC decides to set aside money that would have gone towards an OUSC end of the year banquet.]
Speaker encourages students to take part in King's dream, by Nick Cotta, p. A1, [Reginald Turner, president-elect of the National Bar Association speaks on MLK's dream.]
Reporter shares experiences from Iraq, by Kadidjri Lahab, p. A1.
Campus remains dance-free, by Allison Brunner, p. A1.
Levin speaks at OU, by Crystal Allen, p. A2.
Master's program enjoys success, by Leslie Shephard-Owsley, p. A3, [Master of Liberal Arts Program is successful in its first two years.]
Risking lives to save art, by Heidi Roman, p. A3, [People who risked their lives to save their artwork and literature during the Holocaust.]
Series explores Grant's character, by Karl Buchman, p. A3, [Series explores President Ulysses S. Grant's character.]
Pimp yo' ride, by Paul Kampe, p. A5, [ Ways to take care of your car.]
Women's history movement reaches milestone this March, by Ava Haberkornhalm, p. A5, [Women's history month reaches 18 year milestone and OU organizations celebrate it with several different programs.]
Taxing times, by Kristin Sommer, p. A6, [ Information about filing taxes.]
New club draws an older crowd, by Laura Weiner, p. A6, [Club 650 offers senior citizens a night-club style monthly event.]
Conference highlights diversity, by Stephanie Parry, p. A8, [A forum hosted by Center for Multicultural Initiatives targets issues in the African-American community pertaining to unity and self-assurance.]
OU student takes his voice and guitar to the local scene, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [An OU student produces his own album and performs locally.]
Sequel "armed" with a similar humor, by Andrea Welt, p. B1, [ Review of the movie Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Dangerous.]
Beck explores variety of music genres, by Dave Phillips , p. B1, [Review of the album "Sea Change" by the band Beck.]
Contemporary Detroit artist is one with communication, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B2, [Local Detroit artist Phaedra Robinson uses unusual items such as lipstick, bullet holes and wine as a way to compile her artwork.]
Two minutes with the Fireside Lounge Piano, by Jeremy Selweski, p. B3, [Profiling the piano in the Fireside Lounge and its presence there.]
Tourney tickets on sale, by Brendan Stevens, p. B7, [Athletics: NCAA tickets go on sale.]
Women's tennis still in search of first win, by Allison Brunner, p. B7, [Athletics]
Golf squads sweep Butler Invitational, by Brendan Stevens, p. B7, [Athletics: Women's and men's golf squads bested their first joint competition.]
Defending national champions start strongly, by Brendan Stevens, p. B7, [Athletics: Men's lacrosse team wins its first seven games.]
Heroics give game greatest weekend, by Blair Kerkhoff, p. B8, [Athletics: MSU defeats Kentucky after a second overtime period.]
Grizzlies swept by Wolverines, by Dave Pemberton, p. B8, [Athletics]
Spring is almost in the air, by Brendan Stevens, p. B8, [Commentary on the common use of steroids by MLB players.]

2005-4-6 [v. 31, no. 26]

OUSC's budget woes continue, by Julie Swidwinski, p. A1, [OUSC continues to discuss budget allocation.]
You like Mike, by Libby Baker, p. A1, [Michael McGuinness and Kori Lynn Caver are voted OUSC president and vice president.]
The search begins, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [The search for the new pope of the catholic church beings after Pope John Paul II dies.
Sleep debt has to be paid, by Julie Swidiwinski, p. A3, [Ways to avoid sleep deprivation.]
Ode to Oxford, by Allison Brunner, p. A3, [OU students study abroad at Oxford University.]
Expert speaks on changing workforce, by Karl Buchman, p. A4.
Women continue to fight for equality, by Rene Eovaldi, p. A4, [Advances and still-to-be-made improvements in women's equality.]
Father of Faith, by David Crumm and Patricia Montemurri, p. A5, [The life and achievements of Pope John Paul II.]
Awareness grows with spread of monologues, by Stephanie Parry, p. B1, [The play "The Vagina Monologues" comes to OU.]
Through these eyes, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [Review of music by artist Tamara Bedricky.]
Apple's iPod blasts tech-savvy world, by Jeremy Selweski, p. B1, [Growing popularity of iPods and their use.]
TV dating show attracts college students and OU, by Adam Bark, p. B2, [Students at Loyola University create the dating show "Fate Date."]
Two minutes with A Sunset in Venice, by Dante Ciullo, p. B3, [The ambiance of being at a beach in Venice Italy.]
IUPUI silences Grizzlies, by Dana Utz, p. B5, [Athletics]
Tennis notches first victory, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: Women's tennis team wins its first game of the season.]
Golfers fall one spot on day two, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: The golf squads placed fourth in the Cincinnati/Dayton Invitational.]
Soccer captain earns reward, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: Men's soccer captain wins a $1,000 scholarship for academic excellence.]
Baseball drops three to Eagles, by Dave Pemberton, p. B6, [Athletics: Baseball team loses against the Eastern Michigan University Eagles.]

