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Oakland University Newspapers and Newsletters

All-University Newspapers and Newsletters


Michigan State University – Oakland Newsletter
Dec. 19, 1958-March 1959

MSUO Newsletter Special Issue, June 1960

MSUO Staff Bulletin
Sept. 17, 1960- Dec. 17-23, 1961

Jan. 3, 1962-April 20, 1962

Oakland University News
March 1965-July 1968

Oakland University Staff Bulletin
July 1-7, 1968-Sept. 6, 1970, Jan.-Feb. 1971

Summer School OU News
Jun 29, 1970-Aug. 10-16, 1970

OU [official newspaper of Oakland University]
Feb. 15, 1971 – Jan. 23, 1973

Oakland University News
Jan. 30, 1973-July 30, 1975

OU News
August 13, 1975-Aug/Sept. 1995

Inside Oakland
October 1995-Spring/Summer 2002

News@OU online (2002-)

Student Newspapers

The main student newspapers:

Oakland Observer

Focus Oakland
Dec. 1969-Oct. 1974

Oakland Sail
1975 - 1987

Oakland Post—1987 -


Other student publications:

Meadow Brook Letters and Lines
May 9, 1960, May 16, 1960, May 23, 1960, June 3, 1960

OUTCRY: A Student Newsletter
July 16 -Nov. 28, 1962

The New Voice
v.1, no.1 (Feb.25,1969); v.1, no.2 (Mar.11, 1969); v.1, no.3 (Mar. 24, 1969)

Voyager -- Sept. 10-Nov. 26, 1974

The Voice -- 2010 -
(OUSC Newsletter)

Newsletters & Journals & Other Publications


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Academic Opportunity Program - RHT 045 class projects
1989-1995 (Rose Cooper, Director)

Some vols. have individual titles

Academic Update
[Office of the Provost]

Academics: The practice of Higher Education
[sponsored by the Senate Learning and Teaching Committee and Provost’s Office] 1970-1972

ACS Computing Connection
Spring 1998
[Academic Computing Services]

AD: Alumni Digest
Fall 1988
[School of Education and Human Services]

Adventure in Creativity: Selected Creative Writing
1968, 1971
Cranbrook at Oakland Summer Arts Program

Advising News

AID: Alumni Information Digest

Alumni Connection
[School of Education and Human Services]

Applied Technology in Business
no. 1, Nov. 1997
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

Area Studies Newsletter

Art and Art History Newsletter
[Department of Art and Art History]

@ Your Service
[University Services Dept.]

AWAAZ “Voice” News Letter
[Indian Students Association of Oakland University]

AWS Newsletter
[Association of Women Students]

Bachelor of General Studies Newsletter

Banner News

[University Human Resources]

Bear Bones: The OU Anthropology Club Newsletter

Bear Essentials: an e-publication of New Student Programs

Big Switch: a Telecommunications Newsletter of Oakland University
v. 1, no. 1, July 11, 1994

[Department of Biological Sciences]

Black Alumni Association News

BLC Speaks
[Black Liberation Caucus]

Book Mark: Children's Literature in Review
1985, no. 1; 1985, no.2; 1986, no. 1 (2 copies each)
[School of Human and Educational Services]

Bookstore Newsletter

Business Smarts
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

CAAN: Computer Assisted Anthropology News
[edited by James Dow, Department of Sociology/Anthropology]
Archives GN 34.3 .D36 C3

v. 1, issues 1-2
[creative writing magazine containing the works of OU students]

[ Honors College - located in their records]

Campus Computing
[Academic Computing Committee and Office of Computer and Information Services]

Campus Recreation News

Career Services Staff/Faculty e newsletter

[Department of Chemistry]

C.E. News
[Division of Continuing Education]

Center for International Programs Newsletter

Charter School Review: A Peer-Reviewed Quarterly Publication of Charter School Research, Policy and Practice.
Spring 2005, v.1, no.2; v.1 no. 2, Autumn 2007
[School of Education and Human Services]
Archives LB 2806.36 C4

Children's Literature in Review
1984, v.2 nos. 1-2; 1985 nos.1-2, 1986 no.1
[School of Human and Educational Services]

