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Index of Oakland University Chronicles

Alice Tomboulian, Project Coordinator
Paul Tomboulian, Project Director


The Oakland University Chronicles is a set of oral histories dealing with the beginnings of Oakland University, mainly focusing on the years prior to the graduation of the first class. The purpose of the Chronicles is to provide insight into those early times, and record the perspectives and personalities of some of the pioneering individuals who built the foundations of the institution. Special emphasis is placed upon information not readily available from written records.

Starting in 1996 a number of oral history interviews of early faculty, staff and alumni were recorded as videotapes and transcripts. The videotapes and transcripts are available for scholarly studies, research on institution history or outreach purposes of Oakland University. Other uses are not permitted.

Circulating copies of the transcripts and videotapes are available at Kresge Library (LD 4142 .O3421 C5). The digitized versions available below were provided by and have been posted with the permission of the authors, Paul and Alice Tomboulian.

The accompanying master index is a compilation into one alphabet of the individual indexes created by Paul and Alice Tomboulian  for each volume of the Oakland University Chronicles.  The terminology and subject headings they used have, for the most part,  been preserved. Some additions have been made.

A special thank you to the Tomboulians for their dedication and effort in compiling and making available the information in these volumes.


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Master Index

AAUP: v.11: 31, 34-35

Academic governance:
     Action to dissolve and reconstitute Senate: v.14: 20-21
     Conflicts of interest at Senate: v.16: 9
     Discontent with Senate Composition: v.26:23
     Early academic governance: v. 26:9
     Faculty Senate: v.4: 17
     Restructuring of Senate after “Black Saturday”: v.26:9-10
     Senate meeting politics: v.16: 10-11
     Suspended University Senate: v.24:25
Academic novel: v.2:21

Accreditation: v. 24;29-30

     Academic Administrator Internship (Obear) encouraged by Varner: v.17:24-25
     Appointment of Chancellor Varner: v.1:9-10
     Assistant Dean for social science (O’Dowd): v. 24: 9-10
     Authority of Chancellor Varner: v.1:16-17
     Change in academic governance: v. 16: 19
     Combining student affairs with academic affairs: v.17: 24
     Commitment to success: v. 12:10,15
     Consideration of year round operation: v.15:21-23
     Dean of the University and of students (O’Dowd): v. 24:16
     Early ad hoc style: v.6:9
     Early lack of bureaucracy: v. 3:17
     Eblinger incident / Senator Huber: v.4:6
     Educational authority: v.2:17-18
     Faculty involvement: v.2:19
     Family atmosphere / Team mentality: v.1:16,18
     Flexibility on combined classes: v.4: 8-9
     Growth of administration: v.6:15
     Obear’s additional administrative positions: v.17: 25
     Obear’s opportunity at University of Tennessee: v.17: 27-28
     Obear’s position as Dean of Freshmen: v. 16: 23-24
     Provost - Handled daily administration duties (O’Dowd): v.24: 21
     Respect for academic leaders: v.14: 25,27,28
     Retreat for planning changes: v.15:20-21
     Role of university Senate: 10:20-21
     Rotation of administrative positions: v.23:32-33
     Senate dissolution and reconstitution: v. 14: 20-21
     Staff from MSU: v.1:12
     Varner’s administrative style:  v.17, p.9,25
     Varner suspended university Senate: v.24:25

Ahern, Mary Jo Koren (Charter Class): v.33:11-17

Alexander, Roy J: v.1:13; .v 7:6; v.12:4,5

Alumni: v.24:19-20
     Alumni Association: v.21: 38

Amann, Peter: v. 4:12,16;  v.11:21;  v. 18: 38;  v. 23:2,6,8,16-17

Ament, Walter (Charter Class): v.33:23-26

Appleton, Sheldon: v.18:40;  v.10;  v.26:11-12
     Charter College operation: v.23:20-21
     Discussion of new inner colleges: v.23:19

Associate Dean for the Sciences: v.11:14-20

Athletics:  v.1:11;  v.2:8;  v.3:5,11; v.18: 24-25
     Committee on intercollegiate sports: v. 8: 13,17
     Faculty meeting and concerns: v.26: 20-21
     Faculty study committee and athletic policy: v.26:22-23
     Varner’s announcement of varsity basketball: v.26:20-23
     Varner at MSU football game: v.30: 23

Atmosphere on campus: v.18:24, 28
     Academic ideals vs. disciplinary prestige: v.14: 24-25
     “Black Saturday” event: v.4:4-5
     Bridge parties, picnics, square dances: v.12:16-17
     Change in feeling during 1971 strike: v. 13: 21-22
     Changes due to departments: v.3:12,13
     Changes from personalized atmosphere: v.4: 16-17
     Close contact between faculty and administrators: v. 29:13
     Clubbable: v.6:8
     Committee of the whole: v. 30:36
     Contagious enthusiasm: v. 16:7-8
     Democratic input on decisions: v.8: 12-13, 17
     Early social events: v.29: 12
     Early social relations among faculty and administrators:  v.5:23
     Early students worked hard: v.24:15-16
     Enjoyable interactions with colleagues: v.14:28
     Everyone helped, strong work ethic: v.24:32
     Exciting, creative: v.3:11
     Faculty enthusiasm: v.4:3
     Faculty strike, 1971: v.4: 9-10, 16
     Faculty theatrical production: v.4: 18-19
     Family style Christmas parties: v.12:16
     Farm surroundings: v.19:6
     Few social distinctions in early years: v.23:27,32
     Friendly relationships: v.9:23-24
     Happy place: v.3:9
     Initial informality: v.6:6
     Intellectually stimulating faculty discussions: v.14:23-24
     Knowing everybody: v.9:26
     Lack of social distinctions: v.30:37-38
     Like an extended family: v.6:8
     Malaise about MSUO mission: v. 21: 21,41
     No hot food service first quarter: v.21:27Political concerns: v.19:10-11
     Sense of community: v.15:7;  v.17; 26
     Sense of unity and involvement:   v.5:22-23
     Similarity of faculty and administrators: v.4: 16
     Small community: v.19:5
     Small size of campus: v.6:12-13
     Social life and gatherings: v.23:26-27
     Spartan atmosphere: v.6:13-14
     Using first names: v.9: 11-12

Barnard, V. John: v.19:15-16

Barnett property: v. 25:4,5,19

Barton, Milt:   v.7: 4,8

Basic college model vs. traditional college model:
     Basic college philosophy: v.28-Hetenyi: 18,18
     Dichotomy among faculty: v.28-Hetenyi: 17-20
     Not included in MSUO curriculum: v.28-Deskins:9
     Programs in existence at MSU: v.28-Deskins:10

Beardslee, David: v.3:15
     Included on team with O’Dowd: v.24:9
     Teaching and research at Wesleyan: v.24:4-5
"Black Saturday" meeting:
 v. 4: 4-5; v.14: 16-20;   v.15:17-19;   v.17:18-19, 20; v.23:15-16; v.24:23-25; v.26: 9-10

Blank, David: v.21:31

Branch campuses: v.1:3-5

Brown, Glen: v.24:31-32

Building construction: v.20:5,6-7
     Architectural plans:  v.7:9,12
     Designing science building: v.29: 28-30
     Dormitory windows:  v.7:12
     Foundation Hall, North and South: v.25: 3, 17-18
     Legislative funding:  v.7: 9,12
     Location of first building: v.7;4
     Science Building (Hannah Hall): v.29: 28-30
     Style and amenities:  v.7: 11
Burdick, Delores:
     Combined course (White): v.2:9
     Theatrical production: v.4:18

Burdick, Harvey: v. 11:34; v.19:17;

Burdick, Harvey and Delores: v.23:22, 23-24

Burke, Richard: v.8;  v.11:21;  v. 23: 6,8; v.26:1,21,23

Careers after graduation:
     Joan Gibb Clair: v.18:1-2
     Michael Deller: v.20:19,28
     William Kath: v.21: 40
     Alfred Monetta: v.20:24-25
     Jobs in California: v.20:26
     Thomas Werth: v.18: 3-4
Change to semester system: v.12:10,15-16

Charter Class memories: v.33

Charter class significance: v.18: 22-23, 39

Charter College
     Curricular goal: v. 23: 19
     Focus on faculty, not curriculum: v.23: 20-21
     Study semester abroad program: v.23: 21-24
     University support for semester abroad: v.23:21-22

Chemistry department
     Accreditation: v.29: 24
     History: v.29: appendix

Cherno, Melvin: v.2:18; v.4:8-9; v.23

Chester, Thomas (Charter Class): v.33:11-17

Chronicles Project: v.30

Chrysler Tech Center: v.25:5

Clair, Joan Gibb:  v.18; v.21: 38

Class rings: v.20:24-25
     Joan Gibb Clair: v.18:9,22
     William Kath: v.21: 35-36
     Thomas Werth: v.18:8

Collective bargaining: v.11:30-35

Collins, Walter: v.18:32

Commencement: v.20:27

Commitment to Oakland:
     Alumni Association: v.21: 38
     Concern about strong engineering group: v.21:40-41
     Speeches to engineers: v.41:39