2005-4-13 [v. 31, no. 27]

OUSC cuts staff salaries, by Julie Swindinski, p. A1.
Garden Party ready to bloom, by Jeremy Selweski, p. A1, [Students form a band and come out with their first album.]
Nursing students extend a helping hand, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1, [Nursing students participate in the March of Dimes.]
Coaster detects date-rape drugs, by Patrick Danner, p. A3, [Drink coaster detect whether or not the drinks placed on them contain date-rape drugs.]
NCAA gets heat for beer ads on TV games, by Gregory Cancelada, p. A3.
Binge drinking problems take root in community, by Lucy Katanov, p. A3, [A study shows that a college's location can have a big impact on binge-drinking
Students screened for alcohol abuse, by Loreen Bahri, p. A4.
450 artist+ 50 venues = MC2, by Paul Kampe, p. A5, [ Motor city concert feature 450 acts in 50 downtown venues.]
Rochester Hills is a "Tree City", by Erin Mallard, p. A5, [Rochester Hills is named a "Tree City" by The National Arbor Day Foundation for implementing a forestry program.]
Vintage in vogue, by Marina Cracchiolo, p. A6, [A socialite donates her extensive wardrobe, which features fashions throughout the 20th century, to the Henry Ford Museum as a display.]
Hot spot to grab your cup of joe, by Erin Mallard, p. A6, [Review of the cafe LA Cafe and Java in Waterford.]
King's life needs further exploration, by Michael Williams, p. A7.
Focusing on the face, by Sheila Kosztowny, p. B1, [The artwork of an OU student, which depicts human relationships.]
MTV earns a college education, by Kristin Sommer, p. A1, [ MTV launches mtvU, a college only station.]
Rockin' Detroit with Blisstripp, by Andrea Kruger, p. B2, [The band Blisstripp formed by OU students who compose alternative-indie music.]
Two minutes with a vegan, by Ryan D'John, p. B3, [Reasons for being a vegan and the kinds of foods they eat.]
Anatomy of a triathlon, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [The OU community participates in the second annual OU indoor triathlon.]
Individual leaders keep OU in hunt, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics: The golf squad takes the lead in their individual competitions.]
Tennis racks up second league win, by Brendan Stevens, p. B5, [Athletics]
Grizzlies upset OSU, by Dave Pemberton, p. B6, [Athletics: The baseball team defeats Ohio State University.]
Women struggle against league, by Dana Utz, p. B6, [Athletics: The softball team loses against Southern Utah University.]
Lacrosse still undefeated, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics]

2005-4-20 [v. 31, no. 28]

White smoke signals new pope, by Libby Baker, p. A1, [Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected the pope of the Roman Catholic Church.]
Rock adds his edge to "The Longest Yard", by Elizabeth Gorecki, p. A1, [Comedian Chris Rock adds comedy to the movie "The Longest Yard."]
Downing steps down, but not out, by Allison Brunner, p. A1, [Dean David Downing of the Mathematics department steps down from the position, but continues to teach.]
PSP sales stumble, by Michelle Blahnik, p. A1.
OU may see Grizz statue this fall, by Allison Brunner, p. A1.
Women take back the night, by Loreen Bahri, p. A3, [OU and HAVEN sponsor a program that takes a stand against violence against women, which featured a rally, march and survivors sharing their stories.]
Students can search for jobs in pajamas, by Heidi Roman, p. A3, [The online Michigan Collegiate Virtual Job Fair allows students to search for employment from the comfort of their homes.]
Women aren't from venus, men aren't from Mars, by Rachael Biermann and Loreen Bahri, p. A3, [Sociologist Michael Kimmel refutes the belief that men and women are unalike.]
Pope touches lives of many, by Loreen Bahri, p. A3
Oklahoma City: 10 years later, by Howard Witt, p. A5, [Looking back at the Oklahoma City bombing.]
Renew tabs with touch of a finger, by Laura Weiner, p. A5, [Automated self-service stations make an appearance at many Secretary of States.]
No more helmet-hair in Michigan, by Paul Kampe, p. A5, [The state senate passes a bill that would allow motorcycle drivers 21 and older to ride without wearing a helmet.]
College is more than just grades, by Libby Baker, p. A7, [The importance of the social aspect of college.]
The digital debate, by Dante Ciullo, p. B1, [The soaring sales of digital cameras.]
Bubble Bliss bursts with boba tea flavors, by Michelle Blahnik, p. B1, [Downtown Rochester's Bubble Bliss tea cafe offers a diverse array of boba teas.]
Fact-based plot comes short of thrills, by Andrew Gaines, p. B1, [Review of the movie "The Amityville Horror."]
Two minutes with Sumeera Younis, by Laura Angus, p. B2, [Profiling a senior who is heavily involved in OU's community.]
"Angels" lift spirit of soldiers, by Libby Baker, p. B3, [Letter sent from Soldiers' Angels uplift soldiers fighting in Iraq.]
Baseball wins one: Salvages series against Oral Roberts, by Dave Pemberton, p. B4, [Athletics: The baseball team salvages game four of the season against Oral Roberts.]
Students enticed by Grizz, by Brendan Stevens, p. B4, [Athletics: The Grizz makes his last appearance of the school year at a baseball game as an incentive to increase students presence at the baseball and softball games.]
U-M dominates club lacrosse, by Brendan Stevens, p. B4, [Athletics]
Saying goodbye after four years, by Brendan Stevens, p. B6, [Athletics: The sports editor reflects on his experience with writing for the Oakland Post.]

