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Professor Carl R. Osthaus will present the lecture "Who's Buried in Grant's Tomb? Reflections on the Good General - Bad President Enigma" at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 22 2005 in the Oakland Center Oakland Room.

An honored recipient of Oakland University's Teaching Excellence Award and chair of the History Department, Professor Osthaus has written books on Southern Reconstruction and 19th-century Southern newspaper editors.

Books and articles by Dr. Osthaus at the Kresge Library:

  • (1976) Freedmen, philanthropy, and fraud : a history of the Freedman's Savings Bank (University of Illinois Press, 1976)
  • (1994) Partisans of the Southern press : editorial spokesmen of the nineteenth century University Press of Kentucky)
  • (2004). The work ethic of the plain folk: labor and religion in the Old South. Journal of Southern History 70(4) p745-782.

Online Articles about Grant (access provided by Kresge Library)*:

  • Kahn, D (1982). The Grant Monument. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 41(3) p. 212-231.
  • Simpson, B (1998). Grant's Tour of the South Revisited. Journal of Southern History 54(3) p. 425-448.

Books and Articles about Grant at the Kresge Library:

  • Korda, M (2004). Ulysses S. Grant : the unlikely hero.
  • Perret, G (1997). Ulysses S. Grant : soldier & president.
  • Rives, Timothy (2000). Grant, Babcock, and the Whiskey Ring. Prologue 32(3) p. 142-153.
  • Simpson, B (2000). Ulysses S. Grant : triumph over adversity, 1822-1865.
  • Smith, J (2001). Grant.

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