Community:  v.1:9; v.13: 4
     Community interactions: v.30: 25-26
     Development of MSUO Foundation: v.5:10-11; v.30: 25-26
     Effects of MSUO Development:   v.7: 6-8
     Interactions with local schools: v.2:15
     Outreach by administrators: v.5:20
     Rochester community character:   v.5:25-26
     Special course on communism: v.8: 110-12

Compton, Gerald (Charter Class): v.19

Context (early MSUO): v.11:17-18;  v.20:21;  v.21:5;  v.28-Deskins: 17
     Affiliation with MSU:  v.5:21
     Difficult economic times:   v.5:8, v.5:20-21
     Education in America and Sputnik One: v.1:10-11, 15, 17
     Ford/Dodge: v.1:5
     Increased interest in college-going: v.15:6
     More appeal on East coast: v.15: 6
     Post-Sputnik concerns:   v.5:3-4, 22
     Rivalry between universities: v.1:2-3

Continuing education program: v.1:21

Copenhaver, Brian: v.9:25-26
Corbin, George: v.15:13

Course design:
     Chemistry: v. 16, 10-11,12
     Done by new faculty: v.12:9
     Freshmen English: v.6:5, 10
     Freshmen English book: v.16: 9
     Language lab: v.9:15
     Russian first names: v.9:22-23
     Western Institutions course: v.8:5,7

Coutts, Robert (Charter Class): v.33:38-42

Crabapple trees on Library mall: v.25:22

Curriculum and general education
     Advice from experts: v.11:8
     Area studies program planning: v.16: 10
     “Black Saturday” meeting: v.15:17-19
     Calculus in first year: v.11: 8-9, 12-13
     Calculus requirement: v.20:21-22
     Change from quarter system: v.3:9
     Changes discussed in “wild ideas committee”: v.26: 9
     Changes to invigorate curriculum: v.24:26-27
     Combined courses: v.4: 8-9
     Commitment to strong academic values: v.17:5
     Compared to MSU general education: v.12:2-3
     Computer techniques for political science: v.26: 29
     Contrast in types of courses and grades: v.8: 7,8
     Course design: chemistry: v. 16, 10-11,12
     Course design: done by new faculty: v.12,9
     Creating new ‘mythical” university: v.1:10
     Curriculum Planning Committee for MSUO: v.28-Deskins: 1-5, 8-11,14,15, 18
     Curriculum Planning Committee for MSUO: v.28-Hetenyi:5,8-9,10
     Curriculum planning committees: v.30: 13-15, 20, 21, 24
     Curricular design: v.20:29-30
     Curriculum design committee: v.16: 10,21
     Decline in general education commitment: v.23:16-17
     Developed simulation models: v.26: 6-7
     Difficult courses: v.20:9
     Dispute over electives vs. major courses: v.17:18-19
     Early components: v.6:10
     Early curriculum building: v.3:8/11
     Early influence of humanities faculty: v.24:22
     Educational Policy Committee: v. 23:12
     Environmental studies: v.29: 35
     Explaining curriculum to parents: v.15:14-15
     Few educational methods courses: v.18:11,31
     Finding career interests: v.19: 7-9
     First quarter grades: v.21: 19
     First year courses: v.20:8-9; v.21: 13,14
     Focus on serious learning: v.8: 9
     Foreign language requirement: v.1: 18-19; v.16: 11-12;  v.20:19-21
     Freshmen English: v.2: 16, 17-18
     Freshmen exploratories: v.29: 35
     Freshmen writing: v.29: 33-35
     Harm due to Meadow Brook Seminars: v.4:15-16
     History course syllabuses: v. 23: 10
     Importance of academic programs  v. 7:18-19
     “Innovations” added more requirements: v.26:5
     Interaction with teacher training: v.2:15
     Issues with 50 percent general education: v.23:12-14
     Lack of detail for teacher education: v.28-Hetenyi: 10
     Language option for engineers: v.21: 28,40
     Level of instruction: v.1: 13-15
     Liberal arts basis: v.15:3
     Liberal arts, core knowledge: v.8: 3
     Liberal arts in the curriculum: v.28-Deskins, 2,9
     Loss of special aspects: v.8: 14-15
     Math curriculum project: v.11:22-23
     Meadow Brook Seminars: v.1: 10-11
     MSU committee as source: v.12:8,9
     No part-time students: v.18:16
     No remedial courses: v.2: 14-15, 16-17; v.28-Deskins: 5
     Non-vocational liberal arts: v.6:11-12
     Opportunity for committee work: v.17:6
     Option for early graduation: v.21: 30-31
     Ph.D. program in math: v.11: 18,29
     Political science curriculum typical model: v.26: 5
     Practical issues overlooked: v.26: 10-11
     Preparing first catalog: v.2927-28
     Program in linguistics: v.6:3-4
     Quarter and trimester systems: v.6:7
     Quarters vs. semesters: v.17:15-16
     Remedial courses: v.6:6
     Report rejected at ‘Black Saturday meeting’: v. 23:15
     Relationship to industry: v.11:18
     Requirements for teacher education: v.18:10-11
     Russian major: v.9:24-26
     Science in the curriculum planning: v.28-Deskins: 3,9,11-13
     Selection of majors: v. 18: 5-6, 12;  v.20:17-18
     Shift to applied sciences: v.29: 35
     Shift to departmental concerns: v.23:17-18
     Shift to semester system: v.24:22-23
     Study of non-western civilizations: v.1: 18
     Teacher education: v.14: 8-9, 13-22
     Three course system: v.2:16
     Trigonometry courses: v.11: 12,14
     Undergraduate research in chemistry: v.17:12-13
     University Courses (UC): v.3:7
     Value of broad background: v.20:30-31
     Value of general education requirements: v.19: 15-17
     Western Institutions course: v.3:7: v.23:8,9-10,12

Dairy complex:
     Belgian barn: v.25:3,15
     Dairy barn / Student Theatre: v.25:15
     Machine shed: v.25:15
     Office building: v.25:15

Dang Xich Lan: v.12:12-13

Danny’s Cabin: v.25:10

d’Argy, Elizabeth (Charter Class): v.33:23-26

Dean of faculty
     Hoopes appointment: v.2:2

Deer park: v.25:11

Deller, A. Michael (Charter Class): v.9:24

Deneweth, Robert (Charter Class): v.33: 38-42

Departments formed: v.3: 8,12-13;  v.6: 7-8; v.8: 5-6, 15; v.26: 16
     Preferred random office locations: v.23: 6-7

Departure from Oakland: v.23:29

Deskins, Eugene: v.11:8; v. 28; v.30: 20,41

Desparment, Helene: v.9:14

Dobat, Carl: v.257

Dormitory locations: v.25:20,21

Dormitory rules: v.26:24-25

Eames, D.B.: v.25: 5

Early development of MSUO:
     Campus malls: v.25:20-22
     Changed location of first building:   v. 7:4
     Continuing education classroom in Poultry bldg.: v.25:13
     Crabapple trees on library mall: v.25: 22
     Data processing done at MSU: v.12: 15
     Dormitory locations: v.25: 20,21
     Effects on community: v.7: 6-8
     First offices in farmhouse: v.12:4
     First registration process: v.12:14-15
     Four quadrants concept:   v. 7: 5-6
     Groundbreaking:   v.7: 4,8
     Independence from MSU: v.30:12
     Limited resources:   v.5:12, 20-21
     Lowry Early Childhood Center: v.25: 13
     Master Site Plan: v.25:20
     No hot food service first quarter: v.21:27
     Office building in Poultry bldg. : v.25: 13-14
     Original plans: v.7:4-5,8
     Participation in plans for Hannah Hall (Obear): v. 16:11
     Planning guidelines: v.25:19
     Postal address for MSUO:  v.5:11-12
     Sewer system for MSUO: v.25:13
     Tentative development plan: v.25:18,20
     Varner makes home in Poultry Manager’s residence: v.25:14
     Water towers, water for campus:  v.25:8-9, 15-16, 18
     Woody Varner integral to development:   v.5:13, 14, 15-16

Eblinger (Lee)  incident: v.4:6; v.16:17, 19-20

Eklund, Lowell: v.1: 21; v.11:6-7; v.21: 43; v.30: 9,26;

Employment while a student:
     Daniel Fullmer: v.19:10
     Delivering campus mail: v.20:14
     Dishwashing at Oakland Center (Kath): v.21: 25-26
     Gerald Compton: v.19:3
     Joan Gibb Clair: v.18:16,17,18
     Parking for Mrs. Wilson’s fundraisers: v.20:13
     Thomas Werth: v.18:6-7
     Tutoring calculus (Kath): v.21: 28
     Working at the library: v. 20:18 (Deller)

English Department:   v.2:14; v.16:24-25

Entrance gate: v.25: 5,8

Experiences prior to MSUO:
     Cherno:   v. 23:1, 3, 7
     Clair: v.18:4-5, 16-17
     Compton: v.19:2
     Fitzsimmons: v.16: 1-6; 12-15
     Fullmer: v.19:4
     Hammerle, Millie: v.13:1-2
     Hetenyi: v.14: 1-3
     Heubel: v.26: 1,3,8
     Kath: v.21: 1-3,  6-7, 10-13, 22
     Kovach Tarakanov: v.9: 1-6
     McKay: v.11:1-3
     Obear: v.17:1-2
     O’Dowd: v.24:2-5
     Pope:  v.15:1-2
     Susskind, Uni: v.13: 5-6
     Tomboulian: v.30:1
     Werth: v.18:6-7

