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Kresge Library Diversity Film Series presents FRIDA


Starring Salma Hayek

Thursday, September 18, 

12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Kresge Library Student Lounge

Moderated by Estela Moreno-Mazzoli

Associate Professor of Spanish

La Identidad Hispanoamericana

Hispanic Celebration 2003

For more information, contact Dana Keyse, (248) 370-2475

Movie Reviews & Film Criticism | Books about Frida Kahlo at Kresge Library
Articles about Frida Kahlo

Movie Reviews & Film Criticism

Frida. (Film Reviews).
      Cineaste Spring 2003 v28 i2 p39(4)

Painting by numbers: Philip Kerr wishes this reverential life of fiery Frida Kahlo was less well behaved. (Film). (Movie Review) Philip Kerr.
      New Statesman (1996) March 3, 2003 v132 i4627 p44(1)
Hispanidad: Mexico film perspective odd.
      United Press International Jan 7, 2003
Elliot Goldenthal [Frida]: biopic's music true to painter's roots in Mexican tradition. (Profiles). (Julie Taymor's film on Mexican artist Frida Kahlo)  Jon Burlingame.
      Daily Variety Jan 6, 2003 v278 i1 pA12(1)
Featuring Frida: a long-anticipated film about Frida Kahlo vividly portrays the tumultuous life of the posthumously acclaimed Mexican painter. (Film). (Movie Review) Katie Clifford.
      Art in America Dec 2002 v90 i12 p61(1)
Frida Kahlo: when the uni-brow is said and done, will Frida Kahlo's life prove her greatest work of art? (This Month's Art Film). Anh Duong.
      Interview Nov 2002 v32 i10 p50(1)
Frida Kahlo: the Mexican artist's myriad faces, stranger-than-fiction biography and powerful paintings come to vivid life in a new film. Phyllis Tuchman.
      Smithsonian Nov 2002 v33 i8 p50
Film of the Week: 'Frida'.
      United Press International Oct 31, 2002
Mexicans protest "racism" in new Hollywood film.
      Europe Intelligence Wire Oct 26, 2002
Nothing like the icon on the fridge. (new film about Frida Kahlo by Julie Taymor) Stephanie Zacharek.
      The New York Times Sept 8, 2002 pAR41(N)
Reviews from various college campuses:
Boston U.: FILM REVIEW: Hayek shines as tortured, enigmatic 'Frida'.
      The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 7, 2002

Dartmouth College: FILM REVIEW: 'Frida' embraces challenge of art imitating art.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 18, 2002

U. South Florida: FILM REVIEW: Too much of Hayek's body, not enough of Frida's work.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 14, 2002
U. Pittsburgh: FILM REVIEW: Kahlo my world.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 14, 2002
North Carolina State U.: FILM REVIEW: Hayek stuns in 'Frida'.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 13, 2002
Brandeis U.: FILM REVIEW: 'Frida' explores artist's life, loves.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 12, 2002
Florida State U.: FILM REVIEWS: Best films of 2002 maintain integrity.
      The America's Intelligence Wire Jan 8, 2002
Georgetown U.: FILM REVIEW: 'Frida' keeps its plot in gutter.
      The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 7, 2002

Kansas State U.: FILM REVIEW: Hayek brings Mexican artist to big screen.
      The America's Intelligence Wire Dec 8, 2002

U. Michigan: FILM REVIEW: Hayek gives a career redefining performance in 'Frida'.
   The America's Intelligence Wire Nov 12, 2002
Books about Frida Kahlo at Kresge Library:
Devouring Frida: the art history and popular celebrity of Frida Kahlo / Margaret Lindauer. ND 259 .K33 L56 1999
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera / Isabel Alcántara and Sandra Egnolff.           ND 259 .K33 A84 1999
Mirror images : women, surrealism, and self-representation / edited by Whitney Chadwick      N 8354 .M57 1998
The diary of Frida Kahlo : an intimate self-portrait / introduction by Carlos Fuentes ; essay and commentaries by Sarah M. Lowe. ND 259 .K33 A2 1995
Frida Kahlo / by Sarah Lowe. ND 259 .K33 L69 1991
Frida Kahlo / Hedda Garza. ND 259 .K33 G38 1994
Frida Kahlo : an open life / Raquel Tibol ; translated by Elinor Randall.  ND 259 .K33 T513 1993 (also avaiable as an ebook)
Frida Kahlo : the paintings / Hayden Herrera ND 1329 .K33 H4 1991
Frida, a biography of Frida Kahlo / Hayden Herrera. ND259.K33 H47 1983
Voicing our visions : writings by women artists / edited by Mara Witzling. N 8354 .V6 1991
Frida Kahlo : the brush of anguish / Martha Zamora ; abridged and translated by Marilyn Sode Smith. ND259 .K33 Z3613 1990
Full-text articles about Frida Kahlo:
Talking back to Frida: Houses of emotional mestizaje 
     Author: Becker M Source: HISTORY AND THEORY 41, no. 4 (DEC 2002): 56-71
Frida Kahlo (1910-1954). 
     Author: Potter P Source: EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES 9, no. 2 (FEB 2003): 281
Fashioning national identity - Frida Kahlo in ''Gringolandia'' 
     Author: Block R; HoffmanJeep L Source: WOMANS ART JOURNAL 19, no. 2 (FAL-WIN 1999): 8-12
A Tour of Frida's Artworks. 
     Author: Rockmael, Keith. Source: Hispanic v. 15 no10 (Oct. 2002) p. 36
The Trouble With Frida Kahlo.
     Author: Mencimer, Stephanie. Source: The Washington Monthly v. 34 no6 (June 2002) p. 26-32
Through the looking glass: feminine self-image in art. 
     Author: Salmon, Robin. Source: Sculpture Review v. 49 no3 (Fall 2000) p. 20-3
Mirror mirror on the wall . . . 
     Author: Goldman, Shifra M., 1926- Source: Art Nexus no32 (May/July 1999) p. 72-6
Frida Kahlo et Diego Rivera: a heart-rending and triumphant couple. 
     Author: Lascault, Gilbert. Source: Cimaise v. 45 (Jan./Feb. 1998) p. 61-8
The house of sunshine and pain.
     Author: Butler, Ron, 1937- Source: Américas v. 47 (Mar./Apr. 1995) p. 48-51

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For more information, contact Dana Keyse, (248) 370-2475

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