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Kresge Library Diversity Film Series presents


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Monday, November 3, 

4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Kresge Library Student Lounge

Moderated by 
Tamara Machmut-Jhashi,
Associate Professor of  Art & Art History

Cultural Awareness Week 2003

For more information, contact Dana Keyse, (248) 370-2475

Interviews, Movie Reviews & Film Criticism
Little Girl Lost. A Russian teenager's entry into the sexual underworld becomes a poetic fall in the haunting Lilya 4-Ever.
Gleiberman, Owen, rev.
Entertainment Weekly no705 (Apr. 18 2003) p. 46 
Trading places.  Graffy, Julian.
Sight & Sound ns13 no4 (Apr. 2003) p. 20-2  
Different Depths.   Kauffmann, Stanley, rev.
The New Republic v. 228 no18 (May 12 2003) p.24-5   
'Lilya' director fields questions. (the film 'Lilya 4-Ever' premieres in New York)(Brief Article) Gabrielle Mitchell-Marell.
      Daily Variety April 8, 2003 v279 i2 p15
Text with graphics  

Secretive Swede skeds `Lilja' shoot. (Film/International). (Lukas Moodysson's 'Lilja 4-Ever')(Brief Article) Gunnar Rehlin.
      Variety Oct 29, 2001 v384 i11 p10 

Hardcore spiritualism: Sweden's Lukas Moodysson explores personal vision. Lilya 4-Ever. (cinema director)(Interview) David Noh.
      Film Journal International May 2003 v106 i5 p18
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Critical eye: Fashion books both sweet and sour, and the shatteringly lovely Lilya 4-Ever.  Aaron Gell.
      W April 2003 v32 i4 p168
THE LOST GIRL. (Lilya 4-Ever)(Movie Review)_Anthony Lane.
      The New Yorker April 21, 2003 v79 i9 p194 
Lilya 4-Ever.  (Movie Review)_Kevin Lally.
      Film Journal International April 2003 v106 i4 p37(2)
Lilya 4-ever (motion picture review).  Rayns, Tony, reviewer.
Sight & Sound ns13 no5 (May 2003) p. 56, 58 
Lilya 4-Ever. (Film Briefs). (Movie Review) Michael Rechtshaffen.
      Hollywood Reporter Nov 12, 2002 v376 i3 p73
Lilya 4-Ever. (movie review) Gunnar Rehlin.
      Variety August 26, 2002 v388 i2 p26
Text with graphics 
Lilya 4-Ever.  (movie review) Gunnar Rehlin.
      Daily Variety August 23, 2002 v276 i58 p6
Text with graphics 
The Week. (Movie Review)
      Entertainment Weekly April 25, 2003 i706/707 p130+

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Look for more films in February and April in the Kresge Library Diversity Film Series!

For more information, contact Dana Keyse, (248) 370-2475

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