     Ages of faculty members: v.9:11
     Attitudes about education: v.2:8-9
     Belief in small sized institution: v.14:9,10,11
     “Black Saturday event”: v.4: 4-5
     Close ties with students: v.12:16
     Commitment to Oakland: v.1:22
     Commitment to MSUO: v.30: 31-35
     Concern about Oakland size:  v.3: 17-18
     Conflicts of interest at Senate: v.16: 9
     Decline of interest in teacher education concepts: v.14: 8,9
     Described by author David Riesman: v.1:22
     Dinner at Meadow Brook Hall: v.1:20
     Direct classroom relationships [with students]: v.19: 14-15
     Disagreement with Riesman’s hypothesis: v.8: 7,8
     Early predominance of humanities faculty: v.24:22,23
     Early sense of comradeship:  v.8: 15-16;  v.12:14;  v.23:6-7
     English department: v.16: 24-25
     Enthusiasm and hope: v.4: 3
     Expectations about students: v.21: 20,27
     Expectations from students: v.18:24,38,40
     Faculty lunch room: v.4:3-4
     Faculty Senate: v.4: 17
     Faculty Strike, 1971: v.4: 9-10; 16
     Faculty theatrical production: v.4: 18-19
     First faculty meeting: v.9:13
     First year faculty: v.11:20-22
     Friendships lasted in spite of disputes: v.17:20
     Goal of academic rigor:   v.5:19
     Grading practices:  v.3:15
     High expectations for students: v.15: 12;  v.24:17-18
     High percentage with doctorates: v.20:9
     High quality of Oakland faculty: v.15: 11;  v.24:34
     Informal bag luncheons in Hannah Hall: v.26:15
     Intellectually stimulating discussions: v.14: 23-24
     Interactions with students: v.19: 12-14
     Interdisciplinary discussions: v.26: 15-16
     Involvement with administration: v.2:19
     Kluback, William case: v.4: 7
     Lack of research program discouraged some: v.26: 14
     Made courses interesting: v.19: 15-18
     Mismatch with student body: v.14: 11-12
     Outstanding quality: v.8: 8
     Recruiting: v.1:12-13
     Reaction to failing grades: v.3:13, 14
     Regard for students: v.3:17
     Relationships with students: v.23:24
     Resistance to changes in MSUO/Oakland: v. 23:25-26
     Responses to students’ difficulties:  v.5:19-20
     Senate meeting politics: v.16: 10-11
     Sense of community in early years: v.17:26
     Shared office in North Foundation Hall: v.17: 9-10
     Social interactions with students: v.18:28-29, 40
     Trust in Varner: v.30: 28
     Unionization: v.23:1,2
     Young, enthusiastic, innovative: v.19:6-7

Faculty subdivision (Meadow Brook Subdivision):
     v.11:6,26-27; v.25:12; v.29:4-5,7; v.30:38
     Arranged by Woody Varner:   v.5:25
     Building new homes: v.13: 8, 14-15
     Convenient location:  v.5:26
     Financial considerations: v.13: 15-16
     Financial outcome: v.5:26-27
     Good situation for children: v.13: 17-18, 20-21
     Relationship among residents: v.13: 16-17

Faculty wives:
     Early sense of comradeship: v.13:10,12
     Faculty wives club: v.13: 11-12, 14
     Social gatherings: v.13: 13,21
     Work on campus: v.13:24
Farm residences: v.25: 8,11,16

Financial aid: v.18:17,19

First building:  v.1: 7-8;  v.5:9;  v.7: 4,9,11

First contact with MSUO:
     Burdick:  v.23:1,2
     Burke: v.8: 1-2
     Deller: v.20:1-2
     Fitzsimmons: v.16: 2
     Hammerle: v.13: 2-3
     Hetenyi: v.14: 3-7
     Heubel: v.26: 2
     Hoopes: v.2:1-3
     Karas: v. 7:1-2
          Application to MSUO: v.21: 11-12
          First registration: v.21:13-14
           Pontiac Press information: v.21: 3-4
          Recruiting brochure: v.21: 9
     Kovach-Tarakanov: v.9: 6-7, 8-9
     Matthews: v.3:1-2;
     Monetta: v.20:2-3
          Lunch with Woody Varner: v.15:1
          Story for New York Times: v.15:2
           Information while in Vietnam: v.12:1-2
           Visit in fall of 1958: v.12:3-4
     Susskind: v.13: 7-8, 10
     Swanson:  v.5:1-3;
     Tomboulian: v.29: 2-3, 4-6, 8
     White: v. 4: 1-3;  v.11:3-5;
     Obear: v. 16:1, 3, 10
           Invitation to visit MSUO: v. 24:7-8
           Varner’s talk at Harvard seminar:  v. 24:6-7

First convocation: v.20:6-7; v.21: 14-15; v.33:30

Fitzgerald, Harold:  v.5:10, 11; v.21: 4,31,41; v.30: 25-26, 29

Fitzsimmons, Thomas: v.16
     Elbinger incident: v.4:5-6
     Interest in creativity: v.4: 5

Five acre excepted parcels: v.25: 4,6,19

Foundation (MSUO): v.1:8-9
     Meeting in home of Roger and Helen Kyes:   v.5:10
     Initial members:   v.5:10
     Contributions to MSUO:  v.5:11

Foundation Hall, North and South
     Groundbreaking: v.25:3
     Preliminary and final site location: v.25: 17-18

Frame, J. Sutherland: v.11:4,5

Fraternities, sororities: v.1: 11;  v.3:5

Frederick, Julie Becker (Charter Class): v.33: 1-6

Freshmen Convocation - Hoopes speech: v.2:5-7

Fullmer, Daniel (Charter Class) : v.19

Gatehouse and driveway: v.25: 10-11

Gehres, Edward D. Jr. (Charter Class): v.33:6-10
Gehres, Evelyn Adams (Charter Class): v.30:6-10

Gherity, James: v.4:11-12, 16

Gibson, Jack: v.11:29
     Engineering doctoral program: v. 24:28
     Recruited by Varner: v.24:28

     Acceptance of estate by John Hannah:   v.1: 17;  v.5:6-7
     Announcement: v.1: 6,8
     Concerns about University of Michigan:   v.5:5, 6-7
     Decision: v.1:6
     Initial proposal: v.1:4
     Mrs. Wilson: v.1:18
     Mrs. Wilson’s conversations with Howard McGregor:   v.5:4-5
     Mrs. Wilson’s relationship with John Hannah:  v.5:6
     Request for $2 million:   v.1:7-8;  v.5:9

Gossett, Elizabeth: v.4:2’ v.29: 4

Grading systems:
     Distribution of grades in a course: v.17:13-14
     Tenth-of-a-point scale: v.17:14-15

Graduate programs: v.23:25,26; v.30: 28
     Doctoral program in engineering: v.24:27-28
     Masters programs: v.24:29

Greenhouse: v.25: 8

Growth of MSU/Oakland:
     v. 3:17-19; v. 23:25; v.28-Deskins:13; v.28-Hetenyi: 14-15
     Budget constraints: v.29: 31,32
     Debate at St. Clair Inn about size of OU: v.17, 17-18
     Developing graduate programs: v.11:29
     Differing faculty views: v.30: 30-31
     Early projections: v.24: 8, 17-18, 30; v.29: 25
     Early written material predicted growth: v.17:4
     Increased student recruitment: v.24:31-32
     Inevitability of growth: v.16:23
     New buildings: v.29: 28
     Original planning parameters: v.30:29,30
     Problems with slow growth: v.24: 30-31
     St. Clair Shores meeting: v.11:28-29
     Small size abandoned: v.16:23
     Unable to continue small section: v.8: 12
    Varner’s perception of need to grow: v.14: 9-10

Hamilton, Thomas: v.1: 9-1; v.14: 3-4,5;  v.28: 1-3, 5-9, 11, 13-14
     Academic positions at MSU: v.30: 17
     Curriculum planning committees: v.30: 13-15, 21, 24, 40
     Influence on Meadow Brook Seminars: v.30: 15, 16, 25
     No direct role in final curriculum committee: v.28-Deskins:14,15
     Planning concepts (Matilda Wilson College proposal): v. 30:13,40
     Phased out of MSUO assignment: v.30: 8, 20, 43
     Quiet personality: v.28-Deskins:16

Hamlin, Delos  v.7:9

Hammerle, Mildred: v.13

Hammerle, William: v.9: 13;  v.11: 14,16,21,24;  v.13: 1-3, 8, 22-23, 25;  v.15:5; v.21: 31;  v.26: 10;  v.29:10-11, 15-16, 20, 28-30, 32; v.30: 8,20, 43
     Breadth of knowledge, great teacher: v.17:8
     Importance of feedback to students: v.17:13,24

