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2011-01-05 Vol. 37, no. 17

Clinic will be positive, not 'predatory'. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Proposed Planned Parenthood facility in Auburn Hills is meeting with some opposition]
Time for a real change, by Annie Stodola. p. 4. [Facebook campaign to stop violence against children is not enough; people must also volunteer]
Hefner: permanent playboy, loving husband, by Daud Yar. p. 4.
Worth the waiting list, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 5. [Nursing program continues to expand and attracts students]
Campus Briefs, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [Thomas Friedman lecture event, OU Art Gallery exhibition by Cynthia Greig]
Honor students choose theses, by Nichole Seguin. p. 7. [Intro to Thesis course helps students get through their thesis project]
Winter Welcome Week brings events, by Emma Claucherty. p. 8.
Grizzlies off and running, by Dan Fenner. p. 9. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Lions' win streak could prove costly, by Jake Thielen. p. 11. [Detroit Lions commentary]
Fantasy football has gone from fantasy to reality, by Kyle Bauer. p. 11.
Lights, camera, Emagine, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 12. [Emagine Theatre celebrates grand opening of renovated movie theatre in Rochester Hills partnering with charity Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan]
Focusing in: Passion turns into business, by Ali Armstrong. p. 16. [Senior Mioara Dragan's photography is highlighted]
Don't stop the beat, by Nichole Seguin and Kay Nguyen. p. 17. [Several OU Alums hosting campus radio shows]
Professor profiles, by Nichole Seguin. p. 17. [Spotlight on philosophy assistant professor Mark Navin]
Detroit preserves puppetry, by Annie Stodola. p. 18. [PuppetART theatre showcased]
Records & reels, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Movie commentary for "Country Strong" and "Season of the Witch"]
2011: Fearing the worst, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-01-12 Vol. 37, no. 18

Support the Grizzlies. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Show support and attend OU basketball games]
Don't be too quick to tweet, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 4. [News organizations should wait for accurate information before reporting on Twitter]
We haven't checked out, so you shouldn't either, by Brandon Gustafon and Amy Ring. p. 4. [Message from OU Student Congress President and Vice President]
State of the University, by Mike Sandula. p. 5. [Coverage of President Russi's presentation titled "Success and New Context"
Campus Briefs, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 6. [World Percussion Day, Keeper of the Dream Scholarship, Relay for Life of Oakland University, African-American Celebration Month (AACM) Opening Ceremonies]
Late Night Skate Night rolls in, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [Welcome week event hosted by campus SPB]
Campus plays host to SAM conference, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 6. [Students Association of Michigan conference]
Students prepare for Day of Service, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [MLK Day of Service volunteer event held at Pontiac High School]
Student Congress welcomes new legislative affairs director, by Jake Thielen. p. 7. [Introduction to new student congress leaders]
Board of Trustees approves severance plan, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8. [Information about the OU Early Retirement Severance package]
Fencing team rises up, by Tom Barry. p. 9. [Athletics]
Grizzlies improve to 6-0, by Dan Fenner. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Records fall as OU swims to victory, by Tom Barry. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's and women's swimming]
Francis earns 100th career conference win, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Local briefs, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 13. [Eco-conscious restaurant closes for winter season in downtown Rochester, MLK Day 2011, Paint Creek Trailways Commissions Meeting in Rochester]
Turning tragedy into charity, by Ali Armstrong. p. 16. [Student Mike Morris starts non-profit organization Forever Adventure, Inc. in honor and remembrance of his friend John Hitz]
Professor profiles, by Nichole Seguin. p. 16. [Spotlight on Art History professor Susan Wood]
Beating winter blues, by Emma Claucherty. p. 17. [Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms and where to go for help on campus]
CES announces top of tech, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 18. [New tech products showcased at annual Consumer's Electronics Show in Las Vegas]
"39 Steps" starts season, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Meadow Brook Theatre 2011 opening production]
Local jazz artist brings voice to Varner Hall, by Mike Sandula. p. 19. [Kathy Kosin's performs at Varner Recital Hall]
Records & Reels, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Music and movies reviewed]
The sky really is falling, by Mike Sandula. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-01-19 Vol. 37, no. 19

Bans aren't always bad. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Gun control]
'Tiger mother' is more than a bad parent, by Kay Nguyen. p. 4. [Commentary on Amy Chua's book "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" and Wall Street Journal article entitled "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior"]
Honoring MLK, by Megan Semeraz. p. 4. [Keeper of the Dream event]
Campus briefs, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 5. [Detroit Tigers at OU, Whose borders are they?, Afternoon with Regina Carter, Thrown off a plane]
SAE presents racing car at auto show, by Andrew Craig. p. 6.
Pediatric retinal research lab to open in Dodge Hall, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [First laboratory in the country dedicated to pediatric retinal research at OU]
Event kicks off with music, dance, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 7. [Campus begins month long African American Celebration]
'Report and Support' seeks to minimize harm, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8. [Campus program to deal with students with behavioral issues]
A jump to the next level, by Jake Thielen. p. 9. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Huggies and Homework, by Tiffany Sood. p. 10-11. [Students Kim Urbanowski, Jasmine Cowl and Jaky Van Dox successfully manage motherhood and college]
Professors have kids too, by Nichole Seguin. p. 11. [Assistant professor of sociology Amanda Burgess-Proctor shares personal experiences and advice with college students with children]
Figure skating club offers collegiate skating options, by Emma Claucherty. p. 12. [Athletics]
Fans cheer Grizzlies to road win, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Oakland takes early lead in Nike's Campus Roar Contest. p. 13.
Synder's first State of the State Address: What it means to Michiganders, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 14. [Commentary on Michigan Governer Rick Snyder's address]
Transforming friendships, by Nichole Seguin. p. 16. [Personal relationship experiences of students going from 'best friend' to 'boyfriend']
Professor profiles, by Nicole Friess-Peters. p. 16. [Spotlight on assistant professor of Health Sciencesk, Jennifer Lucarelli]
'A little something new', by Sarah Wojcik. p. 18. [Meadow Brook Theatre productions '39 Steps', 'Reunion: A Musical Epic', 'Ding Dong', and 'Shout! The Mod Musical']
Eminem, local and live, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 19. [Review of Eminem's release "The Comerica Park Mixtape"]
New methods of charging, even on the go, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 19. [Methods to charge your electronic devices]
Hey, what's your sign?, by Dan Fenner. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-01-20 Vol. 37, no. 20

Keep it classy, Grizzlies. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Don't abuse drinking privilege at first ever alcohol allowed university sanctioned tailgate]
Closer to home, by Megan Semeraz. p.5. [OU-Macomb campus in Clinton Township offers alternative location for students convenience]
Campus briefs, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 5. [Winter Career Fair, Economic seminar series, Living Proof, 'Brother Mine' and beyond, Business majors expo]
Man 'thrown off a plane' shares his story, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [Motivational speaker Johnnie Tuitel spoke on campus as part of African-American Celebration month]
President Russi presents slideshow at OUSC meeting, by Jake Thielen. p. 6.
Students gather to discuss Friedman best-seller, by Katie Jacob. p. 7. [Campus meeting to discuss Thomas Friedman's best-seller "Hot Flat and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution and How It Can Renew America"]
New Elliott cafe to offer Starbucks, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 7. [Timothy and Marsha Healy Cafe is scheduled to open late February]
Homecoming weekend approaches, by Andrew Craig. p. 8. [Things to do on campus to celebrate homecoming]
Grizzlies achieve long-term goal, turn attention to ORU, by Dan Fenner. p. 9. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Gymnastics vaults to club status at OU, by Emma Claucherty. p. 10. [Athletics: Gymnastics]
Loyalty has become undervalued in sports, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Unfortunate trend of college coaches leaving programs after brief periods]
Breaking the ice, by Annie Stodola. p. 12. [Downtown Rochester Fire and Ice Festival]
Low results for higher learning, by Nichole Seguin and Mike Sandula. p. 13. [OU comparison of data published in book "Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses"]
Students watch, react to State of the Union, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 14.
Chinese course resurfaces, by Ali Armstrong. p. 17 [Assistant Professor Shuishan Yu teaches course in Chinese architecture]
Professor profiles, by Rhianna Marks. p. 16. [Spotlight on Instructor of Sociology, Vince Carducci]
Prestigious med program admits first OU student, by Annie Stodola. p. 17. [Student Subha Hanif attended the Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (SMDEP) at the University of Virginia]
Re-righting the wrongs, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 18. [Current exhibition at the Oakland University Art Gallery is "Cynthia Grieg: Subverting the (Un)Conventional"]
Mouthing Off: Campus conspiracy identified in Room 856, by Oakland Post Staff. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-02-02 Vol. 37, no. 21

Dial up the dialogue. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Students should report any major problems they have with a Professor as soon as possible]
Protests present problems, new and old, by Daud Yar. p. 4. [Arab nations and political upheavals]
Sharma proceedings underway, by Mike Sandula. p. 5. [OU Professor Srinarayan Sharma charged with stalking former student]
Campus Briefs, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 6. [Kresge welcomes Charles Pugh, Chinese New Year Celebration, Chamber Orchestra performance, Thomas L. Friedman, Etiquette Dinner]
Alumni meet at Meadow Brook, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 6. [Welcome reception for Alumni part of Homecoming celebrations]
Workshop teaches textbook reading strategies, by Mayuri Munot. p. 6. [Academic Skills Center sponsored workshop]
Advising launches redesigned website, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 7. [Academic Advising has updated website offering comprehensive information and resources]
San Marino partnership sends students to Italy, by Nichole Seguin. p. 8. [University of San Marino offering art history and art conservation program]
Grizzlies' defense overwhelms Centenary in second half surge, by Dan Fenner. p. 9. [Athletics: Men's Basketball]
Calhoun's 28 points not enough as OU falls, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 10. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Avoiding the sophomore slump, by Dan Fenner. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's Basketball]
Oakland sweeps Michigan State on Senior Day, by Tom Barry. p. 12. [Athletics: Swimming]
Homecoming hits OU:pictorial. p. 13.
Activism drives cafe, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 15. [Alum Carol Kaplan is owner of Nana's Gourmet Comfort World Co.]
Tuned into Fireside Lounge, by Katie Evans and Mike Sandula. p. 19. [Piano in Oakland Center Fireside Lounge is open to anyone who would like to play]
Swiping with a big smile, by Emma Claucherty. p. 20. [Spotlight on Vandenberg dining center cashier Patricia Wiseman]
The sound of the future, by Annie Stodola. p. 22. [DSO strike and it't impact on music students]
Auburn Hills downtown city guide, by Megan Semeraz. p. 23. [Pictorial guide]
Snowpocalypse obliterates the Midwest, by Brian Figurski. p. 24. [Satire]

