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Image of a French Fur Trader and Native Americans circa 1760Professor Sara E. Chapman will present the lecture "French Colonies and the Fur Trade: The Founding of Detroit in 1701" at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 in the Oakland Center Gold Rooms B & C. Professor Chapman is a specialist on the reign of King Louis XIV, Professor Chapman is author of Private Ambition and Political Alliances: The Phélypeaux de Pontchartrain Family and Louis XIV’s Government, 1650-1715. Her latest research project examines French colonial settlements in the Atlantic world, 1650-1760s.

Online Articles by Dr. Chapman*:

  • "Patronage as Family Economy: The Role of Women in the Patron-Client Network of the Phélypeaux de Pontchartrain Family, 1670-1715." French Historical Studies, 24(1): 11-35

Books by Dr. Chapman at the Kresge Library:

  • Private ambition and political alliances : the Phélypeaux de Pontchartrain family and Louis XIV’s government, 1650-1715. University of Rochester Press, 2004.

Articles related to this lecture*:

  • Eccles, W. J. The Fur Trade and Eighteenth-Century Imperialism. The William and Mary Quarterly, 40(3), 341-362.
  • Ritchie, Leslie. "Expectations of Grease & Provisions": The Circulation and Regulation of Fur Trade Foodstuffs. Eighteenth-Century Life 23(2), 124-142.
  • Sleeper-Smith, Susan. Women, Kin, And Catholicism: New Perspectives on the Fur Trade. Ethnohistory 47(2), 423-452.

Books related to this lecture at Kresge Library:

  • Cadillac and the founding of Detroit. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1976.
  • Detroit in its world setting : a three hundred year chronology, 1701-2001. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 2001.
  • Dunnigan, Brian. Frontier metropolis : picturing early Detroit, 1701-1838. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 2001.
  • Kent, Timothy. Ft. Pontchartrain at Detroit : a guide to the daily lives of fur trade and military personnel, settlers, and missionaries at French posts. Ossineke, Mich. : Silver Fox Enterprises, 2001.
  • Lewis, Ferris. Detroit, a wilderness outpost of old France. Detroit, Wayne University Press, 1951.
  • Radike, Floyd. Detroit, a French village on the frontier. Detroit, Wayne University Press, 1951.

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