Hannah Hall (Science Building): v.29:28-30

Hannah, John:  v.1: 2-4, 7-9, 16, 17;  v.3:4; v.15:8,10; v.25:14; v.28-Deskins:16,17
     Administrative reorganization at MSU: v.28-Hetenyi: 3-4
     Basic college model: v.28-Hetenyi: 17-20
     Comfortable with Woody Varner:   v.5:14-15
     Connection with Matilda Wilson: v.28-Hetenyi: 4-5
     Educational leader: v.30:10
     Expansionist by nature”   v.5:7
     Giving free hand to MSUO: v.30: 11-12
     Poultry advisor for Mrs. Wilson:   v.5:6
     Selection of Varner: v.30: 21
     Strong management style: v.28-Hetenyi: 10-12
     Top administrator without earned Ph.D:  v.5:16
     Visit to Saigon:   v.5:1-2
     Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Wilson with Woody Varner:   v.5:9

Harding, Clifford: v.11:16-17, 24

Hatcher, Harlan: v.1: 2-3

Head Residents in men’s dormitory:
     Faculty as Head Residents: v.17:21
     Dorms not ready on time, fall 1961: v.17:21

Heston, Clark: v.4:9

Hetenyi, Laszlo: v.18:31;  v.14; v.23:13; v.24:23, 24-25; v.28; v.30: 17,22,30

Heubel, Edward: v.26

High school interactions: v.11: 9-11

Hollingsworth, Stanley: v.14: 26-27

Honors College:
     Focus on faculty: v.23:20
     Starting the Honors College: v.23:28

Hoopes, Robert: v.2;  v.3:1; v.11:6,21;  v.14: 27;  v.16:2,9,24;  v.18:21;  v.20:5; v.29:24
     Continuing contacts: v.21: 43
     Convocation talk: v.15:11; v.21: 16-17
     Courteous and considerate: v.4:17-18
     Employment of Gertrude White: v.4:2-3
     Freshman English class: v.21: 17-19
     Offer of a job (Schwab): v.6:2-3
     Promotion (Schwab) v.6: 9
Hope, Dorothy: v.21: 31,38

Housing (Faculty) on Featherstone Road
     Hammerle: v.13:3
     Obear: v.17:20
     Susskind: v.13:7-8, 10

Hucker, Charles: v.26:21,23

Image of MSUO:  v.2:4,8; v.8: 3,6,9,14,16;  v.9:9;  v.11:7-9; 28-29;  v.12:8;  v.13: 6, 23-24, 26;  >v.19: 3,4;  v.20:2,3, 9,10,20;  v.21:8-9;  v.24:7
     Academic but still being developed: v.17:2
     Academic rigor and quality:  v.5:19, 21-22
     Accessible public education: v.15:15-16
     Avoiding big time athletics: v.26: 20
     Change in original concept: v.15:19
     Changes due to political factors: v.16: 21
     Comparable private institutions: v.15:4
     Curricular expectations: v.14:8-9
     Exciting, unique concept: v.15:2
     Few non academic activities: v.23:5,7
     Less conventional: v.23:4,5
     Liberal arts basis: v.15:3Living up to the rhetoric: v.3:12
     Meadow Brook Seminars: v.3:5-6;  v.4: 15-16; v.16: 7
     MSU committee: v.3:4-5
     No department structure: v.23:4-5
     Not fettered by traditions: v.5:4
     Not ivy covered: v.3:14
     Not seduced by propaganda: v.4: 2
     Prestige of MSUO Foundation:  v.5:10-11
     Prototype state institution: v.15:6
     Research not expected at MSUO: v.26: 4
     Robert Hoopes’ vision: v.16:2
     Serious liberal arts oriented college: v.26: 2
     Small but expected to grow: v.17:4
     Strong commitment to liberal arts: v.17:5
     Varner as experienced leader: v.17:9
     Viewed MSUO as a stable entity: v.17:7

Importance of academic programs  v. 7:18-19

Inner College movement: v.23: 18-19

Idzerda, Stanley:  v.30: 41
     Honors College director: v.28-Deskins:4
     Leadership about curriculum: v.28-Deskins: 9
     Philosophy of science: v.28-Deskins: 4, 11-12
Jacobson, Joanne Hill (Charter Class): v.33:1-6

John Dodge House: v.25:8

Johnson, Philip: v.11:24

Kahn, Albert v. 7: 5

Karas, George:  v.1:21;  v.7;  v.29:8, 13-14; v.25

Karas, Trudy: v.11:14

Kath, William:  v.21;  v.30: 36

Kelly, Margaret Swoboda (Charter Class): v.21:23;  v.33:27-31

Kluback, William:  v.1: 15;  v.4:7; v.12:16; 

Koenig, Patti: v.33:27-31

 Kovach - Tarakanov,  Helen: v.9;  v.12:16

Kyes, Roger and Helen:  v.1: 8;  v.4:2;  v.5:10, 11

Language study: v.9:4,7-8,9-10,17,18

Lautner, Harold v. 7:4,8

Lepley, Hollie: v.12:16

Lessing, Frederick: v.23:21

Lewis, David: v.1: 19-20;  v.17:23

Lewis, Herman: v.11:15-16
     Report on breaking of genetic code: v.26: 15-16
     Sense of teaching mission: v.26:14
Liberal arts in the curriculum: v.28-Deskins:2,9
Library Mall crabapple trees: v.25:22

Library resources: v.18:33-34

Lifetime lease for Barnett, Wilson: v.25:4,19

Lindquist, Victor: v.12:10

Living accommodations:  v.19: 3,5;  v.20:11,16

Lowry Early Childhood Center: v.25:13

Mansfield, Anita: v.29:14

     Additional math faculty: v.11:22-23
     Math camps and results: v.11:9-10, 27
     Math competitions: v.11:24-26
     Math curriculum project: v.11:22-23
     Ph.D. program in math: v.11: 18
     Student difficulties with mathematics: v.11: 12-14

Matthews, George: v.3;  v.4:7; v.8: 5;  v.11:19; v.14: 27;  v.18:36;  v.24:26; v.30: 3, 5-6, 16, 35
     Academic mentor: v.23:31
     Challenging students to think: v.33:8
     Coordinator of Western Institutions course: v.23: 8
     Interest in Cherno’s syllabus: v.23:2,3
     Recruitment: v.2:3-4
     Rise of universities: v.2:20
     Uniqueness of Oakland: v.2:20-21

Matilda Wilson College curriculum proposal: v.28:5,12,13-14

McKay, James: v.2:12;  v.8: 9;  v.11;  v.17:8;  v.20:8,22; v.28-Deskins:6; v.30: 2,38,43

Mead, David: v.28-Deskins:4,8

Meadow Brook Estate:  v.1: 4, 6-8, 19
     Assignment as engineer (Karas): v. 7:2-3,13
     Dairy complex: v.25: 3,15
     Danny’s cabin: v.25:10
     Deer park: v.25:11
     Farm residences: v.25: 8,11,16
     Gatehouse and driveway: v.25: 10-11
     Gift to MSU: v.3:3-4
     Greenhouse: v.25:8
     John Dodge House: v.25: 8
     Orchard: v.25:7
     Original working estate  v.7:3-4
     Operating farm: v.25:7
     Outdoor pool: v.25: 8
     Parkway light system v.7:15-16
     Piggery: v.25:4
     Poultry buildings group: v.25:13-14
     Retirement barn: v.25: 11
     Riding ring and stables: v.25:9
     Security fence: v.25:6,14
     Service cottages: v.25: 7-8
     Wellhouse parcel: v.25:5
Meadow Brook Hall:  v.1: 5, 19-20; v.25:8-9; v.29: 5
     Checking with Mrs. Wilson:  v. 7:14-15
     Dinner dance at graduation: v.20:24
     Freshman tea and tour: v.21: 24-25
     Farewell party: v.21: 34-35
     Meadow Brook Hall fence: v.1: 19, 20
     Plan for future donation   v. 7:13
     Tour for scholarship students: v.20: 5-6
Meadow Brook  Music Festival:
     Rehearsal for first concert: v.26: 18-19
     Site location:  v.5:17-18; v.7:17-18
     Woody Varner’s early involvement:  v.5:16-17
     Woody Varner’s initiative: v.26: 18-19

Meadow Brook Seminars:
      v.1: 11, 18; v.8: 3,5;  v.11:8;  v.15:2,19;   v.17:5; v.26: 3; v.30: 15-16, 25; v.30: 15-16; 25
     Accepted MSU recommendations: v.3:5
     Administrators as observers: v.12:7
     Conceptual, not concrete: v.3:6
     Decisions made: v.2:15-17
     Indirect connection with Curriculum Planning Committee: v.28-Deskins: 4,8,14
     Meadow Brook Seminar on Engineering: v.23:30
     Overly idealistic: v.4:15
     Participants: v.12:6
     Relationship to curriculum: v.12:8

Media coverage:  v.24:6
     Detroit News headline: v.3: 13
     Image generated by Loren Pope: v.5:18-19
     Loren Pope’s publicity: v.4:11
     Press releases: v.1:16
     Pontiac Press: v.2:6; v.21:3-4, 31
     Story for New York Times: v.15:2
     Time magazine: v.1:14; v.19: 4

