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2006-01-11  [v. 32, no. 16]

Financial aid woes kick off semester, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1 & A6. [Students express frustration at how financial aid concerns are handled.]
Cowtown gets new Marshall, by Dustin Frucci. p. A1 & A6. [Former OU player looks to use D0League to get into NBA.]
MPH displays intended to discourage lead feet, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1 & A6. [Auburn Hills uses unmanned speed monitoring trailers to help increase road safety.]
Filmmaker to visit campus, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [Spike Lee to visit OU to kick off African-American History Celebration Month.]
Constitution process hinders speedy approval, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [OUSC frustrated with the amount of time it is taking to get its constitution approved.]
Automania, by Craig A. Cole. p. A5. [2006 North American International Auto Show opens its doors to the public.]
Show packs financial punch, by Paul Kampe & Craig A. Cole. p. A5. [NAIAS gives local economy a short term boost.]
Set all your academic goals and fulfill them, Staff Editorial. p. A7. [Oakland Post welcomes back students and encourages them to aim high.]
Go beyond the simple minimum, Staff Editorial. p. A7. [Students encouraged to "go the extra mile" when doing class work.]
This semester, maximize student services, by Michael McGuinness & Kori Lynn Caver. p. A7. [OUSC tells students to get involved this semester.]
Fire destroys warehouse, by Kelly L. Reynolds. p. A8. [Fire consumes and destroys a warehouse in Orion Township.]
Expert tips help in facing fly fears, by Eryne Trombley. p. A9. [Tips and ways to conquer a fear of flying.]
Double dip, by Samantha Franz. p. A10. [Athletics: OU men's basketball team finishes three-game home-stretch with loss to Southern Utah University.]
Piggott's first-half outburst buries Southern Utah, by Samantha Franz. p. A10. [Athletics: Junior Nicole Piggott leads OU women's basketball to victory.]

2006-01-18  [v. 32, no. 18]

My three hours as a paparazzi, by Sheila Kosztowny. p. A1 & A8. [Journalist shares how she tried to get past security and into Eminem's wedding at Meadow Brook Hall.]
Filmmaker Spike Lee emphasizes King's dream, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1 & A8. [Spike Lee lecture encourages parents to get involved in children's education.]
James Earl Jones shares quest for cultural awareness, by Dante Ciullo & Kristin Sommer. p. A1 & A8. [James Earl Jones to speak about culture at OU.]
OU staffer bowled over, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Paul Franklin, OU's coordinator of campus programs, volunteers for Detroit Super Bowl XL Host Committee.]
Grizzly statue: worth the wait? by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Grizzly statue aims to boost school spirit, but students feel differently.]
Alumnus honored for automotive influence, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [OU alumnus, Carolyn Woznicki named in Automotive News' list of 100 leading women in the American automotive industry.]
Macomb Co. home to future mall, by Kristin Sommer. p. A5. [Partridge Creek Fashion Park to open in Clinton Township in 2007.]
MDOT adding new sensory equipment, by Paul Kampe. p. A5. [MDOT teams up with traffic.com to bring updated traffic information to the internet.]
Winterize your vehicle to prevent costly repairs, by Craig A. Cole. p. A5. [Winter car care tips to save the life of your vehicle.]
Ski areas beating the rain, warmth, by Patrick Hayes. p. A5. [Temperatures perfect for skiers at Mt. Holly Ski Area and Pine Knob Ski Resort.]
Journalists should refuse all freebies, by Paul Kampe. p. A6. [After experiences at the auto show, journalist advises against taking freebies.]
BOT shows 'arrogance' in denying prof tenure, by Fay Hansen. p. A6. [Guest columnist clears up statements made about the board of trustees.]
Mid-Con dominance, by Alicia Sossi. p. A7. [Athletics: OU swimming and diving teams prepare for Mid-Continent Conference Championship.]
Dressing for the interview, by Ornella Botti. p. A9. [Tips on how to dress to impress at a job interview.]
Experts reveal the 5 fastest flourishing fields, by Cindi Pozzi. [Robert Thomas, director of OU career services, shares five fastest-growing careers.]
Knowing Cervical cancer risks help prevention, detection, by Alicia Sossi. p. A9. [Pap smears can help detect human papilomavirus.]
Is 'Curtain Call' Slim Shady's final bow? by Paul Kampe. p. A10. [Review of Eminem's new album "Curtain Call."]
Recommended, by Shiela Kosztowny. p. A10. [Review of the movie "Tristan and Isolde" starring James Franco and Sophia Myles.]

2006-01-25  [v. 32, no. 19]

Actor challenges cultural ideals, by Kristin Sommer & Dante Ciullo. p. A1-A2. [Actor, James Earl Jones gave a talk at Meadowbrook Theatre about culture.]
Chrysler tries to beat opponents to the iPunch, by Paul Kampe. p. A1. [Chrysler announced their new iPod interface integration options that will be offered for most of its 2006 models.]
Oakland Press offers free e-paper subscriptions, by Kristin Sommer. p. A2. [The first 4,000 Oakland University students who registered received free access to the Oakland Press website.]
Tigers meet with student journalists at Roostertail, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A2. [As part of the promotion for their upcoming season, Detroit Tigers sat down with high school and college level journalism students at Detroit's Roostertail and talked about sports reporting.]
Council addresses commuter issues, by Lauren Comaianni. p. A3. [Commuter students feel that they are less involved in the University than on-campus students, so the Commuters Council gave students options.]
Dance policy has Congress sitting out, by Julie Swidwinski. p. A3. [The major events and dancy policies that were written in Feb. 2005 remain unsigned, leaving the student Congress wondering.]
Kick off the new year, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Students gathered to celebrate the Chines New Year in the Oakland Center.]
Scare tactics attack rather than inform public, by Julie Swidwinski. p. A5. [Opinion article about groups that go to extremes to get their point across.]
Hostile takeover, by Craig A. Cole. p. A6. [Toyota cars sales up in the USA]
From worst to 15, Motor City improves fitness rank in two years, by Sara Kandel. p. A6.
Celebrity News, p. B1. [Angelina Jolie is given legal rights to change the names of her two children.]
Now Playing, p. B1. [A listing of movies out in theatres]
Older and wiser: Students who return to learn, by Alicia Sossi, p. B1. [A trend of older students return to college to obtain their undergraduate degrees.]
Men suffer major setback, by Samantha Franz, p. B4. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
The Sports Slate, by Kyle Magin, p. B4. [An opinion article that discusses the reasons behind the Bush administration allowing Cuba to participate in the World Baseball Classic.]
Hafeli burns Ladies , by Samantha Franz, p. B4. [Athletics: Women's basketball]

2006-02-01  [v. 32, no. 17]

