Finding Books in the Library Catalog
1. Go to our catalog

Please maximize your browser window for maximum benefit.

In the frame to the right, you should see the Kresge Library Home Page.

  1. Click on the link to the Library Catalog in the right-hand column of Express Links.

Proceed to the next step.

2. Main catalog features


Examine the library catalog.
You are looking at the Basic Search screen.

There are many different search options and ways to limit your results. For the purposes of this tutorial we are going to show you the most direct way to find a book on your topic.

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3. Combining keywords

Think about how to best describe your topic.

Keyword searching gives you the power to combine two or more terms: where education will find all books on education, education and elementary will find primarily books on elementary education.

Connect your words with and and switch the search type to Boolean keyword (last in dropdown list).


4. Limiting to books only


In order to limit your search to circulating books only, click on the Limit to dropdown box.

You will see Circulating Books as the second option; select it.

You are now ready to search.

5. Refining your search

Did your search produce any results? If not, double-check the spelling of your keyword(s) at Merriam-Webster Online.

If you put in more than one word, did you use and to combine the terms? More than one word without and, or or not between them will not search, unless the words are placed in quotation marks " " in which case they are searched as an exact phrase.

Try different options until you have search results listed and then proceed to the next step. If you need more tips, take a look at a video on keyword searching.

6. Scanning your results

Examine carefully the list of titles produced by your search.

You can click on each title to see more details and decide if each book is relevant to your topic.

You can also see its call number, location, and whether it is checked out or not.

If you want to use a book, write down the floor and call number to look for it on our shelves.

7. Checking out a book


1. Go to the correct floor in the library, usually 3rd floor for circulating books.

2. Follow the alphabet until you reach the call number you are looking for.

3. Take your book to the circulation desk to check it out (located next to the entrance). You'll need your OU SpiritCard. See how long you can keep books.