McGregor, Howard and Kay:   v.5:4-5

McKay, James:  v.5:24

Metzger, Anita Mansfield (Charter Class): v.33: 32-37

Metzger, Wolfe: v.15:17

Michigan State University: v.21: 8-9;  v.24:31
     Administrative support for MSUO: v.30:20
     Attitudes toward MSUO: v.30: 11-12, 13-14, 19
     Basic college model: v.28-Hetenyi:17-20
     Connection with MSUO: v.6:3
     Curriculum planning for MSUO: v.28-Hetenyi:5,8-9
     Governance by Board of Agriculture: v.28-Hetenyi:4
     Independence for Oakland University: v.26: 25-26, 28
     John Hannah: v.1:2-4
     MSUO administrators from: v.1: 12
     MSUO a sister institution: v.6:15-16
     No constraints on MSUO: v.8: 5-6
     Naming of O’Dowd as chancellor: v.26: 28
     On-campus committee for MSUO: v.1:10
     Reaction to press release: v.1:16
     Starting another campus: v.30: 11
     Tom Hamilton: v.1: 9, 10-11
     Upgrading student body: v.30:10-11

Michigan State University Committee: v.14: 3-4;  v.28-Hetenyi: 5, 8-9, 10
     Autonomous campus: v.3:4
     Curriculum committee: v.6:5
     Developed basic curriculum: v.12:8,9
     Establishment and members: v.12:5-6,7
     Innovations: v.3:5
     No departments: v.3:7,12
     No laboratory science proposed: v.30: 41-42
     Overloaded curriculum: v.30: 39-40
     Thomas Hamilton as leader: v.12:6-7
     Unrealistic growth projections: v.30: 42

Miller, Beverly Donato (Charter Class): v.33:18-22
Miller, Ronald (Charter Class): v.33:18-22

Mobley, Ralph: v.11:19; v.21:31

Monetta, Alfred: v.20

Moore, Richard: v.9:7,9

Moving to Michigan:
     Fitzsimmons: v.16: 4
     Matthews: v.3:6-7
     Obear: v.17:6

Muntyon, Milosh: v.28-Hetenyi:5

Music interests at Oakland: v.14:7, 26-27

Name change: v.12:6;  v.15:9-10; v.30: 12
     Discussion of possible new names: v.8: 16-17
     Michigan Agricultural College /  MSC / MSU: v.1:2-3
     MSUO / Oakland University: v.1: 17

New College:
     Agreement to delay changes: v.23:28
     Curricular goal: v.23:19
     Included introduction to engineering course: v.23:28
     Prescribed plan: v.23:20

Nye, Russell: v.28: 20-21

Obear, Frederick: v.11: 32, 33-34;  v.17;  v.20:16;  v.23:22; v.25:16; v.29:27

O’Dowd, Daniel: v.11:27

O’Dowd, Jan: v.24:2-3,20

O’Dowd, Donald: v.2:12;  v.3:15; v.11:34; v.17:25; v.24;  v.26: 3,4,26-28;  v.28-Hetenyi: 8

Opportunities encouraged by Varner:
     College presidencies (Stoutenburg): v.12:19-20
     University of Nigeria: v.12:17
Philosophy of education: v. 12:2-3,22
     Academic standards in chemistry: v.29:24
     Changing technologies: v.21:39-40
     Educational authority: v.2:17-18
     Enjoyment of teaching: v.4:14
     Heavy curriculum requirements not preferable: v.26:5,10-11
     High expectations for students: v.29:31
     High quality program for average students: v.8: 4,6,14,16
     Human relevance, not absolutes: v.14: 22-23
     Ignite curiosity in students: v.16:15
     Importance of public institutions: v.24:30
     Importance of writing and communication: v.21: 39,40
     Integration across disciplines: v.23:3,5
     Interest in curriculum: v.24:21-22
     Liberal education: v.2: 5
     Love of subject matter: v.4: 14
     Lowering of standards: v.4: 11-13
     Mentoring of undergraduates: v. 16:8,13
     Mix of the familiar and the strange: v.16:16
     More personal involvement by students: v.26: 6
     Opening doors to everybody: v.15:2
     Organizational vs. individualistic: v.2: 6-7
     Outcome-based engineering program: v.23:30
     Poetry as practice in meeting challenges: v.16: 16
     Rotation of administrative positions: v.23:32-33
     Shared knowledge: v.15:3
     Students desire to learn: v.4:16
     Use of statistics and computers in political science: v.26:29-30
     Values of lifelong learning: v.21: 43

     “Academic freedom is an absolute right”: v.8: 11 (Burke)
     “All one family”: v.8: 2 (Burke)
     “The apex of our life’s experience”: v.24:34 (O’Dowd)
     “Beehive of intellectual activity: v.23:33 (Cherno)
     “Best of all worlds”: v.1: 10  (Varner)
     “Clean sheet of paper”: v.1: 10  (Varner)
     “A clubbable group”: v.6:8 (Schwab)
     “Curricular wars of the most intense kind”: v.24:26 (O’Dowd)
     “The dream I had come there to serve”: v.15:19 (Pope)
     “Didn’t want to train priests, wanted to save souls”: v.23:25 (Cherno)
     “Early students … were definitely not time-serving”: v.26: 7 (Heubel)
     “The ‘everybody does everything’ of the first few years”: v.17:19 (Obear)
     “Golden opportunity”: v.1: 21  (Varner)
     “Golden years”: v.4: 10 (White)
     “A good program was being taught to average students”: v.8: 14 (Burke)
     “Great buccaneer”: v.14: 6 (Hetenyi)
     “Ground floor”:  v.5:3, 4 (Swanson)
     “Guinea pigs from Oakland University: v.18:5 (Clair)
     “Had to grow”: v.11: 30 (McKay)
     “A happy choice”: v.20: 36 (Tomboulian)
     “Hardy band of pioneers”: v.1:1  (Varner)
     “Harvard of the Midwest”: v.2: 7-8 (Hoopes); v.3:12;  v.5:18; (Swanson);  v.15:15 (Pope); v.26:13 (Heubel)
     “He (Varner) was a cheerleader”: v.18:38 (Clair)
     “Held hands, gathered in a tight circle”: v.1:16  (Varner)
     “Holy Grail” (Meadow Brook Seminars): v.3:5,6,13 (Matthews)
     “A house not built with hands”: v.4: 15 (White)
     “Humpty Dumpty student”: v.2: 7 (Hoopes)
     “I guess we made history”: v.20: 5 (Monetta)
     “ I would prefer that you not”  (Mrs. Wilson re Adams Road): v.7:18 (Karas)
     “I knew I was a person, I didn’t need a degree”: .v16: 15 (Fitzsimmons)
     “I thought of myself as being abraded”: v.21: 16  (Kath)
     “Institutional change and experimentation”: v.24:27 (O’Dowd)
     “Intellectual sledgehammers”: v.2: 10  (Hoopes)
     “Iron will, warm heart”: v.9: 18 (Kovach)
     “It was different but for me it was all right”: v.20: 11 (Deller)
     “An ‘Ivy League” education for blue-collar kids: 15:2 (Pope)
     “Job of creating a university”: v.23:34 (Cherno)
     “Just don’t embarrass us”:  v.1: 16 (Varner); v.5:15 (Swanson)
     “Just fit right in with that dream”: v.29: 7 (Tomboulian)
     “A kind of wirhlwind came into the office”: v.12:2 (Stoutenburg)
     “Like a magician stirring with his [Varner’s] magic wand”: v.26: 16 (Heubel)
     “Lyndon Johnson seemed like Varner”: v.21: 15-18 (Kath)
      “The MSUO story”: v.5:20 (Swanson)
     “Make people comfortable with newness”: v.16:7 (Fitzsimmons)
     “Make sophomores out of freshmen”: v.17:23 (Obear)
     “Mama Kovach”: v.9:20 (Kovach)
     “[Mrs. Wilson] was an all-right gal”: v.21:33  (Kath)
     “No dirty feet in class”: v.9:21 (Kovach)
     “No nonsense, no frills”: v.1: 11 (Varner)
     “No such thing as a ‘melting pot’”: v.16: 12 (Fitzsimmons)
     “No way to protect against aberrant effects”: v.16: 20 (Fitzsimmons)
     “Oakland grew up . . . in my back yard”: v.18:5 (Clair)
     “One jump ahead of the sheriff: v.3: 12 (Matthews)
     “Open door to higher education”: v.15:23 (Pope)
     “Our (Tomboulian & Hammerle) minds just fit together well”: v.29: 11 (Tomboulian)
      “Payless paydays”:   v.5:8, 21 (Swanson)
     “People hear what they want to hear”: v.17:18 (Obear)
     “Portraying dreams as reality”: v.29: 3 (Tomboulian)
     “The right man at the right time at the right place”: v.18:37 (Werth)
     “A seminary for a democracy”: v.15:4 (Pope)
     “A serious post Sputnik curriculum”: v.26: 2 (Heubel)
     “A slate is never totally clean”: v.17:5  (Obear)
     “Sharp abrasive edges”: v.2: 6,7 (Hoopes)
     “Sharp abrasive housing arrangements”: v.17: 21 (Obear)
     “Someday I’ll show you”: v.18:7 (Werth)
     “Square out this area”:   v.5:7 (Swanson)
     “That wasn’t  it”: v.8: 17 (Burke)
     “Their performance didn’t match that dream world”: v.29: 17 (Tomboulian)
     “There’s always something new to learn”: v.21:43 (Monetta)
     “They always expected us to succeed”: v.20:29 (Deller)
     “They were on a futuristic crest”: v.18:35 (Clair)
     “This is a university”: v.6:12 (Schwab)
      “Tomorrow the bomb may drop”:  v.5:13 (Swanson)
     “A true believer in what I imagined to be the philosophy”: v.26: 3 (Heubel)
     “Trying to make it to the next milestone”: v.21:36 (Monetta)
     “Unprotected from faculty expectations”: v.24:15 (O’Dowd)
     “Valley of the shadow of the hubcap”: v.2:11-12 (Hoopes)
     “Vice president for name change”: v.1:3 (Varner)
     “Wasn’t set in stone”: v.11:7 (McKay)
     “We bonded like a family”: v.12:16 (Stoutenburg)
     “We don’t want sororities or fraternities, we don’t want sports”: v.33:12 (Charter Class reunion)
     “We like to believe what we wish for”: v.14: 11 (Hetenyi)
     “We were all going on faith”: v.20:3 (Monetta)
     “We’ll get things done, we’ll fix it”: v.29: 14 (Tomboulian)
     “We’re on the caravan together”: v.29: 37  (Tomboulian)
     “Wide-open intellectual forum: v.23:4 (Cherno)
     “Window dressing” (Meadow Brook Seminars): v.12:8 (Stoutenburg)
     “Whatever we do, do it well”: v.5:18 (Swanson)
     “Woody, I like music  too   v. 7:18 (Karas)
     “Yes,  Alfred, we can afford it”: v.1: 8 (Varner)
     “You can do this”: v.18: 24 (Clair)
     “You can teach but you can’t make them learn”: v.16: 15 (Fitzsimmons)
     “You couldn’t tell one from the other”: v.29: 12 (Tomboulian)
     “You cut your own brush”: v.18:22 (Werth)
     “You did what needed to be done”: v.29: 30 (Tomboulian)

