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! is a wildcard
politic! = political, politics, politician, politicians ...

* replaces a letter
wom*n = woman, women.

Detroit Free Press
McClatchy Tribune is an aggregate source through which you can search the Detroit Free Press.

Specific Newspaper

In LexisNexis, you can search the news from one specific newspaper title by selecting the source / newspaper of interest first. A few popular newspapers are automatically included in the source list of the Power Search option.

For most others, though, you need to go to the Sources tab and use the Find Sources option.


Select the source that you want to search.

Searching for sources often leads to several results. Please select the newspaper name you want to search. Then click Continue.

You will be sent to the Power Search form with the name of the newspaper automatically selected in the sources list.


Now you can search only within one specific newspaper.

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