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2008-01-09  [v.33, no. 45]

Political rat race is worth running. Staff editorial. p. 4 [Pure apathy for political process is not productive and stresses necessity of independent, critical thinking of the populous.]
Four on Four: four panelists share their take on four topics. p. 5. [Students' opinions regarding presidential primary election, competition between Toyota and Ford, U of M's new football coach, and national impact of Benazir Bhutto's assassination.]
Notable "news": Be the first to be talking about these campus happenings, by Stacie Bartman. p. 6. [New basketball team uniforms, OU merchandise marketed for females, Kresge's renovations, "Protect the Grizz" and The Brooksie Way Run.]
Former WXOU DJ scores big gig, by Jesse Dunsmore. p.7. [Senior Communications Major Lauren Podell is named WDIV Channel 4's new traffic reporter.]
OU on tour: Orientation group leader program seeks new faces, by Stacie Bartman. p.9. [Employment opportunity for students to assist newly admitted students.]
Ethics in trouble: Author David Callahan visits OU to discuss declining integrity in America, by Adam Roberts. p. 9. [Author's presentation to promote book "The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead."]
Perfect strangers: International Allies program unites OU students, by Jesse Dunsmore. p.10. [Students' relationship made possible through program stemming from the International Students and Scholars Assistant Director Petra Knoche.]
Avoid the gym with alternative workouts, by Samantha Franz. p. 11. [Five ways to stay fit and keep your body guessing.]
Presidential Primary Election Guide. p. 14-15. [Quick overview of issues and candidates compiled from outside internet sources.]
Local breweries bring in new tastes, by Jon Szerlag. p. 16. [Review of Royal Oak Brewery, Woodward Ave. Brewery and Dragonmead Brewery.]
Johnny Depp: razor sharp in 'Sweeney Todd', by Joe Guzman. p. 17. [Review of Time Burton's film adaptation of the musical "Sweeney Todd."]
Familiar feelings for all in 'Juno', by Alexis Tomrell. p. 17. [Review of film starring Ellen Page and Michael Cera.]
'Charlie Wilson's War' --journey of a Texas congressman to Afghanistan, by Steve Staeger. p. 17. [Review of film starring Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.]
Roasted Duck, anyone?, by Samantha Franz. p. 18. [Athletics: Grizzlies Basketball team knocks off nationally ranked Oregon's Ducks in historic win over break.]
More Golden Grizzly action over break..., by Samantha Franz, Rob Tate and Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 19. [Athletics: Recap of Men's and Women's basketball teams.]
Club hockey starts the new year against arch rival, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 20. [Athletics: Recap of OU's victory over Davenport University.]
Men's hockey news and notes, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 20. [Athletics.]
The ethnic grab-bag, by Alex Cherup. p. 21. [Satiric look at the difficulties one faces when their ethnic heritage is determined as 'Other'.]
Job security behind bars, by Paul Gully. p. 22. [Satiric take on privately owned prisons.]

2008-01-16 [v. 33, no. 46]

In this non-stop society, take a moment and slow down. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Acting compassionately towards others is required in achieving a healthy community.]
Longing for the Great Lakes state, by Kyle Magin. p. 5. [Magin, an OU grad from 2007, reminisces about Michigan after having relocated to Lake Tahoe.]
Reload the Second Amendment, by Michael Palmer. p. 5. [Palmer, a gun owner, opines his Second Amendment right to bear arms as a means of revolution if the government should need to be overthrown.]
Professor fondly remembered, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 6. [Personal memories are recalled of OU Art History professor of 43 years, John Cameron, after his death from heart attack complications at age 76.]
Professors take at turn at the OUAG, by Shaneia Caldwell. p. 7. [Faculty creations showcased in Image and Text at the OU Art Gallery that ran from Jan. 12 to Feb. 24.]
Two teams 'TAP' out of contest, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 8. [The Technology Advancement Program is disheartened after two of four teams of students withdraw from the competition to design a new, energy-efficient residence hall due to schedule conflicts.]
Belafonte to speak at Keeper of the Dream, by Adam Roberts. p. 9. [The close friend of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Harry Belafonte, was chosen as the keynote speaker for the scholarships' award ceremony.]
A mile in someone else's shoes, by Steve Staeger. p. 10. [Misunderstandings between disabled students and their able-bodied peers and the organization called STUD, Students Toward Understanding Disabilities, which aims to alleviate them.]
Shedding light on seasonal depression, by Stacie L. Bartman. p. 11. [Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, its symptoms and ideas for its management are discussed.]
The future is bright..., by Rob Tate. p. 19. [Athletics: Two OU basketball team recruits, Lake Orion's Drew Maynard and Romeo's Blake Cushingberry, played each against each other after having signed letters of intent to play for OU in 2009.]
OU beats ORU in revenge game, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 20. [Athletics: OU's women's basketball team's 71-57 victory over Oral Roberts after having lost in the Mid-Continent Conference Finals last season.]
No mercy for visiting Ladies, by Tim Rath. p. 20. [Athletics: OU's women's basketball team's 93-43 victory over the Centenary Ladies puts them in first place standing in conference.]
Hitting the mat, by Tim Rath. p. 21. [Athletics: Wrestling team started up again after having been disbanded in 2004 and the struggle to find financial support and membership.]
Parrish, Worrell lead OU hockey to win, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 22. [Athletics: No. 11 ranked OU hockey team wins 2-1 over Stony Brook University's Seawolves and keeps its eye on the ACHA tournament.]
Shot out of the sky, by Samantha Franz. p. 23. [Athletics: OU men's basketball team defeated by Oral Roberts University, 66-60.]
Thrilling 'Orphanage', by Andy Kozlowski. p. 24. [Review of Spanish-language horror film, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.]
Fast fourward, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 24. [Commentary of 'One Tree Hill' and its fifth season.]
Don't pick up the phone; this is a 'Call' worth missing, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 24. [Review of film "One Missed Call" starring Shannyn Sossamon and Edward Burns.]
Get inside a comic's mind, by Steve Staeger. p. 25. [Review of Steve Martin's book, "Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life".]
Become a lifesaver and explore 'New Blood', by Andy Kozlowski. p. 25. [Review of the Wii video game.]
The great wall of man-hate, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 26. [An unfinished, and now unbalanced, residence hall project about male and female stereotypes inspires this Mouthing Off column.]
Hungover from the holidays, by Adam Roberts. p. 27. [A satiric look at the numerous holiday celebrations this writer is recuperating from.]

2008-01-23  [v. 33, no. 47]

Students should take a vested interest in the $4.8 million payment. Staff editorial. p.4. [A plea for the student body to be as vocal when additional funds for students' benefit are available, not only when tuition is increased.]
Homosexuality still an issue in U.S., by Adam Roberts. p. 5. [Homosexuals' rights continue to be infringed upon and it is up to this generation to allow a person to be openly homosexual.]
Shooting down a faulty argument, by Todd Butkovich. p. 5. [A guest columnist responds to perceived inconsistencies in contributor Mike Palmer's past columns, "Reload the Second Amendment" and "The Cold War is over, but the arms race isn't."]
Perpetuating the dream, by Adam Roberts. p. 6. [Harry Belafonte spoke about his experience during the civil rights movement during the 16th annual Keeper of the Dream award ceremony honoring students Avery Neale, Denise R. Jones, Jinea Stoudemire, Latonia Garrett, Ronee Harvey and Yakela Roberson.]
Debating $4.8 million deferred payment, by Paul Gully and Kelly Kozlowski. p. 7, 10. [Meetings between student leaders and OU's Board of Trustees begin to discuss the spending of the late payment from the state.]
Catching up with Russi, by Kelly Kozlowski and Paul Gully. p. 8-9. [An interview with OU President discussing athletics, academics and the future of OU.]
Ready for some football, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 10. [A student poll results are positive for interest in establishing a football team, but the university has concerns over funding.]
Brand new home, sweet home?, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 10. [A new residence hall is in OU's future, with input from students participating in the Technology Advancement Program (TAP).]
Large turnout for Nathan's Blankets, by Amanda Saoud. p. 11. [Alisha Bellows, a sophomore education major and United Hope President, discusses origins of community service project to help children with cancer.]
Quietly making noise, by Samantha Franz. p. 17, 20. [Athletics: Reflections on senior OU men's basketball player and marketing major Patrick McCloskey's athletic career.]
Double the disappointment, by Samantha Franz. p. 18. [Athletics: Men's basketball lost to IPFW, 77-69 and women's basketball loses to IPFW 75-70.]
OU swims past Cincinnati, by Dan Tallant. p. 19. [Athletics: The men's swimming and diving team defeated the University of Cincinnati 172-121 while the women's team was victorious with a score of 167-128.]
Feeling the heat, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 19. [Athletics: The OU hockey team defeated the University of Arizona in Tuscan, 7-4.]
OU rides fast track in Ontario Invitational, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 20. [Athletics: The men's track team finished second in the Don Wright Invitational with a score of 64 points. The women's track team finished in third place with 52 points in the Invitational.]
Learning how to walk, by Kristen Ann Szydloski. p. 21. [A guide for students to see their eligibility of graduation and how to apply.]
Addressing your financial future, by Katey Meisner. p. 22. [Mutual funds are a small, low risk way to invest for one's retirement.]
Fun, flirty and fashionable, by Shaneia Caldwell. p. 23. [A new boutique, Flirty Fashions, opens in downtown Rochester.]
Monster attacks the Big Apple, again, by Andy Kozlowski. p. 24. [Review of the film "Cloverfield" produced by J.J. Abrams.]
Bells will be ringing, by Stacie L. Bartman. p. 24. [Review of the film "27 Dresses" starring Katherine Heigl, Ed Burns and James Marsden.]
'Mad Money' is bad investment, by Lauryn Torina. p. 24 [Review of the film "Mad Money" starring Diane Keaton, Katie Holmes and Queen Latifa.]
Hard rocking band plays the Crowfoot, by Olivia Olson. p. 25. [Review of the The Tom Butwin Band, comprised of OU student Tom Butwin, David Dionise and John Garland.]
Presidential primary concerns, by Alex Cherup. p. 26. [Satiric take on the media's coverage of the Presidential primaries, and a list of actors who should play each candidate if a movie was to be made.]