Piggery: v.25:4

Pioneer aspects: v.1: 1,10;  v.2:4; v.6:9; v.29: 13,30,37; v.30: 31, 34,36,38
     Act of faith in coming to MSUO:  v.5:13
     Barren appearance: v.2:20
     Joan Gibb Clair: v.18: 23, 41
     Spirit of adventure: v.15: 11
     Survival of charter class students:  v.5:19-20
     Thomas Werth: v.18: 13,22,23-24
     Wives shared pioneering: v.13:13,23-24

Political Science Department: v. 26: 3,12-13

Polis, Michael: v.21:40-41

Polsby, Dan: v.2:9

Poltoratski, Professor: v.9:7

Pope, Loren: v.1: 16;  v.2:9;  v.4: 11;  v.5:18; v.12:11;  v.14: 10-11;  v.15; v.24:12,23,33; v.30: 17,29,30,35,44

Popluiko, Nadine: v.9:13

Promoting MSUO/Oakland: v.12:8
     Math camps: v.11:9-10; 27; 
     Math competitions: v.11: 24-26
     Math curriculum project: v.11:22-23
     Ph.D. program in math: v.11: 18
     Unionizing under AAUP: v.11:29-30
     Value of graduate programs: v.11:29-30

Poultry building group: v.25: 13-14

Publicity assignment: (Pope)
     Effect in bringing in faculty and students: v.15:3
     First quarter grades: v.15:16
     John Hannah’s request to review releases: v.15:8
     Not directed by Varner: v.15:7-8

Reasons for coming:
     Burke: v.8: 3,6,12
        Fifty percent general education: v.23:5-6
        Less conventional: v.23:4,5
        No department structure: v.23: 4,5
     Clair: v.18: 5
     Compton: v.19:2,3
     Deller: v.20:2
     Fitzsimmons: v.16:4,7,8
     Fullmer: v.19:4
     Hammerle, William: v.13: 23
     Heubel: v.26: 3
     Hetenyi: v.14: 3,8
     Hoopes: v.2: 2,4
     Karas  v. 7:2, 19
     Kath: v.21:  5,7-10; 21-22
     Kovach: v.9: 8,9
     McKay: v.11: 4,7
     Matthews: v.3:2
     Monetta: v.20:3
          Opportunity to influence future activities: v.17:2
          Excitement of new educational experience: v.17:3-4
          Rigorously academic but not exclusive: v.17:4
     O’Dowd: v.24:8-9
     Pope: v.15:1-3
     Schwab: v.6:3
     Susskind, Normal: v.13: 6,23
        Career opportunity at new institution.  v.5:3
        Relationship with MSU:   v.5:4
        Confidence in Woody Varner:   v.5:13, 14
     Tomboulian: v.29: 3-4, 6; v.30: 2
     Werth: v.18:13-14,15
        Opportunity for university teaching: v.4:1-2
        Satisfaction with experience: v.4:19
Reasons for the success of MSUO:
     Assistance from MSU: v.30: 19-20
     Climate of the times: v.30: 18-19
     Commitment of faculty and students: v.30:38-39
     The “dream”: v.30: 7, 16-17
     Gift by Wilson: v.30: 7, 18
     Long tenure by Varner: v.30: 32
     Three primary people: v.30: 18

Recruiting of faculty: v.1: 12-13;   v.3:8; v.6:15; v.8: 2-3;  v.30: 20-21, 27
     Additional math faculty: v.11:22-23
     Approach to MSU faculty: v.30: 20-21
     Attempt to recruit from MSU faculty: v.28-Deskins:5-6
     Biology faculty: v.11:15-17
     Difficulties in locating candidates: v.28-Deskins: 6,7
     First year mathematician: v.11:5,14
     First year recruiting by Woody Varner: v.11:20-21
     George Matthews: v.2:3-4
     Gertrude White: v.4:11
     Oakland’s potential as an incentive: v.11: 17-19
     Physics faculty: v.11:19
     Recruiting by Varner: v.30: 27
     Responsibility as Dean (Hoopes): v.2: 12-13
     Role of Woody Varner: v.28-Deskins: 6,7-8
     Sales pitch for new faculty: v.24:11-13
     Search for nominees: v.24:10-11
     Tomboulian recruiting of chemistry faculty: v.29: 27
     Varner’s involvement later: v.24:28

Recruiting of students: v.1:  13;  v.19: 2,5-6;  v.20:1-2, 2-3; v.30: 42
     Brochures distributed: v.12:10
     Charter class enrollment: v.12: 5
     Eastern students recruited by Loren Pope: v.12: 11
     Effect of Loren Pope: v.4:11
     Following the first year: v.15:17
     Hard to recruit for new university: v.12: 13
     Important challenge in early years: v.24:16-17
     Interests of students from Eastern U.S.: v.26: 8
     Lack of strategy to recruit students: v.30: 42
     Main sources of early students: v.12:11-12
     More drawing power in the East: v.15:13
     MSUO not able to be selective: v.15:10
     Other recruiters: v.12: 4,10,14
     Out of state recruiting trip: v.8: 9
     Poster board sessions: v.12: 4
     Recruiting at Eastern high schools: v.15:6
     Seeking black students: v.4:13
     Shift to admissions recruitment: v.24:31-32
     Size of classes recruited: v.12:10
     Students and faculty at presentations: v.12: 11
     Vietnamese student in charter class: v.12: 12-13
Reflections on career & experiences  at MSUO / OU; v.20:31
     Burke: v.8: 16
     Cherno: v.23: 26, 31, 33-34
     Clair: v.18: 20,24,41
     Compton: v.19:2,3
     Fitzsimmons: v.16: 24-25
     Fullmer: v.19:4
     Hammerle: v.13: 25-26
     Hetenyi: v.14: 28
     Heubel: v.26: 28-30
     Karas:  v. 7:19-20
     Kath: v.21: 40,43
     Kovach: v.9: 26-27,
     McKay: v.11:35
     Matthews: v.3:19
     Obear: v.17:28
          Good reputation of Oakland: v.24:33,34
          Personal decision to take another position: v.24:34-35
          Rewarding academic experience for faculty: v.24:33
     Pope: v.15:23-24
     Schwab: v.6: 16-17
     Stoutenburg: v.12: 21-22, 22-23
     Susskind: v.13: 24-25, 26
     Swanson:   v.5:27
     Werth: v.18: 8, 40, 41

Riesman, David: v.21: 41-42
     Disagreement with hypothesis: v.8: 7,8
     Honorary degree from MSUO: v.28-Hetenyi: 8-9
     MSUO descriptions in his book: v.28-Hetenyi: 15-16

Research activities:
     Basic research program: v.29: 25-26
     Efficient research paper production: v.29: 31
     First research grant: v.29: 14
     First research lab: v.29:14
     Research supplies from MSU: v.29:26-27