It begins, by Julie Swidinski, p. A1. [New guidelines for running for Student Congress positions.]
Valpo curse is over, by Dustin Frucci, p. A1. [Athletics: OU men's basketball team defeats Valparaiso.]
State of the Union? Skittish and agitated, by Ron Fournier, p. A1.
Alito sworn in, p. A1. [Samuel Alito is sworn in as the nation's 110th Supreme Court justice.]
Detroit preps for big game, p. A1. [Detroit prepares to host the Super Bowl.]
Life is like an open Facebook, by Kristin Sommer, p A3. [The advantages and disadvantages of the social networking site Facebook.]
FNL serves up another hit hit to quench thirst for entertainment, by Stacy Morse, p. A3. [Student's reactions to OU's Friday Night Live program.]
Differences put to rest, by Kristin Sommer, p. A3. [Several programs around campus help to raise awareness of different causes and cultures.]
Enron defense says there's no evidence books were cooked, p. A4. [Enron executives claim that they weren't guilty of fraud, but were instead victims of a sudden crisis of market confidence.]
E-board candidates write their own rules, p. A5. [Two students bring suspicion to Student Congress after they revised the Student Congress election rules and run for office positions.]
Libertarianism: Neither Left nor Right, by Mike Palmer and Eric Perich. p. A4.
Winter blast brings snow to Detroit, by Heidi Roman. p. A6. [Events scheduled for the Winter Blast week-end.]
Traveling showcase arrives at Cobo Center, by Craig Cole. p. A6 [The NFL Experience theme park brings games, displays and entertainment attractions.]
Detroit seeing celebrity influx for Super Bowl party schedule, by Kristin Sommer. p. A6 [Celebrities host events in Detroit leading up to the Super Bowl.]
Men's mag brings its party to Motor City, by Luran Comaianni. p. A6 [Maxim Magazine hosts a party in Detroit in honor of the Super Bowl.]
Students making their plans for the XL, by Kristin Sommer. p. A6.
Celebrity News, p. B1.
OU Slang, by Erin Mallard, p. B1. [Lingo that is commonly used by the OU population.]
Recommended, by Samantha Franz, p. B1. [OU student Tom Butwin promotes his new CD.]
Hutchinson uncertain about future. p. B4. [U of M football player Tom Hutchinson's career in football is uncertain because of free agents.]
Three of a kind, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU women's basketball team defeats Westen Illinois University.]
Grizzlies show growing maturity in win over WIU, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU men's basketball team defeats Western Illinois University.]

2006-02-08  [v. 32, no. 18]

Yay or nay?, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1. [The issue of whether or not affirmative action should be used when deciding upon hiring and college admission.]
Gonzales defends spying program, by Katherine Shrader.p.A1 [Attorney general Alberto Gonzales defends Bush's power to eavesdrop without a warrant on Americans.]
Wake up!, by Erin Mallard. p. A1. [Ways to stay awake and alert during early morning classes.]
IRS details tax season schemes to avoid, by Mary Dalrymple. p. A1.
Faculty art on display, by Steve St. Pierre. p. A3. [Six faculty members have their art work on display at the Meadow Brook Art Gallery.]
Legislator calls minutes into question, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [Student Legislator Justin Zatkoff makes changes to the Oakland university Student Congress procedure.]
Everything you need to know to enjoy the winter olympics. p. A4.
Chelios named captin of the United States hockey team. p. A4.
Team USA heading for gold. p. A4. [ American Olympic athletes who are exceeding in their sport.]
Keep the party goin'. p. A5. [Keeping Detroit as productive and well-kept as it was during the Superbowl.]
Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to slander. p. A5. [Drawings of the Prophet Muhammad and God upset the Muslim community.]
Letters to the editor. p. A5.
Restaurant plowing path to opening, by Craig A. Cole. p. A6. [Opening of the Red Ox Tavern restaurant across the street from OU.]
Now playing. p. B1. [Movies playing in the movie theatres.]
It's the thought that counts, by Alicia Sossi. p. B1. [Putting much thought into a Velentine's Day gift.]
A Valentine's Day Memory, by Alicia Sossi. p. B1. [A couple is separated for Valentine's Day, but still finds ways to communicate.]
A Valentine's Day to Forget, by Steven Noell. p. B1. [Valentine's Day ends up a disaster for a couple.]
Group seeks to change immunity laws, by Tim Martin. p. B2. [A group's effort to overturn Michigan's laws protecting prescription drug companies from liability is becoming more aggressive.]
Health care goes retail as clinics pop up in stores. p. B2. [Health clinics start to appear in stores like CVS.]
Lawmakers hear Granholm's plan to insure residents. p. B2. [Lawmakers hear Granholm's plan to porvide health insurance to low-income residents.]
Bird flu test approved by FDA. p. B2. [A test that can diagnose the Bird flu is approved by the federal government.]
At least 195 become ill after eating at Lansing restaurant. p. B2.
Internships can help you land your first job, by Jeff Kranitz. p. B3. [Internship experience is seen as vital to employers when reviewing applicants' qualifications.]
Crash test dummy technology improving, by Evan McCausland. p. B3. [Rochester-based company is successful in producing crash test dummies.]
Order up!, by Dustin Frucci. p. B4. [Athletics: OU basketball coaches volunteer as guest grillers at BD's Mongolian Barbeque as proceeds go towards Coaches v. Cancer.]

2006-02-15  [v. 32, no. 19]

Winter Olympics 2006, Torino, Italy, by Bob Baum. p. A1. [Ted Ligety gives the USA the Olympic Gold breaking the Americans' bad luck in Alpine skiing.]
How to get a glowing recommendation, by George Davis III. p. A1. [Many students are requesting letters of recommendation from OU staff and faculty.]
It's wrong for higher ed not to be 'right', by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [OUSC finds ways to ease the burden of paying for college.]
Granholm proposes higher spending on university funding. p. A1. [Colleges across Michigan would receive a budget increase.]
Back massages made easy. p. A3. [Alternative Healing in Rochester Hills gives OU students a free massage clinic.]
Congress supports 'no' vote, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Congress encourages voters to not vote in favor of affirmative action.]
Racism still exists today. p. A5. [Prevalent racism around the USA.]
OU alum pens second book, by Patrick Hayes. p. A6. [An OU alumni writes a book about Chrysler's early attempts to find alternative fuel sources.]
Granholm leads probale opponent. p. A5. [Granholm has the lead in 2006 gubernatorial election.]
Cereal giant to turn 100, by James Prichard. p. A6. [Kellogg Company turns 100.]
A Touch of Class: Students dress to impress at the Meadow Brook Ball, by Alicia Sossi. p. B1.
Movie Review, p. B1. [Review of the movie "Freedomland."]
McDonald's: Fries have more trans fat, by Dave Carpenter. p. B2.
Scientists find T. rex's earliest ancestor. p. B2.
MySpace: A new star hits the Web, by Anick Jesdanun. p. B2. [MySpace becomes a popular social networking website.]
Michigan site logs 10 million views a month, by Dave Frownfelder. p. B2. [The website Sploofus.com becomes a popular source of entertainment.]
Mmm! Smelling good may mean it's good for you, by Randolph E. Schmid. p. B3. [Smells from fresh produce may indicate the essentiality of a food.]
Study finds a huge gap between male, female characters in G-rated movies, by David Germain. p. B3. [Males characters outnumber females in G-rated movies.]
Final doubleheader of the year, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU's men's basketball team loses to UMKC while OU women's basketball team wins doubleheader.]
Oral Roberts hands men worst Mid-Con loss ever, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Oral Roberts beats OU men's basketball team.]

