OU Libraries Timeline: 1980s


1983: Instructional Technology Center

The Performing Arts Library was integrated to Kresge Library to make room for the Instructional Technology Center.

1983: OCLC terminal

The library's first OCLC computer terminal for public use was installed.

1984: 25th Anniversary celebrations

October 22-23, 1984: As part of the university's 25th anniversary celebration, a special exhibit of OU faculty research was organized by the library, and included demonstrations by library faculty of new computer search services.

1985: Term paper clinic

The library offered a 'Term Paper Clinic' (half-hour one-on-one meetings with a librarian) to assist undergraduates with their research and writing.

1986: Barcoding books

Barcoding library booksThe library began barcoding all of its books.  The process was mostly complete by February of 1987.

1987: Card catalog ends

The Kresge Library discontinued its card catalog.  Student using library card catalogue

1987: First online catalog

The online catalog LUIS (Library User Information System) was introduced to the public.  It allowed users to search the catalogs of Oakland University, Wayne State, the Detroit Public Library, and other local institutions. Librarian using computer terminal

1987: Library expansion begins

The ground-breaking ceremony for the long-awaited library expansion was held.  Board of Trustees member David Handleman, Dean of the Library Suzanne Frankie, and President Joseph Champagne participated in the ceremony. Groundbreaking ceremony for Kresge Library expansion  

1987: Library innovations recognized

The U.S. Education Department honored Oakland University for its innovative efforts in library services, particularly its reference hotline. Reference service by phone

1988: Remote access to online catalog

November 30, 1988: A demonstration of remote access to LUIS (Library User Information System) was held for OU faculty, showing how they could access the library's catalog from their offices or homes.

1989: Computers in the library

By this time, every department of the library had at least one personal computer for general office work.

1989: New wings added

Library wings under constructionNovember 8, 1989: The library's renovation and expansion was celebrated. The two new wings were named the Alumni Wing and the McGregor Wing, after donors who had supported the expansion.  With the completion of the building project, Reference collections, staff, and services were able to move into their new location.  An air-conditioning unit behind the Reference desk provided some relief during the construction period over the summer months. Program for Kresge Library Renovation and Expansion dedication c  

Photos courtesy of the Oakland University Archives.