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Wilson Hall

Wilson Hall, circa 1976

Quick Facts


Wilson Hall was the second structure built with state appropriated funds on the OU campu after Hannah Hall, out of a total of 12 buildings. It is named after Matilda R. Wilson, benefactress of the university from its inception in 1957 to her death in 1966.  The cornerstone was laid by Matilda Wilson herself, on the day of her 82nd birthday, October 19, 1965.

Wilson Hall originally housed the social sciences and some humanities departments. It was connected to a large auditorium designed to be the home of the Meadow Brook Theatre and a new art gallery.

In addition to its classrooms and study halls, Wilson Hall houses several departmental offices for faculty and staff as well as various administrative departments.  Wilson Hall still includes Oakland University's art gallery, which offers public viewing of standing and featured exhibits of works within a variety of artistic mediums.


For more information

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Photos courtesy of the Oakland University Archives.