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History Comes Alive Series - Past Lectures

The 2006 lecture series(2006 History comes alive brochure):

September 19. Professor Todd Estes will open the series with a talk titled "If James Madison Was the Father of the Constitution, Why Was He Such a Reluctant Parent? "

October 18 by Ron Finucane, "How to Execute a Corpse: The ‘Trial’ of St. Thomas Becket."

November 15 Matt Sutton, "Sex and God in the City of Angels: The Kidnapping of Aimee Semple McPherson."

January 23, 2007 Carl R. Osthaus, "They Love a Man in the Country: Dixie Demagogues and Southern Politics, 1900-1950"

February 21, 2007 Don Matthews, "The Historical Origins of the Modern Jihadist Movement."

March 20, 2007. Bruce Zellers, "Marking the Primrose Path to the Future: Harry Truman, Presidential Power, and the Limited War in Korea."

The 2005 lecture series(2005 History comes alive brochure):

September 27, 2005 Sara E. Chapman, "French Colonies and the Fur Trade: The Founding of Detroit in 1701."

October 19, 2005. Karen A. J. Miller, "Worshipping St. Republican: Architecture, Urban Space and Republican Politics in the 1920s."

November 15, 2005. Daniel J. Clark, "Old Truths, New Truths and Untruths: Revisiting the Origins of the Cold War."

January 24, 2006. Derek K. Hastings, "Municipal Memory: Negotiating the Legacy of the Holocaust in Postwar West Germany."

February 21, 2006. Mary C. Karasch, "Frontier Life in Central Brazil before 1835 (an illustrated lecture)."

March 22, 2006. Jace Crouch. "Lord of the Rings, Narnia and the Middle Ages: Medievalism in J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis"

For more information on the remaining lectures in this series, please consult the History Comes Alive Brochure.

2004 Series (2004 History comes alive brochure):

Carl R. Osthaus. "Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb? Reflections on the Good General - Bad President Enigma." presented March 22, 2005

Dr. Linda Benson. "Shades of Genghis Khan: The New 'Great Game' Between China, Mongolia and Russia" presented February 16, 2005

Professor Sean Farrell Moran. "One Man's Patriot is Another's Terrorist: Reflections on Violence and Nationalism in Irish History" presented January 20, 2005

Ronald C. Finucane. "The Victorian Seance: Faith and Fraud in the Late 19th Century" presented on October 27, 2004.

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