2006-02-22  [v. 32, no. 20]

Oakland trumps ACS, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [The high number of OU students who are well-informed about their financial aid qualifications.]
Behind the veil, by Jamie Waugh. p. A1. [Two young women wearing hijabs experience unwanted attention.]
Committee investigates charges against legislator, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [The Disciplinary Committee investigates charges brought against Oakland University Student Congress Legislator Justin Zatkoff.]
Heated remarks exchanged over threatened zoo closure, by Sarah Karush. p. A1. [A fight between Detroit City Council and Oakland County Executive in regards to the potential closing of the zoo.]
Author recounts civil rights plight, by Heidi Roman. p. A2. [OU alumni speaks about OU's response to MLK's work and death.]
Students rock for change, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [Concert put on in the OC to raise awareness of acceptance.]
Profs discuss cars, Super Bowl effects, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Professors sat on a panel that discussed current events.]
Financial Aid still hot topic for Congress, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [Financial Aid office able to process application more quickly and award financial aid.]
Yes to a roll-call vote. p. A5. [Debate on whether or not roll-call should be mandatory at Oakland University Student Congress meetings.]
Study finds Detroit crime comparable to other cities, by Craig A. Cole. p. A6.
Disney's 'Eight Below' rises above, by Davis Germain. p. B1. [Review of the movie 'Eight Below.']
Recommended, by Craig A Cole. p. B1. [Review of the restaurant 'Hatchy's Sports Bar.]
Push to find out sooner when cancer may spread to the brain, by Lauran Neergaard. p. B2.
Local athletes Torino update. p. B2. [Athletics: Updates on young local athletes victories.]
Diabetes should take control, by Beth Vannoy. p. B3. [A report on the symptoms and affects diabetes has on its victims lives.]
Women's home streak snapped, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU women's basketball team loses its last home game.]
Kidd's energy and hustle offset lack of experience, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: New women's basketball player helps the team in obtaining victories during the games.]

2006-03-08  [v. 32, no. 23]

Let's Dance, by Dustin Frucci. p. A1. [Athletics: Women's basketball team goes to the NCAA tournament.]
Republican senatorial candidate addresses OU, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A2. [Republican candidates running US Senate positions visit OU.]
OU Student Congress approves roll-call vote, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A2. [Oakland University Student Congress approves a bill that requires that a roll-call vote be taken in deciding upon legislation.]
Young to inspire Oakland youths,
by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [A former US ambassador speaks at the Keeper of the Dream awards.]
The breakfast boogie, by Dan Wilkinson. p. A3. [The festivities that take place at the annual Midnight breakfast.]
Assess fitness for a better living, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [OU students participate in the National Recreation Sports and Fitness Day at the Rec Center.]
Don't sweat the stress-manage it, by Erin Mallard. p. A3. [A stress-management workshop helping students to cope with stress.]
Medical plaza mulled over, by Jennifer Brock. p. A4. [A new health care facility could bring thousands of jobs to metro Detroit.]
Retailer to bring home decor to Canton area, by Kristen Janney. p. A4. [The opening of the furniture store IKEA.]
Macomb shredding wires, by Kristin Sommer. p. A4. [Mt. Clemens to be the first in Macomb County to provide wireless internet service.]
We can help out, too. p. A5. [Getting more involved with giving back to community by volunteering.]
US dependence on foreign oil is reaching disastrous levels, by Jim Leidel, p. A5
Students should 'seize' student leadership opportunities during years, by Jim Gammicchia. p. A5. [Student leadership position build character and help students to see things from a different perspective.]
Invite yourself to 'Dinner with a Dozen Grizzlies,' by Alicia Sossi. p. B1. [A networking dinner where students have the chance to network with alumni.]
Does anyone care about Oscar?, by Lynn Elber and Alicia Sossi. p. B1. [The number of Academy Award viewers was down 10 percent.]
Nothing could have prepared me for the devastation, by Beth Holland. p. B2. [Experiences rebuilding homes in post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.]
Students experience Katrina's destruction first hand during their spring break trip, by Kristin Sommer. p. B2.
Motown artists opening restaurant. p. B3. [Artists from various Motown groups open up a restaurant in Detroit to give back to the community.]
Sled dogs, musher begin 34th Iditarod. p. B3. [The beginning of the dogsled competition the 'Iditarod.']
Grizzlies defeated in opening round, by Dustin Frucci. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's basketball team loses in the Mid-Continent Conference.]

2006-03-15  [v. 32, no. 24]

Candidates prepare to vie for office, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [OUSC debate between the two presidential candidates.]
Bird flu could appear in months, official says, by Lara Jakes Jordan. p. A1. [Possibility of infected birds migrating to the USA as spring approaches.]
Caffeine brews disputes, by Lindsey Tanner and Kelly Reynolds. p. A1. [Two different disputes on the detriments and benefits of caffeine.]
Carbon dioxide rises to record level in atmosphere, by Randolph E Schmid. p. A1.
Election process called into question by invalidated candidates, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A2. [Students bring into question the fairness of the election process.]
Speaker addresses religion, science, by Dan Wilkinson. p. A2. [Retired OU professor, Richard Burke gives lecture on philosophy, religion and science.]
Lives and legacies honored at banquet, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [The deaths and legacies of Rosa Parks and Coretta Scott King are honored at the Keeper of the Dream Awards.]
OUSC to vote on fee increase, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Oakland University Student Congress to vote on whether or not to increase the student activities fee.]
OU women gather for celebration, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Odile Hugonot-Haber of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom spoke about women who rally for peace during wartimes at OU Women's History Month event.]
Educators, students weigh benefits of AP program, by Stacey Morse. p. A4. [People in the educational community weigh the benefits of the Advance Placement program in high schools.]
Minimum wage changes could affect you and many others, by Paul Kampe. p. A5. [The affect of the increase in minimum wage.]
Trying to put emergencies on ICE, by Maria Vitale. p. A6. [A new program that makes contacting people in case of emergency more rapid.]
Three things you can do this St. Patrick's Day, by Jennifer Brock. p. B1.
Students Learn Chinese at early age. p. B2. [Preschool children in Bay City, Michigan will begin to learn Mandarin Chinese as part of an immersion program.]
'Boardrooms' could be student's track to success after college, by Carra Payne. p. B2. [The transition from college to a career.]
Tournament worth weight in gold, and black, by Paul Kampe. p. C2. [Athletics: OU to host men's NCAA tournament at the Palace of Auburn Hills.]
Grizzlies face tall task, by Samantha Franz. p. C3. [Athletics: OU to face Ohio State in the NCAA tournament.]