Reuther, Walter: v.26:17

Rhode, William: v.26:2,3

Riesman, David: v.1: 22; v.24:5-6

Roose, Kenneth: v.11:19; v.24:26,28; v.26:4

Russian language training: v.18: 13-15;  v.20:10,18,23

Sadowski, Patricia (Charter Class): v.33:32-37

Scholarship awards:
     Alfred Monetta: v.20:3
     Michael Deller: v.20:2

Schlegel, Richard: v.28-Deskins:3,12,13

Schwab, William: v.6;  v.19:7

Science Building (Hannah Hall): v.29: 28-30

Science in the curriculum planning:
     Concern about cost of laboratories: v.28-Deskins: 12
     Low interest in laboratory science: v.28-Deskins: 3,12
     Math and science for technical programs: v.28-Deskins:9
     Philosophy of science in original curriculum: v.28-Deskins:11-12
     Potential use of technology in teaching: v.28-Deskins:13

Sewer system for MSUO: v.25: 13

Seyfert, Mr.: v.25:4,7

Shadrick, Frederick: v.12:14

Shapiro, Samuel:  v.20:18;  v.23:8

Simmons, Robert: v.9:23

Slavic Folk Ensemble: v.9:18-20

Social life and gatherings: v.23:26,27; v.33:3
     ‘Beatnik Bounce’ dance: v.21: 32-33
     Campaign for student body president: v.21: 28-30
     Card games at Oakland Center: v.21: 26-27
     Chancellor’s Ball: v.21:33
     Daniel Fullmer: v.19:10
     Events on campus: v.20:12
     Farewell party at Meadow Brook Hall: v.21:33-36
     Gerald Compton: v.19:8,9,12,13
     In the Oakland Center: v.20:13-14
     Involvement with Outcry newspaper: v.21: 42
     Joan Gibb Clair: v.18:25-29, 32-33
     Picnic in Rochester: v.20:12; v.21:23
     Student newspaper: v.20:23
     Tea at Meadow Brook Hall: v.21:24-25
     Thomas Werth: v.18:29-30

Stinson - Clair, Joan Gibb (Charter Class):v. 18

Stoutenburg, Herbert: v.1: 12; v.11:12; v.12;  v.29:16; v.30: 19-20, 24, 42

Straka, Gerald: v.23:2,8; v.33:16

Stubblefield, Beauregard: v.11:23

     Adventurous quality of alumni: v.24:19-20
     Amnesty for failed courses: v.6: 6-7; v.8: 8
     Capabilities: v.1: 13-14; v.21: 14,18,20
     Challenging program and first quarter failure rate: v.14: 9
     Change to typical state university students: v.26: 13-14
     Charter Class memories: v.33
     Close relationships with students: v.16: 17-18; v.33:10, 24
     Commitment to MSUO: v.30: 25-26
     Contacts with faculty: v.13: 9
     Continuing friendships: v.9: 21-22
     Dan Polsby: v.2:9
     Difficult student behavior in dormitory: v.17:22-23
     Difficulties with curriculum: v.18: 20-21
     Difficulties with mathematics: v.11: 12-14
     Difficulty with first classes:  v.4:11-12; v.5:19-20
     Early range of capabilities: v.24:14-16
     Early students rose to challenges: v.26: 7-8
     Effect of weak numerical skills:v.28-Hetenyi: 16-17
     Elbinger incident: v.4:5-6
     End of year parties: v.9: 23
     Engineering preference group: v.21: 14,32;  v.29:15-16
     Examples of strong and weak students: v.4:10-11
     Experiences compared to other colleges: v.20:10
     Experiences during semester abroad: v. 23:22-23
     Failure rate in the first quarter: v.15:10,13
     First convocation: v.21: 14-15
     First job interviews: v.21: 31-32
     First registration: v.21: 13-14
     Gave campus tours: v.20:4
     Going on for doctorates: v.3:15-16
     Good relationships with students as Head Residents (Obears): v.17:22
     Grading crisis affected recruitment: v.24:17-18
     Graduate Record Exams: v.20:22-23; v.21: 37
     Graduation ball: v.1: 20; v.20:24
     Graduation class rings: v.20:25-26
     Hard working, serious: v.6: 11
     Helped at registration: v.20:6
     High expectations for students: v.24:17-18; v.29: 31
     Improved student quality: v.29: 22-23
     In loco parentis: v.26: 24
     Initially from nearby communities: v.24:13-14
    Interactions and grades in Western Institutions course: v.23:10,11-12
    Lack of preparation: v.4:12-13; v.30: 42-43
    Later contacts with MSUO alumni: v.15:7,17
     Learning about Chaucer: v.4:14-15
     Limited on-campus activities: v.12:14
     Listening to problems: v.9:17-18
     Locally based, weak preparation: v.14: 11-12
     Low numerical aptitude: v.29: 18-19
     Main sources of early students: v.12: 11-12
     Meadow Brook Hall fence: v.1: 19,20
     Motivation: v.4:16
     No hot food service first quarter: v.21:27
     No part-time students: v.18:16
    Not equipped for courses: v.8: 6-7
    Not prepared for curriculum: v.15:11
    Note of appreciation: v.2: 10
    Options to improve performance: v.29:18-20
    Out of state and foreign students: v.18: 34-36
    Performance in repeat sections: v.29: 20-21
    Personal contacts between students and faculty: v. 23:24
     Pioneers along with the faculty: v.17:8
     Poor performance in first quarter: v.29: 15-18
     Preparing students for postgraduate study: v.26: 11-13
     Proposal for students to set dormitory rules: v.26: 24-25
     Quality improved after beginning: v.23:10
     Quality of students: v.6:4-5
     Racial acceptance in dormitory: v.17: 23
     Reaction to failing grades: v.3:14
     Reasons for dropping out of MSUO: v.20:14-16
     Recruiting: v.1: 13
     Recruiting out of state students: v.8: 9
     Registration: v.30:19
     Residential students build collegiate atmosphere: v.17:22
     Response to curriculum: v.6:5-6
     Retention rate: v.3:14-15
     Returning to high schools: v.2:10-11
     Rules for appearance: v.9: 20-21
     Rules for class work: v.9: 16
     Russian first names: v.9: 22-23
     Science and math test requirements: v.29:21-22
     Senior ring: v.1: 20
     Shared excitement about MSUO: v.16: 18
     “Slave market” with faculty: v.13:22-23
     Socio-economic background: f.14: 12-13
     Sources of current students: v.29: 33
     Student body improved: v.24:18-19
     Students’ eyes opened by experiences: v.15:12
     Success stories: v.15:13,17
     Supportive family attitudes: v.20:16-17
     Thomas Fitzsimmon’s class: v.4:5
     Tolerance for student behavior: v.16: 19
     Type of student expected: v.8: 4,10,14
     Unprotected from faculty expectations: v.24:15-16
     Unreal expectations: v.3:13

Sunset Terrace:  v.1: 5-6; 19;  v.25:10
     Plan for use by Mr. Wilson v. 7:13

Susskind, Norman: v.4:18;  v.13: 5-7, 22;  v.17:20; v.30: 27, 28
Susskind, Uni: v.13

Swanson,  J. Robert F. : v.1: 4, 6-7; v. 7:5; v.25:17-18

Swanson, Robert: v.1: 12; v.5

Tafoya, Francis: v.5:23;  v.9: 11,14; v.13:6;

Taulbee, Orrin: v.11:14

Teaching experiences
     Alice Tomboulian: v.30: 2-3
     Alternate collection of readings: v.23:8-9
     British Parliament simulation exercise: v.26:6
     Challenges in teaching abroad: v.16: 22Charter College Course: v.23:21
     Chemistry teaching labs: v.29: 10
     Classroom expectations: v.2:8
     Combined courses: v.4:9
     Computer exercises and computer lab: v.26:29
     Course load: v.9: 24
     Educational approaches: v.16: 15-17
     Effect of Western institutions course: v.8: 12
     Enjoyment of teaching: v.4:14
     Expectations in Western institutions course: v.8:7
     Final exhibitions of symbolic communications: v.16:17,19
     First year teaching load: v.4:4
     Grading system: v.29: 16, 17
     Grateful for freedom in the classroom: v.16:21-22
     Humanities course with Mel Cherno: v.4:8-9
     Lee Elbinger incident: v.16:19-20
     Motivating students for difficult readings: v. 23: 11
     Options to improve students’ performance: v.29:18-20
     Number and size of classes: v.9: 14-15
     Potential use of technology in teaching: v.28-Deskins:13
     Plans for first freshman course: v.29:8-10
     Psychology courses: v.24:14
     Repeat sections offered: v.29: 20
     Rules for students: v.9: 16, 20-21
     Science and math test requirements: v.29:21-22
     Sharing Chaucer with students: v.4:14-15
     Simulation model for Latin American politics: v.26:7
     Students lacking preparation: v.4:12-13
     Study semester abroad program: v.23:21-22
     Teaching as career: v.9: 24
     Teaching upper level classes: v.9:24-26
     Western Institutions course: v.23:8, 9-10
     Working with Hammerle: v.29: 10-11, 15-16
Tomboulian, Alice: v.11:14; v.30

