Wednesday n
[ME Wednesdai, OE Wednesdaeg, mutated var. of Wodnesdaeg Woden's day; cognate of D Woensdag, Dan onsdag; trans. of L Mercurii dies day of Mercury] : the fourth day of the week, following Tuesday

[ME, fr. OE, L vesper evening, Gk Hesperos] n 1 : a cardinal point of the compass adj 2 : directed or proceeding toward the west adv 3 : to, toward, or in the west

[ME wisshe(n), OE wyscan; cognate of G wunschen; akin to OE wynn joy, L venus loveliness; personified by Venus] v 1 : to long, desire n 2 : a distinct mental inclination toward the doing, obtaining, attaining, etc. of something; a desire felt or expressed

wolf n
[ME; OE wulf; cognate of G Wolf, L lupus, Gk lykos; assoc. with Lycaon, who was turned into a wolf] : any of several large, carnivorous mammals of the genus Canis, of the family Canidae, esp. C. lupus, usually hunting in packs

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