2006-03-22  [v. 32, no. 25]

Yes, it's time to cast your ballots, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. A1. [Oakland University Student Congress election guide]
Senate approves $2.8 trillion budget for 2007, by Andrew Taylor. p. A1.
Chronic heartburn may be risk for deadly cancer, by Lauran Neergaard. p. A1. [Chronic heartburn increases the risk for esophagael cancer.]
Rochester Hills group aims to save area green spaces, by Cinci Pozzi. p. A2. [Rochester Hills implements a group in charge of allocating green space.]
Local student faces 20 years for 'Columbine-style' threat, p. A2. [A Rochester Hills High school student was arraigned for threatening an attack against school.]
Let your voices be heard, don't forget to cast your vote. p. A6. [Listing of the Oakland University Student Congress candidates and their credentials.]
Candidates face off, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A8. [Vice-presidential candidates debate.]
Wage raise not beneficial, profs say, by Elizabeth Perales. p. A9.
OUSC funds civil rights education, by Kristin Sommer. p. A9. [OUSC passes a resolution to educate students on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.]
Slam poet inpires, entertains, by George Davis III. p. A9. [Poet speaks in honor of Women's History Month Celebration.]
St Patrick's Day Parade Review, by Alecia Rebello. p. B1. [St. Patrick's Day parade in Detroit.]
Say 'Aloha' to 'A Midsummer's Night's Dream', by Stacey Morse. p. B1. [Review of the Shakespeare play that takes place in Hawaii.]
Awareness of workplace violence can aid prevention, by Judy Jacobs. p. B3.
Buckeyes cut OU's tourney-run short, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU women's basketball team loses to Ohio State Buckeyes in the NCAA tournament.]
Lions coach says Harrington 'not with us' - Kitna or McCown to start, by Tom Krisher. p. B4.

2006-03-29  [v. 32, no. 26]

Who will it be?. p. A1. [The top four candidates for the presidential and vice presidential positions come close to finding out who wins.]
Voting kicks off without a hitch, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [The number of students who vote for Oakland University Student Congress elections increases.]
Fashion artist visits MBAG, by Elizabeth Perales. p. A3. [Detroit artist visits Meadow Brook Art Gallery.]
$5,000 await solid journalism, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A4. [$5,000 awarded to two OU students for good published or broadcasted stories.]
Three Congress members face removal from duties, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A4. [Three Oakland University Student Congress members may be removed from Congress for excessive absences.]
Take a stroll down Main Street. p. A4. [Vendors on Main street in downtown Rochester offer the OU community special discounts.]
TV viewers, watch out for product placement, by Paul Kampe. p. A5. [A warning about products being advertised on TV shows.]
'Bobble Heads of State', by Roxanna Rives. p. B1. [A review of the play 'Bobble Heads of State.']
Spotlight, by Liria Ivezaj. p. B1. [Student Kara Kimmer prepares for her role in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream.']
Lack of sleep can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, by Kelly Reynolds. p. B3.
Hard work worth it for McMahon, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU hockey team member gets honors as a two-time ACHA DII player.]
George Mason's upset by no means a fluke, by Dustin Frucci, p. B4, [Critique of George Mason's performance.]

2006-04-05  [v. 32, no. 16]

We still like Mike, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. A1. [Incumbent OUSC president Michael McGuinness wins election for second term.]
Committee validates election, declares one candidate invalid, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. A1. [All but one of the candidates for the title of legislators are validated.]
McGuinness, Miller share vision for student body, by Kristin Sommer. p. A1. [New president and vice-president share their plans for for OU.]
Devos speaks to change with students and community, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A2. [Gubernatorial candidate stops by OU to speak with students.]
Creative juices flow on campus, by Kristin Sommer. p. A3. [Professors' publications on display in Kresge Library.]
OUSC finishes year, readies for new term, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3.
University policies need restructuring. p. A5. [ OU should be let students be the judge of whether or not they attend classes.]
Metabolic syndrome may be a 'quiet' killer, by Ken Hightower. p. A5. [A fatal disorder may not show any symptoms.]
State earns failing grade for roads, by Maria Vitale. p. A6.
Group marches after appeal plea rejection. p. A6. [A group goes to the state Capitol to get an affirmative action proposal off the election ballot.]
What is an ubersexual?, by Alicia Sossi. p. B1. [New term and definition for a metrosexual.]
Recommended, by Catherine Brakefield. p. B1. [Review of the Paint Creek Tavern in downtown Rochester.]
WXOU celebrates its hard-earned success, by Jeff Kranitz. p. B3. [WXOU celebrates 40 years of being on air.]
'Rock you Junk', by Maria Vitale. p. B3. [A rock group performs on OU's campus.]
Edwards get drafted, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: OU soccer player Chris Edwards gets drafted to play professional soccer.]

2006-04-12 [v. 32, no. 28]

Levin focuses speech on U.S. foreign policy, by Erin Mallard. p. A1. [Sen. Carl Levin visited Oakland University and gave a speech that focused on foreign policy.]
You've got love?, by Jennifer Brock. p. A1. [Internet dating became more popular.]
Heart transplant does not keep freshman from fulfilling dreams, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1.
Detroit rapper killed in nightclub shooting, by Tom Krisher. p. A1. [Proof, a fellow rap member of the group D12 got shot and killed in a Detroit nightclub.]
Immigration legislation under fire, by David Espo. p. A1. [Two Republicans in Congress intend to pass legislation that does not make it a felony for illegal aliens to be in the USA.]
OUSC members sworn in, by Kristin Sommer. p. A4. [Oakland University Student Congress members sworn into office.]
BOT votes to upgrade SFH, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A4. [Board of Trustees met to discuss and resolve issues around campus, including upgrading South Foundation Hall.]
Arrivederci Oakland fare thee well!, by Dante Ciullo. p. A5. [Oakland Post staff member tells of his experiences at OU including constantly switching his major.]
Posties, readers, students: thank you, I'll miss you, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A5. [An Oakland Post member gives her last goodbyes before she graduates.]
I encourage students to be willing to contribute to the 'arena of ideas,' by Brian Koss. p. A5. [Student highlights the benefits of Capitalism in response to professors' criticism of it.]
In-state tourism to see increase, by Craig Cole. p. A7. [Tourism to increase in the state of Michigan.]
Graduates meet the real world, by Paul Kampe. p. A7. [The low housing rates make for a great opportunity to buy a house.]
Wanda Sykes is animated star, by Paul Kampe. p. B1. [Wanda Sykes stars in the Dreamworks animation film "Over the Hedge."]
Movie Review, by Paul Kampe, p. B1, [Review of the movie "Over the Hedge."]
International students celebrate, Liria Ivezaj, p. B1, [Highlighting the activities that took place at the International Night celebration.]
To seek therapy, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. B3, [Seeking therapy for different types of mental conditions.]
Tackling the therapy, by Roqaya Eshmawi. p. B4, [Overcoming the shame of seeing a therapist.]
Awareness can reduce risk of sexual assault, by Nan Gelman. p. B5
Welcome to the REAL world, by Erin Mallard. p. C2, [Life after graduation and what to expect.]
Mother, daughter will cross the came stage, by Andrea Kruger. p. C4, [Mother and daughter Lillian and Linda Jaboro are graduating together from OU.] Networking is key to landing your first job, by Alicia Sossi. p. C5.
Learn to market yourself, by Jeff Kranitz. p. C5. [How to market yourself at an interview.]
Backpack your way around the globe, by Erin Mallard. p. C6. [Backpacking around the world as an alternative to study abroad.]
Thinking of leaving the state? You may have to, by Heidi Roman. p. C11. [Going out of state in order to find employment.]
Applying for grad school? Here's what you've got to do, by Jennifer Brock. p. C11.