2011-02-09 Vol. 37, no. 22

OU's logo overload. Staff editorial. p. 3. [OU needs to pick a logo and brand itself]
Support of dictatorship in Egypt must end, by Laua Landolt. p. 4. [United States and foreign policy in Egypt]
Celebrating a new year, by Nichole Seguin and Megan Novak. p. 5. [Chinese New Year Celebration campus event]
Campus Briefs, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 5. [Thomas Friedman postponed, Arab world panel discussion, A taste of Africa, Wind Symphony performance, National Alcohol Screening Day]
Detroit City Council President visits campus, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 6. [Charles Pugh speaks at Kresge Library as part of African American Celebration Month]
'Not for Sale' event to explore human trafficking, sex slavery, by Emma Claucherty. p. 6. [OU Student Congress hosts event to raise awareness of sex trafficking and how they can help ending it]
Wall finally falls in the GSC lounge, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 7. [The Gender and Sexuality Center's space has been opened up since a wall was taken down]
Achieving quiet success, by Jake Thielen. p. 8. [Athletics: Hockey
Internal decisions lead to Pistons' struggles, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 9. [Detroit Pistons empire falls]
Identity What is Oakland's?, by Kay Nguyen and Nichole Seguin. p. 10-11. [History of OU logos and plans for creating a brand]
Violent protests, uprising grip Egypt, by Sarah Wojcik and Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 13. [Political uprising in Egypt]
Taking on everything, by Ali Armstrong. p. 14. [OU student Tom Cruz is involved with numerous student organizations]
Professor profiles, by Mayuri Munot. p. 14. [Spotlight on Hye Seung Chung, Assistant professor, English and Cinema Studies]
'Brother Mine' highlights unique relationships, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 15. [Book review of "Brother Mine" written by OU professor Dr. Kathleen Pfeiffer]
Humor in misconnection, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 17. [Musical "Bells are Ringing" latest MTD program]
Detroit defined through art, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 18. [Spotlight on Detroit artist Tony Roko]
Orchestra finishes third concert, prepares for final, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 18. [OU Chamber Orchestra]
Chinese New Year inspires conquest, by Andrew Craig. p. 20. [Satire]
Surviving the impending Valentine's Day, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Satire]
Oakland Post Top Ten, Super Bowl XLV halftime acts that would have been better than the Black Eyed Peas, by Oakland Post staff. p. 20 [Humor]

2011-02-16 Vol. 37, no. 23

A small price to pay. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Increase in Student Activity Fee would produce worthy benefits]
So you want to be the student body president?, by Brandon Gustafson and Amy Ring. p. 4.
Egyptian youth changed Egypt, the Middle East and the world, by Dr. Ola Elsaid. p. 4. [Guest column]
Expanding engineering, by Annie Stodola. p. 5. world [Information and benefits of the future OU Engineering Center]
'Creating the future' for OU, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [Second in a two-part series exploring the branding of OU]
Campus Briefs, by Lauryn Andrews and Jake Thielen. p. 7. [History Comes Alive lecture series, AACM Closing Ceremonies party, Graduate Open House, European Night, Rec Center bouldering wall]
Muggle Quidditch League begins training for season, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8.
Leader dogs for the blind trained on campus, by Megan Semerez. p. 9. [Student Dave Barber is highlighted]
Grizz Express to convert into 'grab-n-go convenience store', by Emma Claucherty. p. 9. [New food service store in Oakland Center]
Campus celebrates African culture, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 10. [Taste of Africa Gala annual event held during African American Celebration month]
Grizzlies survive late scare, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
A Day in the life of..., by Nichole Seguin and Tiffany Sood. p. 12-13. [Vice President of Student Affairs, Mary Beth Snyder and OUPD officers, Lt. Mel Gilroy and Captain Mark Gordon are spotlighted]
Oakland drops to third in Summit League, by Jake Thielen. p. 14. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Swim team prepares for run at Summit title, by Tom Barry. p. 15. [Athletics: Swimming]
Striking response to abortion, by Katie Jacob. p. 17. [Protestors included OU students at the site of a future Planned Parenthood facility]
Becoming a master of the mind, by Mayuri Munot. p. 18. [Raja Yoga Meditation Series taught by Dr. Shvetank Agarwal]
Pepping up the crowd, by Ali Armstrong. p. 20. [What it takes to be a Golden Grizzly Athletic Band member]
Professor profiles, by Andrew Craig. p. 20. [Spotlight on Music Education instructor, Ron DeRoo]
Love songs, tales in a cappella, by Annie Stodola. p. 21. [Co-ed a cappella group Gold Vibrations Valentine's Day concert and information about the group]
OUTV Student Video Productions presents: Sideline sports wrap, by Andrew Craig. p. 21.
'80s film advises students today, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 22. [Review of movie "Take me home tonight" starring actor Topher Grace]
Open mic night moves to OC for weekly talents, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 23. [Word of Mouth student organization activity]
The great Snuggie struggle, by Mike Sandula. p. 24. [Satire]

2011-03-02 Vol. 37, no. 24

Giving incentive to Mich. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Proposed end to Michigan Film Incentive should cause state to produce other creative industries and the continued support of higher education]
Being broke does not mean leaning away from local, by Annie Stodola. p. 4. [Students should shop at Rochester shops to keep local college town atmosphere]
Proposed creative writing BA proves 'point of contention', by Mike Sandula. p. 5.
Campus briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 5. [English poetry contest, 'Borders and Frontiers' explored, John Gallagher presentation, European Night]
Celebration ends with '70s festivities, by Andrew Craig. p. 6. [African American Celebration Month events]
OUSC election campaign season back in full swing, by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [Requirements for OUSC candidacy and important event dates]
'OU Can Tri' second annual triathlon, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7. [Recreation Center hosts indoor triathlon]
Atheist club formed with a 'positive view', by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 8. [New student organization]
Men's Basketball Summit League Tournament Preview, by Dan Fenner. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's Basketball]
Club lacrosse aims for 5th division title, by Shawn Minnix. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Women's Basketball Summit League Tournament Preview, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 12 [Athletics: Women's Basketball]
OU prepares for steep cuts, by Mike Sandula and Nichole Seguin. p. 13. [Gov. Rick Synder's budget cuts will reduce OU's state appropriations by almost a quarter]
College students cut costs by living in closets, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 13. [Decline in housing markets contributes to rise in rental properties and zoning ordinance violations]
A familiar face for children, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 15. [A Day in the Life of Julie Ricks-Doneen, Director of the Lowry Center]
Showcasing diversity, by Nichole Seguin. p. 16. [Student Tara Michener writes children's books and is the Founder and President of the Black Women in Business Brainstorm]
Professor profile, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 16. [Spotlight on Kevin Laam, Associate Professor of English]
From sea raiders to reptilians, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 17. [Interview with film director Gore Verbinski]
Musician is 'Ready' to continue first headlining tour, by Megan Semeraz. p. 17. [Interview with performer Jordan Witzigreuter sole member of "The Ready Set"]
Music hazardous to health, by Brian Figurski. p. 19. [Satire]

2011-03-09 Vol. 37, no. 25

Taking time out for students. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Disability Student Support services proposes a change in services]
Good decision defends bad rhetoric, by Kay Nguyen. p. 4. [Supreme Courts decision in the Westboro Baptist Church protects our right to free speech but unfortuneately protesters are displaying the most negative side of human nature]
AAUP disputes policy, by Rhiannon Zielinski and Mike Sandula. p. 5. [Disability Student Support services initiates controversial policy change]
Campus briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 5. [ALS Exercise-A-Thon, Education career fair, Health career exploration, Clarinet meets dance, Government career mixer]
Students get taste of Europe at event, by Andrew Craig. p. 6. [International event sponsored by more than a dozen student organizations]
OUSC candidates meet, greet students, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Getting acquainted with candidates]
Stranger than fiction: Dept. holds contest, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 8. [English Department sponsoring two writing contests: 12th Annual Flash Fiction Contest and the 2011 Poetry Contest]
Student Writers Group returns, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8.
Campus to host history conference, by Annie Stodola. p. 8. [Phi Alpha Theta hosting regional conference at OU on March 26, 2011]
Professor writes poems in 'Blood', by Mike Sandula. p. 9. [English Professor Ed Haworth Hoeppner is the winner of the 2010 Ohio State University Press Award in Poety for "Blood Prism"]
Making steady progress, by Jake Thielen. p. 10. [Athletics: Hockey]
Sporting Blitz, by Tom Barry. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's Swimming, Baseball, Tennis, Softball]
Back to the Big Dance, by Dan Fenner. p. 12-13. [Athletics: Men's basketball Summit League Tournament Coverage]
Summit slips away, by Dan Fenner. p. 14-15. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
City celebrates 150 years, by Annie Stodola. p. 17. [Events to celebrate 150th anniversary of the incorporation of the city of Pontiac]
Lending a helping hand, by Ali Armstrong. p. 19. [New campus organization Leadership Consultants program was created to help student organizations learn leadership skills and themes]
Professor profile, by Megan Semeraz. p. 19. [Spotlight on Hilly Greiner-Hallman, Special Lecturer, Biological Sciences]
Maternal figure for Honors students, by Tiffany Sood. p. 20. [A day in the life of Dawn Deitsch, secretary for the OU Honors College]
Finding clarity through collage, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 22. [OU Art Gallery exhibit "Borders and Frontiers", the College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts 2010-11 theme]
Musician Lupe Fiasco brings new sound to OU campus, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 22.
Turbulence from the tablet takeover, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 23. [Descriptive details on iPad 2, Motorola Xoom and Blackberry Playbook]
Sex, drugs and tiger blood, by Brian Figurski. p. 24. [Satire]