[College of Arts and Sciences]

Comment: Newsletter of the Michigan Foreign Language Association
[published at Oakland University]

Community Calendar and News Notes
[Urban Affairs Center]

Community Research Newsletter
Feb. 1, 1981
[Center for Community and Human Development]

Commuter Contact
[Commuter Services]

Commuter Council Newsletter
[Commuter Council]

Commuter Newsletter
[Commuter Council]

Computers in the Arts & Sciences
[College of Arts and Sciences]

v.1, no.1- v.1, no.2 (Nov. 23, 1993-Jan. 10, 1994)
[ Honors College - located in their records]

[College of Arts and Sciences]

nos.1-5, 7-9
Archives LH 1 .O32 C6

Cornerstone: a Newsletter for Alumni about the Campaign for Oakland University

Counselor Communique
[Office of Admissions]

Counselor Corner : a newsletter for High School Counselors

CUPM Bulletin
[MSU-O Committee on the Undergraduate Program in Mathematics]

Data Link : a Publication of Oakland University Computer Services

Dean's Newsletter
Oct.3, 1980; Dec. 8, 1980; Jan. 9, 1981; Feb./Mar, 1981; July 1982; Aug. 1982; Fall, 1982; Spring/Summer 1983; Winter, 1983; Fall, 1984; Jan. 1985
[School of Human and Educational Services]

Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Newsletter

Development News
[Development, Alumni and Community Engagement]

Double Exposure ( p.14-15 memories of OU)

[Area Hall Council]

Elephant Hunger
[OU Young Democrats]

[Department of Music, Theatre & Dance]

English Channel
[English Department]

Enrollment Management Newsletter

Faculty and Staff Contributions to Arts, Letters and Sciences

Faculty Forum
Dec. 4, 1969
[Bob Williamson]

Family Business Newsletter
[ Center for Family Business, in records of SBA]

[Engineering Alumni Association - located in the records of the School of Engineering]

Fitz Bitz
[Fitzgerald House]

Fall 1989, Spring 1990, Spring 1994, Spring 1995, Winter 1996, Fall 1996
[School of Engineering and Computer Science - located in their records]

Flops and Bytes
[Academic Computing Services]

[Office of Alumni Relations]

[Urban Affairs Center]

460 [Four sixty] Report

Freshman Newsletter
[Office of Admissions]

Le Gai Savoir

Grants, Contracts and Research Report
1993/1994 - 2000/2001
[Office of Grants, Contracts and Sponsored Research; Research & Graduate Studies Office]

Guidance Update: A Newsletter of the Guidance and Counseling Area
[School of Education]

Hamlin Hill Times
[Hamlin Hall]

Healthy Spirit
[School of Health Sciences - located in their records]
Archives LD 4142 .O34265 H4

High Marcs
[Multicultural Association for Retention and College Success]

History Department Newsletter
Spring 2005, Spring 2006
[History Department]

Honors College Newsletter
SEE Honors College Collection

[School of Nursing]

Human Intelligence Newsletter: a Quarterly Report on Cognitive and Educational Application
[School of Human and Educational Services]
Archives BG 1 .H95

Humanities Newsletter
[College of Arts and Sciences]

Idlers of the Bamboo Grove
[Creative writing by Oakland University students]

In Focus
[Project Upward Bound]

In Focus
[School of Engineering and Computer Science- located in their records]

In Our Time
[ Honors College - located in their records]

In Touch: A Publication for Oakland University Alumni
[Alumni Relations]
Archives LD 4142 .O342 A1

Inner Ring
[Office of Computer Services]

Innovation and Opportunity: The Campaign for Oakland University
[University Relations]

Inside Investments
[Planned Giving]

Insight into IIT: The Publication of Information and Instructional Technology
[Information Technology Institute]

Insights & Ideas for Teaching and Learning
[Teaching and Learning Committee]

Institute Informer
[Information Technology Institute]

In Tara’s Halls
[Creative writing by Oakland University students]

International Economic Letter
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

