Unicorn n

      [ME unicorne, fr. LL unicorn(is) one-horned, fr. L uni- one + cornu horn, a mythical creature resembling a horse, bearing a single horn on its forehead: often symbolic of chastity and purity] : the constellation Monoceros, south of Gemini and west of Orion

uranium n

      [NL, fr. Uranus Uranus, the Greek personification of Heaven, ruler of the world, and father of the Titans by Gaea] : a silvery heavy radioactive metallic element
uranography n

[Gk ouranographia description of heavens, fr. ouranos sky, assoc. with Urania, the Greek Muse of astronomy] : the construction of celestial representations (as maps)


uranoscopid n

      [NL Uranoscopid(ae) name of the family, equiv. to L uranoscop(us) kind of fish, assoc. with Uranus] : any fish of the family Uranoscopidae, compromising the stargazers

Uranus n

      the 7th planet from the sun

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