Galatea n
      [fr. Gk, a sea nymph courted in vain by Polyphemus, who killed her sweetheart Acis in jealousy] : a moon of the planet Neptune
Ganymede n
      [L Ganymedes, fr. Gk Ganymedes Ganymede, a beautiful youth carried off to Olympus to be the cupbearer of the gods in classical mythology] 1 : the largest of Jupiter's moons 2 : a young waiter who serves liquors
giant n
      [ME giaunt, fr. OE geant, fr. L gigas, fr. Gk. a legendary humanlike being of great stature and strength] 1 a : a living being of great size b : a person of extraordinary powers 2 : something unusually large or powerful
gorgon n
      [L Gorgon-, Gorgo, fr. Gk Gorgon, any of three snake-haired sisters in Greek mythology whose appearance turns men to stone] : an ugly or repulsive woman
gorgonize v
      to have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect on : stupefy, petrify
gorgonian n
      [NL Gorgonia, a coral genus, fr. L coral, fr. Gorgon-, Gorgo] : any of an order (Gorgonacea) of colonial anthozoans with a usu. horny and branching axial skeleton

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