2005-6-15 [v. 32, no. 1]

Employment rate remains steady, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1.
Cruise makes contact, by Roqaya Eshmawi, p. A1, [Tom Cruise talks about the upcoming movie, "War of the Worlds" which he stars in.]
OU approves permanent PrintWise, by Kristin Sommer, p. A1, [The pay-for-print system being used on printers around campus.]
Vandenburgh cafe and SFH get updated looks, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3.
Students trek to Europe, by Irene Eovaldi, p. A3.
OUSC addresses layoff concerns - suggests revised library hours, by Julie Swidinski, p. A3.
First Arab American museum opens, by Vera Marzoug, p. A5.
Motor City Music Conference organizers off to an early start, by Paul Kampe, p. A6, [Organizers evaluate the Conference and discuss what to keep and what to improve on for next year.]
Detroit fattens fast food tax, by Vera Marzoug, p. A8, [Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick proposes a 2 percent tax increase on food at fast food restaurants.]
Why has OU dropped off the deep end?, by Gary Baker, p. A8, [College as a place to explore and ask questions.]
Cultures melt at festival, by Roxanne Rives, p. B1, [Events and venues that took place at the Detroit Festival of Arts.]
Cold, white sounds are ahead for summer, by Dave Phillips, p. B2, [ Review of music by Coldplay and White Stripes.]
'Civilized man' offers up neutered vampire, by Dante Cuillo, p. B2, [Review of the CD 'Civilized Man' by James Marsters.]
'Dogtown' bows out at box office, by Cindi Pozzi, p. B3, [Review of the movie 'Dogtown'.]
Summer's hot, hot, hot reads, by Andrea Welt, p. B3.
Visteon's vice gives advice, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B4, [ Visteon's vice president gives advice to those who want to go into business.]
Gas prices up, SUV sales down, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B4.
Laughter is the best medicine, by Blythe A. Simmons, p. B5.
Vitamin enhanced beverages fall flat, by Blythe Simmons, p. B5.
Freshman becomes Mr. Everything for OU, by Julie Swidinski, p. B7, [Athletics: A freshman baseball player is named to the All-Mid-Continent Conference team and becomes OU's first baseball player to earn Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American team honors.]
OU adds track program, by Paul Kampe, p. B8, [Athletics]
A sports fantasy in Detroit?, by Dave Pemberton, p. B8, [Detroit's sports teams dominate their sports this year.]


2005-8-31 [v. 32, no. 2]

Tuition up, spirits down, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1.
OU star turns pro, by Dave Pemberton, p. A1, [OU student, Rawle Marshall sign a contract with the Dallas Mavericks potentially worth $400,000.]
Tuition increases throughout state, by Paul Kampe, p. A1.
Changed refund policy promises more money, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3, [Students now have two weeks, instead of one, to withdraw from classes and to receive a 100% refund.]
ATMs come with price, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3, [People whose financial institutions do not belong to the CO-OP network will be charged a $1.25 fee to use the ATMs.]
Fall/Winter Budget is approved, p. A3.
WXOU transmitter damaged by lightening bolt , by Alicia Sossi, p. A4.
Gas prices around OU continue to climb, by Vera Marzoug, p. A5.
Make the best of your college years, by Gary Baker, p. A7.
EyeToy puts you in the game, by Michael Felberaum, p. B1, [Sony Computer Entertainment creates a game that lets users interact with the console and to see themselves onscreen.]
Corvette's rev up at Canterbury, by Mary McKay, p. B1, [Canterbury Village in Lake Orion sponsors its first annual Canterbury Corvette Fest, which raises donations that go towards Leader Dogs for the Blind.]
Simpson's movie should stay 'Undiscovered', by Laura Weiner, p. B3, [Review of the Simpson's movie 'Undiscovered.']
'Brother's' disappoint audiences in a 'Grimm' tale, by Nick Cotta, p. B3, [Review of the movie 'Brothers Grimm.']
Renaissance popular in 21st Century, by Rachael Biermann, p. B5, [The Renaissance Festival attracts many from all over Michigan with its many entertainment venues, food, and costumes.]
Budgeting for back to school, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B6, [Tips on keeping a budget while in school.]
Looking for the perfect notebook? Dell, IBM, Apple have laptops for all your back-to-school needs, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B6.
Students may be at risk for menigitis, by Blythe Simmons, p. B7.
Caffeine addicts, beware, by Blythe Simmons, p.B7, [The risks of too much caffeine consumption.]
The sports slate, by Paul Kampe, p. B10, [Commentary of the Detroit Tigers' performance this season.]
Samdel leads OU to 2-0 start, by Jake Sharfman, p. B11, [Athletics: The women's soccer team defeats Eastern Michigan University.]
Men's soccer picked second, by Paul Kampe, p. B12, [Athletics: Men's soccer team polled to place second in the Mid-Continental Conference this year.]

2005-9-7 [v. 32, no. 3]

Bear Necessities, by Julie Wojciechowski, p. A1, [OU apparel continues to be sold exclusively at OU because of a tight licensing agreement.]
Tech center teaches users to be tech savvy, by Alicia Sossi, p. A3.
OU helps freshmen transition, by Julie Wojciehowski, p. A3, [OU offers programs that help incoming freshman make the transition from high school to college.]
Campus crimes drop, by Paul Kampe, p. A4.
Comic, prizes save day, by Julie Wojciechowski, p. A4, [Student Programming Board has $2,500 worth of prizes and comedian Mike Green entertain students for Welcome Week after Vanessa Carlton cancels at the last minute.]
Rally sparks school spirit, by Alicia Sossi, p. B1, [The Oakland University Pep Rally takes place as part of Greek Week and features food games and music.]
Arts, Beats and Eats raises disaster relief, by Samantha Franz, p. B1, [The festival raises funds that will go towards disaster relief in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.]
Save lives, make money, donate plasma, by Alicia Sossi, p. B4.
Crohn's affects OU student, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B5, [Profiling a student living with Crohn's Disease.]
Cross country sets high goals, by Paul Kampe, p.B7, [Athletics: The cross country gets ready for the Crusader Invitational.]
From Norway to OU, journey pays off, by Alicia Sossi, p. B8, [Athletics: Norwegian student Marianne Samdel greatly aids the women's soccer team in their winning season.]
Grizzlies outlast Broncos, by Jake Sharfman, p. B8, [Athletics: Women's soccer team defeats the Western Michigan University Broncos.]