2008-01-30  [v.33, no. 48]

University Webmail problems frustrate, no explanation given. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Students unhappy with response and lack of foresight of Administration regarding increased internet traffic.]
Four on Four: four panelists share their take on four topics. p. 5. [Students' opinions on Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, availability of meals' nutritional contents at restaurants, cloned animal products' safety declaration by FDA, and media's influence in presidential elections by not allowing third party candidates an opportunity to debate.]
Food for thought, by Stacie Bartman and Amanda Saoud. p. 6-7. [Information on the mind and body short-term and long-term benefits of eating well.]
OUPD: Crime did not occur, by Steve Staeger. p. 8. [An attempted sexual assault proven untrue by an internal investigation.]
Broadway play takes OU stage, by Brendan Losinski. p. 8. [Information about Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire's "Rabbit Hole" showing at the Meadow Brook Theatre until February 3.]
WXOU reclaims its Web stream, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 9. [OU radio station regain ability to stream live broadcasts after an unknown culprit infringed upon copyrights of Paramount Pictures Corporation.]
Entrepreneurship and business open to all, by Adam Roberts. p. 10. [Minors in Entrepreneurship and in Business are now being offered for non-business majors.]
Students running the show, by Adam Roberts. p. 11. [Student Video Productions club helps students gain experience producing OUTV, without the need for a Broadcasting Major on campus.]
Pushing the scholarly stroller, by Katie Lieder. p. 12. [Student mothers share their stories.]
Jet-setter's approach to college, by Kelly Durbin. p. 13. [Benefits of studying abroad are discussed.]
OU women's golfer fights on, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p . 20, 22. [Athletics: Golfer Lindsay Scarlatelli has been diagnosed with lymphoid hyperplasia and has used sports as a coping mechanism since childhood.]
Men's basketball bounces back, by Tim Rath. p 21. [Athletics: Men's basketball team defeats the Western Illinois Leathernecks 85-71, after losing to IUPUI with a score of 82-69.]
Youth Movement, by Tim Rath. p. 22. [Athletics: Women's basketball team defeats Western Illinois, 72-46, but lost to IUPUI with a score of 64-61.]
Oakland hockey riding three-game winning streak, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 23. [Men's hockey team swept the University of Buffalo with a 5-2 victory on Friday and a 2-0 victory on Saturday.]
Director discusses first film project, by Katie Jacob. p. 24. [Personal and cultural Insight into director Nadine Labaki's first film, "Caramel".]
'Caramel' shows Beirut's beauty, by Katie Jacob. p. 24. [Review of film "Caramel" starring and directed by Nadine Labaki.]
Small band, big disappointment, by Ashley Desrochers. p. 25. [Review of bands, "The Virgins" from New York City, "The Ghost Whisperer" and "Ra Ra Riot" who played January 28 at the Crowfoot.]
Sophomore success, by Olivia Olson. p. 25. [Review of the album "Mission Control" from the Georgian band, "The Whigs".]
The Palace of immorality, by Paul Gully. p. 26. [Satire on the social injustices, behaviors and entertainment exhibited while attending a sporting event.]
Don't call me a skinny Porkchop!, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 27. [One's disgust at the hypersensitivity of a small amount of Americans regarding names of sports teams, "Happy Holidays" vs. "Merry Christmas" and menu items at Starbucks.]

2008-02-06  [v.33, no. 49]

Still Loading... Staff editorial. p. 4. [Note expressing disgust over continuing Webmail problem.]
Four on Four: four panelists share their take on four topics. p. 5. [Opinions about reported sexual assault, OU's Webmail, Super Bowl XLII and President Bush's stimulus package.]
Meadow Brook Ball, by Paul Gully. p. 6. [Overview of the sold-out, student event theme, "A Splash of Jazz: A Black Tie Affair".]
No charges to be filed in false police report case, by Steve Staeger. p. 7. [Update to alleged sexual assault and students' reactions to OU's quick alert to the potential problem, but slow to calm fears that had then been raised.]
Russi delivers State of the University address. p. 7. [Bulleted list of goals President Russi has set for the year 2020.]
Sluggish e-mail annoys students, by Steve Staeger. p. 8. [Students remain irritated while a solution has not yet been decided upon by University Technological Services (UTS).]
Rec Center awaits cardio machine repairs, by C.L. Nelson. p. 9. [Six of 37 cardio machines are out of order due to high usage.]
Drivers slow down; construction picks up, by Tracy Wawrzyniak. p. 10. [Construction zone speed limits are in effect on Walton Boulevard near Squirrel Road.]
Sweeping the Dakotas: Kangas' last second 3-pointer buries North Dakota State and Jones, Kangas each net 19 points in win over SDSU by Samantha Franz. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's basketball team beats North Dakota State 77-74 and then South Dakota State 78-68.]
Struggles continue of OU women's basketball, by Tim Rath. p. 17. [Athletics: Women lose to North Dakota State, 58-54.]
Reising's career-high not enough for OU, by Dan Tallant. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's basketball sophomore Hanna Reising scored 32 points during a game that OU lost to the South Dakota State Jackrabbits, 64-63.]
Club hockey loses one, takes one against rival Davenport University, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 18. [Athletics: Davenport won in first game, 4-3, and OU victorious in second game, 4-3.]
Records continue to break for men's and women's track and field, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 18. [Athletics: Three school records were set by Sara Lieblein, Kayla Doan and Jessica Ferguson on the women's team, and the men's team's Jason Young broke a league record and two school records were set by Jason Bigelow and Zack Jones.]
Women's tennis falls short in season openers, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 18. [Athletics: OU women's tennis loses to both Akron, 6-1, and Detroit-Mercy, 7-0.]
Tune in to these new TV shows, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 20. [Suggestions on mid-season television viewing during the Hollywood writers' strike.]
Beginning of the end for season four of 'Lost', by Brendan Losinski. p. 20. [Overview of television show created by J.J. Abrams and its concluding season set for 2010.]
Transform into Travis Touchdown in 'Heroes', by Rory McCarty. p. 21. [Review of Wii video game, "No More Heroes".]
Nothing to Protest, by Amanda Meade. p. 21. [Review of punk rock band Protest the Hero's second album, "Fortress."]
Snow-free snow days, by Steve Staeger. p. 22. [One reporter's sarcastic take on snow days, in his youth and now in his adulthood.]
Britney's humanitarian homework, by Alex Cherup. p. 23. [One editor's take on the habit of selling celebrities' junk on Ebay to raise money for humanitarian efforts.]

2008-02-13 [v. 33, no. 50]

Board's decision to push meeting to winter recess is unacceptable. Staff editorial. p.4. [Anger expressed regarding the Board of Trustee's decision to push back a regularly scheduled meeting to a time when the University is closed and is still taking time to decide what to do with $4.8 million dollars it received from the state of Michigan.]
Becoming Generation WHY, by Michael Westphal. p. 5. [Guest columnist calls for increased activism and questioning of everything in hopes to find true democracy.]
Students may not see $4.8 million soon, by Steve Staeger. p. 6. [The fate of the deferred payment OU received from the state of Michigan remains undecided.]
Marcia Dyson previews upcoming lecture, by Stacie L. Bartman. p. 8. [Well-regarded members of the African-American community, Reverends Marcia Dyson and her husband Dr. Michael Dyson, discuss opposing viewpoints on Feb. 18 in a lecture called, "Dyson vs. Dyson".]
'Chekhov in Yalta' at Varner Theatre, by Brendan Losinski. p. 9. [Review of the semi-biographical play on the famous playwright that runs until Feb. 17.]
New mural to be painted in the basement of the OC, by Amanda Saoud. p. 9. [A floor-to-ceiling photographic mural is planned for the wall between the bookstore and Bumpers Game Room with hopes to have it completed by June.]
February weather numbs campus, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 14. [OU students brave the winter weather in pursuit of higher education.]
Nelson leads the way for men's basketball on the road, by Dan Tallant. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's basketball team beats Centenary (97-61) and falls to Oral Roberts (53-60) in a weekend road trip.]
Road trip starts well, ends in devastation, by Tim Rath. p. 16. [Athletics: Women's basketball team beats Centenary (72-55) but is defeated by Oral Roberts (73-66).]
Laying the foundation, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 17. [Athletics: Men's and women's track teams showing growth in third season; three students in particular, Freshman Zack Jones, Sophomore Melissa Martinez and Freshman Kevin Luce are breaking records at OU and in the conference.]
Vampire Weekend can't be classified, by Olivia Olson. p. 20. [Review of self-titled debut album by the band Vampire Weekend.]
Bullet for My Valentine 'Screams' in sophomore release, by Amanda Meade. p. 20. [Review of the new album "Scream Aim Fire" by metal band Bullet for My Valentine.]
OU infected with viral ads, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 22. [Satirical viewpoint on the increased number of viral marketing campaigns in the nation.]
Kwame can 'text flirt' if he wants to, by John Michael. p. 23. [Writer's opinion that Kwame Kilpatrick's sleeping with his chief of staff Christine Beatty has nothing to do with politics and should be kept out of the media's spotlight.]

