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LexisNexis tips

! is a wildcard
politic! = political, politics, politician, politicians ...

* replaces a letter
wom*n = woman, women.

Find polls & surveys
In addition to news, you can find poll data under the News tab - just select the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research link to the right of the search area.

Major Newspapers

You can search for major news through the Power Search option in LexisNexis. You can either select US Newpapers and Wires or switch to Major World Newspapers to get an international perspective.


The result categories are a great way to sort through results.


Be sure to limit your search to a specific time period. Otherwise, you will have thousands of results to sift through.

Even with a very focused and well designed search, you are likely to get more results than you can easily scan. The categories on the left side of the screen are especially useful in sorting the results by news source and type.


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