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The Annual Sigma Xi Initiation and Dinner for 2006
Dr. Gordon Orians - "Industrial Activities on Alaska's North Slope"
Dr Gordon OriansThe Sigma Xi annual public lecture will be Tuesday, April 4, 2006. The guest speaker will be Dr. Gordon Orians of the Department of Zoology at the University of Washington. He will give a talk titled "Industrial Activities on Alaska's North Slope". The talk will start at 4 pm in 201 Dodge Hall (campus map).

The Annual Sigma Xi Initiation and Dinner will be held in the evening on Tuesday, April 4, in the Christopher Wren Dinning Room of Meadow Brook Hall (directions and maps). The Banquet will begin at 7:00 pm. You can arrive between 6:00 and 7:00 and gather in the Great Hall (tours of Meadow Brook Hall will be available). The cost of the banquet is $20/person ($10/person for Oakland students, Free for new members being inducted into Sigma Xi). If you plan to attend, send a check for the proper amount, made out to Sigma Xi, to Brad Roth, Dept. Physics. Please date the check April 4, 2006. If you desire a vegetarian meal, or have any other special needs, please include a note about it with your check. I must have your check by Wednesday, March 22.

Nominations for new members of Sigma Xi will be accepted at any time. However, we will not be able to get a new member's certificate in time for the banquet unless the membership application is submitted several weeks before April 4. If you want to nominate a new member, I suggest you do so as soon as possible. New members will be inducted at the Dinner, and can attend for free. For questions about membership, see

More information will be posted when available. For questions, contact Brad Roth (; 248 370-4871).

Online articles by Dr Orians*:

  • Orians, Gordon and Soulé, Michael (2001). Whither Conservation Biology Research?
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Online Articles about Industrial Activity in Alaska*:

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Articles by Dr Orians available in print at the Kresge Library:

  • Beletsky L, Orians G, and Wingfield J (1992). Year-To-Year Patterns of Circulating Levels of Testosterone and Corticosterone in Relation to Breeding Density, Experience, and Reproductive Success of The Polygynous Red-Winged Blackbird. Hormones and Behavior 26.3: 420-432
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Books by Dr. Orians available at the Kresge Library:

  • Purves, William, Orians, Gordon , and Heller, Craig (1995). Life, the Science of Biology.

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  • Oakland University College of Arts and Science Environmental Explorations

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