2008-02-20  [v.33, no. 51]

The recent campus shootings must not be overlooked or forgotten. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Plea for humans to limit the amount of desensitization that happens when being inundated by death and violence in the media--the latest event taking place at Northern Illinois University.]
The Academy gets it wrong, by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 5. [The guest columnist claims that the Oscar for Best Picture goes to forgettable films.]
It's time for the university to make a decision regarding the $4.8 million deferred payment, by Mark Medaugh. p.5. [Guest columnist is angry at the administration's continued indecisiveness and disregard for students' patience when other universities have made decisions about their payment from the state.]
Striking a pose, by Shaneeia Caldwell. p. 6-7. [Association of Black Students' "Hollywood Fashion Show" heats up for Varner Recital Hall crowd.]
OU to switch to trimester this spring, by Steve Staeger. p. 7. [The change in scheduling benefits those students needing financial aid.]
Dyson vs. Dyson debates Cosby, by John Droke. p. 8. [Experts discuss election, "Come on People" and the Kwame scandal.]
Med school dean candidate revealed, by Adam Roberts and Steve Staeger. p. 9. [Dr. Charles J. Shanley is the first of three potential candidates for the dean of the new OU medical school to be introduced to faculty and administrators.]
Marx sighting at Oakland University, by Alex Cherup. p. 9. [Review of Howard Zinn's one-man show "Marx in Soho" performed in Varner Recital Hall on Feb. 18.]
Breaking from recess norms, by Adam Roberts. p. 10. [Some students use their vacation for service rather than parties with help from the Center for Student Activities alternative spring break program.]
Xpressiv B.T.Z. stomps Varner Recital Hall, by Brendan Losinski. p. 10. [The new student organization created by OU senior Angie Freeman performed for the first time and was well-received on Feb. 15.]
Savor a unique pizza pie, by Nicole Jacob. p. 12. [Review of local pizzerias.]
Ferrell takes to hardword, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 13. [Review of film "Semi-Pro" starring Will Ferrell.]
'In Bruges' loses its way, by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 13. [Review of film "In Bruges" starring Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson.]
Nastasia plays Pike Room, by Olivia Olson. p. 13. [Review of singer/songwriter Nina Nastasia's performance at the Crowfoot in Pontiac.]
Where are we growing?, by Tim Rath. p. 16-17. [Students and staff talk about the ups and downs of a university on the fast track to the big time.]
Getting to know a killer, by Jared Purcell. p. 18. [February draws focus to cardiovascular (heart) disease and its grip on Americans.]
Grizzlies flounder against IPFW, by Samantha Franz. p. 22. [Athletics: Men's basketball team loses 71-66.]
New coach, new attitude, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 23, 26. [Athletics: John Musachio returns 22 players as first-year head coach of the men's baseball team.]
Softball team looking to improve, by Tim Rath. p. 24, 26. [Athletics: Pitching ace junior Jessica Granger leads Golden Grizzlies onto the field.]
Despite injuries, OU women top IPFW, by Tim Rath. p. 24. [Athletics: OU Sophomore guard Melissa Jeltema helps lead OU to victory of 79-65.]
Grillin' it up for a cause, by Chris Warbington. p. 25. [Athletics: OU basketball teams' staff members participated in the Coaches vs. Cancer fundraiser held at BD's Mongolian Barbeque and helped raise over $1200.]
The Summit League swims over to OU, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 26. [Athletics: OU hosts the Summit League Swimming and Diving Championship.]
El Rushbo says 'Obama!', by Alex Cherup. p. 27. [Writer's take on the possibility of radio personality Rush Limbaugh's endorsement of Barack Obama as the Democratic Party's Presidential candidate.]

2008-03-05  [v.33, no. 52]

Concealed weapons won't stop campus shootings. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Prevention of shootings should focus on identifying and helping students with mental issues and angst instead of allowing students to carry guns.]
Recounting Oakland University history: student activism can lead to change, by Michael Westphal. p. 5. [A call to students to be civically knowledgeable and vocal to effect change, as OU students and faculty had during the Vietnam War, in light of recent political tactics used to escalate the wars in the Middle East.]
Campus involvement offers new opportunities, experiences, by Sarah Brooks. p. 5. [Advice for students to take charge of their own university experience after having learned the lesson the hard way.]
Payment staying put, by Adam Roberts and Steve Staeger. p. 6. [Board of Trustees decided to leave the $4.8 million deferred payment from the state of Michigan in reserves while awaiting the announcement of the state's budget for next year.]
Black history month closes with 'Neo Soul', by Wendell Smiley. p. 7. [Students and alumni show off their talents and reflect on the year's events of the Association of Black Students (ABS) and a plea to have increased diversity in attendees.]
Undecided students get career assistance, by Brendan Losinski. p. 9. [Career Counseling workshop helps students discover the right profession.]
Students to perform 'The Vagina Monologues', by Brendan Losinski. p. 11. [Members of OU's Women's Issues Forum will perform the episodic play by Eve Ensler and "A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer" in honor of the V-day campaign.]
Peaking at the right time, by Samantha Franz. p. 16. [Athletics: Men's basketball heads into Summit League tournament having won seven of 10 games.]
Golden Grizzlies grab the No. 1 spot, by Tim Rath. p. 17. [Athletics: Women's basketball enters the Summit League tournament with the top ranking.]
Coming up empty-handed, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 18. [Athletics: OU's hockey team was defeated by in the first round of the ACHA National Tournament (4-3) but did win the next game to be ranked No. 11 in the tournament.]
Baseball falters to start 2008 season, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 19. [Athletics: OU's baseball team loses first five games of the season.]
Recapping Golden Grizzlies softball, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 19.
Winning is a big 'Deal', by Jared Purcell. p. 20. [OU junior Kristine LeMieux describes her experience of winning of $238,000 on popular game show "Deal or No Deal".]
Students give back in NYC for spring break, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 21. [14 OU students participated in the Center for Student Activities (CSA) alternative spring break.]
HIV lurking spreading killing in your own backyard, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 22-23. [Reminder that HIV/AIDS is still here and unless precautions are followed, one can still be infected.]
Happy hour: three for the road, by Amanda Saoud. p. 24. [Reviews of three places to have drinks--Fuse, Gus O'Connor's, and Taco Loco.]
New moves with the same twist in 'Devil May Cry 4', by Rory McCarty. p. 25. [Review of video game.]
'Rewind' to find effects, by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 25. [Review of film "Be Kind, Rewind" directed by Michel Gondry, starring Jack Black and Mos Def.]
Poke me to save humanity!, by Nick Degel. p. 26. [Joining a group on Facebook should not be the extent of a person's social and civic activism.]
Nader the nadir of 2008 election, by Todd Butkovich. p. 27. [Disapproval of Ralph Nader's newest attempt at reaching the Oval Office.]

2008-03-12  [v.33, no. 53]

Democracy for sale--will Michigan buy in?. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Disappointment at democratic candidates not campaigning in Michigan after the state's primary election.]
Four on Four: four panelists share their take on four topics. p. 5. [Topics include use of superdelegates to decide political party nomination, safety at OU, snow day policy, and the success of the New England Patriots.]
Student president hopefuls debate, by Steve Staeger. p. 6. [Three candidates for OUSC President discussed topics ranging from the possibility of an OU football team, the fate of the $4.8 million from the state of Michigan, and their visions for OU in the future.]
Regina Carter to play with mentor at Varner. Staff. p. 6. [Interview with world-renowned, Grammy nominated violinist and OU alumnus.]
Snow days are rare events at OU, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [Recent sub-zero wind chills and poor driving conditions prompted a desire for better understanding of OU's school cancellation policy.]
Phinding OU's Mr. Right, by Nick Degel. p. 8. [Description of annual "Mr. PhiSignificant Male Charm Pageant" benefiting the National Kidney Foundation.]
StarCon '08, by Nick Degel. p. 9. [Recap of the Gaming Guild's convention.]
OU student's book is published, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 10. [OU junior Journalism major Evan McCausland's book "Rapid Transit Series Buses: General Motors and Beyond" will be published on May 15, 2008.]
Passionate about pottery, by Stacie L. Bartman. p. 17. [The Creative Arts Studio in Royal Oak provides an opportunity to create your own masterpiece.]
Thrills of Broadway without traveling to NYC, by Katie Jacob. p. 18. [The Broadway musical hits "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Urinetown-The Musical" and "The Color Purple" are coming to area theaters.]
Empowering sadness, by Olivia Olson. p. 18. [Review of Bon Iver's debut album "For Emma, Forever Ago".]
Hill too much to overcome, by Samantha Franz. p. 19, 21. [Athletics: OU men's basketball team loses to IUPUI (80-65) in the semi-final of the Summit League after losing their senior guard Brandon Cassise's violation of his probation.]
Cassise sorely missed in the clutch, by Samantha Franz. p.19, 21 [Athletics: Senior OU Basketball player Brandon Cassise could have made for a positive outcome in the Summit League Tournament.]
Lady Grizzlies ousted by Golden Eagles, by Tim Rath. p. 22. [Athletics: Women's basketball team falls short to Oral Roberts University for the second straight season in the semi-finals of the Summit League Championship, 71-61.]
The 2007-08 season wasn't always a smooth flight, by Tim Rath. p. 22-23. [Athletics: Recap of the successes and failures of the young OU women's basketball team.]
Oakland U baseball team earns first two wins of the season, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 23. [Athletics: OU men's baseball lead the series against George Washington University 2-1, with wins 10-4 and 7-0 after losing the first game, 19-16.]
The World Wide Webbed life, by Steve Staeger. p. 24-25. [Internet growth provides more opportunities and new problems.]
Eating disorders--the masked villain, by Wendell Smiley. p. 25. [An OU student discusses her ongoing battle with anorexia and bulimia.]
Oprah's message muddled; viewer befuddled, by Kelly Kozlowski. p. 26. [Description of Editor in Chief's recognition of Oprah's opposing messages.]
Who you gonna call -- Hillary?, by Todd Butkovich. p. 27. [Commentary on Hillary Clinton's use of scare tactics in her latest campaign commercial.]