2005-9-14 [v. 32, no. 4]

Students faculty remember Sept. 11, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1.
OU tackles e-mail spam, by Julie Swidinski, p. A1.
Program hikes to Macomb, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1, [OU partners with Macomb Community College to offer credit to students going to MCC through a program called "OU at Macomb."]
Students open hearts by opening pockets, by Julie Swidinski, p. A3, [Students raise more than $3,000 in donations for Hurricane Katrina victims through "Oakland University Cares and Shares."]
Volunteers called in for action, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3, [ More than 30 organizations visited OU's Volunteer Fair in order to recruit student volunteers.]
SEHS welcomes students, by Kristin Sommer, p. A4, [The new School of Education and Human Services offers students new majors and programs.]
Penny wars brings stiff competition, by Julie Swidinski, p. A4, [Penny wars takes place amongst the different floors in the resident halls to see who can donate the most change all the while raising money for Hurricane Katrina victims.]
After renovation, DIA preps to open its door, by Paul Kampe, p. A5.
The grizz dances at OU, by Zenna Syeda, p. B1, [The annual Grizzdance Film Festival takes place in order to recognize the creativity and visual talents of students at OU.]
Greek life starts up this week, by Zenna Syeda, p. B1, [The four College Panhellenic sororities on campus get ready to host orientation and bid-day for potential members.]
Middle Eastern eatery offers unique cuisine, by Minehana Forman, p. B2, [Review of the restaurant Beirut Palace in downtown Royal Oak.]
Hollywood unsure about film future, by David Germain, p. B2, [Summer of 2005 is the worst for film attendance since 1997.]
Online communities stifle human interaction amongst college students, by Minehana Forman, p. B3.
She went ballistic, by Blythe Simmons, p. B4, [An interview with a forensic technician who works as an Integrated Ballistics Identification System Technician and their job descriptions.]
How much sleep are you getting?, by Blythe Simmons, p. B5, [Sleep and its many benefits and tips on how to get enough sleep.]
Goalie prides himself on team results, by Paul Kampe, p. B8, [Athletics:The soccer team goalie and his dedication and hard work contributes to team victories.]

2005-9-21 [v. 32, no. 5]

Katrina victims call OU home, by Alicia Sossi, p. A1, [Some Hurricane Katrina victims come to OU to continue their collegiate studies.]
Free speech calls for debate, by Blythe Simmons, p. A1.
Mother preaches against all hate, by Julie Swidinski and Brian Dorfman, p. A1, [Judy Shepard whose son Matthew was killed in a hate crime visited OU as a part of Anti-Hate week]
Student missionaries open eyes to culture, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3, [Students and faculty participate in the "Hispanic Celebration 2005" which explored people doing missionary work in Mexico and their experiences.]
Wellness fair strives to educate, by Julie Swidinski, p. A3, [Graham Health center hosts a Wellness Fair in order to educate students on ways to live healthy and productive lives.]
Chartwells' prices, regulations under fire, by Zenna Syeda, p.A3, [Oakland University Student Congress reviews Chartwells' new meal policy and hosts various events to inform students on different movements.]
Changes to SBA show promise, by Kristin Sommer, p. A4, [The School of Business Administration introduces new programs to make completing college more convenient.]
AIDS Walk raises nearly $400,000, by Brian Dorfman, p. A5.
Walkers trek Metro Beach to raise money for Lupus, by Paul Kampe, p. A4.
OU student crowned Miss Oakland County, by Rachael Biermann, p. B1.
'Heaven' expels the devil to take the top box office, by Christy Lemire, p. B2, [Review of the movie "Just Like Heaven."]
Fox's 'OC' popularizes Death Cab, by Jeremy Selweski, p. B3, [Review of music by the band Death Cab for Cutie.]
M.I.A. heats up the music scene, by Minehana Forman, p. B3, [Review of music by the singer M.I.A.]
Resume 101: Breaking down your CV, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B4, [Tips for making an effective resume.]
Nutrition: Take a bite out of bad habits, by Jennifer McLean and Kelly Reynolds, p. B5, [The National 5-A-Day month encourages everyone to consume five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily.]
New, Improved Food Pyramid, by April Leak, p. B5, [The USDA creates a new food pyramid with new food intake information.]
Students struggle with Freshman 15, by Blythe Simmons, p. B5.
Lippert stays focused despite slow start, by Kai Hicks, p. B7, [Athletics: Profiling volleyball player Heather Lippert whose improvements help to make OU victorious at games.]
Breakthrough!, by Dustin Frucci, p. B8, [Athletics: The men's soccer team defeats the University of Michigan at a match.]