ISIS Project Update
no.1, May 12, 1989; no.2, Feb. 20, 1990
[Integrated Student Information System Project Team]

IIT Insight
[Information and Instructional Technology]

IT News Brief
[Office of Information Technology]

ITC Tidbits
Sept. 16, 1991
[Instructional Technology Center]

Judaic Studies
[College of Arts and Sciences]

Keys Newsletter
Winter, 1980
[Office of Professional Development; School of Human and Educational Services]

[Office of Computer and Information Systems]

Kresge Kaleidoscope
[ Library]

LEARN: Labor Education Activities and Resources News
[Division of Continuing Education]

Legacy: A Newsletter about Planned Giving
Spring 2008
[University Relations]

Lighting the Way
Summer 2008
[School of Nursing]

Link Letter
[Community House]

[Division of Student Affairs]

Looking into the future: undergraduate research at Oakland University
Fall 2007
[Office of Grants, Contracts and Sponsored Research]

Management Training News
Fall 1983; Spring 1984
[Employee Relations Dept.& AP Assembly]

[American Marketing Association--Oakland University Collegiate Chapter]

Meadow Brook Press

Meadow Brook Theatre Marquee

Meeting of the minds: journal of undergraduate research
v.1-v.7, 1999-2008
Archives LB 2326.3 .M43

Merit Network News / Michnet News

Metro-Media Mouth
Dec. 1977
[OU Journalism 480 students]

[Oakland Wagner Slavic Study Group]

Mucus Oakland

NETG User Group

New Perspective Commentary
[Association of Black Students]

New Student Newsletter
Feb. 1976
[Dean of Freshmen]

New Voice

News Notes
[School of Engineering - located in their records]

Newsletter: Center for Community and Human Development
[Center for Community and Human Development]

Next Generation: Enrollment Management Newsletter

Nuestras Voces: a Poetry & Prose Journal
[Dept. of Modern Languages and Literatures]

Oakland Business: the Magazine of the School of Business Administration
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

Oakland Center Infobits
Jan/Feb, 2000; Nov/Dec, 2000; Mar/Apr 2001; Oct.2001; Mar.2002; Oct.2002; Dec. 2002; Winter, 2004
[Oakland Center Administration and Reservations Office]

Oakland Computing Forum
[Office of Computer Services]

Oakland Energy
Issue 1, Dec. 2003
[Facilities Management]

Oakland Expression
[Area Hall Council]

Oakland Journal
LH 1 .O32 O32

Oakland University Magazine
1982 - present
Archives LD 4142 .O342 A1

Oakland Oenological Society Newsletter
no. 2 (Jim Haden)

Oakland Outlook: A Newsletter for Students Planning to Attend College
Fall 1993
[Office of Admissions]

Oakland Parent: a Newsletter for the Parents of first-Year Students at Oakland University
[Student Affairs]

Oakland Reading Review
v.1, 1963/1964
[Oakland Faculty]

Oakland Undiapered: Student Reviews of Faculty
1967-1968, 1970-1972

MSU- Oakland University Newsletter
no.2, April 20, 1964; no. 3, May 20, 1964
[Office of Admissions]

Oakland Writer: An Anthology of Freshman Writing
[Department of Learning Skills; edited by Ron Sudol]

Odyssey Research Monographs
v.1 - v.3 1988-1991
Archives F 561 .O48

ORAD Informer
[Office of Research & Academic Development]

Orientation News

Outline: a Newsletter for Prospective Students
Jan., Apr., June 1978; Mar.1979
[Publications Office and Admissions Office]

OTUS Keystrokes
[Office of Training and User Support]

OU Alumni Update

OU Alumni Quarterly
[Alumni Relations]

OU Network News

OU Research  [Table of Contents with abstracts]
v.1 - v.5 2008-2012
[Office of Grants, Contracts and Sponsored Research]
Archives LD 4145 .A52

OUtlook: Computer and Information Science

Parent Newsletter
[Office of Admissions]

[University Relations]

Pencil Us In: A Long-Range Planning Guide for Oakland University

Personal Experiences in Black and White America: A collection of papers written by students enrolled in English 342.
v. 1 - v. 5, 1988-1992
[English Department]