2008-03-19  [v.33, no. 54]

Bleeding economy needs tourniquet, not bandage. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Disgust at the government's decision to stimulate the economy by handing out money to taxpayers, instead of trying something that has the potential of making a true, positive impact on US citizens.]
Iraq war closing in on 5 years, by Bryan Thomas. p. 5. [Guest columnist's call to peers to be responsible and participate in our democracy.]
OU elections deserve more coverage, by Katelyn Stanis. p. 5. [Guest columnist addresses the lack of media coverage in OUSC presidential elections, despite their availability.]
Stand by your man?, by Tracey Wawrzyniak. p. 5. [Intern's disgust for well-educated wives of politicians accepting disrespectful behavior from their husbands.]
Webmail headache addressed, by Steve Staeger. p. 6. [OU will outsource Webmail to Google Gmail to accommodate increased use.]
Women's studies changes name, not program, by Adam Roberts. p. 6. [Women and Gender Studies program will expecting to see more gender based classes, on trend with other universities.]
Medical school dean interviews finished, decision to come, by Adam Roberts. p. 7. [The final candidate, Dr. Barbara Ducatman, the second candidate, Dr. Robert Folberg, and first candidate, Dr. Charles Shanley have much to offer the new school.]
Leukemia claims life of Oakland senior, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 8. [Education major Rebecca Lynn Mansfield died March 12 after battling Leukemia.]
CSA director selected for 'outstanding' service, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 9. [Jean Ann Miller, director of the Center for Student Activities and OU alum will receive the Phyllis Law Googasian Award for advancement of women at OU on April 13.]
Discussing women in government, by Wendell Smiley. p. 10. [The "Woman Policymaker/Woman Voter" lecture sponsored by the Gender and Sexuality Center looked at female roles in party politics and federal appointments.]
Best of Metro Detroit, contributions by Amanda Saoud, Tim Rath Masudur Rahman and Jared Purcell. p. 13-19.
Collegiate Recess, by Andrea Matthews. p. 20. [Grown-ups can still enjoy favorite activities from childhood.]
No law degree required for 'Apollo Justice', by Rory McCarty. p. 21. [Review of Nintendo DS video game "Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice".]
'Float' with festive folks Flogging Molly, by Olivia Olson. p. 21. [Review of celtic punk band Flogging Molly's new album "Float".]
Adapting 'God' to 'Men', by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 21. [Review of Paulo Morelli's film "City of Men".]
Rounding up the Grizzlies, by Samantha Franz. p. 22, 24. [Athletics: Recap of the men's basketball season's highlights and thanks its four graduating seniors.]
Aiki-jujutsu club is 'poetry in motion', by Tim Rath. p. 23. [Description of the benefits of Aiki-jujutsu and how to join the Japanese martial art sports club on campus.]
Women's Basketball, by Tim Rath. p. 24. [Athletics: Analysis of the women's basketball team's season.]
Cleaning up the mess of stress, by Amanda Saoud. p. 26. [Tips to relieve stress.]
The 'night' life: A glimpse into Nightwatch job, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 27. [Life as a student nightwatch desk worker at Vandenberg Hall.]
School of the undecided arts, by Chris Warbington. p. 27. [Services are available to students to help explore majors and career options.]
Columnist caught with call girls, by Todd M. Butkovich. p. 30. [Guest columnist mocks the hypocrisy of Eliot Spitzer.]
Droopy drawers: Worse than starting wars?, by Alex Cherup. p. 31. [Disgust at what is acceptable and what is not, according to law.]

2008-03-26  [v.33, no. 55]

Kwame, take a tip from Spitzer: cut and run! Staff editorial. p. 4. [Advice to Mayor Kilpatrick to resign over numerous scandals.]
Declare Hillary winner of Michigan's primary, by Kenneth Hretha. p. 5. [Guest alumnus opinion on problems with Michigan primary elections.]
Election evolution spawns new tactics, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 6. [OUSC new campaigning methods.]
Author warns 'End of America', by Jesse Dunsmore & Adam Roberts. p. 8. [Author Naomi Wolf visits OU to discuss her latest book, which discusses how basic personal freedoms are slowly being taken from Americans.]
Play resurrected after 43 years, now at Varner, by Brendan Losinski. p. 8. ["Drat! The Cat!", a once debuting on Broadway, will be resurrected and performed by students in Varner Hall.]
Why not Oakland?, by Samantha Franz. p. 14. [Athletics: Discourse discussing the possibilities of why the men's basketball Gold Grizzlies have not advanced into the March Madness tournaments.]
Synchronized Skating club wraps up season, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p.15. [Athletics: Summary of the Synchronized Skating Club's season and background information.]
Softball looking ahead to the Westerwinds, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 16. [Athletics: Analysis of the women's softball season.]
OU baseball ready for marks in in column, by Tim Rath. p. 16. [Athletics: The highlights of the men's baseball team.]
Spring menswear affair, by Shaneia Caldwell. p. 17. [Men's spring fashion trends, how-to's and where-at's are discussed, as well as OU's students fashion concepts.]
Pirates and shipwrecks make way to Detroit, by Rory McCarty. p. 19. [Review of the Detroit Science Center's Shipwreck! exhibit.]
Fan favorites return to TV, by Brendan Losinski. p. 19. [Spring television shows return with new episodes as a result of the Writer's Guild of America's strike ending.]
The writings on the stall, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 20. [Former OU student Doug Rice is interviewed about his recently published photography book, "From the Stall", concerning bathroom stall graffiti.]
Handling your taxes, by Masudur Rahman. p. 21. [Statistics about OU student's tax filing tendencies as well as tax tips.]
Cowboy joy: A truck and a twang away, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 22. [Personal narrative of the reporters transformation into a American cowboy and the influences that led him.]
Sometimes the best endorsement is to shut up, by Todd M. Butkovich. p. 23. [Comedic opinion piece about the 2008 presidential election and the best way to endorse one's candidate choice.]

2008-04-02  [v.33, no. 56]

Why aren't women stepping up to OU's presidential podium?. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Reasons as to why OU's presidential candidates and electives are predominately male in gender; looking to the future, reasons why the gender dominance will become more balanced.]
Campus activism gives foreign student new outlook, by Deniz Cikiz. p. 5. [Exchange student from Turkey discusses her involvement in organizing and participating in a two day peace march on campus.]
Breakfast jewelry brings home the bacon, by Michelle Latshaw. p. 6. [Student and jewelry artist Mary Winkler show's success at craft show's with unique and creative handmade pieces.]
Steve Clark prepares for presidency, by Kelly Kozlowski & Lindsey Wojcik. p. 8. [Highlights of OUSC's president's academic, political and outside life are discussed as well as an update of his transition into president.]
Rob Meyer gives final address, by Amanda Saoud. p. 9. [Main points of previous Body President Rob Meyer's final State of the Student Body address; also, Meyer's successes as President are discussed.]
OU student faces federal charges for sex with minor, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 9. [Oakland University student, Jaime Villanueva is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a 13 year-old female after traveling over 1,800 miles in order to pick her up.]
You say it's your birthday, by Mike Sandula. p. 10. [Review of the third annual WXOU Birthday Bash.]
Art and heritage define, by Jesse Dunsmore & Chris Warbington. p. 11. [Information about OU's artists that are featured in the Oakland University Art Gallery.]
T-Pain concert at OU cancelled, by Paul Gully. p. 11. [Reason's as to why T-Pain's concert was cancelled are discussed.]
More than money can buy, by Joe Collarini. p. 14. [Reasons as to why a career as a college professor is more rewarding than the salary made.]
Basking in national honors, by Brittany Ochinsky. p. 16. [Athletics: Golden Grizzlies swimmer Marcin Unold receives All-American honorable mention for awesome swimming abilities.]
Club lacrosse team off to solid start, by Brittany Ochinsky. p. 17. [Athletics: Successes of OU's women's lacrosse team are stated, as well as coaching and strategies.]
Tri-captains look to continue off last season's success, by John Droke. p. 17. [Athletics: OU's up and coming men's lacrosse team is highlighted.]
Blast from the past: 'Super Smash Bros.', by Rory McCarty. p. 20. [A review of the video-game 'Super Smash Bros.' for the Nintendo Wii.]
Stars discuss 'The Ruins', by Chris Warbington. p. 20. [The film, 'The Ruins' is discussed focusing on it's thrilling plotlines without the need for excessive gore.]
Punctuation private eye, by Todd M. Butkovich. p. 22. [Senior Aaron Ozment is profiled because of his interesting hobby of correcting grammar mistakes on public wall postings throughout the campus of OU.]
Homeland Security makes it to second base, by Alex Cherup. p. 23. [Opinion piece discussing a Texas woman who was harassed by airport security because of her nipple piercing.]

2008-04-09  [v.33, no. 57]

A new sexual education program in U.S. is a must. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Discourse concerning the failure of abstinence-only sexual education programs that the U.S. government supports; a cry for more abstinence-plus programs.]
Professor left in limbo, by Steve Staeger. p. 6. [A detailed outline of OU's Dr. Ashraf Farahat's nightmare experience with immigration, and how he was denied entry into the U.S. because his visa was revoked; of which he cannot find the answer as to why.]
Early Google glitch with new e-mail, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 8. [After switching e-mail systems, students found they could log into OU's e-mail without entering a password, the glitch was fixed but many students were upset that their information could have been used fraudulently.]
Businesses going green without losing green, by Adam Roberts. p. 9. [A summary of OU's forum "It's Not Easy Being Green", in which local businessmen and academics discussed the benefits of going green without losing profits.]
Lawyer representing Guantanamo Bay detainee shares frustration and insight regarding the prison, by Paul Gully. p. 9. [Recap of lawyer, Doris Tennant's speech given to OU students and faculty on the topic of infringement of prisoners basic constitutional rights in Guantanamo Bay.]
Dancers work hard for perfection, by Nicole Jacob. p. 14. [OU's dance program is professional, challenging and rewarding for students.]
OU student spends her time getting involved, by Stacie Bartman. p. 14. [Stacy Lutz, an OU student is profiled because of her multi-involvement all around campus life.]
Resident assistant gives OU dorms dependability, by Jaclyn Rink. p. 15. [Resident assistant, Relando Thompkins discusses his role as an RA.]
Off to a terrible start, by Jared Purcell. p. 17. [The Detroit Tigers disappointing baseball season is discussed.]
Baseball finally breaking through, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 18. [Athletics: Results from the Summit League play that OU's baseball team participated in.]
Yo! Are you listening?, by Jaclyn Rink. p. 20. [Staff Intern remembers the MTV series "Yo! MTV Raps" in honor the 20th anniversary celebration in which MTV will be re-airing past episodes.]
'Chicago 10' offers alternative views, by Kyle Phaneuf. p. 21. [Overall positive review of the film "Chicago 10" directed by Brett Morgen.]
'Leatherheads' lacks any side-splitting comedy, by Brittany Ochtinsky. p. 21. [Overall negative review of the film "Leatherheads" directed by George Clooney.]
Take a look at my brackets!, by Tim Rath. p. 22. [Guest columnist's opinion on the web site collegehumor.com's bracket system that rates females on their looks.]
We may need bumper lanes in the White House, by Todd M. Butkowvich. p. 23. [Comedic article discussing how Obama is horrible at bowling; pokes fun at the arbitrary challenges that are held as important in elections.]