2005-9-28 [v. 32, no. 6]

State chief justice translates the limits of law, by Kristin Sommer, p. A1, [A Cooley law professor discusses the vagueness of the Constitution and its relationship with the law.]
Katrina's stirs nations, by Brian Dorman, p. A1,[Professor Nesbary of poltical science discusses how Hurricane Katrina may be the most important event pf everyone's life at a current events discussion panel.]
AMU will lobby for increased funding, by Kristin Sommer, p. A1, [The Association of Michigan Universities goes to Lansing to lobby the tuition hike.]
SPIN connection lost, by Dan Wilkinson, p. A3, [A forum hosted by Students Promoting Interest in Nature and GreenConnect discusses how business affects the environment.]
OUSC pleased by outcome of AMU and Anti-Hate week, by Alicia Sossi, p. A3.
Good cause leads to good times, by Julie Wojchiechowski, p. A3, [OU students and JD's Key Club teamed up to raise money for Katrina victims.]
New majors attract students to SECS, by Kristin Sommer, p. A4.
OU student treks down Detroit, by Minehana Forman, p. A5, [The unequal distribution of wealth two students saw while trekking from Birmingham to Detroit.]
Oakland County gets 2-1-1 to access health services, by Paul Kampe, p. A5.
Comedy comes to campus, by Zenna Syeda, p. B1, [The first Comedy College Festival comes to OU.]
See Disney without leaving the state, by Alicia Sossi, p. B1, [ An exhibit that shows Disneyland from its beginning to present day comes to the Henry Ford Museum at Greenfield Village.]
Students jam with poetry, by Jennifer McLean, p. B1, [The Honors College hosted a poetry jam.]
'Night Stalker' leads the pack of mystical copycats, by Samantha Franz, p. B2, [Review of the movie 'Night Stalker.']
Artist displays unique pieces, by Cindi Pozzi, p. B2.
Redwalls revisit the '60s with De Nova, by Jeremy Selweski, p. B3, [Review of music by band Redwalls.]
How to prep for this fall's Career Fair, by Blythe Simmons, p. B4.
Credit 101: Expert gives tips on choosing the right credit program, by Kelly Reynolds, p. B4.
Prevention is key for cold, flu season, by Blythe Simmons, p. B5.
Michigan outlasts OU in rainy match, by Jake Sharfman, p. B7, [Athletics: University of Michigan defeats OU in a women's soccer match.]
Making Swaves, by Paul Kampe, p. B8, [Athletics: Profiling soccer player Kristi Swaving and her contribution to the women's soccer team.]

2005-10-12 [v. 32, no. 8]

Students wage war on war, by Stephanie Schneider. p. A1, [Iraq war protest organized by the New Campus Greens]
Student dismissed from OUSC duties, by Sheila Kosztowny. p. A1, [Student Derek Giordano removed from OUSC legislator position for two counts of misconduct]
RFK Jr. ignites passion at OU, by Mary McKay. p. A1, [Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. delivers speech at OU entitled "Our Environmental Destiny"]
Francis named head coach of women's basketball, by Dave Pemberton. p. A1, [Athletics: Beckie Francis returns to coach after three-year layoff]
Center opens for students, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3., [Gender and Sexuality Center opens during Week of Champions at OU]
OUSC wants healthy and vegetarian food choices, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [OUSC meeting topics: Appeal to Chartwells to offer healthier food options at Vandenberg Hall cafeteria, Sophomore Peter Vitale confirmed as a new legislator, WOCOU and free t-shirt give-away at Midnite Madnezz, Student Program Board new mission statement]
Undecided can seek help at Advising Week, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3, [Informational article about the College of Arts and Sciences in a series outlining the schools on campus]
OU athlete arraigned on drug charges. p. A3, [Junior Calvin Wooten charged with operating a vehicle with the presence of drugs]
Student evaluations coming, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3, [Mid-semester evaluations for students in lower-level classes will be posted on the SAIL Web system October 14]
Most students say 'no' to bill, by Brian Droman. p. A5. [Michigan state proposal to ban cell phone usage while driving ranks low among OU students]
Oakland County downtowns in the works, by Paul Kampe. p. A5, [Cities dedicated to preserving their downtown areas are taking part in the program Main Street Oakland County]
OU home to streams, meadows, by Minehaha Forman. p. A7, [The Eastern and Western Nature preserves cover up to 110 acres of untouched land on campus]
Affirmative action is in high demand, by Mia C. Evans. p. A10.
OU is a gateway for many research opportunities, by Virinder Moudgil. p. 11, [Examples of student involvement in research]
DeVos: Michigan's challenges are solvable, by Paul Kampe. p. 12, [Interview with Republican gubernatorial election candidate Dick DeVos]
Hitchcock haunts campus, by Sara Kandel. p. B1, [Meadow Brook Hall hosts "Hitchcock at the Hall" featuring Hitchock films and three-course themed meals]
Halloween gets an old-fashioned twist, by Samantha Franz. p. B1, [Special Halloween celebration at Greenfield Village]
Leaves and apples, doughnuts and cider, by Brian Dorman. p. B2-B3, [Guide to apple orchards and cider mills in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties]
Learn apartment basics before signing a lease, by Brian Dorman. p. B4.
Lane takes coaching skills to another court, by Paul Kampe. p. B6, [Athletics: Spotlight on student Whitney Lane member of Women's Volleyball team]
Sports shorts, by Dave Pemberton. p. B6, [Athletics: Crusaders blank the Grizzlies to earn win, Tennis team ends fall with a victory, Swim team takes third at Notre Dame, OU falls to Westerwinds in Mid-Con opener]
OU bests rest of Division I. p. B8, [Athletics: Men's Cross Country]
Trading season is open in Fantasy Football, by Dave Pemberton. p. B8.