Stepping Down, by Paul Gully. p. A3. [Student body president Michael McGuinness steps down from position.]
Oakland professors may strike, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3.
OU history you may not know, by Mike Sheldon. p. A5. [History of the beginnings of OU.]
OUSC members debate MCRI, by Paul Gully. p. A7. [Oakland University Student Congress debates the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.]
There's no such thing as an offseason for Grizzlies, by Samantha Franz. p. A8. [Athletics: OU summer sports teams continue to be victorious throughout the summer season.]

2006-09-06 [v. 33, no. 2]

Here comes the Grizz, by Paul Gully. p. A1. [The Grizz statue is unveiled.]
Wooten bounces out, by Samantha Franz. p. A1. [Athletics: Men's basketball player Ken Wooten ineligible to play for not meeting NCAA'st GPA requirement to play.]
Kick back and relax, by Paul Gully. p. A1, [Renovations in the Oakland Center include new furniture, additional food services and the Book Nook. ]
AAUP: Strike's out for now, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [American Association for University Professors and the OU administration reached an agreement, ending the strike.]
It's a good time to get booked, by Erin Mallard. p. A3. [Alternatives to buying and selling books at the OU bookstore.]
We love OU, warts and all. p. A5. [Issues around OU, including the professors' strike and the limited parking.]
Go long, sing a song, maybe even take a plunge, by Erin Mallard. p. B1. [The success and big turnout of the Welcome Week events.]
Take a trip to the east side - of campus, by Jamie Waugh, p. B3, [The Meadow Brook Mansion and the many events that take place there.]
Tiger frenzy runs in the family, by Kyle Magin. p. B4. [Growing up in a family full of Tigers' fans.]
Hail to the victors?, by Mike Sheldon. p. B4. [University of Michigan football players and whether or not they are assets to the team.]

2006-09-13 [v. 33, no. 3]

Grrrr! Yes, I'm finally here, by Kevin Alford. p. A1., [The ceremony of the unveiling of the grizz statue.]
OU, MSU join to create social work program, by Christopher Goeth. p. A3.
Calling all volunteers, by Maria Vitale. p. A3. [The Center for Student Activities hosts its annual Volunteer Fair.]
All human blood should be valued. p. A5. [Valuing every human life that has been lost in tragic events regardless of where or when it took place.]
Attn: Mr. Facebook, by Daniel Wilkinson. p. A5. [Not blaming social media for leaked personal information.]
We Remember, by Christopher Goeth. p. A6. [Remembering September 11th.]
Where have all the nerds gone, by Mike Sheldon. p. B1. [Nerd culture diminishes.]
First dance held since ban, by Paul Gully. p. B1. [Stricter guidelines were in place for the first dance held since the ban on dances in 2005.]
Artists shape gallery, by Kevin Alford. p. B1. [New exhibit called "Sculpture???" opened at the Oakland University Art Gallery.]
OU students go international, by Crystal Nelson. p. B1. [The creation of OU International Allies.]
Program brings foreign films to OU, by Kim Yonick. p. B3. [A new program includes showing foreign films in the OC and discussing them afterwards.]
SPIN to create butterfly, hummingbird garden, by Paul Gully. p. B3. [Students Participating in Nature created a garden that included a butterfly and hummingbird garden and an aroma therapy patio.]
Volleyball has rough weekend, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's volleyball team is defeated in a game against Indiana State.]
Joe Dumars gets his due, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Joe Dumars inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.]

2006-09-20 [v. 33, no. 4]

Al-Quaida in Iraq warns pope that Islam will prevail, by Selcan Hacaoglu. p. A1.
Great Expectations, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [The anticipation in waiting to see the new crime drama movie "The Departed."]
OUSC plagued by no-shows, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. A1. [Low attendance at Oakland University Student Congress poses a problem for the organization.]
Three OU grads land jobs, new editor at The Post, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A2. [Three former OU Post employees landed jobs for the Oakland Free Press.]
Film festival returns, by Stephanie Parkinson. p. A3. [Grizzdance Film Festival returned to Oakland University.]
OU gets "Moodled", by Erin Mallard. p. A3. [Moodle introduced to Oakland University.]
En guarde!, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. A4. [An Oakland Post reporter tried to play Dagorhir.]
Administration not to blame for new dance. p. A5. [New dance policy was meant to ensure student safety.]
Affirmative Action: The New Racism, by Carrie Burdzinski. p. A5. [The detriments of affirmative action.]
MCRI: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, by Mark Medaugh. p. A5. [The detriments of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.]
Students return after shooting. p. A7. [Students returned to Dawson College in Montreal after a shooting.]
What is: Fantasy Football?, by Paul Gully. p. B1.
What the F?, by Maria Vitale. p. B1. [The use of the word fabulous.]
Nightingale would be proud, by Jennifer Peters. p. B3. [Oakland University Nursing students team up with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild a home.]
Late goal not enough, by Ron Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Oakland University women's soccer team lost to the Loyola Marymount Lions.]
OU wins over rival, by Laura Fisher. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's soccer team beats Centenary.]

2006-09-27 [v. 33, no. 5]

OT thriller kicks off hockey season, by Samantha Franz. p. A1 [Athletics: Men's hockey team defeats University of Michigan Dearborn in their debut game.]
Grizzlies show their Tiger pride, by Kyle Magin. p. A1. [Students around OU's campus show their Tiger pride by sporting Tigers' jerseys and remaining fans for many years.]
Tony Blair addresses Labour for last time, by Jennifer Quinn. p. A1. [Tony Blair gave his last address before leaving office.]
Award promotes student activism, by Maria Vitale. p. A3. [Background history and details on upcoming Keeper of the Dream Award]
Student Life Lecture Series. p. A3. [Maya Angelou scheduled to visit campus as part of lecture series.]
OUSC membership continue to shrink, by Maria Vitale. p. A3. [Oakland University Student Congress lost another member.]
Let's review our priorities. p. A5. [Former president Bill Clinton' s interview with Chris Williams.]
OUSC legislators' intolerance creates 'irreparable harm,' by Mike Sheldon. p. A5. [Problem arose from Student Congress's neutrality on the issue of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.]
Don't be a classroom stereotype, by Cindi Pozzi. p. A5. [Stereotyping different characteristics in the classroom.]
Osama's death unconfirmed, by Paul Haven. p. A6.
Capturing Reality, by Kristin Simovski. p. B1. [Photojournalists captured moments in the Iraq War.]
This weekend, live like a king, by Vicky Lefebvre. p. B3. [The experience of being at the Renaissance Festival.]
IV hosts AIDS awareness events, by Eric Allen. p. B3. [Intervarsity Christian Fellowship raised awareness around campus of the AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.]
Injury adds to OU loss, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's soccer team lost to Western Illinois University.]
Another loss, by Brittany Ochinsky. p. B4. [Athletics: Volleyball team loses in Mid-Continental Conference against Valparaiso.]