2008-04-16  [v.33, no. 58]

Oakland University is not a fantasy land. Staff editorial. p. 4. [Threats of violence at OU and reflections of campus tragedies around the country.]
Deferred payment decision falls short of a graduating senior's expectations, by Joshua MIller. p. 5. [A graduating senior is unhappy with how the OU Board of Trustees voted to spend the deferred payment the university received from the state.]
Multiple threats close campus, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 7. [A detailed report on the graffiti threats that closed OU's campus for two days and students reactions about the safety levels on campus.]
Decision is made on $4.8 million, by Nick Degel. p. 8. [The OU Board of Trustees votes to spend the $4.8 million deferred payment from the state of Michigan on six capital projects set to benefit OU and on a $81 student refund.]
MaTilDa Awards honor past and present, by Brendan Losinski. p. 9. [OU student performers were honored during the 9th annual MaTilDa awards, named after Matilda Dodge Wilson; the ceremony was called "the Oscars for OU."]
Students, faculty awarded for service at OU, by Amanda Saoud. p. 9. [The CSA office presents the 30th annual Student Activities and Leadership Awards; the awards recognize outstanding student and Greek organizations.]
Red Haute, by Shaneia Caldwell. p. 10. [SPM associate chair Brittany Gaynor heads a high fashion show for OU students designed to mirror New York fashion week.]
It happened at OU, by Staff. p. 12-13. [A photograph recap of major events on campus in the 2007-08 school year.]
Taking a final time out, by The Oakland Post Sports Staff. p. 16-17. [Athletics: A recap of the 2007-08 sports seasons at OU and predictions for next season.]
Oakland U. strikes out at home, by Tim Rath. p. 18. [Athletics: The OU men's baseball team lose only one game in a series against South Dakota State University.]
Women's basketball player pedal for a cure, by Lindsay Scarlatelli. p. 18. [OU's women's basketball team participates in the Tri-State Trek, a three-day 270-mile bike ride from Boston to New York, to raise awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.]
The Golden Green Grizzlies?, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 19. ["Green" activities of students and new options for OU to "go green" are discussed.]
OU students comprise local band 'The Evening Raid', by Amanda Mead. p. 20. [Interview with the members of "The Evening Raid," a band composed of mostly former or current OU students.]
Unnerving obedience, by Katie Jacob. p. 21. [Review of Will Lavender's thriller novel, "Obedience." ]
Late nights at the DIA, by Andrea Matthews. p. 21. [The DIA hosts a late night party in its new Marble Lounge for 18- to 35-year olds.]
Work here: We pay, by Jesse Dunsmore. p. 22. [Comedic article about why a student should join the staff of the Oakland Post.]
Thanks for everything, Oakland University, by Alex Cherup. p.23. [Satirical article written by a graduating senior about annoyances at OU including; parking, webmail, and the price of books.]

2008-05-14  [v.33, no. 59]

Gas tax holiday no picnic for consumers. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [A gas tax holiday is proposed by politicians John McCain and Hillary Clinton but is not expected to pass because of other political opposition.]
No more non-manditory fees, but there's a catch, by Steve Clark. p.5. [Student Body President, Steve Clark sounds off on the proposed tuition increase that would result from eliminating non-manditory fees.]
Public ban on smoking leaves many out in the cold, by Nick Degel. p. 5. [An ex-smoker offers his perspective on the segregational implications that the smoking ban in Michigan could cause.]
Summer beyond the backyard, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 6. [Local parks have plenty to offer those seeking summertime entertainment.]
Presidential nominee John McCain visits OU, by Paul Gully. p. 8. [Presidential candidate John McCain holds town hall meeting on campus, addresses 2008 election and Michigan specific issues.]
Non-mandatory fees moved to tuition, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Non-mandatory student fees will now be included in tuition and are the cause of a 1 percent tuition increase.]
Midwest addresses stem cell research, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Region-wide conference held at OU attempts to shed light on the misconceptions, issues of using human embryos in science.]
Festival celebrates European writing, film, by Rory McCarty. p. 10. [The "Absinth Festival of New European Film and Writing" was held at OU to introduce students to European films, film writers, and writers.]
Calling on all 'Angels', by Rory McCarty. p. 10. [OU Wellness Health Promotion program shows film "Angels in the Dust" to raise awareness about South African HIV/AIDS problem.]
Humanitarian for the voiceless, by Masudur Rahman. p. 11. [Noble Peace Prize nominee Baroness Caroline Cox gave a lecture at OU and received the Nightingale Award for Nursing.]
Golden skinned grizzlies, by Lina Ament. p. 14. [OU students find ways to get the perfect summer tan.]
Sunscreen, towel, textbooks?, by David Sanders. p. 15. [Why students take summer classes and why it is recommended.]
Summer offers many fitness options, by Lina Ament. p. 15. [Suggestions for outdoor exercise during the summer.]
Unfinished Grizz-ness, by Tim Rath. p. 16 & 19. [Athletics: Softball season wraps up and grizzlies fail to qualify for tournament; coach MacDonald has high hopes for next year.]
OU pushing for postseason, by Andrew Grieve. p. 17. [Athletics: Columnist Andrew Grieve talks about the roller-coaster ride that was OU's baseball team's season.]
Soccer looks to build upon past victories, by Andrew Grieve. p. 17. [Athletics: The 2008 women's soccer team gets ready to start a new season after a strong 2007 season.]
Active tips for creative folks, by Tim Rath. p. 18. [Alternative ideas for those seeking summer sporting events in Michigan.]
The times a-changin', by Lindsey Houser. p. 19. [Athletics: Men and women's track teams set new records.]
Tune out the summer semester, by Lindsey Houser. p. 20. [Local summer festival and concert information.]
Ride the waves and coasters at Michigan's Adventure, by Amanda Meade. p. 21. [Muskegon's Michigan's Adventure has over 50 rides in its two theme parks and is a must-see summer destination.]
GTA returns to Liberty City; new graphics, same game play, by Rory McCarty. p. 21. [Review of "Grand Theft Auto IV."]
Nothing fine about traffic fines, by Alex Cherup. p. 22. [Student sounds off about traffic violation tickets and the "important rich."]
Mama, you've been on my mind, by Time Rath. p. 23. [Students writes a tribute column to his mom as a thank-you days after Mother's Day.]

2008-06-11  [v.33, no. 60]

Feed the people not our vehicles. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Unrest at the decision for more production of bio fuel made from food crops like corn; rise in prices of food cause starvation and food riots.]
Student Congress wants your ideas, by Steve Clark. p. 5. [Student body president Steve Clark asks students how they would like to see OU's Student Congress spend left-over money from last year.]
Deferred payment allocated, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6 & 8. [OU board of trustees gives $1.1 million back to students and approves projects to spend the rest of the deferred state payment.]
OU student author waxes philosophical, by Amanda Saoud. p. 7. [Aleksey Bashtavenko's new book, "Poverty of Conventionalism," seeks the path to finding the meaning of life.]
LGBT mentor program offers help to new students, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [OU becomes the first college in Michigan to have a LGBT peer mentoring program.]
Rhetoric to offer new BA in writing, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Beginning in the Spring, OU will offer a BA in writing and rhetoric.]
Obama visits Troy High, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Presidential candidate talks about job loss and tuition increases at Troy High School.]
Local eateries offer sensible menu selections, by Andrew Grieve. p. 9. [Low-calorie menu choices are not hard to find surrounding OU's campus.]
Don't panic -- it's organic, by Lina Ament. p. 10. [Organic foods are becoming a choice among many consumers.]
Brain food helps minds stay hungry to learn, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 11. [Foods with more protein and less calories are better for brain function.]
CAMPUSQUEST, by Staff. p. 12-13. [Campus map and tips for new students.]
Food pyramid schemes, by Lina Ament. p. 16 & 19. [To reach peak performance, OU athletes have specific diet plans.]
Baseball season ends in sorrow, by Andrew Grieve. p 17 & 19. [Athletics: Baseball season finishes by losing nine out of ten games.]
Solo record-breaker highlight track finale, by Jared Purcell. p. 17. [Athletics: The OU track season ends with new records.]
Make the best of bar night, by David Sanders. p. 18. [The Post advises on the best area sports bars.]
Screaming for ice cream?, by Jaclyn Rink. p. 20. [Ice cream shops around campus offer summer treats and weekly specials.]
Competition heats up on 'Iron Chef' spin-off, by Rory McCarty. p. 21. [Review of Food Networks's "Iron Chef America."]
Makimoto serves up sushi, by Jessica Bond. p. 21. [Review of Makimoto sushi bar.]
Red Wings' cup celebration a parade of unintended laughs, by Paul Gully. p. 22. [Commentary on the Red Wings' Stanley Cup parade.]
I am saving up for a hamburger, by Alex Cherup. p. 23. [Sarcastic take on America's diet, gluttony and the rising price of food.]

2008-07-16  [v.33, no. 61]

Tuition increase makes sense, but students deserved some input. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [After the decision to increase tuition, the state of Michigan decided to give a 1% increase, yet did not reconsider the tuition increase.]
The ins and outs of OU's rising tuition, by Dan Evola. p. 5. [Reasons for the years tuition increase, as well as ways to fight future tuition increases.]
OU increases tuition, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6. [Summary of pros and cons of the years tuition increase, as well as commentary from various faculty, students and board members.]
OU offers four-day work week for staff, by Paul Gully. p. 7. [From July 7th-August 30th, OU staff is offered the option of a compressed four-day work week in order to help raise employee morale and save on gas and childcare costs.]
CSA to plan trips available to students, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [New OU student group, Travel America offers students attend trips to different cities at little cost.]
You think you need a vacation?, by Wendell Smiley. p. 8. [OU professors discuss their various summer vacation plans in which they use the time to travel and enhance their own education.]
OU provides advisory role for new charter school, by Amanda Saoud. p. 9. [OU will serve as the advisory school for The Four Corners Montessori Academy.]
The Great Lakes escape, by Lina Ament. p. 10. [Various locations around the state of Michigan are highlighted as alternatives to out-of-state vacations.]
Road trip tips for the traveler, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 14. [Tips and tricks on preparing for a perfect road trip.]
Summer vacation or occupation?, by Caitlin Callaghan. p. 15. [Students who attend summer classes and summer jobs lack the time to take an extensive summer vacation.]
OU professor pushes students to be 'original', by Cherie W. Rolfe. p. 15. [Professor Doris Runey assigns students assignments that push students to think outside of the box.]
Kampe's windfall class, by Brad Slazinski. p. 16. [Athletics: Head coach of OU's men's basketball team discusses his new recruitments from all over the U.S., and other countries.]
McAuliffe reaches third round at Moors Club, by Michael Sandula. p. 16. [Athletics: OU's Junior, Frank McAuliffe, a golfer on OU's golf team, made it to the third round in the Michigan Amateur Championship.]
OU hoops schedule announced, by David Sanders. p. 17. [Athletics: OU's women's basketball team's upcoming events are discussed.]
Club sports display widespread tastes, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 17. [Athletics: OU's various sports clubs are discussed being that they are not the popular sport's games.]
Overseas softball adventure, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 18. [Athletics: OU's women's softball team's Julie Owen and softball coach Glenn MacDonald participated in the USA International Softball team in the Czech Republic.]
Trips in one tank, by Amanda Saoud. p. 20. [Various Michigan locations are highlighted that students can plan a destination to on one tank of gas.]
A few cheap flicks, by Rory McCarty. p 21. [Ways to avoid over-paying at the movie theatre.]
Lessons learned, by Nick Diegel. p. 21. [Review of the local Detroit band, The Hard Lessons.]
Editor leaves baggage behind, by Alex Cherup. p. 22. [Mouthing Off Editor , Alex Cherup's last editorial about ridiculous airplane prices.]
Detroit lets freedom ring-in June, by Jared Purcell. p. 23. [Local Editor shows outrage over Detroit's Independence Day fireworks being held on June 23rd.]

