The Department of Rhetoric, Communication & Journalism is pleased to present
Bill Condon— “Looking Toward 2010: Writing Across the Curriculum”


Please join Oakland University in welcoming Professor William Condon to campus Tuesday, April 8, 2003 at 12 PM in 242 Elliott Hall . This event is open to the public at no charge, but the lecture will be focused on helping instructors meet the challenge of writing across the curriculum.

Bill Condon is a nationally known scholar in Rhetoric and Composition. Professor Condon will address OU faculty on issues related to writing across the curriculum, including its relation to general education, program assessment, and technology.

Bill Condon has been engaged with writing assessment as a Writing Program Administrator at a wide variety of institutions—the University of Oklahoma, Arkansas Tech University, the University of Michigan, and Washington State University, where he is currently a Professor of English and Director of Campus Writing Programs and Professor of English. Co-author of Writing the Information Superhighway and Assessing the Portfolio: Principles for Theory, Practice, and Research, Bill has also published articles in the areas of writing assessment, program evaluation , and computers and writing. His current teaching interests include graduate seminars in writing assessment and in the theory and practice of teaching college composition; and undergraduate courses in which he can apply some of the innovative uses of assessment and computer-enhanced pedagogy that he has encountered over the years.

Books by Mr. Condon at the Kresge Library

Full-Text materials* provided by Kresge Library

  • “The Near and Distant Futures of OWL and the Writing Center,” in Taking Flight with OWLs: Examining Electronic Writing Center Work, Eds. James Inman and Donna Sewell. Mahwah, NJ. Erlbaum, 2000 (pages 211-22).

Articles and Book Chapters by Bill Condon available in print in the Kresge Library

  • “Teaching and Assessing Writing: Common Ground.” Composition Studies/Freshman English News 26 (Fall 1998): 83-96.
  • “Don't Lower the River, Raise the Bridge: Preserving Standards by Improving Students' Performances,” in The Dialogic Classroom: Teachers Integrating Computer Technology, Pedagogy, and Research, Eds. Jeffrey Galinand Joan Latchaw. Urbana, IL. National Council of Teachers of English, 1998 (pages 92-105).
  • “Questioning Assumptions about Portfolio-Based Assessment.” (with Liz Hamp-Lyons) College Composition and Communication v44 n2 (May 1993): 176-90.
  • “Selecting Computer Software for Writing Instruction: Some Considerations.” Computers and Composition v10 n1 (Nov 1992): 53-56.

Other publications of interest by Mr. Condon

  • “The Finger on the Pulse: Who Teaches Writing?” in The WAC Casebook: Scenes for Faculty Reflection and Program Development, Ed. Chris Anson. New York, NY. Oxford UP, 2002 (pages 96-99).
  • “Opportunities for Consilience: Toward a Networked-Based Model for Writing Program Administration,” in The Writing Program Administrator as Theorist: Making Knowledge Work, Eds. Shirley Rose and Irwin Weiser. Portsmouth, NH. Boynton/Cook--Heinemann, 2002 (pages 129-42).
  • “Accommodating Complexity: WAC Program Evaluation in the Age of Accountability,” (with Diane Kelly-Riley and Lisa Johnson-Shull) in WAC for the New Millennium: Strategies for/of Continuing Writing Across the Curriculum Programs, Eds. Susan McLeod, Chris Thaiss, and Eric Miraglia. Urbana, IL: National Council of Teachers of English, 2001.
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  • “Virtual Space, Real Participation: Dimensions and Dynamics of a Virtual Classroom,” in The Online Writing Classroom, Ed. Susanmarie Harrington et al. Cresskill, NJ. Hampton, 2000 (pages 45-61).
  • “Online Learning Environments: Previewing the Online Agora.” Works and Days 17 & 18 (1999-2000), 487-498.

*Full-text access is limited to current Oakland University students, staff and faculty
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