2006-10-4 [v. 33, no. 6]

Death in Darfur, by Kyle Magin. p. A1. [High daily death tolls in Darfur brought awareness and causes in the USA.]
Who won the debate?, by Michael Mersol-Barg and P. Pete Vitale. p. A1. [Guest writers comment on the gubernatorial debate.]
OU professor predicted possible spinach contamination, by Nora Gothamy. p. A1. [Professor Satish Walia conducted research with washed unpreserved bagged spinach and found disease causing bacteria]
Leaky pipes disrupt business-as-usual, by Amanda Keifer. p. A3. [Students responses to construction on campus.]
New gallery name gets lukewarm reaction, by Kevin Alford. p. A3. [Artist's mixed feelings about the art gallery's new name.]
'06 grad makes mark in world of literature, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. A4. [A former student's class assignment turned into a published book about the Holocaust.]
Debates should be watched. Staff editorial. p. A5. [The importance of being informed through watching political debates.]
Democracy not served best when operas are cancelled, comics lay on floor, by Kyle Magin. p. A5. [Incidences of blasphemous images strike fear of terrorism.]
Sport fans rally in the rain, by Kyle Magin. p. A8. [Thousands rallied around Comerica Park in support of the Tigers.]
Silversun Pickups make beautiful noise, by Jeremy Selweski. p. B1. [A review of music by Silversun Pickups.]
Autumn fashions at falling prices, by Stephanie Parkins. p. B1. [Fashionable clothing at reasonable prices.]
Dozens of high schools try new bible courses, by Richard Ostling. p. B2.
Race in politics: Candidates' offensive comments loom large in campaigns, by Erin Texeira, p. B2.
Maya Angelou sees the future, by Erin Mallard. p. B3. [Maya Angelou spoke on campus as part of the Student Life Lecture series.]
Meet me at the apple orchard, by Crystal Nelson. p. B3. [The opening of cider mills and their many offerings.]
Screen Actors guild making presence known, by Erin Mallard. p. B3. [The movie-making organization, Film Maker's Guild.]
Judo: 'gentle way?', by Paul Gully. p. B4. [A writer's experience at a Judo Club meeting.]
Grizzlies come up short, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's soccer team lost against the Valparaiso Crusaders.]
OU falls to ORU, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's soccer team lost against Valparaiso in the Mid-Continental Conference.]

2006-10-11 [v. 33, no. 7]

Politics or Pudge?, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A1. [Students chose between watching the Tiger's game or the gubernatorial debate.]
Gooooooal!, by Rob Tate. p. A1. [Athletics: Men's soccer team defeated MSU Spartans.]
Alleged attack motive to OUCR member not politically motivated, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [Former student congress legislator was attacked for his conservative views while out in Ann Arbor.]
Fire erupts at US ammo dump in Baghdad, setting off series, by Lee Keath. p. A2.
Group discusses affirmative action, by Ashley Walker. p. A3. [History professor De Witt Dykes Jr. was a guest speaker at an affirmative action forum hosted by the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.]
Talent on display, red carpet style, by Paul Gully. p. A3. [The annual talent show got a red-carpet theme.]
OUPD gets high-tech, by Maria Vitale. p. A4. [Oakland University Police cars got a computer upgrade.]
You are your own, personal resume. Staff editorial. p. A5. [College students should focus on living responsibly and consciously to become successful]
Many factors, judgment go into deciding story placement. Staff editorial. p. A5.
Thank you Tigers, fans-Keep up the good work, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A5. [A writer's experience attending Tiger's games.]
This vs. That, by Kim Yonick. p. B1. [Compared two cook-off shows, Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen.]
Must hear music, by Katie Welch, Erik Westfall, Kristin Simovski. p. B1. [Review of music by Beck, Weird Al Yankovic, and The Killers.]
Some poor Alaska villages reject oil aid from Venezuela for reasons of patriotism, by Jeannette Lee. p. B2.
WXOU rocks the OC tonight, by Kevin Alford. p. B3. [WXOU presented a concert in honor of Oktoberfest.]
Vijay Seshadri featured at poetry reading, by Nora Gothamy. p. B3. [Maurice Brown Memorial Poetry Reading]
Grab authentic Irish pub grub downtown, by Eric Allen. p. B3. [A review of the pub "Gus O'Connor's" in downtown Rochester.]
Grizzlies show up Ladies, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's soccer team beat Centenary at the Mid-Con.]
OU beats Lakers, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's hockey team beat GVSU Lakers.]

2006-10-18 [v. 33, no. 8]

'Textual temptations', by Paul Gully. p. A1. [Cases of plagarism increased over the years.]
Men's hockey wins a pair over the weekend, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. A1. [Athletics: Men's hockey]
300 million and counting, by Stephen Ohlemacher.p. A1. [The nation's population reaches 300 million and continues to grow.]
Expanded art program meets changing needs, by Cindi Pozzi. p. A3. [The studio art program added new specializations and revamped some existing courses.]
Expert: Make the most out of your first year of college, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. A4.
Michael Brown visit is humorous, p. A5, [Criticizing Michael Brown for his lack of preparedness during Hurricane Katrina and the fact that he visited OU to speak on emergency preparedness.]
Don't play with plagiarism, p. A5. [A student accused of plagarism tells of their experience throughout the process of being charged.]
Isolating North Korea, by Barry Schweid. p. A7. [Condolezza Rice intensified North Korea's isolation by curbing trade of dangerous goods.]
Record industry launches lawsuits against music pirates, by Jane Wardell. p. A7.
Project Runway, by Lindsey Wojcik, p. A8, [Review of the show "Project Runway" and its season finale.]
Xombified, by Erik Westfall. p. A8. [The stereotypical zombie got a makeover.]
Hallowe'en in Greenfield Village, by Kayla Jerome. p. A8.

