January n


[ME Januarie, fr. L Januarius, 1st month of ancient Roman year, fr. Janus Roman god of beginnings who is represented artistically with two opposite faces] : the first month of the Gregorian calendar


Janus-faced adj

      duplicitous, two-faced
Janus n
      1 : a moon of Saturn 2 trademark : brand name of watch
Jove n 
      [L Jov-, Juppiter Jupiter, the most powerful Roman god] : often used interjectionally to express surprise or agreement esp. in the phrase by Jove
jovial adj
      markedly good-humored
Jovian adj
      of, relating to, or characteristic of the planet Jupiter
Jovian magnetosphere n
  the region of space that surrounds the planet Jupiter
Juno n
  [L Juno, wife of Jupiter, goddess of light, birth, women, and marriage] 1 : the fourth largest and one of the four brightest asteroids in the solar system 2 : a woman of regal appearance or bearing
Junoesque adj
  marked by stately beauty
Jupiter n
  [L Juppiter Jupiter, the chief and most powerful Roman god, husband of Juno] : the largest of the planets and the fifth from the sun

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