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China is in the World Trade Center,
Where Do We Go From Here?

Oakland University is hosting the ninth annual Ambassador Leonard Woodcock Legacy Seminar on China on Thursday, Nov. 7, from 1 to 5 p.m. at Meadow Brook Hall. The event will feature speakers representing the governments of China and the United States and local business and academic leaders involved in U.S.-China business and exchange programs. They will discuss relations between the world and China.

For more information on the seminar, please call (248) 370-2154.

Books in the Oakland University Kresge Library related to this seminar:
  • Sheff, David. China dawn : the story of a technology and business revolution. 2002.
  • Lardy, Nicholas. Integrating China into the global economy. 2002.
  • Blackman, Carolyn. China business: the rules of the game. 2000.
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  • Richter, Frank-Jurgen (ed). The dragon millennium: Chinese business in the coming world economy. 2000.
  • Pomeranz, Kenneth. The great divergence: China, Europe, and the making of the modern world economy. 2000.
  • Luo, Yadong. How to enter China: choices and lessons. 2000.
Articles related to this topic:
  • Tyler, Patrick."The (ab)normalization of U.S.-Chinese relations". Foreign Affairs v. 78 no5 (Sept./Oct. 1999) p. 93-122. *
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