2008-09-17  [v.35, no. 03]

Do pundits really know what's best? Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Perspective piece about the media's opinionated rhetoric concerning important issues, and where to seek the right information in obtaining unbiased information.]
Are the live of socialites really that interesting?, by Nick Degel. p. 5. [Opinionated rant about the rise in interest of the lives of socialites.]
Miss America's message of hope, by Sean Garnecer. p. 6. [Farmington Hills-based beauty queen talk to OU about body image.]
Oakland, Macomb relationship grows, by Tim Rath. p. 7. [OU to Macomb program expands with the development of a satellite campus.]
Food, fun, flag football for free, by Sarah Lang. p.8. [Annual Campus Rec Tailgate party and flag football game.]
Cooley, OU engage in partnership, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [OU and Thomas M. Cooley Law School partner to benefit law degree seeking students.]
Givers become the needy, by Ashley Wohlgemuth. p. 10. [Nonprofit organizations struggle with the economy.]
Real life and real estate, by Erin Mastro. p. 16. [Advice for finding a home to buy or rent.]
Running in the family, by Jared Purcell. p. 19 & 22. [Athletics: Profile of brother and sister Zack and Lia Jones who both run for the OU track team.]
Killing time, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Volleyball player Leah Dupuie and new head coach Rob Beam have plans to turn team around.]
Oakland falters in tough loss to BGSU, by Jessica Wilson. p. 21. [Athletics: OU loses to Bowling Green State University in the Golden Grizzlies game of the week.]
No OU football team? No worries, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 22. [OU rugby club a good substitute for football team.]
To steal or not to steal?, by Joshua Defour. p. 23. [An argument over illegal music sharing.]
Entertaining alternatives, by Amanda Meade. p. 24. [Movie rental alternatives to going to the movies.]
The Crowfoot has your Friday night covered, by Amanda Meade. p. 24. [Events going on at The Crowfoot night club.]
Buzzin' off coffee beans, by Tim Rath. p. 25. [Student reporter humorously recalls his first experience with coffee and recommends the beverage to freshman.]
Palin's beauty gives her the MILVF factor in '08, by Masudur Rahman. p. 26. [Reporter comments on how Sarah Palin's looks will play a role in the presidential race.]

2008-09-24  [v.35, no. 04]

You have no excuses, vote in this election. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [All students over the age of 18 are strongly encouraged to vote in this years important presidential election.]
The journeys of a modern-day hippie, by Paul Gully. p. 6 & 11. [Profile of Tye Dye Thom, a t-shirt and poster vendor frequently seen in the OC.]
Catching up with Russi, by Lindsey Wojcik and Nick Degel. p. 7. [The Oakland Post discusses OU's future with University President Gary Russi.]
Art of the minority culture, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [George N'Namdi's Seminal African American Art Collection is displayed at OU with hopes of enlightening students.]
Hitchcock comes to Meadow Brook, by Rory McCarty. p. 9. [Meadow Brook Hall shows Alfred Hitchcock films at its "Dinner and a Movie" event.]
No butts about Recreation Center, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [An area around the Rec Center is declared a no-smoking zone.]
OU professor, former CIA officer discuss civil rights, by Ashley Woehlgemuth. p. 11. [OU hosts lecture about civil rights called "Terrorism and the Constitution." ]
Students sacrifice and celebrate during holy month of Ramadan, by Masudur Rahman. p. 16. [Three OU students explain what Ramadan is and what they do during the holy month.]
Trying to hang ten, by Joe Guzman. p. 18. [Athletics: Profile of record-breaking OU swimmer, Chelsea Oates.]
The big encore, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 19. [Athletics: OU men's swim team aims to win tenth straight title with Summit League swimmer of the year Marcin Unold.]
The hat-trick midfielder, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Interview with freshman soccer player Denna Colarossi.]
Oakland falls short against Green Bay, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 21. [Athletics: Women's soccer team loses against Green Bay in the Golden Grizzlies Game of the Week.]
Movie crew gives insider's view, by Amanda Meade. p. 22. [Director and stars of film "Eagle Eye" share their thoughts on technology, their involvement in film and advice for college students hoping to break into the movie business.]
Gaming for all, by Rory McCarty. p. 23. [Students on campus share their love for video, card and table top games.]
An 'all in' economic solution, by Paul Gully. p. 25. [Student offers a comical way to get America out of debt; a poker show down with world leaders.]
'The Hills' is a guilty pleasure I won't give up, by Amanda Meade. p. 26. [Amanda Meade discusses and justifies her addiction to reality show "The Hills."]

2008-10-01  [v.35, no. 05]

OPTIONS a success but needs to take next step. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Praise for OU's OPTIONS program and unrest about its housing restrictions for students.]
Beauty pageant hopes to 'bring classy back' in the OC, by Scarlette M. Whyte. p. 5. [A guest columnist offers her perspective on beauty pageants.]
File Sharing, by Karen Clemmons-Lloyd. p. 5. [Information about the legality of file sharing, or sharing copyright-protected data without permission.]
Equality in home quarters, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6 & 7. [Micah Fialka-Feldman is trying to overturn an OU administration policy that prohibits him from living in any of the campus dorms or apartments.]
Nursing school gets $331K, by Sean Garner. p. 8. [OU School of Nursing receives check for $331,622 from US Health and Human Services Department.]
OUSC, Secretary of State help register voters for election, by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Secretary of State brings mobile office to OU campus to register students to vote.]
COW sets out to Change Our World, by Janice Williams. p. 9. [New student organization, RED COW hopes to make an effective change to OU's campus.]
I ink, therefore, I am, by Katelyn Stanis. p. 14. [Tattoo artist and students discuss reasons for getting tattoos.]
OU student builds game program for soldiers stationed overseas, by Rory McCarty. p. 15. [OU student and former Army specialist, Jesse Williams, starts program called "Games for Soldiers" to bring video games to soldiers.]
Hogan's strategy shifts, by Kyle Bauer. p. 16. [Athletics: Hockey coach determined to get back to championship level.]
Pistons to play at OU, by Tim Rath. p. 17. [Detroit Pistons host open practice at OU.]
A club sport that uses clubs, by Joshua Defour. p. 18. [Athletics: Live Action Role Play team "Dagorhir" offers medieval battles for the moders sports fan.]
Grizzlies outlast Western Illinois, by Joshua Charles. p. 19. [Athletics: OU men's soccer team defeat rival Western Illinois.]
Playing plastic: pretend to be a rock star, by Jessica Wilson. p. 20. [Students opinions on musical video games like "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero."]
Quick hits: Reviews in 30 seconds, by Mallory Lapanowski & Lindsey Wojcik. p. 20. [Reviews of "The Rocket Summer" at The Crowfoot concert and "The Block" album.]
'Dying' guitarist talks about metal and politics, by Amanda Meade. p. 21. [Interview with As I Lay Dying guitarist Phil Sgrosso.]
Is Mr. Right a click away?, by Katelyn Stanis. p. 22. [Guest columnist says online dating is worth a try.]

2008-10-08  [v.35, no. 06]

Students are not free to ignore market woes, Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Discussion of current state of economy and how it directly effects students.]
Things you need to know about the flu vaccine, by Joanne Talarek. p. 5. [The Graham Health Center director shares symptoms of influenza and reasons to get the flu shot.]
Plunging toward rock bottom, by Paul Gully. p. 6-7. [Repercussions of the economic downturn include trouble getting loans, possible decrease in university fund raising and uncertainty for students.]
Res halls to be watched, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8. [OUPD installs security cameras and card readers in residence halls.]
Day of retreat for those with autism, by Brandy Frey. p. 9. [OU Center for Autism Research, Education and Support hosted a Family Fun Day for families of children with autism.]
Oakland gets $40 million from state, by Shelly Latshaw. p. 10. [OU receives state funding to use towards School of Health Science and School of Nursing.]
Threat in bathroom lead to first usage of OUPD text message alert system, by Sean Garner. p. 10. [A vague threat written on a bathroom wall caused OUPD to be proactive in informing the community about the threat through text message.]
Chaldeans discuss Assyrian persecution, by Masudur Rahman. p. 11. [OU's Chaldean American Student Association showed the documentary "My Assyrian Nation on the Edge" to raise awareness about the persecution of the Assyrians in Iraq.]
Entrepreneurship minor open to students of all majors, by Rory McCarty. p. 11. [New program teaches students how to run their own business.]
First 'Brooksie Way' triumphs, by Katelyn Stains. p. 12-13. [Thousands of are runners participate in the inaugural event.]
Fun and good for all during the fall season, by Caitlin Callaghan. p. 13. [Yates Cider Mill offers fall activities close to campus.]
Big life of a little apple, by Shelly Latshaw. p. 14-15. [Information about Blake's Farms, Johnny Appleseed and how an apple becomes cider.]
Runner finds his 'way' at race, by Brad Slazinski. p. 16. [One student's account of why he ran the Brooksie Way half marathon.]
Following a breakdown, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 19. [Athletics: Former men's basketball player, B-Jay Walker, tells what happened in the aftermath of his knee injury.]
Golf teammates dreaming big, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Golf team members Vince Carango and Robby McNiff plan to play professionally.]
Pistons practice electrifies Oakland, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 22. [Athletics: Detroit Pistons practice at OU helps with bitterness left by OU basketball season.]
Radio, writing, rap: 'Robo-Robb', by Ashley Wohlgemuth. p. 23. [Profile of OU student, radio host, writer and rapper, Robb "Robo-Robb" Conrad Lauzon.]
Discover hidden gems of the Internet, by Josh Defour. p. 24. [Under-appreciated and unique websites.]
Complete Idiots Guide to voting, by Sean Garner. p. 25. [Comical tips on how to make an informed voting decision.]
Saying goodbye to Smurfette and hola to Dora, by Jeannette Williams. p. 26. [Guest Columnist compares TV shows of the 90's and today.]