2006-10-25 [v. 33, no. 4]

Special Report: Your online life, p. A1, [Students put exposing and scandalous pictures on the internet.]
Employer may peek at online profiles. p. A1.
Workshops examine dangers of online life, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. A3. [Attorney CL Lindsay III presented "Your Online Life" during Advising Week 2006]
Pulitzer prize winning writer will discuss politics, by Paul Gully. p. A3. [George Will presents his lecture "The Political Argument Today" at the third annual Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities event.]
Bush should not have compared Iraq to Vietnam. Staff editorial. p. A5.
Rochester Hills schools may get new security cameras, by Jeremy Selweski. p. A6.
Pumpkin Preparation Perfection, by Elizabeth Perales. p. A8. [Ways to make pumpkin carving fun.]
In Theatres Marie Antoinette, by Crystal Nelson, p. A8, [Review of the biopic Marie Anoinette.]
Have a monster bash!, by Eric Allen. p. B1. [Ways to plan the an amusing Halloween party.]
Actors 'n' Techies present classic thriller, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. B1. [OU's theatre students put on Friday the 13th.]
Students and coaches to run Detroit Marathon, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. B1.
A tough team gives a tough town something to smile about, by Larry Lage. p. B2. [The Tigers give Detroit some joy by playing in the World Series.]
Tigers fan finds joy for the first time in watching team play, by Justin Howland. p. B2.
Ouch! Grizzlies stumble out of the blocks, by Rob Tate. p. B3. [Athletics: Men's soccer team loses against a series of teams after close games.]
Four of a kind, by Ron Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's soccer team won four games in a row.]
Grizzlies heat up ice, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's hockey team defeated University of Buffalo.]
OU's own "Gambler", by Kyle Magin. p. B4. [Athletics: Hockey team member contributes greatly to hockey team's wins.]

2006-11-1 [v. 33, no. 4]

Who does this mean to you?, by Maria Vitale.p. A1. [The two gubernatorial candidates and their beliefs and causes.]
Bouchard tries to gain on Stabenow, by Tim Martin. p. A2. [Bouchard uses mudslinging to gain an advance in the race for senator.]
Search is on for new arts and sciences dean, by Kyle Magin. p. A3.
Alumnus recognized for various triumphs, by Maria Vitale. p. A3., [Oakland University Alumni Association held its annual Alumi Awards Banquet to profile those who made a difference in the OU community.]
Students score quiz bowl victory, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. A3.
Student congress seeks to fill open position, by Owen Sexton. p. A4.
OU = Apathy? Staff editorial. p. A5. [Asked the question whether or not students will go out and vote.]
Levin is 'warm and charismatic personality', by Katie Jacob. p. A5. [Senator Carl Levin was described as having a warm and charismatic personality.]
Dems are going to win majority for 'wrong reasons', by Kyle Magin. p. A5. [Democrats were said to win simply because they are not Republicans.]
Woman loses her eyesight not spirit, by Sarita Chourey. p. A6. [Julie Edwards, 20, recently lost her eyesight and has successfully learned how to live independently.]
Tigers and Grizzlies share the cage - and even play nice, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A6. [Newspaper staff attend a conference in St. Louis while the Tigers are there playing in the World Series.]
Energy drinks crash health, by Carla Johnson. p. A7. [Health risks that come with drinking energy drinks.]
Borat assaults theaters, by Kevin Alford. p. A8. [Review of the movie "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.]
Good eats Miyako, by Kim Yonick. p. A8. [Review of the restaurant Miyako Japanese Steakhouse.]
OU runners cross the line, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. B1. [OU students participated in the Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon.]
Desi Rang represents, reaches out, by Nora Gothamy. p. B1. [Student organization Desi Rang made a big impact on OU's campus.]
Professor's passion lives on in studio, by Kelly Kozlowski, p. B1, [Writing Studio named in honor of Joan Rosen, professor emerita of English at Oakland]
New poll shows Granholm, Stabenow increasing their leads, by Kathy Barks Hoffman. p. B2.
Poll: Proposal 2 gaining support, but still close. p. B2.
Down and out, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B3. [Athletics: Men's swim team was on a losing streak.]
Grizzlies ready for playoffs, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's soccer team works their way up to the playoffs.]
Better luck next year, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's soccer team does not make it to the Mid-Con tournament.]

2006-11-8 [v. 33, no. 4]

Destination: South Bend, by Rob Tate. p. A1. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Lebanese Club founded on passion, by Kyle Magin. p. A3. [Student Rami Haddad founder of student org, Lebanese Club shares his views about the club and the efforts to unite with Jewish Student Organization/Hillel.]
OUSC finally agrees - No on 2, by Owen Sexton. p. A3. [Student Congress votes to officially oppose the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative]
Awards recognize talents in writing, by Nina Gojcaj. p. A3. [RCJ Department sponsors Writing Excellence Awards contest]
News in Brief, by Eric Allen. p. A3. [More Parking, More Smiles, New Majors added at OU, Grizzly Hoops Droppin Buckets for Library, OU Art Featured in State Congress Buildings, Hospital Honors OU Student]
Raising cultural awareness with fun and cooperative effort, by Heather Holm. p. A4. [Events held during OU Cultural Awareness Week.]
Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?. Staff editorial. p. A5. [Today's generation needs a voice to guide and shape our legacy]
Staff Column, by Kyle Magin. p. A5. [Editorial on execution of Saddam Hussein]
Can't we all just get along?, by Vicky Lefebvre. p. B1. [Tips on how to have a successful college roommate relationship.]
Exhibit offers commentary on NYC life, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. B1. [OUAG current exhibit is titled "New York Narratives: Works on Paper".]
Hot streak stopped cold, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B3. [Athletics: Hockey]
Weekly roundup, by Rob Tate and Samantha Franz. p. B3. [Athletics]
The Defenders, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Grizzlies ready to show new colors, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's basketball]



Students remain apathetic, by Kyle Magin. p. A1. [Students were uninformed about candidates and issues related to the election.]
Getting by high, by Kyle Magin. p. A1. [A students shares his experiences and reasons behind his illegal drug use.]
Government should be comprehensive in sex programs, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A1. [Government should have done more than teach abstinence in sex ed classes.]
'Van Wilder' promotional tour makes a stop at OU, by Jeff Kranitz. p. A3. [Cast from the movie 'Van Wilder' made an appearance at OU to promote the movie.]
Tis the season to wait in long lines for new gaming platforms, by Stephanie Dietrich. p. A3. [People waited anxiously for Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3 to come out.]
Holiday cooking at OU, by Yvonne Szymczak. p. A4. [Chartwells hosted a demonstration on how to prepare holiday treats.]
Time to talk with Iran. p. A5. [British Prime Minister Tony Blair proposed holding a dialogue with Iran in regards to the future of the Middle East.]
What would it take to make students care?, by Kelly Reynolds. p. A5. [Ways to encourage students to do their research about electorial candidates and issues.]
Is Sheffield the right answer for the Tigers?, by Paul Gully. p. A5.
Scores kidnapped from Baghdad, 5 police arrested, by Christopher Bodeen. p. A8. [Gunmen disguised as police kidnapped people at the ministry office in Baghdad.]
Punk's NOT dead, by Eric Allen, p. A10, [The comeback of punk rock in pop culture.]
Too much metal for just one game, by Kevin Alford, p. A10, [Review of the game Guitar Hero II.]
Muslim stereotypes unveiled, by Nora Gothamy. p. B1. [Muslim Student Association members answer question about the Muslim faith during a discussion panel.]
Students raise their "Diverse Voices", by Eric Allen. p. B1. [Students spoke out about diversity during the annual Diverse Voices conference.]
Warrior women fight and sing in 'By Jupiter', by Kelly Kozlowski. p. B1. [Students in the Music, Theatre and Dance department performed the play 'Jupiter.']
Keepin' it Fresh, by Kyle Magin. p. B2. [Tips on how to keep a relationship going.]
Learn to tame your CPA, by Paul Gully. p. B2. [How to overcome embarassment when purchasing condoms.]
Clash of the Titans, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B3. [Athletics: Men's swim team lost in a close meet against Eastern Michigan University and Princeton University.]
Grizzlies end season on sour note, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B3. [Athletics: The volleyball team lost its last season games against IUPUI and Chicago State.]
Grizzlies come out fierce, by Samantha Franz. p. B4. [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeated the Defiance Yellowjackets.]
OU steamrolls over Mustangs, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's basketball team defeated Marygrove College.]
Women's soccer bows out in opening round of play, by Rob Tate. p. B4. [Athletics: Women's soccer team lost against Notre Dame in the first game of the NCAA tournament.]

