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Barbara Ehrenreich - "Nickel and Dimed: Down and Out in America"

picture of Barbara EhrenreichThe Student Life Lecture board is pleased to announce Barbara Ehrenreich, noted author, journalist and social commentator, will deliver a lecture entitled "Nickel and Dimed: Down and Out in America," Thursday, March 20, 2003 at 12 pm in the Varner Recital Hall .

Ehrenreich is an award-winning political essayist, columnist, and one of the nation's most insightful social critics. Her scathing commentaries have appeared in Time magazine, The Nation, Harper's, Z Magazine and Mother Jones. She is a Guggenheim Fellow and author of several books. "Nickel and Dimed" is Ehrenreich's exploration of how people live on the wages paid for unskilled labor, and specifically how women forced into the job market by welfare reform would be able to survive on the $6-7 an-hour jobs generally available to them.

Admission is free, but tickets are required. Tickets are available at the Center for Student Activities Ticket Window, Room 49, lower level of the Oakland Center

Audio Interviews with Barbara Ehrenreich:

  • "Barbara Ehrenreich talks about how the working poor are getting by in America" (with Juan Williams). National Public Radio, Talk of the Nation May 16, 2001.
  • "Barbara Ehrenreich talks about her experiences in low-wage jobs while gathering information for her book" (with John Ydstie). National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Saturday May 19, 2001.
  • "Barbara Erinreich talks about her bout with breast cancer and the world's desensitizing of it" (with Lisa Simeone). National Public Radio, Weekend All Things Considered November 18, 2001.

Online full text articles* by Barbara Ehrenreich:

  • Underpaid and undercover: surviving on seven bucks an hour. Bookpage Behind the Book.
  • Nickeled and Dimed in America. Now: Commentary February 29, 2002.
  • The Truth Is Out There. The Progressive v. 66 no12 (Dec. 2002) p. 12-13.
  • Not the War We Needed. The Progressive v. 66 no10 (Oct. 2002) p. 12-13.
  • Low-Fat Capitalism. The Progressive v. 66 no9 (Sept. 2002) p. 12-13.
  • The Collapse of Credibility. The Progressive v. 66 no8 (Aug. 2002) p. 12-13.
  • Chamber of welfare reform. The Progressive v. 66 no5 (May 2002) p. 14-15.
  • The mystery of Misogyny. Utne Reader no. 110 (Mar/Apr 2002): p. 26-29.
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  • Christian wahhabists. Progressive 66, no. 1 (Jan 2002): p. 12-13.
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  • What are they probing for? Time 157, no. 22 (Jun 4, 2001): p. 86.
  • Without a Safety Net Welfare (with Frances Piven). Mother Jones 27, no. 3 (May/June 2002) p 34-41.

Articles available in print in the OU Kresge Library:

  • "May 1984: Body politic - the growth of the women's health movement." Ms 12, no. 2 (Spring 2002.
  • "January 1981: Life on the global assembly line." Ms 12, no. 2 (Spring 2002): p. 45-48.
  • "Lighting Labor's Fire - While we wait for labor law reform, here are a few things unions can do". The Nation. 275, no. 22, (2002): 11.
  • "Warning: This is a rights-free workplace". New York Times Magazine (Mar 5, 2000): p. 6.88.

Transcripts of interviews with Barbara Ehrenreich:

  • Francesca, Zoe. Society's Failure, A Conversation with Barbara Ehrenreich. On the Page Magazine no. 6 (Winter 2001-2002).
  • Border Talk featuring Barbara Ehrenreich. PBS POV Borders.
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