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SBA Research Seminar/Workshop Series presents Paulo Goes speaking on Bidding Behavior in Online Auctions

Research Seminar and Workshop Series
The School of Business Administration's Research Seminar and Workshop Series presents Paulo Goes, Gladstein Professor of Information Technology and Innovation at the University of Connecticut, speaking on Bidding Behavior in Online Auctions: Dynamics and Evolution. The presentation will be on Friday, February 9, 2007, from 11 to 1 in Lake Superior B of the Oakland Center, Oakland University (campus map). Lunch will be served from 12 to 1 p.m.

An online auction can be seen as an economic information system, where bidders interact with the system following economic objectives. From an economic theory viewpoint, online auctions display several aspects that violate common assumptions of economic models. From a system interaction point of view, bidders are end users who are affected by the state of the system and subject to system feedback. Also, repeated participation in online auctions can induce experiential learning, which affects the behavior or strategies employed by bidders in an evolutionary way.

This presentation will cover two current works in progress. The first one investigates the dynamics of online auctions through the concept of reactivity. The aim is to capture and understand instantaneous bidding behavior that occurs at different states of the auction. We develop new constructs to measure online auction dynamic activity and employ data mining techniques for the analysis. Some preliminary results using an eBay dataset will be presented.

The second part of the presentation will look at the market of sequential auctions that allows bidders to repeatedly participate in auctions of the same identical product. By incorporating new measures of bidding sequential participation, experience level and demand characteristics, we are able to define bidding strategies and track evolution of behavior of the participants in auctions conducted by

For more information contact Sally Galloway, 4288.

Dr. Goes's faculty profile

Some recent articles by Dr. Goes:

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