Journals from Left to Right:

Magazines of Political Opinion and Debate

The terms right and left in politics have their origin in the way delegates were seated in the French parliament after the Revolution. There are differences in the way these terms are applied in the U.S. context as compared to Europe; there, for example, a liberal is someone who believes very rigorously in the workings of the free market, whereas here someone who believes that is generally considered a conservative. The political spectrum pictured below refers primarily to labels as used in the U.S.

Above you can see some of the different political labels you are liable to come across, along with a placement on the political spectrum from left to right. To see magazines reflecting those points of view, click on the links that come up when you mouse over the label. This will take you to our Voyager catalog record for the magazine, and in turn link you to its online full-text holdings. To get a broad comparison of left, right and center on a few major political issues, mouse over the area at the top of the spectrum.

Disclaimer: Political labels are always vexing, somewhat arbitrary and given to dispute, The spectrum above is no more than an arrangement that in the opinion of this librarian would generally be accepted as a useful approximation. It is intended as an aid to enable you to read for yourself sources from across the spectrum and make up your own mind.

Some library databases that index journals of opinion and provide links to full-text articles include:

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