OU Libraries Timeline: 1960s


1960: Ground-breaking ceremony

On October 17, 1960 the ground-breaking ceremony for the Kresge Library was held. View the program of the ground-breaking ceremony.

1961: Czetong Song

Mr. Czetong 'Tom' Song, a researcher with the Association for Asian Studies, UM, was named assistant librarian. Song, an American of Korean ancestry born in Tokyo, held a master's degree in philosophy from UM and received a Master's degree in library science from UM in 1962.  He was a graduate of Dartmouth College and spoke six languages.  He departed Kresge Library for a position at WSU in 1964.

1961: Kresge Library Opens

Books being moved into the new Kresge Library building

October 27, 1961: Library contents moved from North Foundation Hall to the new Kresge Library building.  Students helped by pushing books on book trucks over from the former library at North Foundation Hall, and by loading and unloading books.  All materials were moved in three and a half hours.   The building was officially dedicated the following spring.  View the program for the dedication.

1962: Curriculum Materials Center

The Curriculum Materials Center opened in an unfinished area of the basement of Kresge Library, providing resources for education students to use in teaching.

1963: First photocopier

The first photocopier was installed at Kresge Library.  Copies cost 10 cents a page, but the price was predicted to decrease.

1964: Government documents collection

The Government Documents collection was established at Kresge Library.

1964: Library broadcasting system

Kresge Library introduced a Library Broadcasting System, playing a variety of material including "Bach, Baez, and the Gemini Space Shot", which students could listen to using portable transistor headsets.Woman wearing transistor headset

1964: New security measures

A door check security system, due dates and fines for overdue books were introduced.

1965: IMB 357 computer

An IBM 357 data collection system (a punch-card based computer capable of sending and receiving material remotely) was installed in the technical processes department  to facilitate the ordering and cataloguing of library materials.

1965: Library learning

A library information test was taken by 1,000 Oakland University students during orientation week.  As a result, 230 students signed up for a short course to prepare them for learning at the library, which was taught two days a week for three weeks.  Library knowledge test

1965: State documents

Oakland University became a depository for State documents.

1965: Student library committee

The Student Library Committee of the Kresge Library began operation.

1966: Computerized circulation system

A computerized circulation system was implemented, the first of its kind in Michigan.Newspaper clipping with student checking out library book using automated system

1966: New floors open

The basement and top floor of the Kresge Library were opened for use. Exterior of Kresge Library with a student sitting underneath a t

1968: First Glyndebourne picnic

The first Glyndebourne picnic was held as a fund raiser by the Friends of the Library.  The theme was 'My Fair Lady'.  This year's picnic raised $2,117 for the library's collections, which went to fund the purchase of 16th and 17th century English literature.  The picnics continued as fundraisers from 1968-1976 and resumed for a time during the 1980s.Guests at the Glyndebourne Picnic

1968: Lincoln and Civil War collection

The Lincoln and Civil War Collection of William Springer was acquired.   Mr. Springer was the editor of the New Center News published in Detroit and was an avid collector of Civil War materials.  The collection consists of 2000 volumes, original materials, artifacts, and the "Black Papers."  Mr. Black was an attorney that Mr. Henry Ford I hired to investigate the death of John Wilkes Booth.   This is one of the strongest collections on the Civil War in any Michigan library. Cabinet containing Lincoln memorabilia

1968: Matilda R. Wilson fund established

The Matilda R. Wilson Memorial Fund for the purchase of reference and bibliographic works was established by the students of Oakland University.  Students agreed to a slight increase in fees in order to support the library's reference collection. Chancellor Varner and Sue Adams Wyatt unveil plaque

1968: Science books move to Kresge Library

Science books and periodicals, previously housed in a reading room in the Science building, were centralized at Kresge Library. Female student studying at Kresge Library

Photos courtesy of the Oakland University Archives.