2011-03-16 Vol. 37, no. 26

Drop the chant! Drop the chant! Staff editorial. p. 3. [Stop the foul "poop your pants" chant during men's basketball]
Save the environment: Diversify our economy, by Andrew Craig. p. 4. [Excessive extraction of natural resources for economic growth is no longer possible]
Free food is not cheap, by Mike Sandula. p. 5. [Student organizations frequently have catered food at their events but there's mixed reviews on whether it's a good practice]
Campus briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 6. [History Comes Alive, Border Security Lecture, Thomas Friedman, Ekphrasis Poetry Contest]
Campus gets fit, raises money, by Megan Semeraz. p. 7. [Group Exercise-A-Thon event to support charity group, ALS of Michigan]
Registration around the corner, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 7. [Combined fall 2011and winter 2012 registration marks second year offered]
Grievances filed in student congress elections, by Kay Nguyen. p. 8.
WGS Film Festival tackles taboo topics, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 9. [Women and Gender Studies Film Festival highlights]
Brewing Attention, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 10-11. [Local Microbreweries: Dragonmead, Bastone Brewery, Rochester Mills Beer Company, Kuhnhenn Brewing Co., Paint Creek Tavern]
Grizzlies thrown a 'curve ball', by Dan Fenner. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's Basketball and NCAA Tournament]
The gentlest martial art, by Emma Claucherty. p. 13. [Athletics: Judo Club]
Sporting Blitz, by Tom Barry. p. 13. [Athletics: Baseball]
Rugby arrives at OU, by Emma Claucherty. p. 14. [Athletics: Women's rugby]
STD rates rise, spur warning, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 15. [Info on types,symptoms and treatment of STD's. Graham Health Center offering free screenings in April for STD awareness month]
From beats to graphics, by Nichole Seguin. p. 16. [Student Drew Parker makes rap music and does graphic design]
Professor Profile, by Veronica Leontyeva. p. 16. [Spotlight on Jason Schmitt, Special Lecturer, Communications]
Becoming a 'Super Fan', by Desiree Pettiford and Nichole Seguin. p. 17. [Student Niklas Rippon attends all home sport events short of his own]
A 'who's there?' affair, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 18. [Meadow Brook Theatre production of "Ding Dong"]
Jazz band to perform with trumpeter Marvin Stamm, by Megan Semeraz. p. 18. [Oakland Jazz Band performing at Varner Recital Hall]
Technology is scamming us/ Mouthing off, by Kevin Graham. p. 19. [Satire]

2011-03-23 Vol. 37, no. 27

Conflict of interest. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Student Activity Fund Assessment Committee allowing OUSC to make decisions regarding percentage changes with student activities funds is wrong because they have a stake in the issue]
Wisconsin protests bring voices together and unify, by Susan Russell guest columnist. p. 4.
'Egypt is not Las Vegas', by Katie Jacob. p. 5. [Thomas Friedman's lecture summarized]
Campus briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 6. [Authors at Oakland, Benjamin Pierce concert, SEHS academic forum, Poetry Slam, Kicks for Kidneys]
Degree in Three offers alternative, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6.
VP candidates debate Greek life, parking, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [OUSC event]
Students honored with awards, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7. [Wilson Award winners]
English class assists Salvation Army relocation, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 8.
Students apply for marriage licenses as peaceful protest, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 8. [Four students active in Gay Straight Alliance and the Gender and Sexuality Center try to apply for marriage licenses at Oakland County Clerk's office]
End of the road for Oakland, by Jake Thielen. p. 9. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Wings' goaltending not a pressing issue, by Jake Thielen. p. 10. [Commentary on Red Wings]
OU softball begins 11-game homestand, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's softball]
2011 Student Congress Voting Guide/Candidate Platforms, by Ali Armstrong and Paula Andrus. p. 12-13.
Visiting for the veggie vibe, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 14. [Annual VegFest showcased along with special guests']
Former campus leader indicted for perjury, by Kay Nguyen. p. 14. [Alum Michael McGuinness implicated in an alleged fraudulent scheme involving a Michigan election last fall]
Almost Famous, by Nichole Seguin. p. 18. [Experiences of students who share names with celebrities]
New leaders instill spirit, by Ali Armstrong. p. 19. [Unique University Jobs: Orientation Group Leaders]
Professor Profile, by Delena Sanders. p. 19. [Spotlight on Keith Dye, Special Lecturer History]
From around the world, by Annie Stodola. p. 20. [Oakland University World Music Concert will showcase members of the world music ensembles offered at OU]
OUTV challenges knowledge of tech-savvy students, by Kevin Graham. p. 20. ["Best Tech" show hosted by students Clayton Cortez and Kristina Karamo features news on anything electronic, including what's hot in video games]
Fiasco develops his hip-hop niche, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 21. [Bio on hip-hop artist Fiasco, whose real name is Wasalu Muhammad Jaco]
Glover hosts award show, increases success, by Kaitlyn Chornoby and Bryan Culver. p. 22. [Spotlight on Donald Glover who's career includes writer, actor, comedian and musician]
Are lunar theories just loony?, by Brian Figurski. p. 23. [Satire]

2011-03-30 Vol. 37, no. 28

Editorially speaking. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Student paper Outcry reveals parallel student editorials between back then and now]
Support organizations by voting for Proposal 1, by Nichole Seguin. p. 4.
Continuity is important for student organizations, old and new, by Jomar Mabborang / Guest columnist. p. 4. [Student organizations need to fill their cabinet positions for next Fall as soon as possible]
'Wild and crazy', by Jake Thielen. p. 5. [OUSC President Brandon Gustafson and Vice President Amy Ring comment on their accomplishments and experience in office]
Campus briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 5. [Chorus and Chorale, Privacy Lecture, Ekphrasis Poetry Contest, Kicks for Kidneys, Summer Law Institute]
Presidential hopefuls debate platform goals, by Ali Armstrong. p. 6. [OUSC election event]
GSC room expansion ceremony spills into hall, by Kevin Graham. p. 6. [Gender and Sexuality Center ribbon cutting]
Students to be featured at 10th Festival of Writers Showcase, by Emma Claucherty. p. 7.
Faculty honored for journal publications, by Megan Semeraz. p. 8. [Authors at Oakland event featured]
Scholar discusses global debt at Gorlin Memorial Lecture, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 8. [Dr. Carmen M. Reinhart featured speaker]
Grizzlies primed to attack, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 10. [Athletics: Baseball]
Chance for redemption, by Shawn Minnix. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Local briefs, by Jen Bucciarelli. p. 12. [Michigan's new driver's license, World Health Day: April 7, 2011, Arbor Day: April 29, 2011]
Creating cheaper healthcare for youths, by Annie Stodola. p. 13. [Affordable Health Care Act and OU students experiences]
Building dedications tell a story, by Kay Nguyen. p. 15. [OU building history; Jan and Don O'Dowd, Sebastian Kresge, John Hannah, and Woody Varner]
Secrets revealed on communal wall, by Emily Richard. p. 16. [Resident Assistant Alexa Van Vilet created the Secrets Wall in West Vandenberg Hall; a place to tell all anonymously]
Back on the stage, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 17. [Comedian John Oliver interview]
Wireless show previews new, upcoming gadgets, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 18. [International CTIA Wireless Show 2011 product highlights]
Hey, NFL - I'm really mad at you, by Brian Figurski. p. 19. [Satire]

2011-04-06 Vol. 37, no. 29

How do students rate? Staff editorial. p. 3.
The 'Kill Team' story should embarrass U.S., by Kevin Romanchick. p. 4. [Commentary on Rolling Stone article about Bravo Company's Third Platoon stationed in Afghanistan]
Students should take evaluations seriously, by Jason Willis. p. 4. [Teacher evaluations are worth the time to complete]
Evolving OU: Part II, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5-6. [Creating the Future II Summit to generate ideas from the local community for building OU and its brand]
Creative writing major passes through BOT, by Mike Sandula. p. 6.
Physics professor honored with distinguished education award, by Megan Semeraz. p. 7. [Dr. Gopalan Srinivasan named one of Michigan's Distinguished Professors]
Campus Briefs, by Kevin Graham and Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 9. [Financial planning program, Careers get personal, Poetry Slam, OUCARES Family Fun Day, MaTilDa Awards, Vocal jazz and jazz combos, Harp concert, Senior thesis in studio art, International Night 2011, Guitar Day]
Eveslage/Malile elected to OUSC, by Ali Armstrong. p. 9. [Interview with newly elected OUSC President and Vice President]
Dance team returns to Disney, by Emma Claucherty. p. 10. [Athletics: OU Dance team competed at the Universal Dance Association College Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championships]
Grizzlies brave the cold to earn split with WMU, by Tom Barry. p. 11. [Athletics: Softball]
Sporting Blitz, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 11. [Athletics: Baseball, Women's track, Women's lacrosse, Women's tennis]
OU by the numbers, designed by Jason Willis. p. 12-13. [Counts of various happenings on campus between the hours of noon-1:00]
Hostel adds to city's revitalization, by Annie Stodola. p. 14. [Hostel Detroit to open in North Corktown]
A Day in the Life of ...Dictated by rigorous schedule OU President, by Nichole Seguin. p. 15. [Gary Russi]
From GSA to Chick-fil-A, by Ali Armstrong. p. 16. [Student Alexa Van Vliet is involved in many campus activities]
Professor Profile, by Sarah Hunton. p. 16. [Spotlight on Jeffrey Zook, Applied Instructor, Music Performance]
Singing for Sheen a 'losing' feat, by Nichole Seguin. p. 18. [Student Lisa Jacques performed the national anthem at Charlie Sheen's Detroit show "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option"]
Back to the roots of drama, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 20. [MTD's 'Pageant Play']
Wilson Hall hosts finale of professional artist series, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 20. [Professional Visiting Artist Lecture Series sponsored by Art and Art History Department]
Former Golden Grizzly makes his mark in the music business, by Andrew Craig. p. 22. [Spotlight on OU alum Pato Margetic who is recording and performing locally]
Horrid disease hits campus community, by Ivee West, Guest Columnist/Assumed name. p. 23. [Commuter Apathy Syndrome - what is it and how to get over it]
Oakland Post Top Ten, by Andrew Craig. p. 23. [Things that are more fun than finals week]