The Pioneer

Pioneer Athletic Club
July 31, 1978

PIRGIM's Progress
[Public Interest Research Group - Michigan]

[Planning League for Environmental Action]

Points of Interest
[Office of the President]

Oct. 2005; Oct. 2007

The President’s Club Newsletter
[The Oakland University Foundation]

Record Book
[Oakland University’s Athletic Department]

Reimbursement Account Newsletter
October, 1997
[Staff Benefits]

Report on External Funding
1984/1985 - 1992/1993
[Office of Research and Academic Development]

Research Bulletin
v.1-v.4 (nos.1-3 each); v.4-5 (nos.1-2 each); v.6 (no.1), Fall 1991-Fall 1996.
[Office of Research and Academic Development]

Research Highlights
[Office of Research and Academic Development]

Research Resources: Research Information for Physicians and Biomedical Researchers
[Oakland Health Education Program Research Education Committee and Oakland University Office of Research and Academic Development]

Resident's City Beat
Oct. 1984: Nov. 1984; Feb. 1985; April 1985; Oct. 1985; Nov. 1985
[Residents Halls?]

Residence Halls Connection
no. 77
[Residence Halls Office]

Satellite: An Extension Site Bulletin
[Evening Program Committee]

The SBA Advisor
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

SBA Special Report
1994: May
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

SBA Update: A Publication for the Alumni of the School of Business Administration
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

School of Engineering and Computer Science
[School of Engineering - located in their records]

School of Nursing: Alumni Newsletter

SEHS Alumni Connection
[Communication and Marketing Department]

June, Sept, Oct. 1993; Jan., Mar 1993
School of Education and Human Services

SEM Update: A Publication for the Alumni of the School of Economics and Management
[School of Business Administration - located in their records]

Slam Dunk: A Newsletter for Members of the Oakland 100
[located in Athletics Collection]

v.1, no.1, Winter 2005; v.2, no. 2, Fall 2006; v.3, no. 1, Winter 2007; v.3, no.2 Fall 2007, v.4, no. 1, Winter 2008
[Master of Arts in Liberal Studies]

The Spectrum: Bachelor of General Studies Bulletin
[Academic Advising and General Studies]

Spirit: Enriching Oakland University through Volunteer Service

Sports News
[Oakland University Athletic Department - located in Athletics Collection]

Spotlight on OU
[Office of Institutional Research and Assessment]

Student Advisor
[Undergraduate Advising and Counseling, Student Services]

Student Employment Bulletin
[Oakland University Student Employment Office]

Student Government Newsletter
[A Student Senate Publication]

Student Intern Program Newsletter
[Center for Community and Human Development]

Swallow the Moon: a Literary Journal
[Student Writers Group of Oakland University]
LH 1 .O32 S8 No. 1, 2005 - No. 2, 2006

Teaching and Learning Newsletter
[Senate Teaching and Learning Committee]

This is Michigan State University Oakland
November 1959
Reprint from the Michigan State University Magazine

T/L Reports
[Senate Teaching and Learning Committee]

Today: Meadow Brook Hall & Gardens
Summer 2008
[Meadow Brook Hall]

Top Drawer

Transfer Student Orientation Newsletter

UMOJA: The African American Student Publication

Undergraduate Enrollment Management
Issue 1, May 23, 2000
[Office of Admissions]

United Fronts
Oct. 2000
[Association of Black Students?]

The Urban Affairs Center

Van Wagoner
[Van Wagoner Hall]

[Vandenberg Hall]

Veterans Affairs Newsletter

Visions: Newsletter of A Share in the Vision: The Campaign for Oakland University
[Capital Campaign Office]


Way of Life: News from Oakland University’s Meadow Brook Health Enhancement Institute

What's happening . . . at Meadow Brook Hall
Fall, 1978-9
[Meadow Brook Hall]

The Wise OUL News

Women of Michigan Educational Network: A Newsletter of the Oakland University Chapter of ACE/NIP

Women of Oakland University Newsletter

Women’s Center Newsletter

Writing for Success


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