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2005 Alice Conner Gorlin Memorial Lecture
Oakland University's
School of Business Administration


"The Economic Gains and Policy Challenges of Global Sourcing and Technological Change"

Catherine L. Mann
Senior Fellow
Institute for International Economics

Please join Oakland University in welcoming Dr. Mann to campus on Thursday, March 31, 2005 at 3:00 pm in 242 Elliott Hall (campus map).

About the Speaker
Catherine L. Mann is a Senior Fellow at the Institute for International Economics in Washington D.C. Previously, she served in policymaking institutions in Washington, including as Assistant Director in the International Finance Division at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, as Senior International Economist at the President's Council of Economic Advisors at the White House, and with the Chief Economist at the World Bank. Dr. Mann received her PhD in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her undergraduate degree is from Harvard University.

Her recent work has focused on the economic and policy issues of global information, communications, and technology. She is author or co-author of two books on the topic: The New Economy and APEC, (2001) and Global Electronic Commerce: A Policy Primer (2000), as well as numerous articles, including the recent IIE Policy Brief “Globalization of IT Services and White-Collar Jobs: The Next Wave of Productivity Growth.”

This event is open to the public at no charge. For more information, contact Professor Addington Coppin, chair, Department of Economics (248-370-3541).

Consult Dr. Mann's web page at the Institute for International Economics for links to selected working papers, policy briefs, speeches and testimony. In addition, follow the links below to access Dr. Mann's journal articles and books that are owned by Kresge Library.

Online articles by Dr. Mann (available to OU students, faculty and staff)
Managing Exchange Rates: Achievement of Global Re-Balancing or Evidence of Global Co-Dependency?
Business Economics v. 39, no.3 (Jul 2004): 20-29.
Trade Facilitation and Economic Development: A New Approach to Quantifying the Impact (with John S. Wilson and Tsunehiro Otsuki). The World Bank Economic Review v. 17, no. 3 (Dec 2003): 367-89.
Is the U.S. Current Account Deficit Sustainable? Finance & Development v. 37, no. 1 (Mar 2000): 42-45.
U.S. International Transactions in 1993 Federal Reserve Bulletin v. 80, no. 5 (May 1994): 365-78.
Industry Restructuring in East-Central Europe: The Challenge and the Role for Foreign Investment. The American Economic Review v. 81, no. 2 (May 1991): 181-84.
Structural Change and Prospects for Sustained Improvement in U.S. External Balance. Contemporary Policy Issues v. 9, no. 2 (Apr 1991): 50-58.
Exchange Rate Pass-Through in the 1980s: The Case of U.S. Imports of Manufactures; Comments and Discussion (with Peter Hooper and William H. Branson). Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (1989): 297-337.
Protection and Retaliation: Changing the 'Rules of the Game': Comments and Discussion (with Gary Hufbauer). Brookings Papers on Economic Activity (1987): 311-35.

Books and articles by Dr. Mann available in Kresge Library (in print)
Perspectives on the U.S. Current Account Deficit and Sustainability. The Journal of Economic Perspectives v. 16, no. 3 (Summer 2002): 131-152.
The New Economy and APEC (with Daniel H. Rosen). Washington, DC: Institute for International Economics, 2001.
Evaluating Policy Regimes: New Research in Empirical Macroeconomics (Ed., with Ralph C. Bryant and Peter Hooper). Washington, DC: The Brookings Institution, 1993.
The Emergence and Persistence of the U.S. External Imbalance, 1980-87 (with Peter Hooper). Princeton, NJ: International Finance Section, Dept. of Economics, Princeton University, 1989.
The Effects of Exchange Rate Trends and Volatility on Export Prices: Industry Examples from Japan, Germany, and the United States. Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv v. 125, no. 3 (1989): 588-618.
Prices, Profit Margins, and Exchange Rates. Federal Reserve Bulletin v. 72, no. 6 (June 1986): 366-79.
US International Transactions in 1985. Federal Reserve Bulletin v. 71, no. 5 (May 1985): 277-86.

In addition, view a more extensive list of Dr. Mann's articles, book chapters and working papers in the EconLit database (available to OU students, faculty and staff only).

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