2011-04-13 Vol. 37, no. 30

Retaining students. Staff editorial. p. 4.
Take time to practice professional writing, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 5. [Personal and professional advantages writing for The Post]
Detroit is on its way back - stay and be a part of it, by Annie Stodola. p. 5. [Advocate to volunteer or work in Detroit]
Punditry less a wreck with absence of Beck, by Daud Yar. p. 6. [Commentary on Fox News personality Glenn Beck]
Anything but ordinary, by Paula Andrus and Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 7. [GSA hosts 8th campus drag show]
Students explore career workshops, by Lauryn Andrews. p. 8. [Career and Advising Resource Center sponsored Careers Get Personal]
Greek life continues to expand, by Rhiannon Zielinski. p. 9. [Greek Week focuses on unifying and uniting chapters on campus]
Clean energy resource center opens, by Emma Claucherty. p. 9-10. [CERC is headed by School of Engineering and Computer Science and is located in the Shotwell-Gustafson Pavilion]
Campus Briefs, by Kevin Graham. p. 9. [MOMENTUM senior thesis, Privacy lecture, Harp concert, Guitar Day, Indian music and dance]
OUCARES provides higher 'quality of life', by Sarah Wojcik. p. 10. [Spotlight on history and programs offered]
Out & about. Special section. p. 11-18. [City guide to downtown Rochester and other local cities for eats & treats, fun & cheers, shop & style]
Benson prepares for NBA, by Emmy Lucas. p. 19. [Athletics: Basketball player and Alum Keith Benson interviewed]
Lacrosse upsets Michigan State, by Shawn Minnix. p. 19. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Tigers' slow start is a cause for concern, by Ryan Hegedus. p. 20.
OU has heart - and brains, by Emily Richard. p. 22. [Alison Glinski, teacher's assistant for Biology 206 - Human anatomy loves her job working in the cadaver lab]
Patrolling the campus / Unique university jobs, by Emily Richard and Nichole Seguin. p. 23. [Spotlight on student police cadet Shannon Berry]
Professor Profile, by Breann Dotstry. p. 23. [Spotlight on Associate Professor of Anthropology Richard Stamps]
A variety of final theses, projects, by Kaitlyn Chornoby and Ali Armstrong. p. 25. [Final projects for graduating MTD students]
Old-school makes a comeback, by Jomar Mabborang. p. 26. [Michigan Pin Ball Expo on campus]
Guitar day shows sharps, flats of a music , by Andrew Craig. p. 27. [Brett Hoag, applied instructor in guitar is heading event for those thinking of majoring in music]
Mouthing Off / Sequester me from summer sequels, by Brian Figurski. p. 28. [Satire]

2011-05-11 Vol. 38, no. 01

Real school, real problems. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Male fraternities, abusive alcohol consumpution and sexual assault are cause for concern across all college campuses]
OUSC wants you to let your voice be heard, by Ben Eveslage and Elisa Malile\Guest column. p. 4. [Newly elected Student Body President and Vice President welcome involvement and make some announcements of upcoming OUSC plans]
Moodle has potential - professors should start to utilize it, by Nichole Seguin. p. 4.
'Spruce'-ing up OU, by Raymond Andre. p. 5. [Campus Beautification projects]
Campus briefs, by Andrew Craig. p. 5. [Jewish Film Festival, Meeting of Minds, Transfer Student Orientation, Counseling Supervision Workshop]
Students get shafted by elevator maintenance, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [Campus summer construction and maintenance projects include elevator upgrades, new roofing and sidewalk repairs]
No summer recess for campus radio station, by Kevin Graham. p. 7. [WXOU operates year-round]
OGL's aim for a fun, informative orientation, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Orientation Group Leaders plans for orientation include text messages scavenger hunts and the Midnight Mansion Walk]
Tuition, phone app discussed, by Thomas Barry and Kay Nguyen. p. 8. [BOT meeting included approving change in tuition payment plan for Beaumont Nurse Anesthesia Program]
SDA brings familiar rhythm back to OU, by Mayuri Munot. p. 8. [Street Dance Association background information and plans to resume events]
Lacrosse goes national, by Shawn Minnix. p. 9. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Wings a game away from miraculous comeback, by Michael Horan. p. 9.
Slemmer overcomes two ACLs, by Seth Walker. p. 10. [Athletics: Student Ashleigh Slemmer continues to play volleyball after surgery]
Grizzlies vie for late berth into Summit tournament, by Seth Walker. p. 11. [Athletics: Baseball]
Locals gather at opening, by Mayuri Munot. p. 12. [Farmers' Market in downtown Rochester]
Downtown Rochester to host summer events, by Tyrell Johnson. p. 12.
Adderall use on the rise, by Sarah Hunton. p. 13. [College students are taking more prescription drugs to focus while studying]
Campus crop cultivation, by Brian Figurski. p. 14. [Urban Farming at OU organization is gaining in popularity among students]
Student seeks Pepsi Grant, by Kay Nguyen. p. 15. [Student Taylor Kosnik hopes her idea to bring school supplies to 30 special needs classrooms in Metro Detroit will earn her a grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project]
Professor Profile, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 15. [Spotlight on Kathleen Pfeiffer, Associate Professor of English]
Skate shop chomps rivals, by Sarah Hunton. p. 16. [Student Dan Bilan opened his own skate and snowboard shop in Auburn Hills called Skate Hungry]
OU gaming guild takes hobby beyond video games, by Kevin Graham. p. 16.
Classic cinemas stay cool in the summer, by Brittany Haney. p. 17. [Three local, independent and foreign film cinemas highlighted: Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor, Birmingham 8 in Birmingham and Maple Art Theatre in Bloomfield Hills]
'Time, effort and heart', by Brian Figurski. p. 18. [Michigan Adventurers Club (MAC) and Metro Detroit Athletes (MDA) are gaining in popularity]
Festivals create summer memories, by Clare La Torre. p. 19. [Music festivals to please everyone]
A fate worse than death, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Commentary on Osama bin Laden's death]
The best to trump the Donald, by Brian Figurski and Jomar Mabborang. p. 20 [Satire]

2011-06-15 Vol. 38, no. 02

What are we paying for? Staff editorial. p. 3. [Tuition increase causes concern and questions regarding how money is spent at OU]
Tough requirements make OU stronger, by Shawn Minnix. p. 4.
Lady Gaga pushes ethical boundaries, mimics Madonna, by Haley Jonna. p. 4.
Tuition increase approved, by Raymond Andre. p. 5. [Budget highlights for 2012]
OU professor pleads no contest in Monday trial, by Nichole Seguin. p. 5. [Professor Srinarayan Sharma pleads no contest to charge of stalking; a misdeameanor]
Robotics team takes home 3rd at IGVC, by Kevin Graham. p. 6. [Competition with team robot "Botzilla" included Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) challenge]
Campus tragedy inspires fund for awareness, by Raymond Andre. p. 6. [Suicide of student Corey Jackson causes campus to think of ways to help LGBT youth with problems that could lead to suicide]
Career services assists in job search, by Megan Semerez. p. 7.
Campus Briefs, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 7. [OU PostSecret, Windmill, New Campus degrees, Library to be open 24/5]
OrgSync allows club connection off campus, by Jomar Mabborang. p. 8. [Center for Student Activities implements new online student management program; GrizzOrg]
Siblings race to prelims, by Kevin Graham. p. 9. [Athletics: Spotlight on students and siblings Zack and Lia Jones]
More money, many more problems, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 9. [Editorial on college athletics]
NBA draft next for OU's Benson, by Michael Horan. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's basketball player Keith Benson]
Buy Michigan, buy local, by Ali Armstrong. p. 11. [Campaigns and festivals to promote Michigan businesses]
Cash-only causes concern, by Brian Figurski. p. 12. [More local metro businesses not accepting credit cards due to transaction costs cutting into profit margin]
Children with cancer have new hope, by Clare La Torre. p. 14. [Nonprofit charity the Bottomless Toy Chest is dedicated to providing educational toys and crafts to pediatric cancer patients]
Dean McIntosh: On call 24/7, by Andrea Rivera and Nichole Seguin. p. 15. [Spotlight on Dean of Students and Assistant V.P. of Student Affairs Glenn McIntosh]
OU student creates quickly-growing sports website, by Seth Walker. p. 15. [Student Sam Arker created sport website titled Forward Down the Field: A Detroit Lions Community]
Aid available for veterans at OU, by Emmy Hensel. p. 16. [Military veterans and students Seth Walker and Mike Brennan received services from campus Office of the Registrar and Veterans Support Services]
Student DJ among first to take dubstep to airwaves, by Sierra Soleimani. p. 16. [DJ Alex Jahn is on WXOU with his dance and techno show]
Captivating audiences, by Brittany Haney. p. 17. [Concert review of bands Augustana and The Maine at Pontiac venue Clutch Cargos]
Records & reels, by Kevin Romanchik and Brian Figurski. p. 17. [Music and film reviews: Foster the People "Torches", City and Colour "Little Hell", "Super 8"]
Creating the new Hollywood, by Mayuri Munot. p. 18. [Information on new student organization the Filmmaker's Guild of Oakland University]
Not your average Oscar Mayer Weiner, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-06-20 Vol. 38, no. 03

