rhadamanthine adj

      [L, fr. Rhadamanthus, a judge of the underworld in Greek mythology] : rigorously strict or just
Rhadamanthys n
      an inflexibly just or severe judge
1 rhea n
      [NL, genus of birds, fr. L Rhea, mother of Zeus, fr. Gk] : either of the two South American ratite birds (Rhea americana and Pterocnemia pennata of the family Rheidae) that resemble but are smaller than the African ostrich and that have three toes, a fully feathered head and neck, and pale gray to brownish feathers
2 Rhea n
      1 : one of the nine satellites of Saturn 2 : a girl's given name
rhesus monkey n
      [NL Rhesus, genus of monkeys, fr. L, fr. Gk, a mythical king of Thrace and ally of Troy whose horses were captured by Odysseus and Diomedes to keep them from eating Trojan fodder or drinking from the Xanthus, since it was foretold that if the horses did so, Troy would not fall] : a pale brown Asian macaque (Macaca mulatta) often used in medical research
Rome n
      [partly fr. ME, fr. OE, fr. L Romanus, adj & n, fr. Roma Rome, which some accounts claim was named after Roma, daughter of the legendary Evander, who was the son of Hermes; other stories tell of Rome's legendary founder Romulus as the source of the name] : the modern-day capital of Italy, and heart of the Roman culture

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