2005-10-19 [v. 32, no. 9]

Deadly Flu, by Anthony Martinez Beven. p. A1, [Avian flu strain cause of concern in U.S.]
Students baffled by eBill, by Brian Dorman. p. A1, [Tuition bills have switched to online campus SAIL system]
Marshall sinks Pistons at Palace, by Dave Pemberton. p. A1.
Saving lives just got easier, by Zenna Syeda. p. A3, [Ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of Nursing School lab in O'Dowd Hall]
Social Security; funds could fizzle, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3, [Interview and campus speaking engagement with Rufus Gaston, public affairs specialist with the metro Detroit branch of the Social Security Administration]
OUSC seeks student input, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Topics discussed at OUSC meeting]
Serious students must study, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [The Academic Skills Center presented a First Year Transition Workshop on studying and note taking]
Technology advancements guide our generation. Staff editorial. p. 7, [Study conducted by Alloy Media Marketing and Harris Interactive on digital spending and usage by college students ages 18- to 30 year-old]
Letters to the Editor: Professor should not have been denied tenure, by Kelly L. Cole and Professor went out of her way to help out students, by Holly N. Minoletti, p. A7, [Articles in support of Professor Gabrielle Stryker who was denied tenure]
OU offers courses to feed students' environmental interests, by Paul Kampe. p. A9, [College of Arts and Sciences has chosen the theme "Environmental Explorations" and is offering a number of classes in the sciences]
Local haunts scare students, by Adam Bark. p. B1, [Local haunted venues: Castle of the Dead, Erebus and Nautical Nightmare featured]
Idols take the stage, by Marina Cracchiolo. p. B3, [WOCOU Talent Show sponsored by the Association of Black Students and Student Program Board]
Audiences did not mind 'Waiting', by Cheryl Higginson. p. B3, [Department of MTD production "The Waiting Room", directed by Karen Sheridan, associate professor of theatre]
Awareness of breast cancer is key to disease prevention, by Mary McKay. p. B5.
Frezza blazes trail for teammates to follow, by Erin Mallard. p. 6. [Athletics: Cross country runner Adam Frezza featured]
Sports shorts, by Dave Pemberton. p. 6, [Athletics: Batcha and Manakova take game to Europe, OU blanks Centenary to move up to .500, OU cheerleading tryouts next week, Volleyball splits pair of conference matches, Frezza top Grizzly at pre-Nationals meet, Four Grizzlies earn Mid-Con weekly honors]
Grizzlies shut out Jaguars, by Dustin Frucci. p. B8. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Big 10 Football Fact or Fiction, by Dustin Frucci and Dave Pemberton. p. B8.

2005-10-26 [v. 32, no. 10]

OU On A Roll?, by Julie Swidwinski. p. A1, [OU Board of Trustee's consider proposal that will roll four fees previously charged to students separately into tuition]
Exposing humanity's impact, by Danta Ciullo. p. A1, ["Imaging a Shattering Earth" Meadow Brook Art Gallery's biggest show to date opens]
OU alumna runs for mayor, by Alicia Sossi. p. A1, [OU alumna Heather C. Clement runs in Fenton mayoral election]
Parks' death sparks dialogue, by Brian Dorman & Erin Texeira. p. A1, [Reflections on Rosa Parks death and history of civil rights movement]
Academia Mania hits OU, by Julie Wojciechowski. p. A3, [Academic advisors participated in Advising Week event hosted by Vandenberg Hall]
Intramural sports looking bright, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3, [New addition of lights on the Upper Fields will increase play time up to 10 more hours per day]
Studio art mixes mediums, by Leslie Shepard-Owsley. p. A3, [Liberal arts program adds new undergraduate degree called Studio Art]
Marathoners run to Canada and back..., by Kara O'Connell. p. A5, [Coverage of the 28th Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon]
Oakland County goes wireless, by Paul Kampe. p. A5, [Oakland County initiative to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access, available early 2007]
Altercation under investigaton, by Kristin Sommer. p. A6, [Several students caught fighting inside Pioneer Food Court in Oakland Center]
WXOU may air in Pioneer Food Court, by Alicia Sossi. p. A6.
Program favors non-OU students. Staff editorial. p. A7, [OU at Macomb a joint program offering OU students an opportunity to pursue a bachelor's degree at Macomb Community College University Center is not a benefit to all students]
Save the largest beer bottle, by Martin Mittner. p. A7, [Call to students to patronize the Big Buck Brewery & Steakhouse in an effort to keep it from closing]
Top 10 signs you're from Oakland County, by Vera Marzoug. p. A7, [Satire]
'Changes we have never seen...', by Stephanie Schneider. p. A9, [Topics covered at the Symposium on the Environment and Public Health sponsored by the School of Health Science, the School of Nursing and the Honors College]
It's that time 'o' year, by Brian Dorman. p. B1, [Directions and tips for carving a pumpkin]
Metro Detroit has its own urban legends, by Samantha Franz. p. B1, [Scary urban legends in metro Detroit]
Franz Ferdinand finds their niche, by Eric Allen. p. B2, [Music review of album "You Could Have It So Much Better"]
OU grad's 'Hope' floats in album, by Jeremy Selweski. p. B3, [Music review of band Thor's new album "Hope is the Future Tense"]
Find out 'who done it' at OU, by Cheryl Higginson. p. B3, [Murder Mystery at Meadow Brook Hall hosted by Student Program Board with performances by local group called Theatre Arts Production is a free event to OU students and a guest]
College stress may cause depression, by Minehaha Forman. p. B5, [Symptoms of depression and advice on how to help alleviate some of the stress encountered during college years is shared]
Transfer excels for soccer team, by Kyle Magin. p. B6, [Athletics: Women's soccer]
McMahon's nets hat trick in victory, by Kyle Magin. p. B6, [Athletics: Men's hockey]
Scot leaving his mark on OU, by Paul Kampe. p. B8, [Athletics: Men's soccer forward Chris Edwards is spotlighted]