Grizzlies' growing pains. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Cut in state funding hurts Oakland at time when we should be at the forefront]
OU needs to reach out to Wayne County, by Seth Walker. p. 4. [Oakland should increase efforts to recruit students from Wayne County]
Michigan's film tax incentive creates more debt, not jobs, by Haley Jonna. p. 4.
The life or death situation, by Nichole Seguin. p. 5. [Contingent of OU students both for and against come out to event for Planned Parenthood facility soon to open near University]
State funding reduced, officials get innovative, by Kevin Graham. p. 7. [Overview how less funding is effecting University and students]
PSE, OU agree to extension, by Kevin Graham. p. 8. [Palace Sports and Entertainment extend contract with OU for one-year giving them exclusive rights to sell OU sponsorship and advertising]
Benson brought OU respect, recruiting, by Michael Horan. p. 9. [Athletics: Keith Benson first OU student to be drafted in the NBA]
Becoming a club sport, by Michael Horan. p. 9. [Oakland Owls quidditch group denied club sport status now a student organization]
U.S. Women affect OU soccer campers, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 9. [Athletics]
Three Unique Treats, by Brittany Haney. p. 10-11. [Family-owned ice cream shops: Ray's Ice Cream in Royal Oak, Grandma's Ice Cream Parlor in Holly, and The Parlour in Hadley]
Cargill to donate 40K to local food banks, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 13.
Families gather at Village for story readings, by Raymond Andre. p. 12. [Summer reading program hosted by Rochester Hills Public Library called "Books, Buddies & Blankets"]
Bill supports bigger degrees, by Megan Semeraz. p. 13. [Michigan House Bill 4496 would allow 2-year community colleges to offer bachelor degree programs in cement technology, maritime technology, nursing and energy production]
Dig in Israel attracts OU, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 14. [Archaeology of Israel (AN392) class travel to Israel and participate in an excavation located on the border of ancient Israel and Philistine dating back to around 1000 BC]
Alluring spin on Rochester history, by Megan Semeraz. p. 15. [MBH employees Meredith Long, and Madelyn Rzadkowolski conducted research and wrote a book titled "Images of America"]
CASA leaders seek to give aid to Chaldean refugees, by Haley Jonna. p. 15. [OU chapter of the Chaldean American Student Association hope to raise more money for Chaldean refugees from Iraq]
'Vitality' invigorates OU dance scene, by Ali Armstrong. p. 16. [New competitive dance club at OU founded by Sara Porzondek]
Composing for the future, by Sarah Hunton. p. 17. [Music Preparatory Program hosting two summer workshops geared towards instrumental and vocal students aged 12-18]
New band begins to heat up, by Brian Figurski. p. 18. [Commentary on British band The Joy Formidable]
Harry Potter lives on, by Nichole Seguin. p. 19. [Personal reflection on Harry Potter series]
Anthony case is an American media melee, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Mouthing off - satire]

2011-08-31 Vol. 38, no. 04

Parking is a pain...not. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Campus parking is not a problem; just be willing to walk and have some patience]
New administration has big plans, by Benjamin Eveslage and Elisa Malile. p. 4. [OUSC President and Vice President outline changes and plans they have for campus body]
Advanced robots will be able to take over, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 4. [IBM SyNAPSE project perspectives on future]
GrizzlyPalooza, an OU original, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [SPB welcome week concert event]
Campus briefs, by Andrew Craig. p. 6. [Anton/Frankel Center opens, Non-smoking policy revised, OU MTD at Detroit Jazz Festival]
Feet For Seats kicks off MBT season, by Tyrell Johnson. p. 7. [Fund raising event for MBT]
OU recognized student veterans, soldiers, by Haley Jonna. p. 8. [OU 9/11 Commemoration Ceremony and Military Recognition Event hosted by Student Veterans of America]
Hours extended, scantrons rescinded, by Haley Jonna. p. 10. [Role OUSC played in Kresge Librarys' new 24/5 schedule and the discontinuation of free scantrons]
Getting a start, by Nichole Seguin. p. 11. [OU William Beaumont School of Medicine begins first year of classes]
Athletes excel in the classroom, by Michael Horan. p. 12. [Athletics: Women's basketball player Brittany Carnago excels academically]
Volleyball adds two to 2011 class, by Seth Walker. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Paying college athletes to play: No, thank you, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 13. [Athletics: Pay-to-play college sports would not be a good policy]
Greetings, Grizzlies!, compiled by staffers of The Oakland Post. p. 14-15. [Welcome Week events]
Borders close gets bookstores talking, by Raymond Andre. p. 16.
Detroit pride grows as Chrysler ad expands, by Clare LaTorre. p. 16. ["Imported from Detroit" ad campaign]
Debt plan is a glass ceiling for students, by Raymond Andre. p. 17. [College financial aid impacted by nations debt ceiling legislation]
OU gender gap broadens, by Sarah Hunton. p. 18. [Possible reason why sixty percent of OU student population is female]
Economy impacts student career choice, by Kevin Graham. p. 18.
Starbucks vs. Biggby, by Brittney Haney and Nichole Seguin. p. 20.
Dance brings student to Ghana, by Sonia Litynskyj and Sarah Wojcik. p. 21. [Student Catherine MacMaster travels to Ghana to do dance research for her senior thesis]
Baillageon takes on many roles in lifetime, by Brittany Haney. p. 22. [Professor Claude Baillargeon many life experiences enhances his Art History 101 class]
Student's checklist includes experience, energy and enormous responsibility, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 22. [Introduction and interview with Allison Webster, new Assistant Student Director of Organization Programs]
New student org aims to dominate bullying, by Sarah Hunton. p. 23. [Students Against Bullying (SAB)]
Creating a new 'Fairytale', by Brian Figurski. p. 24. [Varner Studio Theatre production of 'Dustland Fairytale: A Tribute to the Killers']
Arts, Beats, Eats and students, by Nichole Seguin. p. 25. [Students volunteer at Royal Oak festival to earn money for student organizations]
Changes to MTD hope to bring in new audiences, by Stephanie Prewada. p. 25. [New series introduced: Thursday Arts-After-Work]
Expert tip: No bathroom eating, by Brian Figurski. p. 27. [Mouthing Off - Satire]

2011-09-07 Vol. 38, no. 05

Move focus to housing. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Plans need to be made to address steady rise in demand for student housing]
Controlled substance laws "hazy", by Raymond Andre. p. 4. [Michigan legislation legalizing marijuana to treat the chronically ill in state]
Coffee brings about a sense of community, by Haley Jonna. p. 4. ["Brand name" coffee companies have created welcoming environment in their stores]
Student housing overload, by Nichole Seguin and Kevin Graham. p. 5. [Housing director Jim Zentmeyer has drafted a housing proposal to present to the Board of Trustees that would add 440 beds to the university for the 2012-13 year]
New smoking ban in effect, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 6. [Oakland's policy on smoking has changed to include extending designated smoking areas to 50 feet from campus buildings and banning smoking in vehicles on OU property]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [Rec Fest 2011, Hispanic Celebration Month, Car Talk with OU SAE and Chrysler and Post Secret Live at OU]
Food Court introduces new food options, by Justin Colman. p. 7. [New food court options include health conscious Chop'd & Wrap'd]
New hires at OU, by Ali Armstrong. p. 7. [Spotlight on Tanis Hastmann, Assistant Professor, Health Sciences]
Pawley family donates to school of medicine, by Raymond Andre. p. 9.
Soccer opens under the lights, by Dan Rochon. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's soccer team played NIU at first home game under newly installed field lights with attendance over 600]
Verlander should be considered as AL MVP, by Michael Horan. p. 10. [Detroit Tiger commentary]
Oakland wins Grizzly Invitational, by Seth Walker. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's volleyball team]
Jones, Hutton finish 1, 2 at Grizzly Open, by Garrett Elliot. p. 11. [Athletics: Cross Country]
Renaissance festival attracts OU students, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 14. [Renaissance Festival attracts OU students and alumni as participants and workers]
Arts & Apples to highlight local artists, by Megan Semeraz. p. 14. [Downtown Rochester hosts annual event]
Medical Brigades kicks off at OU, by Nichole Seguin. p. 17. [First international community service project as a sub chapter of Global Brigades]
Social networking worth jeopardizing privacy?, by Kevin Graham. p. 17. [Facebook's current privacy controls causes concern for some students]
Education majors have helpful outlet, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 19. [Student Michigan Education Association of Oakland University (SMEA) offers networking opportunities besides volunteer opportunity events]
'Just keep your head above', by Kevin Romanichik. p. 20. [Spotlight on musician Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin]
New season for local orchestras, by Sarah Hunton. p. 21. [Fall 2011 season offerings from Birmingham-Bloomfield Symphony Orchestra, Rochester Symphony Orchestra, Macomb Symphony Orchestra and Warren Symphony]
Theatre students bring a Greek classic to Oakland, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 21. [OU students in the Classical Theatre Study in Greece Program teamed up to perform the Greek classic tragedy "Medea"]
Dancin' in the Hurricane rains, by Brian Figurski. p. 24. [Mouthing Off - Satire]

