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Varner Hall

Back of Paula and Woody Varner Hall, circa 1976

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Varner Hall serves as the site of Oakland University's School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, incorporating classrooms, rehearsal and performance spaces, administrative offices, and -- originally -- fine arts libraries into its five stories.  The Varner Recital Hall presents a host of professional and student performances throughout the year; and the Studio Theatre serves as the venue for performances given by the university's Music, Theatre, and Dance majors.

This hub of on-campus culture is dedicated in reference to the aspirations of D.B. "Woody" Varner and his wife Paula, who took steps to ensure that the performing arts would have a permanent influence upon the campus, its students and faculty, and the surrounding community.

The building opened in Fall 1970s and the first concert held in Varner's Recital Hall took place on Oct. 1st, 1970, featuring various 17th and 18th centuries compositions  performed by the Oakland University Baroque Ensemble.  At the time the Recital Hall could sit 485. There was another 200-seat experimental theater in the building. Since that time, the recital hall has provided OU's MTD program with countless opportunities to explore and share the fine arts with performing arts enthusiasts from both on campus and off.

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Photos courtesy of the Oakland University Archives.