2005-11-02 [v. 32, no. 11]

Theft breaks out on campus, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1, [Fifteen students' cars vandalized in OU parking lots in one month]
Oh, our cluttered lives, by Alicia Sossi and Joseph B. Verrengia. p. A1, [Experts estimate 3 million American are pack rats and OU is no exception]
OU finds Dale K hypnotic, by Kayla Jerome. p. A3, [Hypnotist Dale K performs at OU's Friday Night Live]
Habitat students build after Katrina, by Nora Gothamy. p. A3, [OU's chapter of Habitat for Humanity builds homes for Katrina victims]
OUSC to ask trustees to wait on rolling fees, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [OUSC asks board of trustees to delay decision on rolling student fees]
Rochester Hills may 'roll back prices', by Paul Kampe. p. A5, [Proposed Wal-Mart store in Rochester Hills causes controversy]
Residents help to rescue hurricane animal victims, by Lauren Comaianni. p. A5, [Michigan residents care for homeless cats and dogs]
OU Student Congress needs to start pulling its act together. Staff editorial. p. A7, [Editorial about the lack of awareness and respect shown by students at OUSC meetings]
Take advantage of voting in our local communities, by Michael McGuinness. p. A7, [Student Body President encourages students to vote in all elections, not just presidential ones]
Dangerous bug destroys trees, by Minehaha Forman. p. A9, [Emerald ash borer threatens ash tree populations in North America]
Environmental interests?, by Alicia Sossi. p. A7, [The whys and ways students can get involved in helping the environment]
Local trail offers serene fall setting, by Sara Kandel. p. B1, [Paint Creek Trail offers scenic nature paths nearby campus]
Flicks return to OU, by Erin Mallard. p. B2, [Foreign films shown at Meadowbrook Theatre]
Women's Basketball Preview, by Samantha Franz. p. B8, [Athletics: Beckie Francis returns to coach OU women's basketball team]
Reaquainted and ready to go, by Paul Kampe. p. B7, [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Francis at home at OU, by Samantha Franz. p. B7, [Athletics: After a three year absence due to illness, OU basketball coach Beckie Francis is back]
Mid-Con champs, by Dustin Frucci. p. B6, [Athletics: Adam Frezza takes individual title at cross country Mid-Con Championship]
Sports Shorts, by Dave Pemberton. p. B6, [Athletics: Updates on OU sports teams]

2005-11-09 [v. 32, no. 12]

In Time for Dissection, by Jeremy Selweski. p. A1, [Students reactions to dissecting cadavers in Human Anatomy classes]
BOT rolls fees into tuition, by Julie Swidwinski. p. A1, [Controversial decision to roll student fees into tuition]
Communities divide over SMART service, by Paul Kampe. p. A1, [Keeping or discontinuing SMART bus service debated amongst Oakland County communities]
Passion brings prestige, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Student Rachel Banner won the 2005 Norton Scholar's Prize]
Shame and fear hung out to dry, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Women's Issues Forum gathers to spread awareness about sexual assault, domestic violence and incest]
Shattered Earth impacts environmental opinions, by Dante Ciullo. p. A3, [Honors College class visits "Imaging a Shattered Earth" at the Meadow Brook Art Gallery]
OUSC to address image concerns, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [OUSC reacts to an editorial about its image written by the Oakland Post]
It's our voice - and just that. Staff Editorial. p. A7, [Staff editorial explains what an editorial page is]
Student Congress lives up to mission, OUSC. p. A7, [OUSC reacts to previous weeks Staff Editorial about its image]
Find an alternative to driving, by Craig A. Cole and Kelly L . Reynolds. p. A9, [Alternatives to driving that help the environment]
'Jarhead' leaves audiences hanging, by Cindi Pozzi. p. A9, [Review of movie "Jarhead" starring Jake Gyllenhall and Jamie Foxx]
Men's Basketball Preview, by Dave Pemberton. p. A10, [Athletics: A look at the men's basketball team's upcoming season]
OU's new faces feature talent and experience, by Dante Diullo. p. A10, [Athletics: Introduction to four new OU basketball players]
McCloskey looks to regain magical feeling, by Paul Kampe. p. A10, [Athletics: Interview with sophomore basketball player Patrick McCloskey]

2005-11-16 [v. 32, no. 13]