2011-09-14 Vol. 38, no. 06

Smoking policy loses flame. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Oakland should enact campus-wide smoking ban]
Blogging as an Internet art form, by Sonia Litynskyj. p. 4.
Building the campus commuter connection, by Misha Mayhand. p. 4. [Professors on campus should also play a role in campus involvement]
OU meets Mount Clemens, by Megan Semeraz. p. 5. [Anton/Frankel Center satellite campus information]
OU offers veggie choices, by Raymond Andre. p. 6. [Campus dining]
Rec Fest '11 brings back favorites, by Justin Colman. p. 6. [OU Rec Center Event September 23, 2011]
Campus briefs, by Andrew Craig. p. 6. [CSA Volunteer Fair, Dance Day at OU, Richard Dawkins coming to OU, Scholars of the communication and journalism department to present speaker series]
Geocaching club's popularity growing, by Damien Dennis. p. 7. [New student organization with a purpose to bring geocachers both experienced and newcomers together]
Smoking policy: In effect or efeffective?, by Andrew Craig. p. 8.
New hires at OU, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8. [Brief get to know Professor Sachin Jain, Counseling]
OU bike share program wants 'respect', by Shelby Reynolds. p. 9.
Plane crash affects many, by Andrew Craig and Justin Colman. p. 10. [Plane crash carrying the Kontinental Hockey League team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl leaves more than 30 people dead]
Soccer drops two at Hurricane Classic, by Michael Horan. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's soccer team]
OU loses two five-set heartbreakers, by Seth Walker. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Perspectives a decade after, by Brian Figurski, Kay Nguyen and Nichole Seguin. p. 13. [OU community reflects on memories of 9/11]
Murder mystery hits downtown, by Tyrell Johnson. p. 14. [Case of the Dead Paparazzi event hosted by the Rochester Avon Recreation Authority]
Local Briefs, by Ali Armstrong. p. 14. [Fall Harvest Festival, Clinton River Ride/Walk event, Library used book sale, Oktoberfest celebration]
The Device Debacle, by Kaitlyn Chornoby, Kevin Romanchik and Kay Nguyen. p. 17. [Androids, iPhones and BlackBerry's; which to choose?]
Helping Jews in Metro Detroit, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 19. [Student Alyssa McMillan is an advocate for Jewish community and also will participate in the Miss Michigan pageant]
The Freshman Experience, by Post staff. p. 20. [OU freshmen Jenna Belloli, Madeline Bielecki and Nick Buhay share their experiences transitioning between high school and college]
Expert advice, by Post staff. p. 20. [Dr. David Schwartz, psychologist at the OU Counseling Center discusses special concerns freshmen deal with]
Grizzly Palooza rocks the stage, by Isabella Shaya. p. 21. [Student Program Board Welcome Week event]
Toasting to Oktoberfest, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 22. [Rochester Hills celebrates international holiday at annual event]
Bummed-out birthday, by Brian Figurski. p. 23. [Mouthing off - Satire]


2011-09-21 Vol. 38, no. 07

Chartwells offers up cuts. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Student organizations should take advantage of lower catering prices in an effort to promote student involvement]
Student pushes for fully-staffed Gender and Sexuality Center, by Alexa Van Vliet, President, Gay/Straight Alliance. p. 4.
Letters to the Editor - Smoking ban would be 'mean', by Corey D. Williams. p. 4.
Chartwells prices lowered, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5. [Student organizations now charged significantly less by Chartwells on popular food and beverage items]
OU promotes diversity, by Raymond Andre. p. 6. [Center for Multicultural Initiatives hosting 13th Annual Hispanic Celebration Month]
Meadow Brook hosts writing workshops, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [Youth writing workshops taught by OU professors include the genres historic writing, science fiction, poetry and fantasy writing]
Trustee Henry Baskin faces adultery accusation, by Andrew Craig. p. 7.
New hires at OU, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8. [Brief get to know Professor Hunter Vaughan, English and Cinema Studies]
OU students united by ancestry, by Steph Preweda. p. 8. [First ever Ukranian Student Organization at OU created]
Creative Writing major submits request to add faculty, by Nichole Seguin. p. 8.
Students show off at talent show audition, by Ali Armstrong. p. 9. [WOCOU Talent Show: OU's Got Talent]
Loss brings golf team closer, by Michael Horan. p. 10. [Athletics: Women's golf team]
Minor league systems could help with issues, by Matt Pocket. p. 10.
Hamilton, Valentine have major surgery, by Mike Horan. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
V-ball wins season opener, by Seth Walker. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
All the President's men (and women), the faces of Gary Russi's cabinet, by Kay Nguyen. p. 12-13. [University Administrators: Virinder Moudgil, Mary Beth Snyder, Eric Barritt, John Beaghan and Rochelle Black brief job descriptions and Campus Issue focus]
Stores help to restore Detroit pride, by Sarah Hunton. p. 15. [Local stores Down with Detroit, Made in Detroit and The Detroit Shoppe sell Detroit themed merchandise with a goal of renewing the city]
Flash mob surfaces through performance at local mall, by Shelby Reynolds. p. 15. [Shoppers at The Village Mall in downtown Rochester were surprised with a flash mob performance organized by Talmer Bank & Trust]
Postal service woes spell trouble, by Sheza Mansoor. p. 16. [Decline in business and little cash may lead to collapse of U.S. Postal Service]
The skirmish of the seasons, by Haley Jonna. p. 17. [Student commentary about preference for summer or fall]
Adventuring into the wild, by Nichole Sequin. p. 19. [Students and sisters Katie and Carly Zacharis participated in the International Student Volunteers Program]
Waits harbors passion for children, by Justin Colman. p. 20. [Student Catherine Waits, majoring in early childhood is also employed by West Bloomfield Public schools helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder]
Continuing a tradition, by Isabella Shaya. p. 21. [Activities planned for 'Viva el Arte', the theme of this month's National Hispanic Heritage celebration]
Department instructors perform at Varner Hall, by Misha Mayhand. p. 22. [Arts-After-Work inaugural season showcases performances by department instructors: Miles Brown, Carl Cafagna, Vincent Chandler, Sean Dobbins, Kris Johnson, Mark Kieme, Mark Stone and Tad Weed]
Fans: worse than fumbled plays, by Brian Figurski. p. 24. [Mouthing off - satire]

2011-09-28 Vol. 38, no. 08

From England to Oakland, by Andrew Craig and Jordan Gonzales. p. 1. [Richard Dawkins will visit campus to promote his new book, "The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True"]
A 'home away from home' for international students, by Sarah Wojcik. [Over 400 international students attend OU and the ISSO offers a number of programs and services to make them welcome]
You paid, you decide. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Oakland Post asks readers for feedback on content of paper]
Oakland partners with AAUW, by Sarah Hunton. p. 5.
Rochester writers conference sparks creativity, passion, by Kevin Graham. p. 5. [OU hosts "Get Published" the fourth annual Rochester Writers Conference]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 5. [Job fair for English majors, Student to professional conference, Study abroad fair, Lit to Film: 'The Tiem Traveler's Wife', 2011 Maurice Brown Memorial Poetry Reading]
Career Cycle helps students focus, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [OU Advising Resource Center and Career Services have teamed up to provide students with an interactive career cycle]
Dorm larcenies on the rise, by Madeline Loshaw. p. 8.
New hires at OU, by Ali Armstrong. p. 8. [Brief bio on Anthony Guest, Assistant Professor, Theatre]
GOP Debate at Oakland, by Kay T. Nguyen and Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 10-11. [Event taking place in the O'rena on Nov.9 offers university positive exposureand opportunities for students to volunteer]
Suh hosts celebrity wheelchair game, by Mike Horan. p. 12. [Motor City Rollers defeated the Detroit Jam in the tenth annual celebrity wheelchair basketball game]
OU gets rings, loses Summit opener, by Faiz Ghazi. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
Stopped program monitors teens, by Haley Jonna. p. 14. [Michigan Sheriffs' Association introduces new Stopped Program, allowing parents to keep track of their child's driving record]
Brooksie Way comes to campus, by Brian Figurski. p. 14.
Walk for a good cause, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 15. [Students Making a Difference in Society and Oakland Community College's Student Mentor Program joined together to organize first annual Oakland-to-Oakland Health Walk/Run]
Art education instructor honored with award, by Kevin Graham. p. 15. [Linda Tyson, OU special instructor and Coordinator of Art Education presented with Michigan Higher Education Art Educator of the Year Award]
Detroit's talent gets 'creative', by Isabella Shaya. p. 18. [Highlights from annual Detroit Design Festival (DDF) 2011]
MTD students perform first production of the year, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 19. [Little Miss Mary Sunshine opening main stage production]

2011-10-05 Vol. 38, no. 09

Racing to the finish line, by Brian Figurski. p. 1. [Brooksie Way Half Marathon and 5K Run]
Hirees face hurdles, by Megan Semeraz. p. 1. [President Russi must approves new hires causing to departments to carefully question their staffing needs]
Embracing democracy. Staff editorial. p. 3. [GOP primary debate on campus shouldn't signal OU Republican endorsement]
New Hire Eric Barritt, by Megan Semeraz. p. 5. [OU's new Vice President for Community Engagement]
Enrollment level reaches a record high, by Andrew Craig. p. 5.
Hotel becomes housing site, by Nichole Seguin. p. 6. [Twenty plus students will remain at Extended Stay Homestead Suites throughout Fall semester]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [100 Years of China's 1911 Revolution Presentation, National Depression Screening Day, Louisa May Alcott: The Woman Behind Little Women, Alcohol Awareness: Get the Facts!, History Comes Alive Lecture Series]
Students aim for workforce jump, by Haley Jonna. p. 7. [Student to Professional Conference personal comments from attendees]
A lesson in fashion etiquette, by Ashley Allison. p. 8. [Second annual AMA fashion show will focus on appropriate business and casual dress]
OU hosts youth music workshop, by Kevin Graham. p. 9. [OU Strings Day gives high school students interested in music major chance to meet with string playing faculty]
Revised "I" grade policy more lenient on students, by Justin Colman. p. 9. [New policy allows up to a year to finish course work]
A taste of autumn, by Brittany Haney and Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 10-11. [Area cider mills, Franklin, Yates and Blake's showcased]
Basketball adds transfer, by Michael Horan. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Hamilton, Valentine begin recovery, by Michael Horan. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's basketball players Reggie Hamilton and Drew Valentine recovering from surgeries]
LAX set for return to nationals, WCL title, by Seth Walker. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's lacrosse]
Local businesses question involvement with OU go card, by Sarah Hunton. p. 14.
Longboarding gains speed, by Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 15. [OU Longboarding group]
Music student zealous about conducting choirs, by Emma Claucherty. p. 16. [Spotlight on student Bridget Dennis]
African art exhibit opens OU gallery season, by Isabella Shaya. p. 17. ["Multiplicity, Connection and Divergence: African Art from the John F. Korachis Collection"]
Magic on stage for young kids, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 19. [Wizard's Apprentice, an educational magic show for elementary aged kids has performances scheduled at Meadow Brook Theatre]
Top 10 things we'd like to see happen at the GOP debate, by Steve Wiseman. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-10-12 Vol. 38, no. 10