Tomboulian, Paul: v.1:13;  v.913;  v.11:14, 21-22, 24; v.15: 11; v. 29; v.30
     Acceptance of challenges, self confidence: v.29:7
     Designing science building: v.29: 28-30
     Initiating research program: v.29: 14
     Moving into rental house: v.29:12
     Preparing first catalog: v.29: 27-28
     Recruiting faculty: v.29: 27
     Teaching first freshman course: v.29:9-11
     Teaching freshmen writing: v.29:33-35

Torch, Reuben: v.4:10

Transportation to campus: v.9: 10;  v.18:17-19;  v.20:2; v.21: 11

University of Chicago program (liberal arts): v.8: 1,3-4

Utilities for campus:
     Electrical supply: v.7:6
     Gas main v.7:7
     Heating plant :  v.7:5,10-11
     Master road plan v.7:8
     Sewer system v. 7:6-7
     Water system v.7:7

Vann, Carl: v.23:19-20

Varner, Durward B. (Woody):  v.1;  v.9: 6-7, 8-9, 12;  v.11: 4,15,17, 20-21;  v.16: 10,21;  v.25:20-21; v.27
     Academic Administrator Internship (Obear) : v.17:24-25
     Adams Road hill and entrance: v.7:18
     Admonition to “do it well”:   v.5:18
     Ambition to become MSU president: v.15:9,10
     Amnesty for failed courses: v.6:6-7
     Archetypal administrator: v.15:7,9
     Athletics (football):  v.30: 23
     Attendance at MSU football game: v.17:16-17
     Building campus community: v.12: 17
     Campus visit and job offer (Burke): v.8: 1-2
     Community interactions: v.30: 25-26
     Concerned about raises, offered garden plants: v.13: 19
     Conflicts at “Black Saturday” meeting: v.15:19
     Contact after Robert Swanson’s return from Saigon:   v.5:2-3
     Continuity as chancellor: v.2:18-19
     Created willingness to work together: v.13: 19-20
     Creating sense of unity: v.5:22-23, 26
     Culture and art for the community: v.26:19-20
     Decisions on utilities v.7:6, 7
     Dedication to the dream: v.30: 16-17, 18
     Departure from Oakland: v.12:20-22
     Description of MSUO: v.29: 3-4
     Development of Meadow Brook Music Festival: v.5:16-17
     Dinners for community groups: v.24:20
     Dinners for legislators and key people: v.26:17
     Drug situation, comment on: v.4:17
     Encouraging and able leader: v.24:21
     Employment of Gertrude White: v.4:1-2
     Encouraged staff to develop: v.12: 17
     Enthusiastic salesman for MSUO: v.17:7
     Expeditious actions: v.7:12-13
     Factors in decision to leave Oakland: v.26: 25-26
     Faculty governance change: v.17:19; v.26:9-10
     Faculty recruitment: v.30: 27
     Faculty Subdivision arrangements: v.5:25
     Festival site selection: v.7: 17-18
     Financial setback announcement: v. 23:22
     Free hand: v.30: 11
     Funds from legislature: v.7:9
     Gave independence to staff: v.12:9
     Good political sense: v.26: 17
     Graduate programs: v.30: 28
     Greeted parents in dormitory: v.17:21
     “Hand-on” but not interfering: v.17:9/25
     Host for recruiting luncheon :v.19: 5-6
     Independence for Oakland University: v.26: 25-26
     Infectious enthusiasm: v.12: 18
     Inner Colleges encouragement: v. 23:10
     Integral to MSUO development:  v.5:13, 14, 15-16
     Interaction with architects: v.17:11-12
    Interactions with students: v.18: 37-39
    Interpersonal abilities: v.30: 23
    Job offer: Hetenyi: v.14: 5-6
    Job offer - Matthews: v.3:2
    Job offer - Schwab: v.6:1-2
    John Hanna’s faith in Varner: v.24:31
    Kluback, William- handling of case: v.4:7
    Location of first building: v.7:4
    Loss of Varner’s leadership: v.29: 36-37
    Made it feel like a family: v.13: 13
    Meadow Brook Festival development: v.26: 18-19
    Meadow Brook Festival site selection: v.7:17-18
    Meadow Brook Seminars: v.30: 15, 25
    Meeting about Oakland’s size options: v. 23:25
    Meeting during interview trip: v.17:3 (Obear)
    Name change at MSU: v.3:3;  v.5:7-8
     No sororities or fraternities,  no sports: v.33:12
     Nominated to be MSUO Chancellor: v.28-Hetenyi: 6
     Optimist and risk taker:  v.5:12-13
     Original contact (Karas): v.7:1
     Outstanding administrator: v.8: 17-18
     Perception of need to grow: v.14: 9-10
     Personality:  v.5:8
     Plans for new buildings: v.29:28-29
     Pride in Oakland faculty: v.26: 16
     Prior experience at MSU: v.30: 17-18
     Provided essential leadership: v.15:9
     Quick learner (music festival example): v.14: 7
     Reaction to opposition by Pope: v.15:19-20
     Realistic about difficulties in teacher education: v.14: 8
     Recruited senior faculty: v.24:28
     Recruiting faculty: v.8: 2-3
     Recruitment of Pope: v.15:1-2
     Recruitment of Robert Hoopes: v.2: -13
     Recruitment of Herbert Stoutenburg: v.12: 2-3
     Recruitment of William Hammerle: v.13: 2-3
     Remembering (Karas’s) anniversary: v.7:19
     Request for MSUO assignment: v.30: 21,24
     Resignation from Oakland: v.30: 32-33
     Response to communist accusation: v.8: 11
     Role as leader for MSUO: v.28-Deskins:14,16
     Role in final Curriculum Planning Committee: v.28-Deskins:2,8,9
     Role in recruiting MSUO faculty: v.28-Deskins:6, 7-8
     Senate: Suspended University Senate: v.24:25
     Senate: Action to dissolve and reconstitute Senate: v.14: 20-21
     Speaker at convocation: v.21: 15-16
     Strategy in starting varsity basketball: v.26: 20-23
     Strong influence on Oakland’s success: v.18:37,38
     Student behavior and in loco parentis: v.26: 24-25
     Support for O’Dowd as successor: v.26:26-28
     Talk at Harvard Seminar: v.24:6-7
     Three course system: v.2:16
     Top administrator without earned Ph.D.:  v.5:16
     Trust in faculty: v.29: 24
     Trusted people to do their jobs: v.15:7
     Unfinished dissertation: v.14: 7
     Varner home in Poultry Manager’s Residence: v.25: 14
     Views about Lyndon B. Johnson: v.26:18
     Visit with Tomboulian at Univ. of Minnesota: v.29: 2-3
    Woody Varner’s departure:  v.5:15; v.17:26-27

Varner, Paula (Mrs. Durward B.): v.1:22; v.13: 12-13;  v.18:37

Water Towers: v.25:8-9, 15-16, 18

Werth, Thomas (Charter Class): v. 18

White, Gertrude: v. 4; v.15:9,10

White, Nadji: v.9:10

“Wild Ideas” Committee:
     Origination: v.15:5
     Loren Pope’s goals: v.15:5
     Non-graded suggestion: v.15:23
     Self pacing experiment: v.15:5-6

Williamson, Marilyn: v.4:9; v.11:31,34

Williamson, Robert: v.11: 19
Wilson, Alfred G.: v.7:1,13

Wilson, Dick: v.25: 5

Wilson, Matilda Dodge:  v.1:4-8; 19-21; v.6:8-9; v.25:5-7, 9-11; v.29:5; v.30: 7
    Advice to Joan Gibb: v.18:9
    Alumni taking her to lunch: v.33:41
    Concern about deer park: v.7:4
    Dinner dance for graduating seniors: v.20:24; v.21: 33,35-36
    Dinner for faculty: v.13:9
    Dinner with graduates in California: v.20:26
    Festival site selection: v.7:17-18
    Freshmen tea at Meadow Brook Hall: v.19:12-13
    Fundraisers for scholarships: v.20:13
    Future of Meadow Brook Estate:  v.5:5
     Garden Association tours: v.20:4
     Gift of class rings: v.18: 8,9,39-40;  v.20:25-26; v.21:33,35-36
     Gift of $2 million:  v.5:9
     Gift to MSU: v.3:3;  v.7:5; v.28-Hetenyi: 5
     “I would prefer that you not” (rework Adams Road) v. 7:18
     Lunch and tour for scholarship students: v.20:5
     Managing Meadow Brook Hall: v. 7:14-15
     Meadow Brook Music Festival site: v.5:17-18; v.7:17-18
     Member of faculty bridge club: v.13:12
     Parkway light system: v.7:15-16
     Parties and dinners:  v.3:4
     Personal recollections: v.7:16-17
     Relationship with John Hannah:  v.5:5-6
     Retirement barn (for older animals, pets) : v.25: 11
     Riding ring and stables: v.25: 9
     Rochester postal address:  v.5:11-12
     Service on State Board of Agriculture: v.28-Hetenyi: 4
     Tea for charter class: v.12:10; v.21:24-25
     “Woody, I like music too”: v. 7:18

Wisner, Robert: v.11:22-23

Yntema, Theodore: v.14:24       

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