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O'Dowd Hall

O'Dowd Hall, circa 1981

Quick Facts


Following a decade of little to no construction projects, O'Dowd Hall marked the creation of yet another important asset to Oakland University.  It precedes the Human Health Building in its attempts at energy conservation, running on a variable volume heating and cooling system through the Central Heating Plant.

O'Dowd currently houses offices for faculty and staff, the registar's office, and  Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine. It includes several large lecture halls. Its architecture corresponds to  the Oakland Center to the west and the Rec Center to the east, although distinguished by a mirrored window surface on several sides of the building.

This mirrored surface proved to be more delicate than anticipated, as several of the glass panels crumbled away or fell from their places during installation. Over the years O'Dowd Hall has undergone various interior and exterior architectural updates, and window complications have not plagued the campus since.


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OU News, November 29, 1979

Photos courtesy of the Oakland University Archives.