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Full-Text Articles Online in FirstSearch

Many times when you are looking for quick, immediate information on a topic, you may use Internet search engines like Google or Yahoo. Because of the nature of the Internet, many of the sources you find may not be trustworthy because of bias, lack of knowledge on the author's part or simple error.

On the other hand, articles published in magazines have to go through a process of evaluation before they ever appear in print. Once these articles are published, they may be made available in their entirety as full-text articles through a database service.

For example, when FirstSearch offers Wilson OmniFile, you are provided a collection of full-text articles that are likelier to be of higher caliber than those public web pages found in search engines. These articles come from journals of opinion, news magazines, and academic journals.

This tutorial will guide you through a quick search on Wilson OmniFile. If you are doing this exercise off-campus, you will be prompted to log in through our proxy server in order to get into FirstSearch. To begin the tutorial, click here.