2006-11-22 [v. 33, no.13]

Grizzdance honors OU film, by Liria Ivezaj. p. A1. [The Grizzdance Student Organization awarded the best student made films as voted upon by fellow students.]
NYC right group calls Saddam trial 'questionable'
, p. A1. [The Human Rights Watch called into question the fairness of Saddam Hussein's trial.]
Lack of funding, recognition forcing players away from OU, by Brian Bleau. p. A1. [Athletics: Men's hockey team received little attention and funds from the University, which caused students to consider transferring to other schools.]
Panel discusses election, by Eric Allen. p. A3. [Panels discussed the reasons behind voters' decisions when voting.]
Meadowbrook Hall receives face lift, by Heather Holm. p. A3. [Renovations done to Meadowbrook Hall.]
Understanding women's inequalities, by Wendy Lyons. p. A4. [Women's studies courses covered a broad range of issues pertaining to women's inequalities.]
Don't politicize U.S. hunger, remember what it truly means, p. A5. [Government downplayed hunger with rhetoric.]
This holiday, remember those who cannot be at home with their family, by Kyle Magin. p. A5.
Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday, by Rob Tate. p. A5. [Thanksgiving got overlooked by Christmas.]
Hooters battling with City of Troy, by Owen Sexton. p. A6. [Hooters continued to battle with the City of Troy in regards relocating at the 'gateway of Troy.']
Detroit man arraigned on murder, other charges in shooting spree, by Sven Gustafson. p. A6.
Michigan faithful pay respects to Schembechler, by David Eggert. p. A6. [Thousands paid their respects to former University of Michigan coach Bo Schembechler.]
Casino Royal stirs audiences, by Erick Westfall. p. A7. [Review of the movie 'Casino Royal.']
+44 isn't a heart stopper, by Paul Gully. p. A7. [Review of the CD +44 by Blink 182.]
A show worth 70,000 words, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. A8. [The Detroit Institute of Arts offered an exhibit that displayed the work of photographer Annie Leibovitz.]
Well worth the wait , by Kevin Alford. p. A8. [Thousands waited outside of stores on Black Friday morning to buy Playstation 3.]
Share good food, good will, by Erin Mallard. p. B1. [List of places where one could volunteer their time and service during the holiday season.]
Pump up with pumpkin, by Nora Gothamy. p. B1. [The nutritional benefits of eating pumpkin.]
Campus chefs duel with dishes, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. B1. [Chartwells held its annual Iron Chef competition in which Chartwells chefs competed against each other.]
Tips for staying snot-free this winter, by Kevin Alford. p. B1. [How to avoid catching the flu or common cold.]
O.J. book disappointing, by Cindi Pozzi. p. B2. [Review of O.J. Simpson's book 'If I did It.']
Save yourself the trouble - stay far away from access-limiting button-flys, by Paul Gully. p. B2. [The downsides to the fad, button-fly pants.]
Grizzlies give great effort, fall short, by Rob Tate. p. B3. [Athletics: Women's and men's basketball teams were defeated in away games.]
Hockey fall to rival Davenport once again, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. B3. [Athletics: Hockey]
"If you can dodge a class..." , by Vicky Lefebvre. p. B4. [The skills needed to play with OU's Dodge Ball Club.]
Swim team's Swedish Fish, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. B4. [Athletics: Student Sophia Gustafsson, women's swim team member was honored with the Mid-Con Athlete of the Week honors.]

2006-11-29  [v. 33, no. 14]

Six more years. Staff. p. A1-A2. [OU Board of Trustees decide to extend President Gary Russi's appointment for another six years.]
Thanksgiving Reflections on man's best friend, by David Thomas. p. A1-A2. [Guest columnist reflects on the life and death of his pet dog.]
No prescription required for Plan B, by Kelly Kozlowski & Karlee Schulte. p. A1-A2. [The morning after pill is now available OTC to those age 18 or older.]
Pro-life speaker shares story, stance, by Wendy Lyons. p. A2. [National pro-life speaker Rebecca Kiessling shares her story at event hosted by Students for Life at OU.]
Troy Athens alumnus concerned over lost identities, by Alex Cherup. p. A3. [A misplaced Troy Athens High School computer hard drive with 10 years worth of alumnus personal information causes worry.]
Online service hopes to cause less 'Ruckus' for music downloaders, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. A3. [An online music service gives students access to thousands of songs for free.]
Not wise to quit a job without a backup plan, by Maria Vitale. p. A4. [Professional steps for quitting your job from Career Service's Director Bob Thomas.]
Irvin comments entirely cupable, by Kyle Magin. p. A4. [Commentary on racist comments made by sports personality Michael Irvin.]
Help raise money for childhood cancer research, by Rob Tate. p. A4. [Up 'til Dawn letter writing campaign to raise donations for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.]
Mass transit system could revive Detroit economy. Staff editorial. p. A5. [Despite economic potential, Council rules Detroit mass transit system too expensive.]
Low turnout for cultural awareness week a sign of student apathy, by Stephen Sharper. p. A5. [Guest Columnist expresses disappointment at lack of student participation in cultural awareness week.]
Foreign student sees 'colorful' society behind Hollywood simplicities, by Dusan Spasojevic. p. A5. [Foreign exchange student shares reflections on his time in America.]
Don't get fat, break even, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. A9. [How to prevent holiday weight gain.]
This vs. that, by Kevin Alford & Erik Westfall. p. A10. [Self-proclaimed experts in the world of gaming, team up to show down on "Gears of War."]
Mean it this year, by NIna Gojcaj. p. A10. [How to make and keep New Year's resolutions.]
A dish to pass, by Juliet Kraft. p. A10. [Uncommon and inexpensive dish ideas for holiday parties.]
The low down on how to slow down, by Beth Holland. p. A10. [How to stay stress free during semester finals.]


### Inaccuracies in numbering noted ###



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