2008-10-15  [v.35, no. 07]

Making sense of a senseless number, Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Discussion of the $700 billion bailout money and America's financial debt.]
OUSC to confront Chartwells over prices, by Dan Evola. p. 5. [Student Body Vice President invites students to a meeting to confront Chartwells Catering over their high prices.]
People stopped being nice and started being real, by Rebecca L. Wickham. p. 5. [Tips on solving roommate conflict.]
Albright speaks at OU, by Rory McCarty. p. 6. [Former secretary of state discusses experiences, foreign affairs.]
LGBT celebrates Coming Out Week, by Masudur Rahman. p. 7. [OU's Gender and Sexuality Center celebrates Coming Out Week by promoting tolerance and non-discrimination towards the LGBT community.]
Pugh talks about sexuality, by Janice Williams. p. 8. [Local television personality Charles Pugh spoke about homosexuality issues during OU's Coming Out Week.]
OU to host Romantic conference, by David Sanders. p. 8. [Romantic scholars from around the world come to OU for the International Conference on Romanticism.]
Poetry, murder come to OU, by Shelly Latshaw. p. 9. ["Murder by Poe" play is preformed at Meadow Brook Theatre.]
MTD's tale of AIDS struggle, by Brandy Frey. p. 10. ["Falsettos" depict plight of homosexuals in early 80's.]
OUSC lobbies for disc golf course on campus, by Colleen Miller. p. 10. [Uncategorized funds could be used to purchase and create a disc golf course at OU.]
Former OU student pleads guilty, by Dan Simons. p. 11. [19-year-old faces a 3-20 year sentence for her role in overdose death.]
A candid look at the congressional candidates, by Masudur Rahman. p. 12. [The views and opinions of Oakland County candidates on hot button topics.]
A day in the life of an Erebus actor, by Jared Purcell. p. 14-15. [OU Post editor documents his night as an actor at Erebus haunted house.]
OU student lands an opportunity of a lifetime and lives his dream, by Monique Phillips. p. 16. [Pierre Witcher is one of three summer interns at Black Entertainment Television.]
Stealing the show, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 19-20. [Athletics: OU cheerleading team wants to go to Nationals again this year.]
Motzer dies at age 75, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Former OU men's soccer coach dies.]
Complete 'Madnezz', by Tim Rath. p. 20. [Athletics: Midnight Madness marks the official start of the NCAA basketball season.]
IUPUI deals Grizzlies bad hand, by Brad Slazinski. p. 22. [Athletics: OU women's soccer team loses to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.]
'Sex Drive' crew tells all, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 23-24. [Stars of latest high school comedy talk with the OU Post.]
Slow but steady progress: 'Silent Hill: Homecoming', by Rory McCarty. p. 24. [Review of newest video game in "Silent Hill" series.]
Chains we can believe in, by Masudur Rahman. p. 25. [Sarcastic article about the Sadomasochists' American Coalition's endorsement of presidential candidate Barack Obama.]
It's not just a fantasy -- get the play-by-play, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 26. [Student talks about this obsession with fantasy football.]

2008-10-22  [v.35, no. 08]

Let Chartwells know you mean business, Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Students are encouraged to speak out against Chartwells Catering's high food prices.]
New ways of looking at the economic crisis, by Shea Howell. p. 5. [Communications Professor's thoughts on the current economy.]
Think before you cheat, by Karen Clemmons-Lloyd. p. 5. [How students cheat and why not to.]
Chartwells focus of OUSC meeting, by Masudur Rahman. p. 6-7. [Student organizations raise issues with OU's only food provider's prices and service.]
No homecoming, no problem, by Sean Garner. p. 8. [OU's Week of Champions includes activities and free giveaways leading up to Midnight Madnezz.]
OU troupe to give audience a 'Nightmare', by Rory McCarty. p. 8. [Horror films, like "A Nightmare on Elm Street" are preformed at Varner Hall Lab.]
OU fraternity founded on tolerance, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [New social fraternity opposed to hazing, not focused on wealth.]
Congressional candidates debate policies at OU, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [Summary of candidates views on issues that were discussed at the debate at OU.]
Romanticism alive at Oakland, by David Sanders. p. 11. [Romanticism conference held at OU.]
OU professor acquitted, by Paul Gully. p. 11. [OU associate professor acquitted on nine counts of violating trade embargos.]
Senate debate in Detroit, by Patrick Mcintyre. p. 12. [Levin, Hoogendyk face questions from audience in U.S. Senate debate.]
'Buddy'ing up with Oakland, by Shelly Latshaw. p. 13. [Buddy's pizzeria adds free Wi-Fi and tribute mural for OU students.]
Putting the 'car' in care, by Nicole Jacob. p. 16. [OU students share what they think about their vehicles.]
Heroics in club sports, by Tim Rath. p. 18-19. [Athletics: Club sports thrive despite difficult situations.]
Grizzlies inspired by Series, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 19. [Athletics: OU baseball team ends fall practices with annual best-of-three Black and Gold series.]
Runners seeking redemption, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Senior runner, Kevin MacDonald fights injury with help from cross county team.]
Midnite Madnezz rock O'Rena, by Tim Rath. p. 21. [Athletics: Midnite Madnezz kicks off OU basketball team's first practice.]
A taste of local and global brews, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 23. [Review of Metro Detroit's Ale Fest.]
Step up your Halloween get-up, by Lina Ament. p. 24. [Student Halloween costume plans and ideas.]
Spilling the juice on gossip, by Tim Rath, Lina Ament & Masudur Rahman. p. 25. [Discussion by OU Post members for and against social networking sites.]

2008-10-29  [v.35, no. 09]

Presidential race still on for Michigan's voters, Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Letting voters know their vote is important even if they think their candidate doesn't have a chance.]
One editor shares why he isn't voting this year, by Jared Purcell. p. 5. [Editor isn't voting because he doesn't fully trust or understand the system.]
Midsemester crisis?, by Aniesha K. Mitchell. p. 5. [What midsemester grades mean for students.]
Professors share research, by Sean Garner. p. 6. [Two professors work shows findings of their study on presidential politics.]
Political clubs promote election, by David Sanders. p. 7. [College Republicans and Democrats work to promote their candidates and issues in Oakland County.]
Students to delegate at Model UN, by David Sanders. p. 8. [Students from political science classes all over the country have a mock debate about contemporary peacekeeping issues.]
Having faith the electoral process, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Local Christian organizations sponsor Q & A on candidates' views on the issues.]
Meadow Brook box office broken into, no items stolen, by Rory McCarty. p. 9. [The Meadow Brook Festival Grounds box office was broken into with knives.]
Homes for the holiday, by Shelly Latshaw & Lina Ament. p. 10. [Local homes transform their yards for Halloween.]
Ballot buster issues '08, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 15. [Students talk about issues effecting their vote and the role of race.]
Which Candidate Suits You? p. 16. [Quiz to find out if you are closer to Obama or McCain on the issues in the election.]
Where the other candidates stand, by Sean Garner. p. 17. [Third party candidates' positions on the issues are discussed.]
Know your props on election day, by Masudur Rahman. p. 18. [Explanation of Michigan Proposals 1 and 2.]
Ins and outs of voting, by Katie Jacob. p. 18. [Tips and rules for voters.]
Do youth still plan to rock the vote?, by Rory McCarty & Masudur Rahman. p. 19. [Youth expected to have high voter turnout.]
Through the lens: First time voters share their thoughts on 2008 Election, by Jared Purcell. [Education is key for informing first time voters.]
A day in the life of an Oakland police officer, by Jeannette Williams. p. 20-21. [OU Post writer spends an eventful night with OUPD.]
Midfield Maestro, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 22-23. [Athletics: Profiles of OU soccer players Martin Sandell and Ian Daniel.]
Out with a big bang, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 23. [Athletics: OU cross country team participates in Summit League Championship meet.]
OU dominates Quadrangular, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 25. [Athletics: Men and women's swim and dive teams do well in Golden Grizzly Quadrangular meet.]
Obama or McCain: The next 'American Idol'?, by Shelly Latshaw. p. 26. [Voter turnout comparison between reality TV and presidential elections.]
Quick Hits: Reviews in 30 seconds, by Tim Rath & Amanda Meade. p. 26. [Reviews of T.I.'s new album, "Paper Trail" and movie "Saw V."]
Local Detroiters wrap up filming, by Krecynthia Day. p. 27. ["Darling Nikki," an independent film makes its debut in Detroit.]
Debating the merits of young voters: in action or inaction?, by Tim Rath & Jared Purcell. p. 29-30. [OU Post editors debate why young adults vote.]