WXOU holds free concert, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 1. [National College Radio Day event]
Skipping to class. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Attending classes benefits students]
Legacy more than innovation, by Kevin Swift. p. 4. [Commentary on Steve Jobs and leaders in the information age]
OU increases security, by Justin Colman. p. 5. [OU police department installing new surveillance equipment]
New hires at OU, by Ali Armstrong. p. 5. [Spotlight on Angela Kaiser, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Anthropology]
GSC offers a 'safe' haven, by Sarah Hunton. p. 6. [Gender and Sexuality Center offers services to OU students]
GSC continues expansion, by Kay Nguyen. p. 7. [Center is closer to hiring full-time coordinator]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 7. [Cyber Security Awareness, Career Expedition, Halloween Fun Night, Executive MBA Prospective Student Information Session]
Auburn Hills announces graduate student housing facility, parking structure. p. 8. [City council makes plans to build graduate housing and parking in time for 2012-13 school year]
Spotlight on students, by Brittany Haney. p. 9. [SPB hosted OU's Got Talent show at Meadow Brook Theatre with 16 contestants]
Cruising the campus, by Oakland Post staff with Kaitlyn Chornoby, Managing Visual Editor. p. 10-11. [Campus Travel Map with estimated walking times and steps]
Walking across American,
by Michael Horan. p. 12. [Campus Recreation center sponsors OU Walks! Across America with Brooksie Way Minigrant]
Bell, team poised for breakout season, by Seth Walker. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's volleyball]
Tap into Detroit beer week, by Cayce Karpinski. p. 14.
Local events Oct. 15-30, by Ali Armstrong. p. 14. [Halloween themed events]
Organic farm thrives at Oakland, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 15. [Student Organic Farmers organization information on group and farm site]
Harpist studies under masters in Europe, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 16. [Student and harpist Laura Palmieri won the Hollingsworth Music Scholarship]
Internship offers students the magic of Disney, by Ali Armstrong. p. 17. [Disney College Program and Disney Professional Internship]
New stir-fry restaurant opens near campus, by Isabella Shaya. p. 19. [Flat Top Stir-Fry Grill located in the Village of Rochester Hills offers customers a variety of choices to put together their meal]
Survival of the fittest: 24 hours in, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Satire]

2011-10-19 Vol. 38, no. 11

Tragedy unites campus. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Suicide of student Corey Jackson]
Stop the continued stressing, by Brittany Haney. p. 4. [Tips for managing stress]
A time for remembrance, by Kay T. Nguyen. p. 5. [Suicide of student Corey Jackson brings campus together for remembrance and prevention awareness]
10 things discussed at the College of Arts and Sciences 'State of the College' Address, by Nichole Seguin. p. 5.
Separating science and myth, by Mike Espejo. p. 6. [Biologist Richard Dawkins visits OU]
Students relax at stress fest, by Brittany Haney. p. 7. [Stress Less Fest, sponsored by Graham Health Center but is a student-run event]
Faculty educated on invisible disabilities, by Kevin Graham. p. 7. [Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning sponsored workshop entitled "Working with Students with Disabilities"]
Vegan class merits award, by Madeline Loshaw. p. 8. [OU awarded a Compassionate Campus Award for a course taught by nursing professor Marilyn Mouradjian called "A Lifestyle Change to Improve Health: The Vegan Diet"]
Int'l students learn new traditions, by Misha Mayhand. p. 8. [Halloween Fun Night part of the ISSO Coffee Hour Series a monthly event with a goal of cultural awareness and friendship]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 8. [Harold & Kumar Movie Marathon, Ideas 2 Business lab open house, Depression/anxiety workshops, Poetry reading with Michael Heffernan]
Students aim to improve local community, by Justin Colman. p. 9. [National Make a Difference Day volunteer opportunities for OU students]
Discovering Faith, by Jordan Gonzalez and Kaitlyn Chornoby. p. 10-11. [Brief introductions to religious groups on campus]
Basketball picked 2nd in Summit, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
'Team effort' necessary for Summit League run, by Seth Walker. p. 13. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Freshmen look to make impact, by Jordan Reed. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Medical marijuana under fire, by Ali Armstrong. p. 14. [The Michigan Medical Marijuana Act may be nullified if proposed bills pass through the state legislature]
OU faculty, grad run for school board, by Ali Armstrong. p. 14. [Faculty members Beth Talbert and Pat Piskulich, and alum Jane Pierobon are seeking seats on the Rochester Board of Education]
The Clatter makes a bang / Professor teaches by day, rocks out by night, by Sarah Hunton. p. 15. [Kim Madeline, special lecturer in journalism department runs his own public relations and marketing firm called KRM Communications, LLC and also performs in a rock band]
Green award presented to professor, by Kevin Graham. p. 16. [Tim Larrabee, head of OU's elementary science education program received the Chevrolet GREEN Educator Award]
Student harbors ambition for internationalism, by Alana Hartley. p. 17. [Spotlight on Steve Wynne a peer mentor in Career Services]
Musical stylings of OU's own:Series featuring artistic talens of OU students, by Ashley Allison and Kevin Romanchik. p. 18. [Showcased bands: Rival Summers and The Burning Ponies]
OUCARES rolls out the red carpet for film premiere, by Isabella Shaya. p. 19. [Summer film camp for kids with ASD]
Major League Baseball is for fatties, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Satire]
Top 5 signs of fall at OU, by Steve Wiseman. p. 20 [Satire]

2011-10-26 Vol. 38, no. 12

Custodians being cheated. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Proposed CMT union contract includes language that would slash current custodians hourly pay rate by $3 per hour]
Smoking 'ban' is too lenient, by Fritz J. McDonald, guest columnist. p. 5. [OU should recognize the serious dangers of smoking and ban smoking on campus]
Reader, rider and writer, by Kaitlyn Chornoby and Nichole Seguin. p. 6. [In memory of student Jenna Balabuch]
GVSU student still 'very much a part of OU', by Kay Nguyen. p. 6. [In memory of former student Rachel Ring]
Mourning the loss of students, by Megan Semeraz. p. 7. [Campus memorial service for Jenna Balabuch and Rachel Ring]
Free workshops for students, by Sarah Hunton. p. 8. [Graham Health Center hosting workshop for students with anxiety and depression]
Arabian nights promotes cultural diversity, by Misha Mayhand. p. 8. [SPB and OUSC host new event called Arabian Nights to promote cultural diversity]
There's no end to the planning a presidential debate on campus, by Ruth Freeman. p. 9. [Campus preparations for hosting GOP presidential debate]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 9. [Campus briefs: Chinese brush paintings, Disney college program presentation, Graduation fair, OU launches debate website]
Lost and found turns up a plethora of odds and ends
, by Misha Mayhand. p. 10. [Campus lost and found]
Ecker improves game, breaks record, by Emma Claucherty. p. 11. [Athletics: Spotlight on senior golfer Liz Ecker]
Oral Roberts switches Leagues, incurs $250k fine, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 11. [Athletics]
Basketball adds four freshmen, depth for '11, by Seth Walker. p. 12. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Golf team wraps up season, by Jordan Reed. p. 12. [Athletics: Men's golf team]
A haunting passion, by Nichole Seguin and Stephanie Preweda. p. 13. [Sinister is new haunted house in Pontiac]
Robot claims third, by Kevin Graham. p. 14. [Oakland Robotics Association entry Botzilla places third in annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition]
OU housing provides a sense of community, by Haley Jonna. p. 14. [Living on campus allows students numerous opportunities]
Grizzlies take on green initiatives, by Troy Frisby. p. 16. [Environmentally friendly efforts on campus]
The world behind your water, by Ashley Allison. p. 18. [Movie review for "Blue Gold: World Water Wars"]
South Indian percussionist visits Varner Hall, by Isabella Shaya. p. 18. [MTD's guest artist series presents Tala Vadya Kacheri South Indian Percussion Concert]
Halloween horrors on a decline, by Brian Figurski. p. 19. [satire]
Best friends forever. p. 20. [In Memoriam photos of students Jenna Balabuch and Rachel Ring]

