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Faculty and Staff

Shirley Anderson
Medical Library Assistant

Email: s3anders@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3778
Office: 130

Nicole Artanowicz
Acquisitions Assistant

Email: artanowi@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2983
Office: 103

Jocelyn Baldwin
Government Documents Technician

Email: baldwin@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2484
Office: 103

Johnnie Blunt
Part-Time Librarian / Lecturer

Email: blunt@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2451
Office: 249

Kath Borg
Executive Secretary

Email: borg@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2459
Office: 300

Nancy Bulgarelli
Interim Dean & Medical Library Director

Email: bulgarel@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2481
Office: 300B

Robert Burns
Manager, Library Technology Services

Email: rmburns@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-4617
Office: 203A

Sarah Butash
Library Technology Specialist

Email: sbutash@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2368
Office: 203

Eric Condic
Manager of Embedded Systems & Strategic Projects

Email: condic@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2467
Office: 233

Kristine Condic
Professor / Coordinator of Research Services, Librarian

Email: salomon@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2469
Office: 236

Dominique Daniel
Associate Professor / Coordinator for Special Collections and Archives / Humanities Librarian for History and Modern Languages

Email: daniel@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2478
Office: 244

Rachel Dineen
Part-Time Librarian / Lecturer

Email: dineen@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2483
Office: 235

Marlene Edge-Phillips
Reserves Specialist

Email: edge@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2470
Office: 200A

Keith Engwall
Assistant Professor / Medical Library / Web and Emerging Technologies Librarian

Email: engwall@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3773
Office: 130A

Meghan Finch
Assistant Professor / Digital Assets Librarian

Email: mmfinch@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2457
Office: 241

Mike Fluture
Interlibrary Loan Technician

Email: mjflutur@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2473
Office: 200

Katie Greer
Assistant Professor / First Year Experience Librarian

Email: greer@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2480
Office: 247

Amanda Hess
Assistant Professor / eLearning and Instructional Technology Librarian

Email: nichols@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2487
Office: 248

Mariela Hristova
Associate Professor / Web Services Coordinator

Email: hristova@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2464
Office: 245

Marty Jensen

Office: 200 KL

Marilyn Jereau
Reference Assistant

Email: jereau@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2472
Office: 234

Geoffrey Johnson
Metadata Technician

Email: gbjohnso@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2453
Office: 103

Beth Kraemer
Associate Professor / Coordinator of Instruction

Email: kraemer@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-4879
Office: 237

Linda Kreger
Assistant Dean & Business Manager

Email: kreger@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2488
Office: 300C

Rachelle La Porte-Fiori
Manager, Circulation Services and Resource Sharing

Email: laporte@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2494
Office: 200B

Frank Lepkowski
Associate Professor / Humanities Librarian

Helen Levenson
Assistant Professor / Collection Development Librarian

Email: hlevenson@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2497
Office: 243

Josh LeVoir
Library Technology Specialist

Email: jelevoir@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2515
Office: 203

Shawn Lombardo
Associate Dean & Engineering and Computer Science Librarian

Email: lombardo@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2493
Office: 300A

Dean Masters
Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Email: jdmaster@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2496
Office: 200C

Shawn McCann
Assistant Professor / Business and Informatics Librarian

Email: mccann@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2456
Office: 240

Misa Mi
Associate Professor / Medical Library / Information Literacy and eLearning Librarian

Email: mi@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3774
Office: 130G

Melissa Mondro
Accounting Assistant

Email: mondro@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2479
Office: 103

Adam Mueller
Part - Time Librarian / Lecturer / Night Student Supervisor

Email: armuell2@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-4425
Office: 200

Shirley Paquette
Archives Assistant

Email: paquette@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2419 / 2465
Office: 129 / 103

Julia Pope
Part-time Librarian / Lecturer

Email: pope@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2451
Office: 249

Dante Rance
Interlibrary Loan Technician

Email: rance@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2132
Office: 200

John Riekels
Evening/Weekend Supervisor

Email: riekels@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2401
Office: 200

Daniel Ring
Assistant Professor / Public Services Librarian

Email: ring@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2498
Office: 246

Julia Rodriguez
Assistant Professor / Health Sciences, Nursing, and Faculty Research Support Librarian

Email: juliar@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2490
Office: 238

Mitchell Roe
Medical Library Technology Specialist

Email: mbroe@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3775
Office: 130H

Barbara Shipman
Part-time Librarian & Lecturer

Email: bmoore@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2483
Office: 235

Evan Sprague
Medical Library Assistant

Email: esprague@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3777
Office: 130

Stephanie Swanberg
Assistant Professor / Medical Library / Information Literacy and eLearning Librarian

Email: swanberg@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-3776
Office: 130C

Jerri Swinehart
Metadata Technician

Email: swinehar@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-4112
Office: 105

Anne Switzer
Associate Professor / Social Sciences and Outreach Librarian

Email: switzer2@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2475
Office: 239

Fran Van Huysse
Serials Acquisitions Technician

Email: vanhuyss@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-2482
Office: 103

Diane Vermette
Overnight Supervisor

Email: vermette@oakland.edu
Phone: 248-370-4425
Office: 200

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