daedal adj
      [L daedalus, fr. Gk Daidalos, legendary builder of Cretan labyrinth who makes wings to enable himself and his son Icarus to escape from imprisonment] 1 a : skillful, artistic b : intricate 2 : adorned with many things
Daphne n
      [NL, genus name, fr. L laurel, fr. Gk Daphne, a nymph who is transformed into a laurel tree to escape the pursuing Apollo] 1 : any of a genus (Daphne) of Eurasian shrubs of the mezereon family with apetaelous flowers whose colored calyx resembles a corolla 2 : a girl's given name
Dardanelles n
  [fr. L Dardanus, ancestor of the Trojans, according to mythology] : a strait between Europe and Asian Turkey that connects the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marma
Deimos n
  [fr. Gk Deimos, son of Ares and brother of Phobus] : one of two satellites of Mars
delphic adj

[fr. Delphi, the site of the oracle of Apollo] : ambiguous, obscure

Delphic utterance n
  a comment or response to a question that is ambiguous and therefore difficult to understand
Diana n

[L, the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, the protectress of women; assoc. with the Greek goddess Artemis] : a girl's given name

Dione n
  [Gk, a Titanesse and consort of Zeus, sometimes believed to be mother of Aphrodite; later replaced as consort by Hera] : one of the satellites of Saturn
Dionysian adj
  [L dionysiacus, fr. Gk dionysiakos, fr. Dionysos, Greek god of wine] : being of a frenzied or orgiastic character

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