Grizz logo released to retailers, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1, [Athletics department pursuing agreement with licensing group to market Grizzly merchandise]
Students get options in food courts, by Erin Mallard. p. A1, [Students can now make purchases at Pioneer Food Court and Ritazza with credit or debit cards]
Project reconstructs accident-prone I-75, by Paul Kampe. p. A1, [MDOT installing safety rail on I-75 stretching 8 miles from M-15 in Clarkston to Joslyn Road in Auburn Hills]
Focusing on a revolution, by Dante Ciullo. p. A3, [Canada's premier environmental photographer Edward Burtynsky has images featured at Meadow Brook Art Gallery's latest exhibit, "Imaging a Shattering Earth"]
OUSC goes to Lansing, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Five members of OUSC traveled to Lansing to lobby legislators about state appropriations granted to OU]
Veterans honored during panel, discussion, by Kara O'Connell. p. A3, [OU hosted a Veterans Day panel and discussion with speakers from World War II to recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq represented]
Rochester Hills voters axe roads millage proposal, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A5.
Teen to take office, elected at age 18. p. A5, [Hillsdale High School senior Michael Sessions defeated Hillsdale incumbent Mayor Doug Ingles and will serve as part-time mayor in the city of 8,233]
Raise your voice on tuition scandal. Staff Editorial. p. A7, [Fee-rolling proposal unfairly charges full-time students more money and also gives administration ability to covertly misdirect funds]
Bake the perfect holiday turkey, by Kelly L. Reynolds. p. A9.
Simple steps to avoid holiday weight gain, by Kelly L. Reynolds. p. A9.
Hogan knows best, by Kyle Magin. p. A10, [Athletics: Spotlight on men's hockey coach Sean Hogan]
Sports Shorts, by Dustin Frucci. p. A10, [Athletics: Men's soccer upset in tourney, Men's basketball opens in Florida, Volleyball seniors close with win, Rough road for men's swimming]

2005-11-30 [v. 32, no. 14]

Pump prayers answered, by Paul Kampe. p. A1, [Gas prices fall to $2.08 statewide average]
Wireless Internet connects on campus, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1.
Learn how to face your health insurance hassles, by Kelly L. Reynolds. p. A1, [Information to help students understand medical insurance terminology and policy differences]
Men, ribbons help spread awareness, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3, [White ribbon campaign gives men an opportunity to show their support for female victims of domestic abuse]
Program assists adult students, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3, ["Return to Learn" informative session offered on campus to assist non-traditional students]
Aid office to improve, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3, [Oakland University's Financial Aid Office will be undergoing significant changes during the holiday break to better serve students]
Livonia leaves SMART, students defend non-use, by Paul Kampe. p. A5, [City of Livonia voters decided on a Nov. 8 ballot proposal to redistribute funds earmarked for SMART services back into their community]
Boot Camp relieves jail, taxpayers, by Patrick Hayes. p. A5, [Oakland County Boot Camp is successfully rehabilitating inmates and is saving the county an estimated $1 million per year]
Religious freedom strikes debate in Christmas season. Staff Editorial. p. 7, [Family in Novi asked to take nativity set down on their property due to violation of neighborhood association ordinance. Call to students to encourage tolerance and freedom to practice any religion one may choose.]
Tokin' and smokin' the maryjane leads you to a dead end, by Bryan Austin. p. A7, [Anti-Drug editorial]
The Post drops lawsuit against BOT, by Alicia Sossi. p. A8, [Oakland Post lawsuit concerning legality of closed session BOT meeting held in January 2003 dropped due to Court of Appeals ruling that meeting did not violate Michigan Open Meetings Act]
Perfect holiday party playlist, by Kim Petrylka. p. A9, [Survey results of OU students about their favorite holiday songs]
Winter blues? It may be more serious, by Rachael Biermann. p. A9, [Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms and comments from students about how they cope]
Wooten guiding young Grizzlies, by Alicia Sossi. p. A10, [Athletics: Spotlight on Men's basketball player Calvin Wooten]
Sports Shorts. p. A10, [Athletics: Women's basketball falls to Miami, Men's basketball shuts down Duquesne]

2005-12-07 [v. 32, no. 15]

2 cars stolen, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1, [OUPD have reported car and audio equipment thefts from campus parking lot P-5]
Russi addresses lack of funding, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1, [President Russi covers diminished state funding and ways to offset at his University Update presentation]
Early deficit grounds Grizzlies, by Samantha Franz. p. A1, [Athletics: Men's basketball]
BOT denies prof tenure, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. A1, [Biology Professor Gabrielle Stryker denied tenure despite popularity with students and colleagues]
Holiday sales surge, by Paul Kampe. p. A1.
Prizes given for good deeds, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Salvation Army of Eastern Michigan and Palace Sports & Entertainment have partnered to hold "The Internship" competition]
Studying early can avoid finals meltdown, by Samantha Franz. p. A3, [Advice and tips on studying for exams]
Asbestos found during renovations, by Alicia Sossi. p. A3, [Asbestos discovered in the walls of Oakland Center Gold Rooms during renovations]
Students 'all-in' for poker, by Lauren Comaianni. p. A3, [Getting to know what the All-In Poker Club at Oakland is about]
GM plans to revive line as cuts are announced, by Craig A. Cole. p. A5.
Deer hunting balances environment, by Kalee Iacoangeli. p. A5, [Deer hunting in Michigan provides economic and environmental benefits]
Stern gets 'Sirius', by Paul Kampe. p. A5, [Howard Stern leaves WKRK 97.1 FM taking his show to Sirius Satellite Radio]
Persistence pays off for grads. Staff editorial. p. A7, [Words of encouragement and congratulations for Fall grads]
Engineering degree opens many doors for students, by Bill Edwards / OU Alumnus. p. A7, [Personal career story of Alum Bill Edwards]
Students share their 2005 favorites, by Alicia Sossi. p. A9, [Oakland students asked to name their favorite new trends of 2005 in survey]
Satellite radio: It's like Cable television for your ears, by Krystle Czajkowski. p. A9.
Christmas spirit alive at MBT, by Kim Petrylka. p. A9, [Review of MBT's adaption of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"]
Sports Shorts. p. A10, [Athletics]
Hafeli and OU hot for a half, by Samantha Franz. p. A10, [Athletics: Women's basketball]


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