2011-11-02 Vol. 38, no. 13

No sense in new building. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Plans to build new Engineering Center not prudent during unstable economic time]
Auburn Hills passes housing option, by Nichole Seguin. p. 5. [City of Auburn Hills approves plans to build off-campus housing, parking structure and student center in downtown area]
Discussion panel teaches students debate coverage, by Justin Colman. p. 5. [Inside Journalism Today event held as part of Republican Debate Week]
Campus briefs, by Megan Semeraz. p. 5. [Economic issues forum, Secretary of State mobile branch office, The GOP debate watch party]
Board of Trustees Engineering center, union contracts approved, by Haley Jonna and Kay T. Nguyen. p. 6. [Agenda items covered at BOT meeting October 31, 2011]
By the numbers, by Megan Semeraz. p. 6. [Fast facts from BOT meeting October 31, 2011]
12B launches student businesses, by Christopher Lauritsen. p. 7. [Ideas 2 Business program launched]
Former English professor publishes new book, by Megan Semeraz. p. 7. [Former English professor Michael Heffernan on campus to read poems from his latest book]
Debate to close parking lots, by Misha Mayhand and Stephanie Preweda. p. 8. [Campus parking and road closures for GOP debate]
Q and A with President Russi, by Kay T. Nguyen. p. 9. [Interview to discuss upcoming Republical Presidential debate]
Focus on the debate: Student profile, by Kay T. Nguyen. p. 10. [Senior Phil Berard juggles life as a student, is the general manager of campus radio station and is employed by GM]
Volleyball team sweeps weekend, by Seth Walker. p. 11. [Athletics: Women's volleyball team]
Even with postseason success, Tigers have holes, by Mike Horan. p. 12. [Sports commentary on Detroit Tigers]
Women's basketball team wins exhibition game, by Seth Walker and Jordan Reed. [Athletics: Women's basketball]
Occupy Detroit in third week, by Ali Armstrong. p. 13. [Occupy Movement]
Kid Rock announces tour to benefit charity, by Isabella Shaya. p. 13. [Kid Rock "Care" tour dedicated to donating to charities nationwide]
Meet the GOP stand-ins, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 15. [Students hired as stand-ins for candidates at dress rehearsal for GOP debate]
Halloween is new experience for some, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 16. [ESL club]
Students learn sign language through new club, by Kevin Graham. p. 17. [New club Social Signing Society]
Music made by Golden Grizzlies, by Ashley Allison. p. 18. [The Hot Pants local band with college student members]
Exotic ensembles form a night of World Music, by Sarah Jo Hunton. p. 18. [Four World Music ensembles presenting first concert of the academic year]
Addiction starts at $60 per disc, by Brian Figurski. p. 19. [satire]

2011-11-09 Vol. 38, no. 14

Grizzlies: Stop complaining. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Republican presidential debate brings complaints from students about unavailable tickets and possible lack of parking]
Perspectives from political scientists, by David Dulio, John Klemanski, and Terry Towner. p. 4. [Commentary from OU professors on GOP debate]
Model U.N. claims 2nd place, by Kay Nguyen. p. 5. [OU's Model United Nations team wins awards at the Lake Erie International Model United Nations College Conference]
Campus Briefs, by Madeline Loshaw. p. 5. [Veteran's Day celebration, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf Speaking Engagement, 11-11-11 "Make a Wish" concert]
INCubator propels businesses, by Christopher Lauritsen. p. 6.
Memorial service held for car crash victims, by Kevin Graham. p. 6. [Memorial service for students Jenna Balabuch, Rachel Ring and survivor Shannon Waite]
OUWB accepting applications for 2015, by Brittany Haney. p. 7.
Special Section / Republican Presidential Debate at Oakland University. p. 10-16.
Your 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Voting Guide, by Cayce Karpinski. p. 10-11.
Your Voice Heard Live!, by Sarah Hunton. p. 12-13. [OUSC hosted event 'Your Voice Heard Live!' Acts showcased: Gold Vibrations, Rob Jozefiak and Robbie Williford]
OU Republicans gear up for the GOP debate, by Jordan Gonzalez. p. 14.
Student group educates peers, by Haley Jonna. p. 14. [Writing and Rhetoric students created survey and links to information about the economy, unemployment and tuition deferment in an effort to get peers interested in politics]
Working with CNBC: Students volunteer for debate, by Nichole Seguin. p. 14. [Around 180 students selected to be involved with GOP debate]
Students making a statement, by Ray Andre. p. 15. [Occupy OU effort]
Free speech area gives way to opinions, by Misha Mayhand. p. 15. [Assemblies of groups on campus for the GOP debate must stay in designated area]
Sisters work to make ends meet, by Isabella Shaya. p. 16. [Students and sisters Chelsey and Ronnie Booth are like a lot of students in today's tough economy; working multiple jobs while attending school full-time]
U.S. bond rating, unemployment rates decrease, by Chris Lauritsen. p. 16.
Next stop: NCAA tournament, by Jordan Reed. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's soccer]
Men's basketball team crushes Windsor in exhibition, by Jordan Reed. p. 18. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Men's soccer team earns tournament berth, by Seth Walker. p. 19. [Athletics: Men's soccer]
A new communication, by Damien Dennis. p. 20. [Auburn Hills Police Department using social media to relay community and department news to the community]
Local briefs, by Ali Armstrong. p. 20. [Family campfire at Dinosaur Nature Preserve, Holiday decorating class, Technique cooking class, Parent, child holiday ornament making workshop]
Bear blasts into spotlight, by Ali Armstrong. p. 21. [Woody the stuffed bear is the mascot of OU's Office of Undergraduate Admissions]
Jobs increasing source of anxiety for grads, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 22. [Senior Eugene Shin and recent grad Andrew Olexa share their experiences finding jobs after graduation]
Student's business flourishes in barren economy, by Kevin Graham. p. 22. [Spotlight on student Cameron Schea and his moving business, Silverback Moving]
Students relive history, by Stephanie Preweda. p. 23. [The theatre department will be performing "The Women of Lockerbie" a play based on true events]
A case for class cancellation, by Jessica McLean. p. 24. [In support of cancelling classes day of GOP debate on campus]

2011-11-16 Vol. 38, no. 15

Give us real answers, please. Staff editorial. p. 3. [GOP presidential debate candidates give responses to rising cost of higher education]
Financial Aid Director weighs in on student loans, by Oakland Post staff. p. 4. [Interview with Cindy Hermsen]
fFree speech area utilized, by Raymond Andre. p. 5. [Demonstrators from various groups on campus for GOP presidential debate]
Father, daughter protest GOP debate, by Joanne Hoopes. p. 5. [Jacqueline Piche and her Father Joe Michnuk active in Occupy Detroit protest were on campus for debate]
Debate puts OU in primetime, spurs student loan talks, by Kay T. Nguyen. p. 7. [GOP presidential debate at OU]
Emergency system texts students, by Madeline Loshaw. p. 8. [Test of emergency message alert system on campus]
Imam Feisal to speak at OU, by Christopher Lauritsen. p. 9. [OUSC and OU office of the president host one of Time magazine's most influential people of 2011]
Students camp for poverty awareness, by Misha Mayhand. p. 9. [Camp Out Against Poverty brings awareness and donations to help those in need]
In the Eye of the Beholder, by Sarah Wojcik and Brittany Haney. p. 10-11. [Sculptures and statues on campus: Saints and sinners, Structurist no.11, The Burghes, The Grizz, Motherswell and Echo Cognito]
'Passion and dedication' Associate head coach receives lifetime achievement award, by Emma Claucherty. p. 12. [Athletics: Shawn Kornoelje, associate head coach of the OU swimming and diving team received 2011 Rick Knas, Lifetime achievement award]
Blake Cushingberry bounces back, by Mike Horan. p. 13. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Whole foods to open in 2013, by Isabella Shaya. p. 14. [Plans to open Whole Foods Market in the Midtown district of Detroit is a major plus for the city]
Confusion created in Troy driving laws, by Sarah Hunton. p. 14. [Driving ordinance in Troy allows police to ticket drivers who are doing anything that seems to be distracting them]
Injured vets supported, by Daud Yar. p. 15. [OU Chapter of Student Veterans of America sponsored event with guest speaker Scott Adams a member of the Wounded Warrior Project]
Student making connections through involvement, by Ashley Allison. p. 16. [Spotlight on Christina Venditti, a junior majoring in journalism and communication]
The Bar Hop: The Oakland, by Marc Wisniewski. p. 17. [Customer review]
The Jet Rodriguez, by Brittany Haney. p. 17. [Spotlight on local band]
Holidays drain empty pocketbooks, by Brian Figurski. p. 19. [Satire]
(Not-so-) 5 hours energy blues, by Jordan Reed. p. 19. [Satire]

2011-11-30 Vol. 38, no. 16

Working through it. Staff editorial. p. 3. [Proactive ways to make an impact on campus]
Students define university brand, by Raymond Andre and Isabella Shaya. p. 4. [Process of creating OU brand]
Annual art fair makes holiday shopping easier, by Christopher Lauritsen. p. 4.
Russi envisions OU as a debate venue, by Madeline Loshaw and Megan Semeraz. p. 6.
Student builds connections, by Jordan Gonzalez. p. 7. [OU branch of Orthodox Christian Fellowship]
Riverview offers hands on learning experience, by Justin Colman. p. 8. [OU Riverview Institute offers many opportunities to nursing students and Detroit community]
A winning OU atmosphere, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 10. [Athletics: Men's basketball]
Success means more than just records, by Kevin Romanchik. p. 11. [Athletics: Men's basketball. Interview with coach Greg Kampe]
Rolling into the scene, by Sarah Hunton. p. 12. [Women's roller derby team the Detroit Derby Girls]
Holiday season hits downtown Rochester, by Alana Hartley. p. 13. [Rochester event Big Bright Light show opens holiday season for community]
Carrying on a family legacy, by Damien Dennis. p. 15. [Professor Marilyn Borner and her family owned newspaper the Italian Tribune]
Bridging the gaps between OU and Auburn Hills, by Isabell Shaya. p. 16. [Projects the city of Auburn Hills and OU are working on together]
WXOU radio show makes job connections, by Sarah Wojcik. p. 18. [Student Aricka Pore has unique campus radio show called "Getting a Job w/Mz. Pumpkin"]
Students' theses on display, by Steph Preweda. p. 19. [Seniors in art and studio art program preparing for their Senior Thesis show titled "Converging Parallels"]
WXOU 'Insomnia' host aspires to be a trance DJ, producer, by Ashley Allison. p. 19. [Spotlight on student Robbie Rio]
Countdown to the let down, by Brian Figurski. p. 20. [Satire]


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