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Anibal and Fitzgerald Halls

Anibal House, 1963  dorms20005

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Anibal and Fitzgerald Halls were two of the original four residence halls for students. They were originally scheduled for occupancy for the start of the fall 1965 semester, but building was delayed when the state legislature failed to approve the federal loan. When school started, girls lived in a farm house about 12 miles from campus in the large country home at Upland Farms, the 600-acre Addison Township estate of Mr and Mrs Knight Webster,  and boys lived in the science-engineering building (Hannah Hall).

Though it had been designated a men's only dormitory, 50 resident women called Fitzgerald Hall home until construction on Anibal Hall was completed, making Fitzgerald Hall OU's only co-ed dormitory of the four original buildings. "Fitz" had tables of plastic laminate finished to resemble oiled walnut. Orange occasional chairs added spice to the predominantly blue and green color scheme of the lounge.

Anibal House was designated as a "wellness" dormitory, and only those students who would agree to abstain from alcohol, cigarettes, and drug use in favor of academic, physical, and interpersonal reflection were admitted to reside there.  To the surprise of the public, residence rates matched those of Anibal House's less-restrictive dormitory counterparts.


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