2008-11-05  [v.35, no. 10]

Chauncey Billups should have retired as Detroit's 'big shot', Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Detroit Piston's Allen Iverson and Chauncey Billups rise to stardom.]
Noisy wheels get the grease in local government, by Colleen Miller. p. 5. [Editor shares the benefits of being proactive with local and state representatives.]
Fighting off the winter blues, part 1, by David Schwartz. p. 5. [The signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder are identified.]
Halloween goes green at OU, by Janice Williams. p. 8. [Eco Interest students turn Halloween into an environmentally friendly event.]
Russi and Campus Rec award, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce awards OU president Gary Russi Lifetime Achievement Award.]
OUSC combines Halloween with civics, by Rory McCarty. p. 10. [OUSC hosts Trick or vote at OU.]
OU students to attend inauguration, by Sean Garner. p. 11. [Center for Student Activities helps sponsor event to allow students to attend inauguration.]
Voters flock to booths, by Jared Purcell. p. 12. [Young and old participate in the chance to vote for history.]
Economy, competition closes local shop, by Gabe Ouzounian. p. 13. [Old Guard Hobbies closes its doors due to decline in business.]
Done with the sickness, by Jeanette Williams. p. 16. [Steps to prevent and treat a cold or the flu.]
Finals destination: Get ready for the end, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 17. [How to prepare early for finals.]
Jones bringing passion, by Joshua Defour. p. 18. [Athletics: A look at how volleyball player Jenny Jones has progressed over her freshman season.]
Ecker gains mental toughness, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 19. [Athletics: A look at how golfer Liz Ecker has progressed over her freshman season.]
Lynch prepares for last shot, by Tim Rath. p. 19. [Athletics: A look at how soccer player Sarah Lynch has progressed over her freshman season.]
OU falls to Houston, but finishes strong, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 21. [Athletics: In a close match, OU's women's swim team loses to the University of Houston.]
Gov't Mule: last of a dying breed?, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 23. [Band Gov't Mule is keeping rock'n'roll alive and well.]
'Twilight' star shines, by Amanda Meade. p. 24. [Robert Pattison speaks about his role in the upcoming movie "Twilight."]
Entertainment tonight: What the political season brought us, by Paul Gully. p. 25. [Humorous highlights from the 2008 campaign trail.]
What happened the morning after Halloween, by Jared Purcell. p. 26. [Parody of the poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" about the early start of Christmas advertising.]

2008-11-12  [v.35, no. 11]

Something's not right about extended Grizzlies' road trip, Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Reason for delay of men's basketball season unclear.]
The telling effects of a poor Michigan economy, by Sean Garner. p. 5. [Job loss and poor economy cause two Oakland County men to commit suicide.]
Fighting off the winter blues, part 2, by David Schwartz. p. 5. [Tips for fighting Seasonal Affective Disorder.]
Micah's fight continues, by Masudr Rahman. p. 6. [Micah Fialka-Feldman continues his fight to live on campus.]
OU filmmakers gear up for Grizzdance, by Rory McCarty. p. 7. [The fourth annual Grizzdance Festival gives student filmmakers the opportunity to have their work viewed by the public.]
Chartwells, students working to address issues, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8. [Students meet with Chartwells directors to discuss concerns.]
Artist uses ambiguity to challenge ideas, by Rory McCarty. p. 9. [Sculptor from Africa uses familiar objects to make one-of-a-kind images.]
Extreme home selling, by Rory McCarty. p. 10. [Waterford couple holds contest to sell their home in rough market.]
The few, the proud, the thirds, by Masudur Rahman. p. 12. [Third party supporters share their thoughts on the election process.]
Don't let Jack Frost be your bully, by Kathleen Quandt. p. 13. [Get ready to battle the winter cold with outerwear and exercise.]
Pike breaks down walls, by Tim Rath. p. 14-15. [Athletics: Profile of women's basketball player Jessica Pike.]
Diverse group highlights OU, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 16. [Athletics: Multinovic leads men's basketball team.]
Three for all, by Joe Guzman. p. 17. [Athletics: NCAA ruling changes the place of the three-point line.]
The winner's mentality, by Paul Gully. p. 18-19. [Athletics: Steve Clark's rise to one of OU's best soccer players.]
OU falls to Panthers, tops Slippery Rock, by Kyle Bauer. p. 20. [Athletics: OU men's hockey loses in Golden Grizzlies Game of the Week.]
Waiting for an mtvU Woodie, by Amanda Meade. p. 21. [Woodie nominees talk to the OU Post.]
Reminiscing a rock 'n' roll road trip, by Joe Guzman. p. 22. [OU graduate remembers "American Rock Festival" from late '70s.]
The Showdown plans to grow, by Mike Sandula. p. 22. [Interview with David Bunton, lead vocalist of The Showdown.]
Anatomy of a bus accident, by Amanda Meade & Colleen Miller. p. 25. [OU Post editors recount their experience of a bus accident.]
Amazing J-Priceless aka J. Purcell, by Jared Purcell. p. 26. [Editor tell fictional account of his lifestyle.]

2008-11-19  [v.35, no. 12]

Is the media portraying sex in the right way? Staff Editorial. p. 4. [A call for more realistic depictions of sex in the media.]
Student questions the sexuality of youth fashion, by Stephen Sharper. p. 5. [Young girls dress and act too sexual for their age maturity.]
College students' money mistakes, by Karen Lloyd. p. 5. [Tips on how to make smart money decisions.]
An honest glimpse at sex on campus, by Lindsey Wojcik and Nick Diegel. p. 6. [Statistics and real life interviews from students on campus about their feelings and attitudes towards sex.]
Dr. Drew deals with drama, by Amanda Meade. p. 8. [Dr. Drew attended OU to speak about "hooking up" and the reasons it is so prevalent.]
Clark resigns to pursue soccer career, by Paul Gully. p. 9. [Reasons as to why Steve Clark is resigning his student body presidency.]
Students owing money get reprieve in registration, by Paul Gully. p. 9. [Students will be able to register for Winter 2009 classes regardless of past due balances.]
Staff and students petition to expand discrimination policy, by Masudur Rahman. p. 10. [Staff and students wish for OU's sexual discrimination policy to include protection for trans gender people.]
Excellence to be awarded, by David Sanders. p. 11. [Two professors will be nominated by staff and students for the Teaching Excellence Awards.]
Russi discusses OU's finances with faculty, calls for 'inventive thinking', by Paul Gully. p. 11. [President Russi discussed with faculty and staff leaders the need to be careful.]
Making a special difference, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 12. [Special billiards fundraiser held to benefit Special Olympics.]
Teaching women to be RAD, by Amanda Meade. p. 16. [Self-defense and safety techniques are over viewed for women.]
Students protest against bans on gay marriage, by Masudur Rahman. p. 17. [The LGBT community at OU stands up for gay marriage.]
Hoping to peak in time, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 18. [Athletics: Swimmer Agnes Solan hopes to make the "A" cut in the championships.]
OU falls in title game, earns bid, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 20. [Athletics: Overview of OU's soccer team's loss.]
Duquette leads Grizzlies to last week sweep, by Mackenzie Roger. p. 21. [Athletics: OU's volleyball team makes a comeback with the help of "Doogie" Duquette.]
Jeltema and Pike carry the load for OU, by Tim Rath. p. 21. [Athletics: Women's basketball team shows success with bench players.]
'Evil Dead' star fights Chinese god, by Rory McCarty. p. 23. [Actor Bruce Campbell stars in movie spoof 'My Name is Bruce'.]
Bond: the sequel?, by Jared Purcell. p. 24. [Local Editor reviews James Bond film, "Quantum of Solace".]
Tyra Banks can see the future and solve America's problems, by Lindsey Wojcik. p. 25. [Tyra Banks up-and-coming career is profiled.]
College: A time to become textually promiscuous, by Masudur Rahman. p. 26. [Senior reporter explains his issues with text messaging.]

2008-12-03  [v.35, no. 13]

Black Friday behavior was appalling, deadly. Staff Editorial. p. 4. [Increasing violence at retailer's on Black Friday as a result of slumping economy.]
Post employees sound off on the Big Three bailout. p. 5. [Various Oakland Post employees discuss their personal opinion of the Big Three bailout.]
Student files lawsuit, by Sean Garner. p. 6. [Micah Fialka-Feldman fights to live in OU dorms, files a lawsuit against the school as he feels he is being discriminated against due to learning disability.]
New procedure creates longer waits, by Colleen Miller. p. 7. [Longer waits for new IT programs as a result of changes in the acquiring of software licenses.]
STUD makes strides for students with disabilities, by Masudur Rahman. p. 8. [Students Toward Understanding Disabilities is working to create a more accessible campus for students with disabilities.]
Student artists show of senior work, by Masudur Rahman. p. 9. [Introduction to upcoming senior art theses exhibits.]
A 'Gus' gets his 'Wings', by Jared Purcell. p. 10. [Charity event held with Red Wings alumni vs Team Gus, in honor of Mike Gustafson who tragically passed away.]
Help with hair, by Colleen Miller. p. 12. [Local charity is profiled, turns men's and women's donated hair into wigs for Michigan children dealing with hair loss.]
Debunking the Obama gun crisis: Should gun owners be worried?, by Colleen Miller. p. 12. [Applications for Concealed Pistol Licenses as well as gun sales increase due to election of President Obama.]
Looking for an open door, by Rory McCarty, p. 19. [OU student Aricka Shuck shares her life story and the difficulties she has overcome, all while being homeless.]
Getting to know you: At 94 years old, OU student proves that age is just a number, by Kelly Coe. p. 20. [Edward Pintzuk, OU's oldest student talks his love for history and learning.]
Harris appointed at OU, by Tim Rath. p. 22. [Athletics: Golden Grizzlies women's basketball team player Karli Harris is profiled.]
Turner brings speed to Grizzlies, by Amanda Meade. p. 23. [Athletics: New recruit to Golden Grizzlies women's basketball team, Beth DeVinney is profiled.]
Versatile Watterworth brings post size, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 23. [Athletics: Newcomer to the Golden Grizzlies women's basketball team, Bethany Watterworth is profiled.]
Energetic Hamlet brings excitement, by Joe Guzman p. 23. [Athletics: Liz Hamlet, from a small-town high school makes the cut for the Golden Grizzlies women's basketball team.]
Grizzlies stay in the game, beat Bonnies, by Tim Rath. p. 24. [Athletics: Golden Grizzlies women's basketball team has major win over St. Bonaventure.]
Giving thanks for no football, by Tom Murphy Jr. p. 25. [Detroit Lions football team's Thanksgiving game is discussed.]
Underground concert venue opens in Rochester, by Kay Nguyen. p. 26. [Review of The Factory, a new music venue in downtown Rochester.]


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